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HomeMade Threesome With Wife - Photo Collection

If you love fantasies like hot wife, wife with another man or wife participating in threesome with you and your friends, you are on the right page. We have collected some hottest photos of wives participating in hot sessions with husband, strangers and his friends. We must say that watching your wife being fucked by another man is some of the hottest scenes you could ever fantasize. In this collection you can see hot wife having threesome with husband's friend, a wife enjoying an orgy at home and some of the other homemade photos of hot wives. check these homemade photos of hot wife threesomes below.
Sharing your wife with someone - it is an approach to have it both ways. The wife is normally the focal point of consideration and can peak ordinarily with 4 hands, 2 mouths and 2 penises to satisfy her.Today, at evening time I could take an interest to my wife and she was cheerful. Finally we decided to do it with some stranger. It was long struggle to find a suitable guy but it happened anyhow.Going into it we didn't realize that he got a good cock to satisfy her lust. Exceptionally it is so hot to share a wife with somebody and have acceptable fun. It was awe-inspiring when I was in a 69 with her as she was accepting it doggie style from him and I got the chance to lick both. Kept him pounding her longer while she had good climaxes.




I enjoy both, but my horny wife is a little bit selfish. She loves two blacks or more drilling her. I just love to watch and learned that seeing a wife satisfied is one of the best satisfactions.I like watching her taking on big cocks , and seeing the look on her face and how much of a dirty whore she turns into. I also have a thing for looking at different positions. It fascinates me and well as her.





It must be an adventure to watch your wife with another man. Those who never tried this fun can never explain how good it feels. If you have a trust-able friend, you can try him as your bed time favorite but only if you trust him enough. Otherwise, it could be a better option to bring in some stranger to bang your wife while you watch or participate. in both case, it is delightful. majority of wives like this type of fun, but many of them don't express. always believe that there is a hidden slut in every woman's mind, it depends how you bring it out. check out a few more wife sharing photos.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Real Wife Swap With A Close friend

My name is Nabila and I am a housewife now. I have never heard about wife swapping until a friend told me. I am writing the real story of my life. My life seemed perfect at the time I was twenty-five years old and married to my husband Tahir, who was twenty-Nine. I met my husband at a cousin's marriage and it was love at first sight, and I was attracted to his outgoing, fun-loving personality, and also his physical appearance. He’s handsome, six feet tall, very fit and muscular, and weighed 90 kg . Tahir exhibited a lot of strength, and I was drawn to his obvious self-confidence. He was a real man’s man, very thick, 6 and a half-inch cock. In initial days of our married life we didn't know how to start swinging and wife swapping


I am fortunate to be very attractive and well-built, and I have had an active sex life with a classmate since I turned 20 years old, when I was in university. He fucked me at least 7-8 times before I got married. I have shiny black, shoulder-length hair and sparkling eyes, and a lot of people tell me that I look a lot like the model. I have big breasts too, and I was blessed with 34DD tits, which look like big melons on my five feet and four-inch-tall, one hundred and twenty-pound body.

Now, talking about tahir and me, We were married after dating for only 5-6 months. After being together for a total of 3 years now, we were still having frequent sex, usually at least 4-5 times per week. I love his nice cock, and it was a good thing that he is well-hung. I got accustomed to fucking with big cock in university as my classmate had a 7 inches plus, although Tahir didn’t know about my slutty past. Our perfect life didn’t last forever, though. Just about the time we were thinking of starting a family, and I stopped taking my birth control pills, Tahir began experiencing problems getting and keeping an erection. Him having impotence at such a young age was unusual and devastating for both of us. He started going to a variety of doctors to try to get the problem resolved. 

It took him a couple of weeks to eliminate some of the most obvious possibilities; such as, heart disease, atherosclerosis, diabetes, high blood pressure, and hormonal issues. Then he was diagnosed with diabetes and as far as we knew he wasn’t depressed or experiencing any anxieties that might cause the problem. I have to admit that I was still very needy when it came to having sex with Tahir, and we soon started having oral sex. Tahir had never licked my pussy before then, and he started loving the taste of it. I was able to suck him off, even though his cock didn’t get very hard.

We were getting some orgasmic relief, but I needed his hard cock. As more time passed, I started to see changes in him. I didn’t know if it was possibly that he was feeling less of a man because of his impotence, or maybe my teasing comments about him being such a good pussy licker; but he was becoming much less self-confident, and sometimes even timid around me.

One day , a neighbor (Saima) who had a good friendship with me, came to my house. We had good frankness and in between those talks I revealed the lack of sex between me and my husband. I didn’t know what she wanted as she smiled, and asked, Nabila, do you mind if I help you? I was wondered how she could help me. She is pretty and middle-aged, thirty-five years old, but she dresses like a much college girl. She was about five feet and six inches tall, weighing maybe one hundred and thirty pounds, and she was heavily breasted like me. Overall, she looked very sexy, and usually seemed to be a little flirty for someone handsome.

I asked her how she could help us. She said, I don’t mean to be nosy, but I’d like to talk with you about something. You already know my husband Kashif, since he is in the same company as your husband, I’d like to talk to you about something that might be helpful to you two. I was also a little bit intrigued about what she had in mind. Slowly coming to the point, Saima told me that her husband fucks her 3 times a week even after 3 kids they have. She was praising her husband's fucking skills and probably making my mind lusty for him. At that time, I was not seriously thinking to fuck her husband but the way she was talking, my mind was slowly diverting towards slutty side. 

Then she said, Nabila; If you don't mind, I have an option to help you. I said, Now tell me what's in your mind, don't hesitate, I won't mind, just say it. Then she finally said; If you husband didn't mind it we can try a same room sex. I was quite shocked to hear this but it sparked my mind. I was sex starved so it looked like a tasty option. I further inquired from her, will your husband be agreed? She said, oh come-on, we had done it with someone already and it is so hot.

She further explained that having a foursome brings more fun in bed and it might help me and tahir to enjoy life. I was confused so I didn't agreed on the spot but told her that I would talk to tahir and then tell her. She left my house. At night when me and tahir were in bed, and almost ready to sleep, I started talking about sex. Tahir was less interested but he could guess my sex starvation. Finally , I told him about the foursome sex with some couple. He was almost shocked to hear this but he seemed a bit interested after 2-3 minutes. Then he inquired whom we can trust here? I then told him about saima and her husband.

Tahir was now very much interested in what I was talking to him. Then he asked, are you serious? I said, I liked the idea and she is a great friend of mine. If this could spice up our dull sex life, what's bad in this? We can trust them. and there is nothing un-safe as they are also married couple. Tahir said; let me think. I fell asleep and tahir took a turn over as well. 

The next day, as soon as we had a breakfast, tahir smilingly said; Nabila, you may proceed to the option you given last night and talk to saima. I was happily shocked to hear this and said; OK, I would. He left for office and I anxiously waited to talk further with saima. At 10 a'm I called on her cell and asked her to visit my house. Saima came right in time and we both discussed it again like good friends. Saima told me that we should plan it this weekend and let's do it. 

On Friday, Saima told me that she and her husband would visit us around 11 pm after getting kids sleep. I put on my best bra and panty and shaved my pussy. Tahir came home and I told home that they'd be coming on Saturday night around 11pm for a combined session with us. 

Saima and her husband just arrived in time and we were both ready. We were both slightly nervous as it was our first time to meet them as a couple. Saima and me talked for a while and our husbands were sitting in the drawing room. about 1 hour passed but no-one of us knew exactly how we would start. Then saima told me that she and her husband would start romance on our bed and me and my husband should come naked inside after 10 minutes or so.

As per plan, me and my husband Tahir got undressed while Saima and her husband were busy having romance in the bedroom. Me and tahir kissed for a few minutes and I noticed that Tahir had a better erection that day. He was never that hard in past few months but as we were going to try a foursome, probably the thoughts made him hard. We couldn't wait more so we entered the room where saima was lying naked on the bed and her husband was fully busy in licking her pussy with his head pressed in between her legs. Watching us entered, she smiled like a slut and welcomed us.

