Thursday, 7 March 2013

Pakistani Wife Swapping Story

This is my first Wife Sharing story here.Once my Hot wife Sidra and me (Salman) went to Thailand to spend our holidays.The first day while we were having our lunch at hotel,a couple sitting next to us came to speak us hearing that we were speaking Urdu. They introduced themselves as Nadia and Rehan.They were also from Pakistan and by co-incidence,He was also working as businessman in the same city where I was working,but in different areas,we were almost of the same age group.That meeting became a Wife swapping meeting.
Getting a nice and Hot Couple in a foreign country was nice for us.Me and my wife liked their company.With in a short span of time we became friends.My wife and his wife were stepped little bit more than us.Later on we decided to vacate our rooms which were at the different lodges and planned to hire a cottage so that we could pass our holidays toegther.Nadia was a great and sexually attractive lady.She has a nice pair of melons and rehan was also a handsome man.
We took a cottage which had two beautiful bed rooms,a hall and all.That day and the next day we spent on visiting some locations together.The next day Nadia and Sidra went on shopping so me and rehan were spending time by watching T.V.The room boy came to serve us and surprisingly we both asked for bear.The hotel boy was also very nice and he told us to jump on to the channel in which the management usually play some hot movies.when we switched on to that channel we saw two couples having swapping fun in the woods.They were swapping each other at the intervals,while watching,we were conversing about our sexuality.suddenly rehan asked me about swapping,I had never done it before but I was sure that if I asked my wife,she may get agree.
But I asked him how to convey this to our wives?We decided to convey the wife sharing message without any hesitation.When they came back,I told my wife about our intention and also told her to think about that after discussing with her new friend.I did not forced her.Rehan also did the same according to our plan then we both went outside leaving them to discuss.

When we returned back we saw smiles at their faces.I asked my wife about the matter and she told that they both discussed and agreed for that approach.Then in the evening we went to a hotel for our dinner.Nadia came and sat with me while my wife sat with Rehan.My excitement was building so I placed my hand on her thigh for which she smiled and pinched my thigh.After finishing our meal we came back in the room.Me and Rehan again switched on the same sex channel.Soon we called our wives and both sat with each other's husband.Nadia kissed on my lips and I started sucking her tongue.Rehan was busy in squeezing my hot wife's milky breasts.Soon my wife was sucking his hard tool when I caressed her breasts and made her totally nude.At the same time Nadia removed my clothes and performed the same mouth-job on my tool.

My wife started to stroke his tool after lubricating it nicely with her was really the greatest moment of my life to see my wife with an other person while me playing with a hot wife Nadia.Then I licked her vagina while Rehan performed a finger push pull inside my sexy wife.Both ladies were moaning loud and creating some great noises.Suddenly someone knocked outside.It was very bothering moment but when second knock came,I got up and wrapped a towel around my waist and went out.It was strange to see the hotel boy there.He said,sir you have ordered the bear so it is ready.

My devilish mind started to think another way.He was too cute so I decided to include him in our wife sharing session.I asked him to wait for a few minutes.I came in and asked in rehan's ear that I had another man to provide us more fun.He was very hot due to my wife's hot lips so he agreed without taking any time.I came out and asked the hotel boy to come in.He enetered inside and when he looked towards our beds,he was stunned to see the two ladies playing with tool.He placed the bear and smiled.I asked him to join and he hesitated a bit.

Soon,he got excited by the idea and after locking the door again,he removed his clothes.He was a short boy with a medium tool.I asked him to suck my wife and Nadia one by one.He started licking their love holes while both ladies continued to work on our tools.Then it was a time for a nice finishing session.rehan got up and rammed my hot wife's vagina deeply.The hotel boy provided a dirty mouth-fk to our wives one by one.Then i asked the hotel boy to screw both wives from rear hole.He obliged and Nadia and sidra went into the xtremes of sex while taking two tools in.Then we exchanged the holes as well.Rehan screwed my wife's back hole while the hotel guy entered her mouth and front hole.Same was done with Nadia.

This hot bang session went for at least one hour.Finally,the happy ending came out and all three men fired their hot loads on both wives.It was a mesh up of kum smell when we all fired on their breasts.Both seemed more than relaxed after the session.I asked the hotel boy to keep it a secret as we can have a few more session with him.He was nice and keen to keep it between us and I also paid him 100$we stayed in Thailand for at least two weeks.During those two weeks,the wife sharing session was performed every other day.We became nice sex buddies after that wife swapping holidays.

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