Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Latest Wife Sharing Hot Photos

This is the latest collection of Wife Sharing Hot Photos.A really cool collection of Hot Wife Photos and threesome action in style for Wife Lovers.Wife swapping is a fun if both partners do it with manners and rules.Off-course,sex needs wild action without rules but we are talking about rules between husband and wife,not during sex.Almost 99% of Wife sharing husbands would want to see their wife getting banged in-front of them.The only issue is to run the marriage successfully as well.If you are a good bisexual couple,you can enjoy the wife sharing or wife swapping lifestyle in an amazing way.



How do you feel as a husband?If you love this hot lifestyle,you would like it surely.looking great when your hot lady gets two at a time inside.



 we hope for your enjoyment at best.these Hot Photos will surely raise your tools while thinking about your own wife and sharing her with some one else.share your comments about hot wife sharing.

Friday, 21 December 2012

My Hot Wife Sharing Story With Video

I have been reading these Hot Wife stories for last three months.I liked Wife Massage stories very much so I decided to share my Hot Wife story here.After convincing my wife for Wife sharing,I called my friend and he loved the idea.We decided to record the entire session of my wife sharing session and it was the best night for hot sex session ever in our married life.My wife done it wildly and later on when the guy was screwing my wife,I couldn't hold myself more.So I joined the session and My Hot Wife enjoyed Threesome action as well.Check my Hot Wife sharing video below.

She loves to get it from behind.The guy was big enough to hit her deep and hit all corners of her inner walls.

He held her legs up and banged her like a cruel bull.It was awesome for me to watch and record the scenes.Check My Hot Wife video below.

The it was a time to go for Threesome action as I was feeling very tough to control myself.So I joined the party by putting my tool in her throat.

I hope you would be enjoying our session and your feelings are more warmed up then me at that time.It was really awesome.

Wife Swap is a funny and hot thing to do but she had a husband swap to some extent.I was wondered about her loud moans.

She has seen some Wife Massage clips before this session.She was really in a nasty mood after that.She tested his tool with her hand and nicely rubbed it.

This session of Wife-Threesome would remain UN-forgettable for us ever.She must not forget it and I hope to do it again.

I hope My Hot Wife stories would be continuing and you will be enjoying some more videos of us.I am planning a wife massage session for her as well,searching a suitable massage guy for her.My preference would be a large tool guy for her so that I can see her screaming.I would be sharing my wife massage stories here.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Why Do Husbands Share Their Wives?

We are analyzing a critical question that "Why Do Husbands Share Their Wives?"The wife swapping fantasy often leads to Wife sharing and why this happens.This is a reality based article about Hot wife and husbands.The real Wife lovers have shared their thought about Wife Sharing lifestyle and everything which leads them towards sexual satisfaction.The thought behind this post is to explain the real scenarios behind this wonderful lifestyle and also to bring the facts for husbands and Hot Wives.No doubt,sharing a beautiful hot wife with some other guy brings the best sexual satisfaction for the majority of broad-minded couples.If both partners are willing to adopt this lifestyle,they can enjoy the wonders of sex involving wife without disturbing their married life.couples can enjoy these hot wife stories without any hesitation.See the comments of wife sharing Husbands and wives below.

Dano,Husband From Qatar;
I want to watch my Hot wife having sex with another man and I have no desire for a guy whatsoever.I think it's because I want confirmation she is still hot and desired by others.Of course she will enjoy the sex but she has told me she wouldn't do it.If she does,then she thinks I will want her to do her girlfriend next or the mailman.....she did say she would gladly bang George Clooney or Brad Pitt though.


Maria;A wife from USA
My husband shares me and has since we were married six years ago.I still love him and he loves me.I think for some men its a control thing.And for others its like Dano said," it confirms that they're still hot and desirable"

Mrs Gruce;A Hot wife From Russia
I had better move south,sex is sex and love is love if I want to try another guy and my husband wants to watch good on us,We have had a threesome with two girls so maybe it's my turn.I know my husband loves the thought that other men still think I'm sexy.My husband wants me to try a black guy.