I laid in the same style near saima and Tahir (my husband) started licking my pussy. Meanwhile, saima started touching my boobs and in a lesbian style she was pressing my tits. I liked it and I also played with her big boobs. Our husbands licked us for 20-25 minutes and then Saima's husband got up. I was a bit nervous watching his hanging nude cock but it looked quite better than Tahir. He seemed quite bigger than tahir. Truly speaking, Saima's husband reminded me my classmate's dick. He was about the same cock. 

Slowly Saima's husband pulled her forward and started rubbing his dick on her pussy. My husband's limp dick was looking weaker than his. Slowly my husband tried to enter my pussy but it appeared only a rubbing fuck. My pussy was dripping wet to watch Saima getting fucked with such a nice dick. Her husband fucked her for 4-5 minutes while he kept on looking at my boobs and face. I was moaning as my husband was fucking me slowly. 

Then Saima slowly spoken in my ear, baby, would you like to try my husband. I didn't know how quickly I said, yes. She smiled and just given her husband to an illusion to fuck me. She also pulled my husband towards her. Her husband pulled it out from her pussy and then both husbands changed positions. Believe me, as soon as her husband came in between my legs and placed his lips to lick my wet pussy, I went straight in heaven. I loved it. I can't explain how good it felt.

Her husband licked my wet pussy and then throbbed his dick on my clit. Slowly he pushed in and oh my god, I orgasmed big. I shivered heavily as I got a big orgasm after so many months. He pushed his dick in a loving style and caressed my boobs, kissed my face and lips. And my dear husband, Tahir was watching all this and playing with saima's boobs. Tahir's dick got better as soon as he watched my climax. He managed to enter saima's pussy. He started fucking her while Saima's husband given me the fuck of my life.

He drilled me like a whore. He banged me hard. my legs were touching my face as he was making full thrusted pushed inside. His big and hard rock cock hit my all spots inside. It went on for 10-15 minutes and My husband couldn't control more. He cant even pull it out. He released his cum inside Saima. Remember, we were not using condoms. Saima's husband kept on fucking my pussy for next 5-6 minutes or so and then blasted his big cum-load inside me. He didn't pulled it out because my husband did the same so he probably taken a good revenge. But , believe me, his hot and big cum load inside brought me another big shivering orgasm. 

After releasing his full cum-load inside, he pulled his dick and placed it on my lips. I sucked and cleaned him and he tasted much better than my husband. his cum was better in smell and taste. I cleaned his dick and we all four smiled and laid there for the next 5-10 minutes quietly. I loved that session. It was the best solution probably my impotent husband agreed to. We got up and took a bath one by by one. it was around 2 am midnight. Saima's house was not far away and we lived in safe colony. So they thanked us and we had a coffee after sex. They both seemed very happy. After they left, We were a bit hesitant to ask each other about the sex session. However, we slept without discussing it further. The next night, My husband , tahir said; It was awesome for him. Thanks god, he liked it. Now we could try it every week.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Wife Sharing With Black Stud

This is our real story of wife sharing. No change of events made in this hot story and it is 100 % true story. It happened to us on Thursday September 29th. Me and my hot wife went on vacations. we stayed in a resort hotel and we were both very much convinced to try something new and spicy this time. On that day, I Had lunch with my wife at the resort, and the handsome young black waiter seemed to be looking again and again towards my horny wife as she was wearing a lovely dress. He seemed flirting with her, it was something fierce.

I noticed this and meanwhile my wife also noticed that. I winked her and went to the washroom, leaving her alone on the table. When I was in the bathroom, she called him and asked about a few casual questions (just to set him frank with her). During that, she also had a good look at his big bulge between his legs. I could say that my wife is very intelligent in judging someone's manhood. When I returned, apparently the topic of his very large cock was brought up somehow. she told me she didn't believe and wanted to see it.

After she finished eating, We left upstairs, but she handwritten a chit for him (asking him to visit her room after 30 minutes) .We went to the changing room and she undressed herself in a brassier and panty. forgot to tell, my wife had good boobs. We started waiting for him, when 15 minutes were passed she asked me to leave the room so that waiter should not feel hesitated. I placed a cam in a place so that I could watch the delightful fuck later. In about 25 minutes someone knocked at the our door. She went to open the door, naturally with my heart racing and hard as a rock.I texted her after 20 minutes of him not coming out to find out if she was under the right man.
No response. I wandered to all of the but couldn't get reply. I was in panic mode by the time she finally responded after 35 minutes of his entry in our room, letting me know that her new fucker was really big and trained! He actually FUCKED in all positions and she got 3 orgasm in just 35 minutes of fucking! When I returned back , I couldn't control fucking her with his black semen inside. Remember, my wife never likes a man with a condom, she loves hot cum falling inside her womb. So , He has filled her 2 times in those 35 minutes. Believe me, Fucking her with his cum inside was probably the best experience I have ever felt. She was warm and lubricated inside. I drilled her and mixed my cum inside her. I hope, all reader would love to know public opinion about wife sharing.

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Public Opinion About Wife Sharing

We were running a few polls about wife sharing. Many hot couples shared their opinion about wife sharing fantasy. A lot of couples who have already done wife sharing sessions also shared their opinion on this hot wife blog. If you have certain feelings and fantasy of sharing your wife with some stranger or your friends, you must check these poll results. We hope you'd get a better guideline on how it feels and what's better in wife sharing. you would also get a good idea about what public prefer in wife sharing threesomes.

Wife Sharing Polls
The first poll about wife sharing fantasy was 'Who is the best choice to share your wife with?' We have given most possible options in this polls like, Sharing your wife with a close friend, Sharing your wife with a stranger from your own city, wife sharing with a stranger out of city and anyone whose dick is great. Almost 24% couples think that wife sharing with a close friend is a good choice because you can trust him. About 7% of the couples think that it is good to share your wife with stranger from own city. They think that same city stranger can easily join you any time. About 7% of the couples think that you can share your wife with anyone whose dick size is good. However the most favorite option of couples was ' Wife Sharing With Stranger Out of City . Almost 50% of the couples think that it is safe , and you have no disturbance after sex.

Wife Sharing Poll 2
In wife sharing poll 2 , we have asked a question ' What you feel most tasteful in Wife Sharing?' We have given good choice like, One guy having MFM with you and your wife, Two guys pounding your hot wife while you sit and watch, One guy drills her and you watch sitting aside, Or she do it alone in your absence. Only 4% of husbands wanted that their wives do sex with someone in their absence. About 19% think that it is better to have two guys having sex with wife while they sit and watch. About 33% of the husbands think that it is better to sit and watch one guy sharing your wife. In this poll the most favorite option of the husbands was 'One guy having MFM with husband and Wife' and 43% husbands voted in favor of this option.

Wife Sharing Poll 3
In third wife sharing poll we asked ' Why you want to share your wife?' So many husbands participated in this poll. About 19% of the husbands wanted to share their wives because they have got an average dick. About 20% said that wife wants more dick and she likes new dicks. 7% of the husbands wanted to share wife because getting pregnant was the problem. The most voted option in this poll was ' Looking to share wife for Experience only'. About 53% people wanted to try something different.

Wife Sharing Poll 4
The fourth wife sharing poll was a bit different. We wanted to know that who likes more about wife sharing fantasy. Either husbands or wives , who loves this fantasy most. We got good idea to know that they are 'Husbands who like wife sharing most' , about 80% of the votes in this poll favored husbands. Only 8% of the wives wanted to try wife sharing.

We hope all hot wife lovers and wife sharing husbands would love to participate in our wife sharing polls. Check out more polls here and share your opinion about wife sharing fantasy.

