Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Special letter of a hot husband

This is how a husband should say thanks to a bull who bangs his hot wife. Dear Sir, As my hot wife, Crystal, requested of me, I am writing to you to thank you for taking her out on Friday night and showing her a good time. I can assure you that I was at ease and not worried because you keep her safe and happy.I would also like to thank you, Sir, for the gift of your precious sperm that you have planted inside her womb. I was able to taste Your seed for the first time when You brought her home safely earlier this morning and my hot wife allowed me to, as she put it, clean her down there.




I admit I was not expecting it, but as my tongue tasted You deep inside her and I started to pull away in some , she did comfort me and urged me to continue and accept our owners blessings.I can see how much happier she is now and I know I will accept You as our owner and my wife’s lover. She is right in saying that You are a real man and worthy of our worship.Thank You again, Sir, for choosing us and enjoying my wife. It makes me proud of her that she can provide You with the sexual pleasures you need.

Your humble servant. A Wife sharing husband.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Real short sex stories of hot wives

Hot Wife with stranger
Me and my hot wife were traveling back from visiting family back in the other city. A very good looking guy in a sports car passed us but then slowed alongside. He smiled and waved and we went along for several miles flirting back and forth. Eventually he waved goodbye and sped on ahead. About 20 minutes later we pulled off into a rest area to do what you have to do once in a while on a long car trip. There his car was, and he was just walking back to it. He started right in flirting as soon as my wife got out of our car and they talked for a few minutes with his comments getting more and more lewd while I was purchasing some snacks. She sent me a text to keep on watching her from a distance. My wife's was too hot, which she usually do. The outcome of all this was that after about 10 minutes of talking by cars, she walked behind the rest area building and gave him a blow job. So far it is the only totally anonymous sexual encounter of my married life, since we joined the swinging lifestyle.


Cheating Wife
I have been in a long term relationship since high school. What my husband doesn't know is that I fucked another guy. I went backpacking through Europe before starting university. I picked up a guy at a bar. We started out just dancing but I soon found myself at a quiet table in the corner of the bar. I climbed on top of the guy and he started kissing my tits and rubbing my ass. His fingers found there way under my skirt and into my dripping pussy. I undid his pants and slipped out his hard cock.  He ripped off my panties and I began fucking him. I let him finger my ass and I rode his hard cock. Before he came, I slid off and wrapped my lips around him so he could cum down my throat. We left the bar shortly after that and headed to a hotel. He slipped the clerk $100 us to let us take a room for a few hours. The things he did to me from there I couldn't begin to explain. I can only say I was thoroughly fucked and enjoyed every second of it. My husband back home still thinks he has been the only man for me . . .if only I could tell him how much I liked fucking a complete stranger.

My hot husband and Life guard.
I was at a waterpark in Spain with my husband. We decided to try out the tube slide. So we got our tubes and started going down the slide, at the third pool, a hot lifeguard was assisted me down the next slide, and he asked something in Spanish...I simply nodded, not knowing the language. My husband winked me to carry on. At the end of the slide we decided to go again, but as we were going back the the beginning, the same lifeguard was walking towards me, he grabbed my hand gently and lead me to the men's changing rooms... I was completely shocked, but I could feel myself getting wet, I never even noticed leaving my husband.By the time we entered the changing room he was completely hard and ready to go. Not being able to resist we both started kissing passionately, and I lowered myself down to his cock, and I heard his groans as I sucked at it, after 5 minutes he pulled me up and slammed me against the door, and we fucked. That was my best fuck ever which was provided my a stranger.

Wife sharing on tour
It was my first day in Italy with my husband. I don't speak the language, but I met one guy who knew a few words of English. My husband called me and asked me to pick the guy.After about a week, we were spending everyday together. One night we went to the field, it was like a stadium. I asked my husband to follow me. He kept on following silently.We sat on the bleachers and started to French kiss-he kept asking me something in Italian but I had no idea what it was so I just said, OK? All of a sudden he laid me down and started grabbing my breasts, softly and then harder. He climbed on top of me and pulled out his penis, unzipped my pants, it happened so quickly, all I remember is this large cock in my wet pussy. Meanwhile my husband arrived there and the guy was shocked. He got up but I smiled. I told him that he was fucking me infront of my husband. Soon the guy was in comfort and my husband joined us on the same place. They both went on fast fucking by trying all my holes.it was the best sex I've ever had.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

My Wife Getting Massage Fuck

I always loved a fantasy of watching my hot wife getting a sensual massage and happy ending fuck. It was ideal when I got a chance to share my wife with a black bull. He massaged my wife and then fucked her with his nice big tool. She loved his style and his rock hard manhood. I didn't want to miss a moment of that session so I recorded each scene of happy ending massage. I thought a lot about sharing this video of my wife but I think its nice to share a hot wife with lovers.


