Thursday, 28 April 2016

Sharing My Neighbor Wife

My name is Usama and I'm 21 Year old now. Sharing someone's hotwife has been one of my all time favorites. My neighbor wife , Asma (Changed) is a stunning beauty who fulfilled my fantasy of sharing a hot wife. Let me tell you the entire incident how things changed between us and I managed to finally fuck her in her husband's absence. I am not a professional story writer so please forgive my mistakes of writing.

We are living in a Rented house. The construction of this house is based upon two floors. We are living on ground floor while Asma (The hotwife), her husband and 2 kids are residing in the upper portion. It is a house with 4 rooms on each floor. Me, my parents and 2 sisters are residing in ground floor. There are two different entry Gates for both floors however, the upstairs are not curtained and the car parking for 2 cars is also combined right in-front of the entry gate. So we can see each other's movement at entry gates otherwise rest of the houses are separate. 

Asma, her husband and their kids have been shifted here about a year ago. Her husband is working in a private company and his working hours are from 9am-6pm usually with Sunday off. Her kids are school going. I'm younger than my sisters and my father runs a garment business. Asma was very friendly right from the beginning. She built a good friendship with my mother and my sisters and she had no hesitation in visiting our floor. She was very nice (friendly and bold) and we never felt that she was un-educated kinda lady. My mother liked her very much due to her friendly habits and soon we became good family friends.

Our family friendship was so nice within a year that sometimes I brought household items for them from the market when her husband was busy away. Her husband was also very polite and social type man so he never behaved like an angry husband. In short , they were both very social and friendly. 

Beyond these things, I was looking towards her like a typical college boy who expects women seduction but I was confused about her nice behavior , was she showing something to me or was she acting only due to nice behavior. Her eye's often given me a sparkling response and her face got enlightened whenever I talked to her. I'm honestly a handsome kind of guy and I have seen a lot of girls taking interest in me but a married woman , a hotwife taking a strange kind of interest was newer for me.

Finally, I decided to check my chances. I wanna avail the chance if she provides me. I decided within myself. There was an upcoming family marriage in our native village for which we were invited as a whole family. It was coming next week. I had no close relationship with those relatives so I decided to make an excuse to my father and send them all to attend the marriage. On the other hand I was thinking to avail my chance of being alone with the hot milfy looking wife, Asma.

I had convinced my parents and they were agreed to leave me home to take care of the house. My mom told Asma to help us, if she can provide me lunch and dinner and she agreed happily. On monday, my sisters and parents went to our native village leaving me alone at house. I took breakfast with breads and then watched a movie. Around 1pm, While I was surfing internet, I started watching a xx movie. I was not expecting Asma to come down so I haven't closed our doors or locked the entry door.

It was a hot scene in which a man was undressing a female and making love with a song. Meanwhile , I heard someone coughing to get my attention. My dick was semi erect after watching the scene so I was totally stunned by this surprise coughing. I looked behind and couldn't gather my senses after watching Asma with a pot of lunch in hands. She quickly remarked in urdu (Ayashi ho rahi bai aj to, Lunch kahan rakhon?) asking me about lunch. She has seen my semi erect bulge in my loose trousers but she ignored it and went back smiling. I was in a sort of bother after this incident. Anyhow, I thought to cool down and let what happens next.

Her kids usually arrive after 3PM from school. At night, she sent her son to deliver me the dinner and this was quite understandable that she won't want to do any silly thing while her husband and kids are there. Next day she came again around 1PM with lunch and as I was just sitting on the sofa in a half sleepy style, she kept lunch pot on the table and just called me 2-3 times to awake. I was awake then and she remained standing, I said; Thank you Bhabhi. To my surprise, she didn't left back like a day earlier and sat on the sofa. I was surprised to this and I was thinking about the situation when she thrown a question. She asked me if I can get an Easyload to her mobile as she had to call her sister immediately. I said; Yes bhabhi sure, give me number please. She smiled and thanked me and also given me her mobile number alongwith money.

After taking my lunch, I went to the nearby retailer and got a scratch card for her as easyload was giving problems. When I came back, I called on her number and said; Bhabhi, I can't find an easyload so I have brought a card for you. She said; OK thank you, Please come upstairs if you don't mind. Suddenly, my devil thoughts provoked and I went upstairs for the first time in my life. When I reached there, I was shocked for what I was watching. Asma (the hotwife) was wearing an extra-sexy dress that looked almost transparent. It was so thin that I could easily guess her black bra. It was tight and deep necked style. I could watch her busty assets through her dress.