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Wife Sharing Home Made Real Photos

The ultimate fantasy of sharing your beautiful wife with someone sometimes takes control of your mind. It's hot, sensual and a spicy way to enjoy your married life. There are plenty of couples throughout the world who love this lifestyle. Sharing your wife with her consent is such a lovely thing to do. However, all you need to understand is 'What are your social limits?' And can you afford sharing your wife with any of your close friends? Will it be safe to expose your lifestyle in-front of  your close friends? If not, it is best you search a suitable stranger or a new stranger every-time you plan to have some spicy wife sharing session. You can try a wife sharing session at home and record your beautiful moments so that you can enjoy your home-made wife sharing pictures and videos whenever you want, Just like this home-made photo collection below.

The husband in this couple wanted to try out something spicy. He convinced his wife , though it took a year before she could really agree for wife sharing. But, when they done it, she always wanted to to do it again and again.

How nicely the stranger made her in rear entry style while she was lolly-popping her husbands nice tool.
His wife has never done a DP in her life. she was afraid of double entry as she thought it might be painful but as soon as the stranger got inside her front , the spicy husband came back from rear and plugged it in her backhole..Nevertheless, it was little painful in start but within 1-2 minutes of jerking, she went straight into heaven. Now she's a big fan of double entry.

Accidentally, once he saw his best friend nude. As soon as he saw his manhood, he immediately thought to offer him his wife but social restrictions stopped him. once they were drunk and luckily his friend admired his hot wife. this was the right time for wife sharing offer. He quickly asked his friend and brought his wife inside. That's how she sucked him.
 It was his wife who wanted to taste a black in doggy. Initially, he was surprised but later, he felt it spicy. Luckily, he got a black friend who was trust-able. this is how they enjoyed it.
She felt it too good when that stranger plugged it bareback in doggy. How delightful it was to suck her husband while an unknown guy drilling her.
He wanted to share his wife but she was reluctant. She agreed only if there is some married couple who they can swap with. so he brought this couple home and they swapped wives. Luckily, the other husband was having a nice fat sized tool. he drilled her wide open.
One day, his wife came to his office and his boos saw her there. his boss immediately got interested in drilling her. He was reluctant to share his wife with his boss, so boss offered him a promotion. It was a great deal. he discussed this deal with his wife and she said; its not a big problem. let's do it.
Sharing my wife with some stranger always pimped my mind. One day, I was wandering on the road where I found this guy. His manhood seemed popping out of his jeans so I offered him a lift in my car. He was agreed and later we done this trio. it was such a great session of wife sharing.

Saturday, 27 August 2016

My Hot Wife Sharing Story

I am narrating my true story here. My name is sameer and I have a beautiful wife , Lubna. I am sharing my story in which I managed to share my best friend's wife. It is worth mentioning that my hot wife Lubna is very open minded and we can share anything with each other. I had told her that I wanted to fuck my friend's wife badly. She was very much willing to help me in this regard. We made a plan to do it. Lubna (my wife) was a part of this plan. I had a friend in the same city I used to live. His wife Saima was really beautiful and I had a bit of naughty mind about her. I Always wanted to have something sexy between us. Hence, I was very much reading to share my wife with him if he agrees to try wife sharing fun.

One evening, we invited them for dinner. After dinner, It was very late. so I suggested them to stay over with us. We had fun, talked a lot and when it was about 12 midnight, wives decided to go to sleep. My wife went to her bed, and prepared the guest room for Saima and her husband. Saima told my friend to come to sleep when he gets free.

Once the wives were gone, we drank a bit and started talking about sex stuff and our married lives. I was more in my senses so I thought that was a good chance to check if my friend gets interested, and asked my friend if he liked my wife. He said that my wife is beautiful. I told him that my wife thinks he is handsome. He opened up a bit, and said that I was lucky to have her. I told him that he could be lucky as well.

He didn't understand my point. I gave him another drink and said that I too liked his wife, and if he wanted, we could share each other's wife. He was a bit taken back, and said that his wife may not be willing for this as she is a kind of conservative lady but I encouraged him by saying that we are both drunk and wives are probably sleeping in their respective rooms by now. So, we can pretend to be drunk, and he can go to my bedroom and sleep there next to my wife and I can go to the guest room and sleep next to his wife. 

He was a bit afraid but I convinced him that either wives either won’t wake up or won’t notice the faces in dark. This gives us both a chance to explore a bit. We are just going to play a bit, but not really take it to the extreme step. If any of them wake up, we can pretend to be drunk and switch again or we can stop at that point and sleep.

I encouraged him a bit more by saying that my wife normally sleeps in just one cloth, and it would be a great chance for him to see my wife nude or feel my wife a bit. I could see him getting excited, so I showed him the bedroom, and told him to not switch the light on, and just go and sleep on the bed. I told him that I was going to go the guest room. We also agreed that unless one of the wives wake up, we wouldn't disturb each other. So, he went.

I went to the guest room. Since I knew where the bed was, I slowly put a bit of light on the bed. Saima (My friend's wife) was sound asleep. I couldn't believe my luck. I slipped into the bed. After waiting a bit, I noticed that she was in deep sleep. So I put my leg on top of her butt while sleeping. Believe she was a sound sleeper, and did not respond. This encouraged me and I tried to put my hand on top of her butt. My hand directly touched her thighs and got a very warm and soft feel to my hand.

I moved my hand under her panties from the back, and now I was touching her butt directly. Her but felt round and soft, and this was very exciting. I hugged her completely with my body. I was finally sleeping with the lady I dreamed a few times while having sex with my wife. I decided to take it further as I though this was my chance. I slowly pulled her panties down and pulled my bottom down as well. Now, I put my dick between her ass cheeks and pressed it. My dick was getting warm and soft feeling from her ass cheeks, and stiffened instantly. I started moving my hand a bit on her boobs, and got through her top.

I was now grabbing her boobs and moving my dick on her ass cheeks. I was a bit afraid at this point of her waking up, but decided that it was my best chance. And, I had my drunk story ready in case she woke up. I freed up her bra hook and moved my hand inside.

Her round boobs were firm but soft. I was now pressing the boobs with my hands.My dick somehow got close to her pussy and was touching her pussy. I started moving my hand on her butt. I was like in heaven, pressing ass, and moving my dick on her pussy. She suddenly reacted a bit with all this movement.

It was dark. Me and my friend had almost same kind of bodies so It looks like she thought I was her husband who came back and wanted some action before sleeping.I couldn't believe my luck that the lady I was fantasizing about all these months was now taking my dick in her pussy. She didn't noticed the change of cock. Probably, my friend's size was same as me.I slowly started thrusting into her pussy and she was moaning slowly. I was now in full action, and started fucking Saima. She seemed to be enjoying herself, and kept responding to my thrusts. This was one of the best fuck I had. I kept fucking her moving my hands between her boobs and ass.

She was enjoying the fuck. I kept fucking her with full force. My thighs were touching her round butts, and my dick was fucking her pussy with full swing. my balls were slapping her pussy sides, This was the the action I was looking for months. My dick went in overdrive, and finally I had a great climax. She seemed to have the climax at the same time as well, and moved all of her body.

Finally I had a chance to fuck my friend’s wife and she enjoyed it completely as well. After the fuck, she slept again.I waited for a bit, and once she was in sleep, I came out of the room and went to the bed room to sleep. I came near the bed and touched my friend's back. He got up and went to the guest room. At that time we didn't talked anything.

When I woke up in the morning, my wife was already gone from the bedroom, so I went to the dining area. There, my wife and Saima were having coffee. I sat down and started drinking my coffee and asked about my friend. Saima said that he is still sleeping, because he came drunk in the bed. I was a bit afraid that she might knew about the fuck I had with her but then she confirmed that she didn't guessed me. This confirmed that she still did not know who fucked her in the bed.

