Saturday, 6 February 2016

A Planned Wife Sharing Fantasy Comes True

Dear readers! I am Bilal from Lahore. Today, I am narrating my story of sharing my hot and gorgeous wife with my best friend. Honestly saying, I have been fantasizing about sharing my wife with my friend for quite a long time. It was never an easier task to share my hot wife with a friend as our conservative society and our social image was a big hurdle in doing so. considering the scenario, I had to plan everything slowly and gradually as my wife was never willing to do that. Let me tell you the background of this fantasy of wife sharing.


We are married since 2012. I am 32 Years old while Sania (My wife) is 28Y old. She is 36-30-40 in measurements and she is such a hot lady who can turn heads with her big ass. Frankly speaking, I have a nature of taste changer and any routine type living bores me after some time. I always want a change in life. This habit of change brought me into wife sharing fantasy. I never put restrictions on living style of my hot wife and she's quite free to dress up sexy and enjoy her life. She likes me, loves me and enjoys my style as a husband. we are free to each other , in every aspect of life. Even, we tell each other freely whenever someone flirts us or gets involved with us in markets, shopping centers or outdoors. In short, our life is very open.

Now coming to the story of wife sharing in real, My closest friend, Rehan had been in touch with me past 2 years. He was yet not married and living in his flat alone. He was 29 Years old with a decent personality. One day, while me and my wife was doing sex, we started talking dirty and these talks went like someone else fucking her while I was there watching her. She gone wild with my words and that night we had wild orgasm and my erection was harder than ever. Wow, what a feeling that was.

Feeling the fantasy, we started talking and doing sex in almost same kind of atmosphere and everytime we enjoyed more than past. Slowly, I started thinking about sharing my wife in real with someone suitable. I thought around many options but there were fears of society and our own social image being spoiled. So, I came up with an idea to share my wife with Rehan. Now, I couldn't ask him openly to fuck my wife as it could bring troubles later for our married life.

One day, we were sitting in our office and Rehan seemed a bit tense. I started asking about problem and slowly the discussion went into sex. It looked like he was looking to fuck someone but couldn't find a girl. He never wanted to fuck a prostitute. I thought for a while and then given him an option. I told him a so called story that I had a girl who is in affair with me and If he wants, I can allow him to fuck her. He was shocked for a while but who misses the opportunity to eat a free cake. He eagerly wanted to fuck her and asked me for further plan. We planned a meeting at night and as I told him, he was totally agreed. I told him that he will join the party as a fucker only. 

He never knew that he would be sharing my wife at night. He was just thinking that he will be fucking my girl friend in affair. I came home and told my wife about Rehan and our plan. Initially, she was reluctant to do it with my friend as it could be unsafe for future but when I told her about the plan, she got agreed. We prepared ourself and reached Rehan's flat as per plan. My wife was wearing a Hijab. She remained in the car and I approached Rehan's flat. I asked Rehan to remain in the flat as I bring her into the room. He agreed and waited inside. I brought my wife inside and took her to the bed. Rehan was still waiting in the other room.

I put off all the lights so that Rehan couldn't see my wife's face and Recognize her (Though he had never seen my wife in past but We have to be careful for future as well). I started removing her clothes and undressed her totally. As we have decided , Rehan entered the room after 10 minutes and came to us using his mobile phone light. He was also fully naked. OMG; he got a nice dick. It appeared too good for my hot wife. He got a good sized dick (about 7-8 inches may be) and looked better than me.

I was licking my wife when Rehan joined us. He moved towards her head and just placed his semi-erect cock infront of her face. She started stroking it and then giving him a nice blowjob. I was licking her boobs at that time and she was moaning in pleasure. Rehan got a full erection and the grabbed her head, giving her a nice mouthfuck. He's big to push his full dick inside her throat but she kept on opening her mouth fully as he fucked her face.

Then , Me and my hot wife adopted a 69 style and she started sucking my dick while I was licking her pussy. Rehan also came from behind and he started rubbing his dick on my wife's pussy. His balls were touching my face while I was licking her pussy. Then, he placed his dick in her pussy lips and pushed it slowly in. She screamed with pleasure as My tongue continued to lick her clito during the process. Her pussy was dripping wet as Rehan started to pump her vagina.

I was enjoying it too much from underside. Then Rehan pulled his dick out and placed it near my lips. I got his intentions and I licked his dick tip which was wet with my wife's pussy juices. Again, Rehan entered my wife's vagina and fucked her like a real stud. I was watching his bouncing balls closely as he was moving fast grinding his balls with my head.

In about 10-12 minutes of fucking, His balls just seemed spraying cum inside my wife's pussy. Damn, he never pulled out and all I could watch, his balls just squeezing and releasing cum inside my wife. Anyhow, I liked it too much and licked his balls meanwhile. Then He pulled his dick out and went outside. I got up and kept my wife in the same style. I fucked her with Rehan's cum inside her pussy. It felt too hot and I couldn't last longer this time. I was about to cum within few seconds of fucking. Wife Sharing makes pussies hot, that's what I felt while fucking my horny wife.

As I was finished, Rehan again came inside and I was amazed to see his dick ready again in no time. He changed my wife's position , lifted her legs up and fucked her in missionary style. He licked her boobs , kissed her lips, face and all body during missionary fucking. 

He drilled her longer than first fuck. I was totally enjoying this wife sharing session. It was proving so hot and horny. Then, after about 20-30 minutes of fast and furious fucking, he filled my wife's pussy again. A mixed cum of him and me was also dripping out of her pussy and his bedsheet was spotted. This was probably the best fuck of our married life. We waited there for 10-15 minutes and the she gained her senses back and got dressed. She was tired after vigorous fucking and limped around the room to collect her clothes. After getting dressed, we left his flat and got back to our home. I asked my wife about sharing session and she openly expressed that she loved Rehan's nice dick. I liked it.  

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