Anyhow, I handed over the scratch card to her with a fallen head but I was thinking for something else. She thanked me again and said; Actually, I had to clean the house so I thought to do it now. While taking scratch card from my hand, her finger brushed nicely with my finger and I thought she done it intentionally.Probably, it was the best illusion she can provide me what she wanted that day. I was not a goof who can't understand her activity. So, I smiled and said, Bhabhi, If I can help? She smiled and said; no thanks , I will do it alone but I had a mood of tea if you want we can have together. I accepted her offer and said it fine. She said; OK, you go down and wait 5-10 minutes, I am coming with tea. 

After 5-10 minutes, she came downstairs with two cups of tea and sat with me in our house. While taking tea she started asking me about my life routines , girlfriends and then some private things. Initially, I was feeling a bit shy but then after watching her free style talking, I started responding as bold as she was. She shown her likes towards movies and asked me about the movie yesterday I was watching. This was the point that made me 100% sure that she wants to have some fun with me. I said, that movie is not as good as I have a few others in my laptop if you like.

She said, WOW; it would be so nice if I could play a one better than that. I was semi-erect by that time so I asked, If you don't have any problem , can I play a full romance movie (While asking I looked into her eyes. She said; Yes sure, but it should be a good one. I selected one of my favorites containing full hardcore sex with some story behind as well. We started watching it together, and after 5-6 minutes there came a scene of fucking, two guys were starting to undress a girl and Bhabhi kept on watching it. She remarked quite boldly, how these girls manage two guys at a time, I can't control one husband a, and she laughed saying this in a naughty style.

Then our conversation became a sexual conversation, I remarked about activities in the scene and then came a double penetration. She said; OMG and kept a hand on her lips. I laughed and said this is amazing. She asked; have you done it? I said; no no Bhabhi , but a friend of mine says its amazing as she has done it. I was fully erect then, She looked towards my trouser and made a fun of my erection. I smiled and then got up. Went near her and without waiting grabbed her from behind.

Bhabhi, please I can't control now. She behaved like a funny girl and said smilingly , leave me , if someone came what would he think. Please leave me. she was pretending to behave like a noble lady but I knew that if a woman can go that far how could she resist fucking. I kept on gripping her boobs while kissing her neck. She stopped me and said; Look, I will only allow this if you give me promise that it will be a firm secret between us. I rest assured her that it would be a secret but she asked me to take an oath. So I took an oath for not telling anyone about this sex encounter.

Then she left herself loose and I kissed her all body. I removed her clothes, one by one and then removed my own clothes. Then I placed my throbbing cock next to her face while bending over her from rear. She grabbed my dick and started giving it a slow handjob. Soon, she placed her lips onto my cock and licked all of my pre-cum. OMG, she was such an expert in sucking. she sucked my dick as full and better than a slut. She licked my balls and all areas around my testis. 

She sucked me for about 10 minutes. Her face was fully wet with her saliva as she done it wildly. She sucked my dick like a lollypop. After eating my dick nicely, she got bent in doggy style and allowed me to fuck her pussy. I got a dick of about 6.5 inches but a good one in width. I drilled her for about a minute and I couldn't control my cum anymore. She was so hot inside that I couldn't last more than a minute. I didn't bother to pull out as she was married so I released all my cum inside. As soon as my cum went inside she got a wild orgasm and her entire ass shivered. I kept my dick inside her and kept on fucking.

I can achieve immediate erections without pulling out so I managed to get another erection sooner. This time I fucked her longer. I fuucked her for about 20-30 minutes in 2nd shot and believe me, I fucked her in all positions this time. That day, I came twice and all my cum went inside her. After finishing the fuck session, the hot wife Asma went upstairs. For about one day, we couldn't manage an eye-contact. Probably, we both were feeling guilty of fucking but this guilt only last 24 hrs. Another day later, she was again very frank with me and I fucked her 4 times in the next one week till my parents and family arrived back. My mom appreciated her for helping us. But who knows how nicely she helped me. I'm still a regular fucker of hotwife Asma but now our sex sessions are very rare. We find no place and time usually, so its only possible to fuck her once a month if we get suitable time. This is all about sharing my neighbor's wife. 

