Monday, 30 December 2013

Helping My Wife Shared With Another Man

I was trying to find a suitable forum where I can post my Hot wife adventures and luckily I got one here. I shared my wife many times with strangers and loved capturing her hot sessions in my camera. Last week, it was an awesome encounter of her when we met a local man in a bar. As per routine, she flirted him and brought him home where I was eagerly waiting with my handy-cam.  It was so nice to see a man with a large tool as compared to mine. I loved his big penis and my wife too. I helped her in all poses to get banged and even sucked that man too. I hope every Wife sharing husband may not do that but I loved the idea. Check this video of my shared wife.

Watch these Hot Wife Photos.
It's awesome to watch a Shared Wife.



I am sure you'd love watching this action of my wife live so I am sharing a short Video of My Hot Wife for wife lovers. I hope you'd enjoy this video.

by +zaine wive 

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Twice As Nice

It is so nice from a wife's perspective to be with two guys at a time while her hot husband watches. Have you ever fantasized about what it would be like to be with two guys at a time?What it would be like two mouths kissing you?and two nice tools exploring your holes!that's really awesome. When real wives start to think something nasty, they enjoy and husbands too. Wives having threesome are lucky wives. It is the real fun for a Hot Wife but husband fulfills his fantasy as well. The major enjoyment of threesome is for Wife but a minor part is for husband. Watch these Threesome Pictures of Wives and enjoy.
Wife Sharing Photos are a source of fun beyond imagination. However, the real feeling of watching this action is something else. when someone else is fixing her holes and you being the husband rubbing her boobs!it feels sensational.
If you ever try to look into her eyes while having this kind of threesome fun you'd feel her mind and see how happy she is.
Another idea is more erotic when she is just being filled in and you start licking her parts with your juicy tongue,she would love that act. My hot Wife loved that when I licked her cunt and he grabbed her boobs while screwing her deep.
We enjoy these wife sharing stories. Imagine, your friend is filling her mouth with his meat bone and you are screwing her from top, just as described in the photo below, how would you feel?
It is best when done. Whenever you have such fantasies in your mind, If you are a husband, discuss it with your wife during your lovemaking session. If you are a Hot wife, and you want to get another man, you have to be careful in describing your fantasies to your husband. Ask him to play such movies of threesome and he will get an idea that his sexy wife is needing another cock.
When you are used to this lifestyle then plan a big event. Bring 3-4 bulls home and please your married life with great fun.

Never try to force your partner into this lifestyle. first make up her/his mind and then plan the real sessions of Wife Sharing. Couples can find great fun in this lifestyle. The only thing is how to set up a go?

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Fresh Pictures of Hot Wife

I have been blissfully wedded for 3 years and there is this abnormal urge i need to watch my Hot wife with an alternate man,along with the ordinary urge of needing to be with an alternate woman.i am confounded in light of the fact that I adore my wife both physically and rationally however might want to satisfy these urges.has anybody done this before and what did you think. Rate these Shared Wife photos.







There were the encountered couples, my hot wife and my closest companion love to reach them. My closest companion was a gentleman that I ran to class with and somebody that I might believe my existence as well. He is greatly rich, from his size too, he has never requested us to pay and flown us to places that not even film stars get to experience. He is recently very much intrigued to share my wife.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Massage For My Hot Wife: She Loved It

I was in doubts about my Ex-Wife. My hot wife often seemed not interested in sex with me. It was a shocking news as it started happening in last few months. Two months passed away in hopeless expectation on my part. One day, I went to office, leaving her home, but suddenly I decided to wait outside the flat. After 30-40 minutes, she called me and said that she had to go for massage. I allowed her but went chasing her. It was around a mile away from our flat. I never knew the fact until I chased her in a hidden manner. It seemed to be a ladies spa from the outside, but, the real secret was disclosed When I inquired at the hotel for that massage spa.
I had a Cheating Wife, I had to confirm. They said; the one I was talking is an all kind spa (Including Happy ending). I decided to give it a whirl. I loved the thought that "My Wife is a Gangster." How pleased I was!!! When I met the spa manager without telling her about my Sexy Wife.It was cool to hire two staff people for a little money. They got ready to put some hidden cams during my wife's massage session. The staff was really nice. so welcoming, the massage for wife was great. I was lucky enough to get an my wife's video later,Unfortunately I was not there to see the live session, but took total advantage.