Then they both left our house after the breakfast. After their departure, I asked my wife about the night. She looked at me and smiled in a naughty style. I asked her what my friend done with her? Lubna (My hot wife) said in a teasing manner, Don't worry honey, I didn't allowed him to enter me. It was only some touching and hugging. I asked, how she made it possible to avoid the fuck? She said, I pretended as I was awake when he started crossing limits so he was afraid of getting noticed. So he didn't gone further from hugging and boobs press. We both smiled and kissed in passion. I said; I am proud of you honey.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Home Made Wife Sharing Photos Collection

If you are interested in sharing, this collection of home made photos is just for you. A hot wife is a real blessing for a hot husband. Wife sharing is such a delightful activity for so many husbands today. It is better than the concept of cuckoldry. Those who didn't want to get humiliated but are looking to share their wives with other men must share comments below. Check this wife sharing home made photo collection below.
A hot wife loves a black stranger, while her husband kisses her right when she's grabbing his large sized manhood. Nice to see and nice to feel thing.
A young wife is being shared with a friend. Her husband wanted to start this, but when she performed it, she was always willing to do it again and again.
It was his wife's life long fantasy to get pounded by two blacks and here is how she done that. The lucky husband sat aside to watch this wife sharing threesome session.

He wished for years to see someone else being sucked by his hotwife and finally she was ready to do that. It was such a wonderful pose of shared wife.
She was happy about this session when her loving husband allowed her to call her ex-boyfriend and join them for a threesome session.
The best moment of her married life, when her husband called his best friend home and he appeared a big in size. Awesome happiness.

We hope you have enjoyed these hot wife photos and probably you'd also be looking to share your hotwife with someone else.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Real Story Of Wife Swapping

Nousheen and I had never considered wife swapping until we met Asif and Shagufta. Now it has become our number one self-pleasure. My wife, Nousheen is extremely sexy and I would never allow anyone to touch her until I met Asif. His wife Shagufta is equally as beautiful as my gorgeous and delicious. Shagufta and Asif feels the same way as I do - if someone touches his wife, he must give that approval and only a lucky man would ever meet that standard. Once our private affair started it changed our entire marriage relationship and our friendship with Asif and Shagufta. Here is the real story of our wife swapping fun.

I was almost 33 years old when I met Asif; I had been assigned to train him. I was an advanced technician compared to most of the other craftsman on the Refinery. I had gone to the best schools in Karachi as well as learned from my father who was a 1st class Tech and had become a trainer before his retirement. Asif was from Lahore and had lost his job who had interviewed well and we hired him a few weeks later. Asif was sharp for a 25 yr. old and was easy to train. He was polite, respectful and hard working.

Asif and Shagufta rented a house about a mile away from me and Nousheen, since I would be his mentor and coworker; it was easy to simply commute together. We took turns driving and enjoyed the friendship. Nousheen and Shagufta became good friends as well, even though Shagufta was 10 yrs. younger. They had no children and knew only a little about Karachi, so we took it on our own to show them Karachi hospitality. After only a few times together on weekends, it seemed like a very good friendship. We had no idea this friendship would develop into something beyond our wildest imagination.

Asif is an extremely handsome young man. He is at least 8 inches taller than me, and looks like some sort of movie star or something. He has a light brown complexion with dark brown eyes. All of his looks and features are few and far between, putting Asif in a class all his own. Asif could easily be a male model if he wanted to, his body build is perfect, his facial features are extraordinary and all the women on the Refinery took quick and serious notice of Asif. Nousheen really took notice and welcomed Asif and Shagufta to our home. Nousheen was a playful flirter with many tall and handsome men we knew, she became obviously excited every time she got close to Asif. But these flirts with Asif would become much more serious than mere playful flirtations.

As friendship developed, we got very frank to each other. Asif knew my wife's bra choices and I knew shagufta's. Asif told me about his and Shagufta's one time swing experience in Lahore and that he had been bisexual nearly all of his life. I confided in him that even though my penis was much smaller than his, I myself had learned to suck at an early age and loved it so much. So I knew a thing or two about sucking, but it was all about doing it. But frankly had not done it since being married.

Nousheen had taken a serious liking to Asif and Shagufta. Nousheen was a virgin when I married her, she was so tiny inside her vagina, and her Doctor said she needed minor surgery inside her vagina before intercourse. So it was almost 3 months after we were married before we finally were able to have a regular intercourse. It would be another three months before it felt truly good to her and she enjoyed it. Our honeymoon was purely oral and cuddling as she got a minor injury to her vagina in our first night. But few women were as beautiful as Nousheen.

We had 2 kids and at age 28 I had a vasectomy. Nousheen had no need to be on the pill. We wondered why Asif and Shagufta never had children in 2 eyars of marriage, or what their plans were for children and then Nousheen finally asked Shagufta. It turned out Asif was having living semen problem, his testicles never developed live sperms. He had serious male problems and never developed correctly. His penis was large, but his sperm had no seeds. Shagufta also never took the pill. Shagufta showed Nousheen the Doctor's report about Asif. So sad such a handsome man and beautiful woman could not have children.

Asif and I became very close friends; him and Shagufta hoped to adopt a child one day but for now were simply enjoying life. Shagufta loved my children and it was obvious a good relationship existed. Asif was a runner and a health nut, kept his body perfect, shaved his body hair and looked like someone out of a Magazine. Asif's great condition inspired me to become a health nut also. Compared to me, he was very exciting to Nousheen.

I was not a bad looking guy or at least most women told me I was good looking , nor a bad lover to my wife , but frankly I think I bored my wife quite often. I deeply loved Nousheen and she was the perfect wife and perfect mother. Sex was something she needed to do to fulfill her wedding vows. Normally after one orgasm, it was beddy-bye time, roll over and go to sleep honey. It was rare to spend much time with sex, she did what she had to do and that was it. I accepted my sex life because I had so much to worry about. Sex was a non-issue for me. At the same time the thoughts of a little fun via swinging was excitement to our ears provided it would not hurt our life or our marriage. So naturally it is only normal to consider swinging, especially with such beautiful bodies like Asif and Shagufta. But we would take it extremely slow and do lots of talking and planning if such a thing were possible.

Asif told me about their swing experience, and I told Nousheen. Asif asked me if Nousheen would be interested in experimenting. I was shocked at first, and then thought it would not hurt to talk to Nousheen to see her response. I asked Nousheen and to my great surprise she did not say no, but there were many questions to be answered so we slowly began talking and thinking and planning for such an experiment. But we had no desire to parade around naked in front of people at a swinger club, nor watch others have sex, nor have others watch us.

But just out of curiosity, we visited couples party in Karachi, hoping to finally see something worthwhile, other than raw sex. We found nothing we wanted from the party we visited. It was all so disappointing and a waste of time. There were a few people at the swinger party that may be OK, but frankly I had no desire to find out. Nousheen and Shagufta were by far the most beautiful women there; naturally all the men took serious notice. I was not about to allow any man to touch Nousheen that I did not know and respect, most of whom at the couples party acted like idiots. Most were not there to make love; they were there to simply fuck some woman's brains out like a rag doll. I guess for some people it is perfectly good for them, but I had a fine wife, why would I want anyone not as good as her, why would she want to be used by some Jerk.

We sometimes drank wine. We wanted a real relationship with top looking people we could trust. Only Shagufta and Asif fit that description. We wanted the experience to be good and long lasting and safe. So we began to plan for our sexual experiment. I ordered all kinds of supplements to plan and make sure our experience would be the best and we decided to try Hot Rawks as it had everything we wanted and more. When it finally happened we wanted it to be extremely good so we would want more. I wanted to improve my body and so did Nousheen, her eyes were on a man 7 years younger than her, and she began to talk and have thoughts and fantasies about Asif. I could tell before anything started that she was going to enjoy Asif and had plans.

Even before we did anything the supplements began to take effect on Nousheen, she had never taken them before. In a month she changed for the better, and our sex life drastically improved due to arousal and stamina. Nousheen was not a tiny girl, she was 2 inches taller than me, and almost 150 pounds, but her body was perfectly shaped, no fat just pure beauty.