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Wife sharing from a woman’s perspective

How does it feels for a wife to be shared with another man? From a woman's perspective how does it feel that my husband is willingly to share me with another guy for sex? Well, the answer is quite simple to find out. There are a few reasons behind this fantasy. Being a wife, initially, I thought it totally ridiculous to have sex with another man. I was a kinda conservative wife who used to live a conserved lifestyle, being at home all the time, busy in routine type house work all the day. As soon as, my loving husband introduced me to this lifestyle I was soon in heavenly life.


Wife Sharing from a woman's Perspective.
Well, I am narrating you my own experience here. Our relationship has improved a lot since we started practicing this lifestyle. We both got immense orgasms doing this (that we never experienced before). I feel it a kind of female empowerment - my husband described the joy he felt at his wife's increased independence, confidence and assertiveness, that came from the freedom of sex with another man. He expressed that through my open sexuality.

The 2nd reason, That I must admit here was my husband's average sized dick. Honestly saying, I do have it mind but I never tried to tell my feeling to him (He might feel embarrassed) or I shown any kind of discontent to his size. Somehow, somewhere in my mind I do liked fat dicks (but not over-liked). When my husband introduced me to our first stranger (he had a really fat dick) my own fantasy was fulfilled. He was excellent in stylish sex. Though, I never confessed it in-front of my loving husband that I liked his dick, the jealousy factor may spark in his mind so I avoided doing so.

The 3rd reason was our experimental nature. To some extent, we were both bored of routine type sex which is just like pull up legs and start drilling. Finish! Uffffffff..When a new man came in our bedroom, He done it all in different style. He licked me like a virgin, he worshiped my body like a prince and I liked it. I was everything new for him so he vigorously used me like a new thing. My husband was doing it like I have been a routine for him now.

The 4th reason (I guessed it later) was my husband's gay nature. He never expressed it but I do guessed that he likes to watch and feel other man's dick. His fantasy fulfills by sharing me with another man and it makes him happy. So, why should I make him hungry by not doing it for his likes. Honestly saying, I liked him getting happier.

The final reason from a woman's perspective is that, If my husband is agreed in sharing his wife with another man why don't I enjoy it. I am not cheating him, and I'm getting the benefit of tasting different men with his consent. So, I do enjoy my life and it is proving good for us. We had a stronger than ever bond now. 

Monday, 18 April 2016

Home Made Wife Sharing Pics Collection

Do you love wife sharing? Yes - Here is a nice collection of homemade photos of threesome involving real wife. Nearly every couple I got known to told me that after a session of the wife having sex with some other man, the married couple felt like they were "in super heat."After watching his wife with another man, a husband is prompted biologically to have longer, more wild sex, has a shorter period between gaining erections, ejaculates harder, and his ejaculate contains more sperm. By sharing a wife , husband feels encouraging female empowerment - Many of these couples embraced very powerful feminist principles, and many of these husbands described the joy they felt at their wife's increased independence, confidence and assertiveness, that came from the wife's freedom to have sex with other men. Many of the men expressed that through their wife's open sexuality, the couple was actively and consciously rejecting social pressures to suppress female sexuality, assert monogamy and patriarchal power. We hope, you are also looking for the same thing. So, watch these homemade photos of Real wife sharing threesome.








A common fantasy is that the practice of wife-sharing starts when a husband catches his wife cheating or looking towards other handsome guys, and finds himself strangely turned on. This might sometimes, though very, very rarely. by being a part of the experience, the husband gets to vicariously experience what it's like to have that greater sexual capacity, and identifies in a strong manner with his wife and the essence of female sexuality in a way that most men never experience.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Sharing My Wife With My Boss

My name is Bilal and I’m 43 years old, 5′ 8″ tall and 70 kg. This sex story is about sharing my wife with another man. My wife Samina is 38 years, 5’3″, 38-28-34 with D sized boobs and 58 kg. She is beautiful and being an extrovert she makes friends easily.I work in a multinational company and my boss, Mr Shahid is a 50 years old man. He's tall and active guy. Once my wife came to collect some money from my office and Mr Shahid seen her. Right from that day, I had a feeling that Shahid was got interested in my wife. I had noticed him exchanging glances with my wife on that occasion even in my presence. In Near time we were planning a big party in our house with families putting up a get together. The Boss and my wife were taking active part in the party and this gave opportunity to my boss to interact closely with my wife. Naturally, everyone was nice with Boss and so was my wife. They talked a lot to each other and she frequently smiled and laughed with him. I felt they were getting closer to each other.