I am going to Share my Wife's video here. I hope all would love this special video of my Ex-Wife as she can not exculpate from this blunder.
later on, I decided to treat my hot-wife as slut taking a Wife Massage. (it was a full spa, massages of all kinds for her. One of the best fuck she got with that young guy. I have never seen her like that. The locker room was clean and has all the necessary amenities (shampoo, conditioner, towels, robes, etc). And a steam room! Due to a timing issue I took a core fusion class. The boy with my hot wife was adorable. He annihilated her pussy nicely. Hard class, but it was really fun.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Hot Images of Shared Wives

Do You Want To Read Stories From Wives About Being Shared? Join friendly people sharing hot wife photos and true wife stories. I Want to Read Stories From Wives after watching these photos of shared wives.  Here is a wife getting double penetrated. What a hot pic of a amateur wife getting double penetrated by two guys as her husband takes a close up pic.
A beautiful housewife has been shared by two black studs in from of her man. Will her holes be ever the same after that double entry?
An amateur wife gets two huge black guys up for her. This dirty wife is a trooper for taking those monsters while her husband records.
Here is a great vintage photo of a mature wife being shared by her husband and his friend. She enjoys while they bang her deep.
A hot husband brings his cheating wife to a motel and records her getting taken by two other friends. They fill her all holes. check this photo of wife threesome.
I finally approached my wife about sharing her sexually with other men. We are always up for a good chat from our followers and the like. Right now I’m trying to find a way to load a video of the wife but here is how she enjoys with a group of guys.

I love when she looks into the camera. She gives the greatest expressions while I feel the sensation of wife sharing. The kind that make a man want to burst inside of her. She is a declared hot wife now.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Hot Story Of My Wife [With Photos]

I was so excited to spend the weekend with Boss. It had been a few weeks he was sharing my wife because of vacation and other stuff, and I had really missed him. There weren't any spicy parties to go to this weekend, but I really enjoy that our relationship has a good bit of the wife sharing aspect as well. Sex is fun, a lot of fun. But there's more to developing a connection and intimacy with someone than just having sex with them. I've been thinking about writing a post about what polygamy means to me, Comments about my hot wife are welcome. She has opalescent kind of body.
I got to his city with my sexy wife on Friday, and he was waiting for me when I stepped off the car. I saw him embracing, happy to see my wife, and then he was taking her in his arms for a kiss. It makes me so happy just to be able to go out with him like in an extra-ordinary relationship. There's no deception or being kept a secret, we can be open that we care about each other and enjoy spending time together.

It was a wonderful weekend. We've been seeing each other for five months now, and it's still getting better. We had a pretty early night on Friday since we were both tired from work, so after we had dinner we went straight to our bed. Although not to sleep! Either I was more sensitive than usual, or I'd just forgotten how good he was with his mouth and penis, because every touch to my wife's boobs was pure ecstasy.

Pleasure simply doesn't describe how I feel when we're having sex. I love the sensation of cumming so hard and so many times that I can't think or talk, just feel so good. The orgasms get so intense after a while that part of my mind is begging for him to bang my wife harder because I don't think I can handle her four times, and the other part is wishing for him never to stop. It is more than Incredible.
On Saturday, my wife told me that there was a carnival in town, so we decided to go and spend the day there. we both thought it might make a fun date. My hot wife always has interesting and creative ideas for us to do together! We had a really nice time. She was acting like a connoisseur in our threesome sessions. I never had to begrudge for sex. she's just an exemplary.

But of course, after a day together, we were both eager to get back to his place to rip my wife's clothes off! I was a little tired after our busy day, so although I brought him to the bed , fasten my wife to the bed while I kept him on the edge and sucked his cock. I love doing that as she was enjoying to watch. He had a powerful erection to surge her pussy when I finally let him to bang deep. It makes me happy. I got an idea to sit back and make a nice movie of them while fucking.

It was incredible to watch a hot wife in that style. He knows about my MFM fantasy, so he used some slang words, keeping a ferocious time that was like a gnashing of teeth in unison. I believe I enjoyed this contest more than any other mule there. At the time I remember thinking that the fantasy thing can't possibly be any better than this was. The anticipation is delicious, though! Then we fucked her three times by changing her holes. I love how my wife acts to my ideology, it's so much fun knowing that she can make us cum together.I hope readers have enjoyed my laconic story.

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