Friday, 30 November 2012

My Neighbor's Hot Wife

The story of My neighbor’s hot Wife is completely true. We are an Indian family living in UK.I completed my study in UK and I was coming home after the last Exam.It has been months since I did not come home and when I knocked at the gate one beautiful lady opened me the gate and I was surprised who was she?as there was nobody else at home apart from my mom and dad.She was fair and she must be of 32 years of age some 5.6'' of height,huge breasts,must be 34' covered in a saree and big nice round ass. I could not keep my eyes away from her without saying anything and I just went inside my house.I have to see the exact Picture of this Hot wife and her visit to our home.


There I met my mom.The first question I asked was who that lady was. My mom told me 'She's Nalini and the wife of one bank manager staying in rent at our backyard house. Her husband is working in one bank as Branch Manager. I thought her husband must be a lucky chap to have got such a beautiful lady with ample large breasts and nice round ass.As days passed on,I used to peep through window to see if she was around and would not lose a chance to look at her through window whenever she is around or whenever she came our home.

I have not met her husband.I was sitting outside, she went out with one old man with bald head for shopping.I was just wondering who he could be.I thought he must be her father but when I asked my mom, I was told that he is her husband. I got the shock of my life.Day by day I became close with them and I started visiting their flat at night and mostly had chat with her husband. I also came to know that he was 52 year old and his wife is 32 year old. There was gap of 20 years between the husband and the hot wife.


My eyes were fixed on his wife whenever I visited them. She used to wear saree but when she bent down I could see her cleavage. A couple of times in her husband absence,I went to her flat and asked about her husband in formality.It was a surprise thing that whenever I visited their flat in her husband’s absence,she never told her husband about my visit.He was found totally unaware of my visits during his absence at home.One thing was very clear that she didn’t tell her husband about my visits.I used to tease her of her beauty.I asked her about the age difference of marriage.She said actually her husband married her sister after 15 years of marriage, her sister died without bearing any children after her sister died her family forced her to marry her brother-in-law. I asked if she was happy with it.

She said though her husband is very caring but he hardly gets time for her. He used to come back late from bank and would get tired again in the morning he would leave for bank early again even on some holidays.From there I could sense she was sexually deprived. I just consoled her and said she was lucky to have got a caring husband. I just made joke that if I were her husband and I would not go to office and would be even willing to quit bank job.She laughed loudly on my remarks and fixed her eyes for a while into my eyes.Then with a smile she asked me a question.


She asked me why?and I said who would not love to spend the whole day with such a beautiful Hot wife.She was blushing with shyness.We two became closer day by day and was just masterminding plans how to bang that beautiful wife.I was thinking that how to lay my hands on those huge melons,how to bang that big round ass from behind.Though she was at least 10 years elder to me and I used to call her bhabhi. We began to talk even filthy things. She once asked if I had sex with any girl. I lied and said no whereas I had done it many times with my two girl friends.

I asked her how it feels to be sex.she just blushed and said 'you'll get to know when you experienced yourself personally'. To that I asked her if she was virgin when she got married to that old man. She said Yes,she was and I said that old man is very lucky to have got another pure virgin.I know that she too was looking for some nasty things with me.One day I knew that she was in bathroom. I was waiting for her to come out. I know for sure that after she come out of bathroom,She must be wearing her dress.

I heard the bathroom door opening after waiting for some 5 minutes and I knocked on the door to open. I called her up to open the door to which she to wait for some 5 minutes. I said you have to open immediately. She opened the door.Wow! I could not believe my eyes. She was just wearing a towel around her body up to her breast,water was still dripping from her wet hair. She had a wonderful complexion. Her 36'' sized large breasts were pointing out just like papayas.I have not seen such a hot wife in this style before.My tool started to shape in.

Her milkfish thighs were exposed as the towel was not long to cover up her thighs. I just asked her if I could help her putting up her clothes.She laughed and said,What?I smiled and said;Please,let me do it for you.She threw her bra at me and told me put this bra on me and I was so happy because they day I had been waiting for had come finally.I just removed the towel and there exposed her naked body. Bhabhi I could not control my feelings. You are so cute and sexy.I wish I could have such a wife like you.She smiled on my remarks and asked again what sexy in me?I threw the bra and took hold of her boobs.Your Melons Bhabhi.I dragged her to the bedroom and kissed her lips while my two hands were busy exploring her enormous boobs.