The massage guy was very hot and fit. he was in his late twenties and mature enough to please a hot wife with his hands and tool.


He started from her breasts and then moved onto her legs. It was great to watch her lying without any clothes on and allowing a stranger to play with her.


I thought for a while that my hot wife is lucky to have that black guy. look at his tool size,its ideal for any women.

I would recommend every husband to try that kind of a session and watch the episode sitting in a corner or record it in your camera.


The recording of those scenes is great for your future and bed time. whenever you want to spice up your life without calling anyone home again,you can play that clip and have fun with your wife.


Now it is not easier for lovers to control their tools so I should share her video also. check this Massage video of my wife.

I would be waiting for your responses about my home session. I am now having a lucky wife getting massage fuck regularly.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Shared Wife Satisfying Husband's Boss

We are happily married for last eight years. Me and My Wife had never faced any problems when it comes to Hot Sex at night. She is very Hot in bed and always tries to please me with every slutty move she can make. Once, I have been in job problems and my company has given me a warning letter of dismissal within two months. Being a good Husband I can't leave that job in that quick time so I discussed the matter with my wife. She asked me to invite my Boss at dinner. I was not sure what she's going to try but I can smell those nasty things at that time. She convinced me within two three days to go for that option and after thinking a lot I was totally agreed for this dinner. The things went quite nice till dinner but what happened to My Hot Wife later, see these Shared Wife Photos.

I was only a watch dog when she was trying to become a perfect call-girl. I didn't know my boss was also eying my Hot Wife for last few months. It seemed as he forced me to go for the only option of Wife Sharing.
Don't be crazy about thinking that who captured these snaps?It was my wife and the boss. They done that just to show me later on what she did with my boss.






How My Hot Wife performed in this Wife Sharing session?I hope viewers can tell better but I felt a hard on after watching these photos. I immediately banged her when my boss left our house. I screwed her in all styles which she adopted with my boss. I got my job back right the next day after this dinner. Thanks to my sexy wife and her sex skills.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Sensual Massage For Husband And Hot Wife

Through the times the penis has been worshiped and greeted. Husband is always welcomed by a Hot Wife if he has a nice penis.Now we determine what this means for a Hot Wife.? And it is quite clear why it arouses such strong feelings of attraction. We have too look for benefits of a penis massage.The old Japanese wife gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “Whole body massage” as she uses all of herself to honor the husband. This record-breaking movie explores the contrast between the soft delicacy of the feminine and the rock-hard firmness of the husband's penis.


There are plenty of advantages in a penis massage: like building better shaft for you and your Hot Wife, learning more about your sensual part, spicing up your usual sex routine and getting much closer to your spouse too during a loving and very erotically charged massage session. When there is a proper connection between a man and a woman, a technique does not matter much, it is tenderness, love and respect that will play the main role here and make the experience mutually pleasurable and unforgettable.


If you have never tried anything like this before, then it will be a good opportunity for you to learn how to receive pleasure from your penis before sex. It may become an unusual and somewhat adventurous journey for you, and our massage services will be your best option on the way to closer intimacy and open sensuality.


Even in our modern world which is full of casual sex encounters and virtual sex, a sensual massage for a Hot wife still remains a great practice. Quite often wives would avoid point-black asking for this ‘extra’ service feeling too embarrassed to do so. Any Hot Wife will need the right settings, mood and chemistry between the giving and the receiving party to go all the way. That is why our wife massage is unique and namely pussy massage session will be such a unique experience before sex. You will hardly find something like this anywhere else. Why, while watching those authentic top quality sensual massage for wives, you will be able to feel the passion and your emotions would touch the peak. You will forget your routine type of sex with your wife.But whether you are going to try it yourself or not, We are here to please you as couples. We love to provide fun especially for a Husband and a Hot Wife. We rest assure your privacy and secrecy. First penis massage session for husbands and pussy massage session with body massage is free for couples.If you need our confidential and erotic services just drop an email to the address zain.9007@gmail.com.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