Once in a dark area I even saw him put his arms around her waist and hold her tightly, but she was resisting and telling him something.When I confronted my wife about it she said that there was nothing and she was being nice with Boss for the sake of my career only. She reminded me about my promotion which was under progress and our files were already sent to my Boss. Invited my Boss to our home for dinner and he warmly accepted my invitation when I told him that my wife wants to invite you Sir. So I told my wife about everything and she accepted to do everything right. My Boss arrived right in time and after having a formal talk I executed my plan. I told him that I had an emergency and I have to leave for an hour as one of my relatives is in some trouble. I drove away, parked my car at a distance from home and came back inside house within 20 minutes from the backside door. I quietly hidden myself behind the window of our bedroom as my wife would be coming to bedroom sooner with my Boss.

Soon my wife executed the plan, and my Boss obeyed her in a decent manner. He also wanted to avail the chance of my sudden departure from house. But he never knew that I was observing everything from the slightly opened window. My wife was looking stunning in a black sari with a pink border and a matching sleeveless pink floral blouse. I saw the Boss open the large door of bedroom and took my wife inside and heard it being latched from inside.

My Boss had embraced my wife from behind and was holding her tightly while she was hesitating and expressing a little concern. My wife “Shahid please don’t do this. My husband may come. Let’s just sit and chat.”

Boss “Samina I haven’t come here to chat and please don’t worry. Your husband will not be back for at least 1 hour. So there is absolutely nothing to worry. My wife reminded him about the promtion consideration as my Boss tried to kiss her. He obeyed saying; Don't worry baby, I will tomorrow sign it at priority. He locked his lips at my wife's lips while pressing her boobs quite firmly. They kept on kissing and I was watching all this in the dim light of our bedroom standing outside the window. I felt my cock getting rock hard after watching my wife first time with someone else who was soon going to share my wife and all her body. 

My boss made my wife moaning louder and louder as he removed her dressing. He spread her legs wide and started licking her pussy. she grabbed his head and pushed it right inside her. She was enjoying the fuck. It seemed like she was more than willing to fuck my boss rather than doing it for my promotion. Whatever, I was enjoying the wholy fuck and stroking my cock outside. After licking my wife's wet pussy, My boss stood up and took his dick out. Omg, boss got a good thing to pound my wife. He was thicker and harder than me. He quickly went to my wife's face and then plugged his cock in my wife's throat.

He mouthfucked my wife till she giggled and it touched her throat. He pushed his dick into her throat, and she giggled. Wow, It was such a delight to watch my wife being used by another man. She sucked his cock like a real slut and I couldn't hold my cum more. I just got released watching all this outside and all my cum dropped onto the wall. But my boss was now ready to fuck my wife's pussy.

He came , aligned his cock and rubbed it on her pussy lips. she moaned as he pushed his cock tip inside her, he stopped and then pushed the half of his cock inside. She moaned and he pushed the entire shaft of his cock inside my wife's fleshy vagina. He drilled her like a slut. He slapped her ass many times while fucking and he also abused her by saying; tell you loving husband about my dick inside you, tell him how good I fucked you bitch; Rather than getting annoyed of abusing, I liked his words. He pounded my wife so fast that she got stuffed. 

He was drilling her with her legs wide opened and held by his hands and his balls just brushing her pussy again and again. Then he made her doggy and fucked her like he was fucking a callgirl. He brutally fucked my wife from top. Then, He thrown some saliva on her ass, and asked her if he could fuck her ass. Ass fucking was one of my wife's favorites so she never resisted and he slowly pushed his dick in my wife's ass. He fucked my wife's ass nicely. And this fuck session ended in 30-35 minutes as he exploded all his load in my wife's ass.

Omg, what a scene it was. I was sharing my wife with my boss and watching the all fuck session. After watching that I went back and brought my car back home. When I came back, my Boss was sitting in drawing room and pretending as nothing had happened between him and my hot wife. He never knew that he shared my wife with my consent. An hour later, my wife presented us dinner and we both happily enjoyed the dinner. My wife also remained an actress pretending as nothing had happened. I was happy that my promotion file would be signed next morning. The next morning, I got a good news that I was promoted to the General manager seat of my company. I hope that readers would love my sex story. Check out wife swapping home made pics here.

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