I am not a bad looking guy as I said, just on the short side at 5'6". Not a perfect body like Asif and I am proud to have an average 6 inch penis to satisfy my wife. We were married about 10 yrs., my wife had never been touched by another man except me. Though she often cracked jokes about how it would feel to be with another man, and when she met Asif, her jokes intensified and she became obviously aroused. Her talk and arousal for Asif would grow and grow till finally things happened. She had a established fantasy to be with a taller man, but this new taller man was Asif. And she established a quick fantasy to be a lover to Asif. It was funny in a way to see her arousal about Asif, but I encouraged and wanted it to flourish for several reasons. I admit I had a mild fantasy about seeing my wife of ten years truly enjoy herself with sex, much better than I could provide. At the same time I was scared to death some man would take her from me, so with mixed emotions and complicated strategy I pursued our endeavor to experiment with Asif and Shagufta.

My biggest concern was never losing my beautiful wife, so I made sure I included talks about keeping emotions separate from sex. This is extremely hard for a woman to do, but if she desired to have fun, she had to accept her limits. Asif had an extremely beautiful wife and I saw no reason for Asif to do me harm. I saw no reason for Nousheen to leave me over sexual pleasure, she had a beautiful home, 2 great children and a fine car with a husband whom worshipped her and never abused her. So in a way I felt safe and willing to give it a try. But it was not Shagufta whom attracted me, it was the idea of bringing excitement to my wife's life.

I came to grips with myself that if things happened with Asif and Nousheen, it would be a challenging experience, so I had to make sure she loved me for me, and that we could endure sex with another couple, we talked and Nousheen was opened and honest, it will remain fun, not turn into something serious. We talked and talked making sure before we did this, that it would not end in a horrible outcome.

It was about a year after knowing Asif and Shagufta, when we had our first experience. Since they lived so close, we simply had left our kids with relatives. We wanted an all-nighter, not an hour or so and end the deal. About 6 pm on a Saturday in May, we left the flat to drove over to Asif and Shagufta's home.

Shagufta had sandwiches, and treats ready, along with pot, wine, etc. We did some minor kissing, petting, touching and preparing for the event. Nousheen was clearly ready for Asif. We talked while candles were lit; the music was playing. We sipped wine and began to inhale the pot. Shagufta broke the ice; she got up and stripped down naked. Then Asif stripped naked, his penis shot up like a big tree branch. Then I noticed it, his balls were tiny and deformed, yet his penis was at least a quarter inch thicker than mine and at least 2 inches longer. Nousheen immediately looked with admiration on Asif's vein popping penis. Then I stripped and out poked my super hard erection. Finally with coaching from Shagufta and Asif, Nousheen stripped at the hands of Asif. She was in obvious excitement at Asif taking off her clothes. Then she sat down next to Asif and me next to Shagufta. There sat my beautiful wife naked with my coworker whom also was naked. That moment and instant was exciting. You simply felt an orgasm on its way.

Nousheen was obviously embarrassed setting their naked next to a man she adored with a hard on in front of me. We sat on couches opposite of each other. I stepped over to Nousheen and moved her closer to Asif; I then took her right hand and placed the fingers around Asif's swollen blood pumping penis. She squeezed it with joy. Then I took Asif's hand and placed it over Nousheen's pussy. Nousheen opened her legs with pleasure. Asif took Nousheen's head and turned it to his and both of them locked their mouths together in a hot kiss. I could see and feel the passion in my wife's kissing with Asif. They sat there kissing and kissing for a very long time, her hands massaging his penis, his hands gently feeling her pussy and breasts. While of course Shagufta and I did the same exact things.

Asif and Shagufta had an extra bedroom, Shagufta and I would use that one, Asif and Nousheen would use the master bedroom. I sat next to Nousheen, I said " baby it is going to be alright , it will be fun, " I stood up and said "I have a few requests- Please do not hurt her and Nousheen please keep track of your orgasms so I can know you enjoyed yourself . Please keep the door unlocked, I would like to peek in to see how she is enjoying herself ". They both got up and went to the master bedroom and closed the door. It was kind of crazy watching my wife walking naked next to a man with a giant erection. You simply knew within minutes that giant dick would be inside her tight and wet pussy. Nousheen was smiling with joy it was finally going to happen. She was girlish, giddy and nervous , yet I could see she was about to explode she was so hot.

Shagufta was a magnificent lover with a magnificent body and face. She could easily be in some magazine, as well as Nousheen. Shagufta did everything I expected a lover to do many times. Her body was splendid and clean. Naturally the first thing a man does is suck the woman's pussy and I was no exception, she was cumming in minutes. From there it was nonstop.

About 2 hours past and I slipped to the master room and cracked open the door, there was Nousheen enjoying Asif's extremely large penis with pure joy. I knew she was red hot due to her protruding nipples, and that determined look on her face when she was on top. Nousheen loved to be the one who was doing the fucking. She moved up and down like an artist painting a dick with her pussy. She was moaning with pleasure.

Nousheen had excellent pussy muscles and she was using those muscles to milk an orgasm out of Asif. Nousheen had a very intense look on her face as she had never had another man's dick inside her, as well as a larger penis. Watching Nousheen my top rated wife, on top of Asif enjoying herself instantly jerked me to attention. Nousheen was a pro at knowing what to do on top. And she was in obvious pleasure with a fatter cock and having an extra couple of inches to slither in and out of her dripping pussy. I could see the light reflection on Asif's dick, knowing that reflection came from the wetness of my wife's pussy. My penis jumped back to an erection at the sight of my wife loving Asif's dick and I stood there for five minutes watching my wife enjoy his giant cock, she tightened her vagina muscles every time on the down stroke, then I closed the door because I did not want to embarrass her or have an orgasm watching my wife fuck herself silly. That was a moment never to forget.

We all screwed and sucked all night long till about 3 am and finally passed out with fatigue. The next morning, about 10 am I asked Nousheen how many orgasms she had during the night, she said 4 orgasms and she was sore. She never had more than 2 with me. Shagufta had good time. Though my penis was not super large, I was determined to be a good lover to Shagufta and I did. Our first night and it was much more than an exciting success. For me and Nousheen it was totally mind boggling.

That night was an unforgettable night. A week later we did the same thing again. Shagufta simply loved to fuck and kept on going and going. It was all I could do to keep up with her. Shagufta was just like Nousheen, rated a 10 on a scale from 1-10. Any normal man would be extremely excited just to see Shagufta nude. Her body was almost a duplicate as Nousheen regarding her figure, but her skin was a different color as well as her body hair. She was clean and very multi-orgasmic. I was 10 yrs. older than Shagufta, but this made no difference to her or me at that moment.

This began a long lasting romantic friendship to this day. We try and make this happen as often as possible. Nousheen has changed the most of anyone, she smiles much more, she is happy, she loves sex more and she is a fantastic wife and mother. Asif treats her like a goddess and she loves it but she always goes out of her way to show that and prove her love and devotion to me. I call it our own little Sex Circus and we always have a good time when we go.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Me With My Neighbor Wife

This is the story of hot encounter with my neighbor's wife. She is so hot. Anyone could think of sex once her had looked at her. If I didn't know how good it was going to be I'd never be able to keep my dick hard for so long. Waiting in my neighbor's bathroom for over 30 minutes at a time is stressful, even if I wasn't worried anything that day. Kamal and his wife were our new neighbors past 3 months. They both were very open minded and within a few days, she developed a good frank kind of friendship with my wife. they were both very decent and open in living style.Kamal was about 10-15 years older than Lubna. she never cared for my presence and often visited our house openly.


Her open lifestyle invited me to try my luck towards her. And I was no surprise to find a welcome slot in her heart. She started giving me smiles and exchanging stairs within 3 weeks of their arrival. Kamal's wife had to come to me. It all started one 4th of November when my wife and I attended one of their dinner invitation. Lubna was slightly looking drunk, just enough to let her habitations down but not so drunk that she didn't know what she was doing.