John;A Wife Sharing husband from London
I love to see my wife getting banged by another guy.The truth is that I love to see different tools every week.I was a gay throughout my life before marriage.Hence,my love for a nice tool is on extreme.I love holding a man's tool in my hand and then pushing it inside my wife with my own hands.I am not sexually UN-fit.I am well-endowed as well.The reality is simple that I love to see other tools as well.I am also thankful to my Hot wife who helps me in fulfilling my fantasies.We are living a happy life with one baby(My own baby).

Shahid;Wife swapping Pakistani husband
Well,to be very true,Its a very tough going in Pakistan when you talk about wife swapping.The community has such couples but search is very important.If someone knows that we are such a couple,our life would be in curtains.To be frank,By sharing my wife with any other husband or boy I get an opportunity to enjoy another woman as well.every week,we try to have a couple at our home and enjoy a full four some action by swapping pairs.So far,I have enjoyed 7 women/Girls by sharing my single wife and it is not a deal of loss.

Eric;Turkey husband
My fantasies were slightly different from you people.I simply wanted to watch my hot wife being massaged by another man.I do prefers young man.I wanted to see how my wife feels if some teen guy touches her breasts and then licks her down inside.Believe me,I really got enough in this session of wife Massage.I would share my wife Massage stories here so that you people can also enjoy my hot wife.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Failing To Satisfy My Hot Wife

After a few years of Marriage,I was feeling my failure to satisfy my Hot Wife in bed.I tried to work it out as I loved my beautiful wife.I tried my luck in Wife massage but nothing proved to be perfect as my own tool never helped me for more than a 2 minutes session.My Hot Wife had not expressed any feelings but I could understand her sexual requirements.We were in a very good home atmosphere,happy in everything except this issue of my life.She was reluctant and always hiding her feelings of not getting satisfaction.I thought a lot and then discussed the matter with her in a friendly manner.I had given her an option of enjoying with any other guy at home.She denied at first but then after watching my sincerity she took her time for thinking.A few days later,My wife sharing lifestyle had been started with a mutual agreement.

The fact is that once a man is interested in this form of a fetish it is hard to stop him from thinking about it and wanting to act on it!I have helped my wife to come up with solutions and find a way deal with agreement.

What I will advise my male friends who are into the whole fantasy of wife sharing is that they need to tell their wives slowly and see what her reaction is.Some women are more open to the idea of sharing than others and unless it is approached in the right manner one will never know.If all else fails then call a sex counselor and do individual counseling and couples counseling.

The point of the article and what I tell my male friends is that most wives if married for a time are not going to be willing to partake in the Wife sharing lifestyle,some women may be more open to it than others,but the majority will not.Husbands must take her into account about having a man waiting in the room for his wife as a surprise…the answer is "no" not a good idea.

Wife swap or wife sharing as well depends on the scope of the sex session.Some men  may even like to be tied to a chair and forced to watch,and not allowed to touch themselves while the scenario is being played out in front of them.A wife may also spank her husband as a form of deeper humiliation and domination.My scene was a bit different as I like to participate like this.

involving another man in the marriage that the husband wants his wife to have sex with in front of him can be a difficult choice as well.The husband derives much satisfaction from watching his wife have in intercourse with another man who typically will have a larger than average size penis. 
When I started thinking on a point of wife sharing lifestyle,The husband is usually the one who wants to get the Hot wife involved but he does not know how to go about telling her.
If you have certain difficulties in providing a sexual satisfaction to your Hot wife,I would advice you to discuss it openly with her.Calling a suitable guy at home in privacy would always make your life more easier.Stranger guy with wife must be a better choice.I had arranged a wife massage session for my hot wife as well where masseur can also try my wife.I would share wife massage stories later.I hope you have enjoyed these pics of wife sharing.

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