I sucked both the boobs one by one it was real huge pointing upward and it was firm too just like that of a virgin. I was just wondering what her husband has been doing with those lovely huge boobs. Her pinkish nipple was so hard and pointed.I slowly came down to her navel and to her pussy. Wow! There was little hair and her pussy was clean as she had just come out of bathroom. I licked her pinkish pussy. Her clitoris was of a pea sized. She was moaning with pleasure as she released juices and she smells really good.

She said her husband had never done like that before and said it was really good. She continued her husband would just put his penis inside her cunt without kissing licking sucking,etc and would just shot his semen and pull out his penis and fell asleep.I was experienced in making lady satisfied because I had fucked lots of girls since my school days. I played with her clitoris with my tongue and she was really enjoying all these after sucking her pussy for some 10 minutes and my cock was about to burst.

I let her pull down my pant as she pulled down my 8 incher sprang up like a python. She was taken aback areh!!!so huge I don’t think I can fit inside my cunt! My husband's penis is just some 4 inches and little bigger than thump! I told her not to worry.I put my cock inside her mouth and she did not know what to do. I taught her what to do and after some 5 minutes and she was mastering in blowjob and she asked from where I learnt all those things. I told her through movie. It was time for penetration.

I let her lie on her back and spread her legs apart. I placed a pillow on her ass. I positioned my cock and made some friction with her clitoris and my cock-head and she was moaning with pleasure slowly I inserted my penis and she was shouting of pain.It was just like virgin's cunt that it was so tight because her husband's penis is small and he did not fuck her often as she said he would fuck her once in a week slowly my whole 8 incher is now inside her pussy. It was damn tight and warm and the juice produced makes it so slippery.

I began to make the rhythm and she was enjoying. The mattress was thick Dunlop mattress one when you push forward it pushes back. She was murmuring 'ooooh yeah oh yeah fuck me fuck me and I fucked her while my 2 hands were squeezing her boobs and our lips were entangled in kissing.After some 10 minutes, we changed position. I laid on my back and my cock was standing like a pole. I told her to sit upon my cock and she just sat down on my cock and slowly the whole length of my cock was buried inside her pussy and started moving up and down in that position.

I can suck her nipples and the pleasure created by friction between her clitoris and my pubic mound was driving her crazy and could feel that she had got multiple orgasms. I told her we change to doggie-style. She asked me what it is. I let her bent down by her knee oh what an ass-big and round.I once again position my huge cock and thrushed inside. It was still damn tight and I increased the pace and after 10 minutes of thrusting, I knew that I could not hold any longer as the lava inside my balls started to give pressure and shot my cum inside her warm cunt.

I was in heaven and I pulled out my flaccid cock and we laid down kissing and she thanked me so much for making her satisfied. She said she had 6 orgasm during that encounter and she said she couldn’t get even a single orgasm when her husband fucked her.We washed up and rested for some hours and had a sex session again. She was so happy to learn lots of new foreplays and sex position. She is now expert in blowjob also from that day onwards and we used to enjoy sex for whole day and it was my holiday time and her husband would leave office at 8.30 in the morning and would be back at 8/9 pm.

My parents are off to office and so we are all alone. I would fuck her inside their bathroom their kitchen garage in my bedroom in my bathroom on the staircase on the sofa terrace etc once I was nearly caught red handed by my parents.I was fucking her in our drawing room and I was not expecting my parents to be backed home for 4/5 hours but as I was ramming her from behind in front of porn movie and the door bell rang. We once wrapped up the ordeal and hide her inside my bedroom for 1/2 hours.

I would show her porn movies in my room and would fuck her in front of the movies. I would go while she was cooking and fondle her boobs and raised her saree and petticoat and fuck her in standing position in the kitchen. We used to take bath together and fuck her in shower.She said after tasting my 8 incher and all the foreplays and she could not feel anything when her husband put his penis inside her pussy and she is not enjoying even a little bit. I’m still fucking her everyday and she is enjoying my cock. During daytime, she is my wife. Due to frequent fucking and sucking her boobs size had increased to 36/38.I hope you have enjoyed My Neighbor's Hot Wife story.

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