Anyway, that was one hell of a dinner. full of fish recipes and after taking that dinner My cock was just looking to fuck a pussy. To exactly describe, I was thinking to fuck Kamal's wife that night. we both couples have no kids. I'd fucked Lubna (Kamal's wife) so hard and fast a night ago that we'd both cum together. And yes it was in their master bathroom. It was the most exciting thing I'd ever done, sexually. To that point.

I still don't know why Lubna is the way she is, but I like it. She's such a fucking slut, at least with me she is. And ever since that day she'll call me in the mornings when she's horny and good old Kamal hasn't been up to the task. I sneak over and through the back door that leads right into their master bathroom. It's almost too easy.

So there I was sitting on the toilet seat, slowing massaging my dick in anticipation of what was to come, when the door handle begins to turn. Now this is always exciting because I never know if it's going to be the moment that I'm caught naked in my neighbor's house by one of the family members, other than Lubna.

But as the door creaked open I saw Lubna's smooth tan tit flesh and knew that we'd gotten away with it one more time. I was so horny I wasn't sure how long I'd last, just the thought of fucking this hot little body in her own bathroom while her husband lay in bed just on the other side of the wall really turned me on.

Lubna looked down at my throbbing dick and smiled. Without saying a word she knelt down in front of me on the bathroom rug and took my prick in her small hands and began to lick it, and then she took it in her mouth and began to bing her head faster and faster.

She must have known that I'd be too horny that morning to satisfy her unless she did a little desensitizing first. And that's exactly what she did. I began thrusting my hips and sinking my dick as deeply into Lubna's throat as I've ever done. She's an incredible cocksucker and I enjoy her mouth and throat immensely in those morning sessions.

It probably wasn't more than a minute or so before I heard her gag as I thrust one last time and embedded my dick as deep in her throat as it was possible to do.

God, it felt wonderful to release my pent up cum into that hot, wet, tight throat with those little fingers massaging my balls, milking every last drop of my cum. It was a bonus to know that I'd just emptied my balls in the mouth of my neighbor's wife. For the hundredth time I wondered what Kamal would do if he knew what I'd just done?

But I didn't have long to think about that because Lubna wanted me to satisfy her now. My plan was to orally enjoy her like she'd just done me, but she stopped me with a gesture and said, "I want your load in my pussy this morning big boy." With that said, Lubna bent over and gripped the sink and said, "C'mon, fuck me like your little whore, fuck me like that little prick of a husband never could."

I think she knew how much it turned me on when she humiliated Kamal's sexual prowess. I know that it affected me enough that I gripped her hips and was able to jamb my "already" hard prick into her sopping cunt, and only after a couple of minutes after having dumped a huge load of cum down her throat.

It felt so good to sink into her hot wet cunt. My wife is good in bed, but this forbidden sex was the absolute best. The fear of being caught and Lubna's wonton behavior always did it for me. I began the hump her ass, sinking my dick to the hilt into her dripping pussy from behind and Lubna began a soft moan of pleasure.

I fucked her harder and shoved deeper, trying to shove myself into her as deep and as hard as possible. Faster and faster, like a fucking machine. The sexual friction was making the hair on my arms and legs stand out. The orgasm that was buried deep within my body was struggling to the surface as I humped Lubna's beautiful body.

Lubna was moaning louder and louder, quickly losing control of her surroundings. I knew I should warn her to be quiet, but for some perverse reason I didn't want her to be quiet, it excited me to think that maybe her daughter would hear, or her husband Kamal. What would they think when they opened the door to see what all the noise was about? What would they think when they saw me fucking their family member right under their noses.

Lubna's body tensed under mine and she groaned, "OH FUCK, OH FUCK YESSS!" and I knew she was cumming. One last time I shoved my cock into her as hard and as deep as I could and held myself their grinding against her. Just knowing that Lubna was cumming on my cock pushed me over the edge.

I felt that wonderfully liberating feeling of release as well as that tight band of numbness that tightened around my head making me aware of only my body's internal workings as I spurt my love deep into another man's wife.

Somewhere vaguely in the back of my mind I wished that at that moment, one of Lubna's family would burst into the bathroom as I helplessly shot my load into their wife or mother. I know it would be a disaster for both of us, but I wanted in the worst way to show someone else what we were doing, how I was filling Lubna with my hot sticky cum.

Then the waves of pleasure were lessening and suddenly I could hear again and Lubna's breath was coming in gasps as she too came down off the exquisite peak we'd shared for an eternal moment.

Then she was pulling herself off my slippery prick and turning within my embrace to kiss me deeply. I could taste my cum on her breath and knew that in a minute or two she would be climbing back to her marriage bed and lying down beside her husband. I imaged her having sex with Kamal too and kissing him with her cum coated lips, with my cum coating her lips.

Then it was time to leave and Lubna was gently pushing me toward the door and whispering sweet niceties about my performance and how good it had been and how we'd have to do it again very soon. Then I was out the door pulling my shorts back on and walking across the yard to my house.

It was Saturday morning and I had nothing special to do. The thought popped into my mind then that my wife was still asleep in bed. We hadn't made love the night before and the thought of fucking her with Lubna's slime still on my cock excited me.

My heart raced as I opened the door to our bedroom and I saw my wife lying tangled in the sheets. For a moment I wondered if she would sense that I'd just been with another woman, would she be able to smell the sex I'd just had?

As I knelt over her, pulling the sheet away to expose a perfect breasts, my cock started to rise up proud and urgent again and I knew that I didn't care if she did sense something, at that moment all I wanted to do was stick my slightly used prick into my wife's moist hole and fuck her passionately until we both got off.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Sharing My wife With Cousin

This is our true story of wife sharing. My wife and I have an average sex life. I have an average sized cock and usually don’t last the longest but my wife has always appeared to be very understanding and content with this. I have somewhere this feeling of guilt in my mind and I always wanted to give her a sexual satisfaction by any means. Sharing my wife with another man was something I could easily accept.


When she first met my cousin, she was not particularly attracted to him; he’s younger than us and quite cocky and sure of himself. He was the best looking guy available to fulfill my fantasy. She put up with him the first few times but her attitude changed when I encouraged her to feel the size of his dick. In initial few days, she felt awkward to consider him but as she found out he had a very large cock, she started taking a strange kind of interest. This came about when he stayed at our house one night and walked out of the shower in his boxer shorts and his cock was hanging inside of his boxers! His size looked like a big rod.

The next time we met him she was quite frank to him, laughing and joking with him and having a very touchy feel a few times with him. He was probably enjoying as I had already told him that she was really sexy. Although , he was a bit surprised to listen those remarks by me about my own wife but he liked it. This carried on for the next few times we met and then me and my cousin went out for a drink and he asked me about why she had changed. I asked him had he said anything to her and he said no but she did see him walking out of the bathroom and she may have seen more than she bargained for.

Me and my cousin were sometimes very touchy and we often talked about my wife's sexy assets in a funny manner. I didn’t know what he was talking about until he told me had a large cock. I jokingly said that she must have been impressed and wanted to sample it and without hesitation he said he would be happy to help. We then had a chat and I said I needed to think about it as I had never done anything like this before.

Meanwhile, I was discussing this with my hot wife and she had shown a bit of acceptance for the adventure. The next weekend he came over to our house and we had a drink. I told my cousin to go upstairs and come back down in revealing boxers and he was very keen on this idea. I went into the living room and was talking to my wife when my cousin walked in and he had a semi erect hanging dick inside of his boxer shorts. My wife looked and her eyes lit up. I spotted this and asked her if she had seen something I did? She laughed nervously and said there was something that caught her eye. I just said if she wants to try it she can, and without hesitation she looked at my cousin and he dropped his boxers down to reveal his huge cock.

It was bigger than mine and he wasn’t even fully hard. I guided her hand and placed it on his cock which looked like an 8 inch rod. She started to stroke it until he couldn’t take it anymore and then I told her to suck his cock – a demand to which she readily obliged. She was sucking his cock and playing with his balls for about 5 minutes before he picked her up and teased her dripping pussy with the tip of his huge cock. That thing must have been 8 inches long and thick! He then shoved his cock in her pussy and her face looked shocked but also like she was enjoying it. He then proceeded in fucking her for about 20-25 minutes, much longer than I ever last, and gave her 2 orgasms before filling her up with his cum. They both were shattered so we all went to sleep on own beds and he left early the next day to avoid any awkward moments.

This was an amazing wife sharing session. The next day my wife was sore but I kept talking about how amazing it was and how great his cock felt inside her. I asked her would she like to do it again and she replied straight away with a firm yes. I texted my cousin and told him she wants to carry it on and he replied straight away saying he will help whenever required.This now happens probably every two weeks and my wife loves it! We still have sex and I sometimes make her cum but it’s obvious I can’t do what my cousin does, so she really enjoys those nights!

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Wife Swapping Story : The Real Story

This story is not a fantasy story. It is our real story of getting involved in wife swapping. Me and my hot wife were married for 6 years when we started thinking about different options to enjoy our married life. In first 5 years of marriage, we got two cute kids and we were quite content with the proceedings of our marriage. We were spending a happy life but sex was a kind of routine between us after the birth of the kids. To be honest I'm not bad at dick size. I measure about 6.6 inches in length and my wife was very content with the shape, size and timing of my dick. We always spent a good hour of fucking but still there we felt of need of some change. Initially, I thought to share my wife with some other male but sharing my wife could only bring one way delight. I thought about it, discussed it with my hot wife but she seemed a bit reluctant about wife sharing.

Then I started thinking about wife swap. When I discussed wife swapping option with her she seemed a bit sparked with the idea. We discussed this swapping option for many weeks and slowly she started taking interest into this. We talked like, how she would feel if some other husband drills her and I drill his wife on the same bed. In the recent days, she started talks be herself about wife swapping and we talked about the couples in our neighbors and family. Though she was happier to discuss a few couples in neighbors but she seemed reluctant to spark talking about couples in our own family. So, I started searching for a suitable couple in our neighbors or friends circle.

Believe me, it was the hardest time to find out the best and right couple for swapping. It was a thing that I couldn't discuss openly so we have to be very careful in telling other couples of our friends circle or neighbors about wife swapping option. Anyhow, after a struggle of about 6 months, me and my hot wife were agreed to try this taste check with a couple living next to our house.

Sorry, I forgot to tell about our details. I'm 35Y old, tall, fair looking husband while my wife is 30 Y old , fair look, 36D sized lady. The couple we selected were 32Y/29Y old with no kids. Their names were Sara and Jamal (Changed). Jamal was a lecturer at a college while his wife was also teaching in a girl's school. Sara was a good friend of my wife and she often visited our house on weekends. She was quite a sexy wife who easily grabs attention of men but she looked quite sober because she often avoided to respond to such men.

I talked to my wife and asked her to check sara for swapping option. Sara also wears 36D bra as per my wife's knowledge and she often discussed her pregnancy matters with my wife. She often seeked advice from my wife because we got first child right after 11 months of our marriage. Anyhow, my wife and sara were quite open in discussing sexual matters. My wife asked me to hold on while she check sara's intentions about swapping on a suitable time.

One day, when sara visited our house, I intentionally took both kids out so that my wife can easily discuss swapping option with sara. During discussion, my wife started showing her the albums of our marriage pics on my laptop and intentionally browsed a folder which was full of group-sex movies and clips. We have downloaded those clips and most of those were foursomes and swapping xxx clips. My wife opened it and pretended her as she had done it UN-intentionally and quickly closed it again after saying sorry to sara. But, to her surprise, Sara smiled and said; Wow you people also have these movies, we watch these also. My wife shown a kind of surprise; Really? Yes, Sara replied. So my wife opened the same folder again and asked sara ; What kind of clips you people have from these.

Sara looked at each file for some time and then pointed her finger to one clip which was purely wife swapping. That clip was consisting of home-made foursome of two couples. Anyhow, my wife played that clip and suddenly got up to bring tea for sara. Sara started watching it delightfully and when my hot wife returned with a cup of tea, Sara was totally indulged into the beauty of wife swapping. My wife broken the silence by saying that, me and my husband always loved this but we couldn't find a suitable and trust-able couple. Sara looked at my wife surprisingly and asked; Really, You people too? My wife said; You Too? and they both laughed upon exposing each others fantasies.

Anyhow, my wife suggested her that If her husband is agreed we can try something. Sara told my wife that she would discuss it with her husband on a suitable time. The next week, My wife visited Sara's house to check the proceedings and her husband was there inside the house. He opened the door and his reaction to stare my wife's busty figure was quite different than past. Probably, sara told him about us and he was looking at my wife with lusty eyes. Anyhow, later sara revealed the truth and told my wife that her husband was willing to do a same room sex. Swapping could happen if we all four feel easier together on the bed. My wife made it done with her and invited them for a night stay at our house. They decided that we would start sex with own partner and see if it feels normal. If it feels good, we may swap husbands.

The next Saturday Sara and Jamal visited us at dinner. Sara and my wife prepared dinner for us and we all took dinner together. Then we both husbands sat in the drawing room and discussed a lot of business matters and job related issues. While wives were busy in our bedroom and talking to each other and trying to get the kids sleep. By that time, no one of us tried to show any greed of sex or swap. We were just behaving like good friends and family members.

At about 11PM, while me and Jamal were watching news channels, Sara and my hot wife came in. Both kids were sleeping in our bedroom and we have a bed in the drawing room for guests. Sara and my wife sat on the bed and still we were just talking like friends. There was a strange kind of ice between us. who will break the ice? how to start things was a big question by that time. Anyhow, after watching each others shyness to start, I suggested that we should play some hot movie and watch it together. We closed the door and then I played a movie with swapping scenes.

Me and my wife were lying on one side of the bed while sara and Jamal were lying on the other side of the bed. Slowly , I started playing with my wife's boobs. Though, we were all silent but some hand movements were happening there between us and our wives. Jamal also started playing with his wife's legs and then boobs. The atmosphere has gone very hot inside the room and both of us got erections as our wives started playing with our dicks.

Slowly, my wife unzipped my pants and took my dick out and started stroking it slowly. Sara looked at my dick and then smiled a bit and she also started opening her husband's zip. She was doing the same act as my wife was doing. We had a dim and sensual room light "ON" to watch each other. Sara played with her husband's dick while my wife played with my dick. Jamal was almost similar in size but his dick was in different shape. His dick seemed a bit like upward banana while my dick was straight. Sara started sucking her husband while my wife started sucking me.

It was such a horny scene and we had never imagined that things are so hot in wife swapping or same room sex. The sucking went on for 10-15 minutes. Then, I pulled of my wife's shirt (Qameez) and her large round tits in black bra seemed hotter than ever. Jamal looked at my wife's lovely tits with a lusty eye and then I unhooked my wife's bra.Her big melons were nicely squeezed with hands and Sara and Jamal also looked our boobs squeezing. Then Jamal pulled off Sara's dress and I got a good look of her busty figure. She was wearing a skin color bra. When Jamal unhooked her bra, I looked at her boobs lustfully. Her boobs were a bit saggier than my wife, touching her belly side and heavier from the downside while my wife's tits were round and firm even after breastfeeding two kids.

Then Jamal started fucking his wife's boobs. He placed his dick as she closed and grabbed her boobs in her hands, he started fucking her tits slowly. I placed my cock in my wife's tits and we started doing the same. omg, this scene was even better than sucking, we were watching each others wife getting a titty fuck for the first time. I felt as I would release anytime and my pre-cum was lubricating my wife's nipples nicely.

After giving a titty fuck to our wives, we made them facing opposite to each other and their heads meet in the center and we both stood up. He removed his wife's pants (Shalwar) along with panty and I removed my wife's lower dresses. This was the lucky time when I saw Sara's juicy pussy for the first time. Jamal was also looking lustfully towards my wife's pussy as I slided my dick inside her. Jamal also put his dick slowly inside his wife while looking at us. We both started fucking our wives slowly.

Meanwhile, Sara's arm was lying on my wife's boob while my wife's arm was lying on Sara's tits. It was an awesome kind of feeling and we all were enjoying it like a heavenly delight. After a few minutes, I asked Jamal if he wants to come on my place? Jamal smiled and said; Yes why not If Bhabhi has no issues. I smiled and said; Oh come-on , no problem dear and Jamal pulled out of his wife's pussy and I pulled it out of my wife's pussy. I went on Sara's pussy side while Jamal came to my wife. He rubbed his dick slowly on my wife's pussy and same done by me.

Both wives were moaning and closing their eyes and enjoying the delight of swapping. Then I slowly inserted my dick in sara's pussy and Jamal pushed his dick in my wife's pussy. Omg, what a feeling that was. Sara's pussy was amazingly hot , hotter than my wife tighter as well. Her pussy lips nicely gripped my cock shaft and I started pushing deeper and deeper inside her. My balls were slapping on Sara's ass everytime I stroked into her and Jamal was also fucking my wife good.

Then I grabbed my wife's boob while fucking Sara at the same time and Jamal grabbed sara's boob while fucking my wife. It felt too hot to control and as I exploded my hot gun inside Sara, she got a wild orgasm. Jamal took about 30 seconds more and he also exploded inside my wife. omg, what else could feel better. We laid on each others wife for the next few minutes and kissed and licked their lips eagerly.

The first fucking was over. but no one us pulled it out. After a few minutes gap, we got erections again. We made each others wife in doggy position and then started fucking them like a bull. Jamal was fucking my wife like a slut while I was fucking Jamal's wife like a slut. We fucked them for a longer time in 2nd shot and then I suggested that we should try a 2 way. Jamal pulled it out of my wife's pussy and came to put his dick in his wife's mouth. She sucked all the taste of my wife's pussy while I fucked her. One in mouth and one in pussy would be such a hot thing we had never imagined.

We done the same act with my wife. I put my dick in her mouth while Jamal fucked her pussy. Sara kept on playing with my wife's boobs and then came the time when we were about to shoot again. This time, I asked Jamal to take it out and let's cum on their boobs. Jamal came on my wife's boobs and I came on Sara's boobs. We were all exhausted with vigorous wife sharing session. Wife swapping would be that delightful we couldn't imagine. This session went on for about 2 hours and 20 minutes and it was about 2am midnight. After that, me and my wife took a bath and joined our kids while sara and Jamal also took an immediate bath and slept in the drawing room. After breakfast, Sara and Jamal went back but we do have a certain kind of shyness at morning. This shyness remained there until we planned another wife swapping session 15 days later. Now, we are regular wife swappers and we share our wives every-time we make plan. 

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Wife Swap With Relatives

This is our first sex story here. It is about our wife swap session with our relatives. My sister Shumaila is elder to me by almost 10 years. Right from childhood we are very frank to each other in every matter of life including sex and our married life. She guided me before my first periods and helps me out in so many of ladies problems. Even after my marriage we had good chatting habit about our husbands and our sex life too. She lives in other city, and we meet mostly every 3 months at our parent's house or we visit their city and vice versa. Before doing this wife swap, we both wives knew each other's husband very well and husband's size too.


In short, if I say it breifly that we both wanted to try something new. I had been reading a lot of stories online about sex and wife swaps inside family relations but I had never seriously thought about it. Though, Whenever Shumaila Baji told me about her husband's fat dick and his sex style, My feelings got aroused and I dreamed to get fucked by him. But I can't say it openly to Shumaila. I had detailed talk on this swapping game with Shumaila. She was surprised to know that I was so obese in sex with her husband. Luckily, She told me that her husband also talked to her for some change but she was refusing and ignoring him. Shumaila and her husband were regularly watching all adult movies including hard core too. They both too have fantasies about same.

After our first talk on this topic, Shumaila and I planned a surprise for our husbands. Me and my husband had also discussed this during our sex time and we were also prepared to go for a change. Anyhow, after a lot of discussions, we planned joint tour to some hill station. After confirmation from our husbands we booked a family room for 2 days at murree.

we reached there on the decided time and as per my and Shumaila’s plan I have arrange for all type of stuff, like beer, hard drink, adult VCD and books. This game was not known to my husband too. As soon as Shumaila and Kashif arrived we warmly welcomed them and offered them with chilled beer. Both of our hubbies were surprised as usually we advise not to have beer. After 2 mugs of beer v told both of our hubbies that we are in other room you can watch TV/VCD, and call us if they require more beer. One of them started TV but reception was not good so they try to search VCD disk if they can find any good English movie. But to their surprise they found xxx movies from collection. Seeing on each other faces surprisingly they loaded one of the disks in VCD player, and started viewing movie.

I have kept selected XXX movies so I know which one they have loaded. It was of story of two couples playing games, and almost same plan we were going to play. My sister Shumaila and my self changed our normal dress to some with sexy look on. for time to enter sitting room were our hubbies were viewing movies. In a movie one couple was planning for sex and at same time other couple friend of their entered and after few chat they started disrobing their own wife in front of other couple. And this point Shumaila and I entered in room and stand on each side of TV with stylish look.

Both of our hubbies were surprised to see us like this, they stood up and again watched on each other faces and came to us. Khurram (my husband) came near me and Kashif near Shumaila, but before they were near us we swapped places and caught hand of our each brother in law and pull them with us on sofa set. We let them sat on sofa set and started disrobing their shirts and started kissing them on their faces, lips & also on their nipples. Both of them were freezed and dummies for few seconds. We informed our husbands that go ahead and enjoy it, at this point only they were unfreezes and came to live in action. Now they also started playing with their sister in law.

Slowly all four of us were in our birth suit and enjoying our foreplay on sofa set only and also watching movie in middle. First I had taken inesative to have buried my brother in laws pennies in my pussy and then my sister followed the suite. As per our game we both sister were on top of both men, riding like horse rider on them. As my structure was small but with average body, my sister was having good height and body to a bit heavy. I can read from the face expression of my hubby who was enjoying with my sister that he was very much happy and satisfied as he loved big lady and body too. While my brother in law too was happy as for first time he was sleeping with other lady a part from his wife. After few minutes. We changed our position to doggy, while other couple was still in same position. here I was on my hands and legs in such a way that my hubby had a accessed to my nipple in his mouth and my brother in law was pumping in my pussy and also he was playing with nipples of his wife. This continued for few minutes. and again all four had changed our positions. as my brother in law was bit heavy and strong enough he stud up on his leg and picked me up and we started in standing position where I wrapped my legs around his back was jumping up and down, while my sister slept on border of table and my hubby was pumping her in standing position. Here my sister bend up side little and started sucking nipple of my hubby. With in few mts my hubby came inside my sister and both of them have their organism at same time, while we lasted for 2/3 mts more.

In a recovery stage my sister wrapped her hand around my hubbies head and pressed it on her upper assets, while my brother in law wrapped his hand around on my head on his chest. We were in same position for more than hour.

As our bungalow was in remote area and no servants were there we got up cleaned all meshed we have done and went to kitchen for preparing lunch for ourselves. We both sister were preparing food and our hubbies were helping us in table setup. We all four were still in our birth suite. When ever we cross other we touch and press others body and privates. Too. As soon as food was ready we had our lunch with wine and then went for little rest in same bedroom on one double bed in nude only.

After an hour or so I felt tickling on my pussy. I was waked up and found that Kashif was licking my pussy with his tongue. While Khurram was licking and sucking Shumaila nipples. We all started foreplay again and had our sex game in different positions. After that we all had a bath together and dressed with fresh clothed and went out side for site seeing and dinner. Were we all four had small drink first before dinner. It was a great evening for all four of us.

Again at night we all slept in same room on same bed and had one more game with our own hubby. Which was more enjoyable then our daily routine.We stayed there for one more day there and had 3 more different games with each other and on third day early in the morning we left for our home from hill station.

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