A Hot Wife Shared With Friend [The Rules]

A majority of husbands needs nothing more than having sexual satisfaction from viewing their Hot wives having fun with his Friends. A Hot Wife Shared with friend is always a risky thing. Some Hot Wife Lovers can see blackmen often meeting those wives as friends. It's quite reasonable that they be given this, in any case its bizarre to state that this is something a considerable measure of black men out there basically don't get, don't comprehend, or simply don't have any desire to be made a fuss over it, and that is the reason I'm thinking of this post to let them know generally.


In the event that you visit a some of sexual interracial discussions and hot wife communities, you'd see the same things that I frequently do: there's more than enough black men in there, all waving their dicks for those Hot wives, every last one of them tingling for any white wife that sets out to affirm herself in there. I've got nothing the issue with that, yet I regularly get to ponder: do this siblings think each white pussy is free??!!!? A considerable measure of them have got nothing intriguing to say additionally: 'need some dark dick?' Also, why do they generally got to show their dicks first? How might I even realize that is truly theirs, or if perhaps they lifted it off some dark gay site?

A Hot wife and Husband relationship comprises of three people: a passive hubby, a hot wife, and the friend preferably dark bull/black Master. To keep the collaboration going, it includes each of the three getting along together. Provided that one chooses he/she isn't showing signs of improvement end of the stick, then there's set to be a mess of dissatisfaction going on, and who knows where that could lead.

A great deal of dark bulls much rather lean toward focusing on the wife, and leaving the cuck hubby to do whatever, or even vanish for the picture, and that is not cool. It's never a great thing overlooking a hubby from the picture, or else, that relationship isn't set to last. A mess of bulls may surmise that this is all about sex – fucking the wife and cumming inside her and afterward head back home and hold up for the following white pussy to stray over their way – however I don't think so. This is a relationship, as I've recently said. When beginning, its great that each individual in the loop get to expose the whole truth and discuss what they desire to see happen in the relationship.

My advice to Husband and Hot Wife out there is this: Know what it is you need, and don’t be afraid to tell the wife’s future sharing friend. Whatever role(s) it is you desire to play, as long as it ensures a happy relationship, whether it involves you being submissive and endearing to both of them, never fail to let it be known to them. And for the bull, he too must learn to comply with what the hubby and hot wife so desire. Always perform Wild on bed and explore your Hot Wife fantasies.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Wife Takes a Sensual Massage With Happy Ending

My Wife often talked about sensual massage. Finally, I arranged a Massage session for my Hot Wife. I'm posting the photos of that session.The images below are of that erotic,explicit,provocative and sexual nature.If you are under the age of 18 or likely to be offended by erotic,explicit sensual images then please do not scroll any further down this webpage. The massage guy finally made a happy ending for her. This Wife Massage session resulted in a decent, sensual and thought provoking pleasure time.


People would love reading my Wife Stories. I do acknowledge that some of the images are very naughty,risque and more explicit than the majority of images displayed within this section but I was comfortable with pushing some boundaries as the images were artistic,fun,intimate,sensual,sexy,temptingly tasteful and they were obviously fun to photograph/film for me both personally and professionally.I am fully aware that people enjoy the Hot Wives of their own mind and imagination when perusing or viewing such sensual,passionate,exciting erotic images of a Hot Wife.






I have added a video of Wife Massage session. I hope wife lovers would like that also. Share your thoughts and comments about my Hot Wife.You will see that some of the photographic images are taken in a professional style. It was the best effort I can do while watching the massage.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Married Wife Secret Pictures After Bedroom Massage

Sharing your wife with another man is a great idea but taking Secret Pictures of your wife is more pleasurable. My Wife loved those Secret Photos which I captured during her Sharing session at home.Some Hot Wives really love that.There are numerous husband who recently "get" this dream. Some of them, I know beyond all doubt, will be perusing. They comprehend the advance. You have an excellent lady and you jump at the chance to demonstrate to her off. So why not go hard and fast and give her both the opportunity to feel  loved and pined for by two men (for the Hot Wife, a MFM or Male-Female-Male action or à trios is like being in paradise) and get the rush of a lifetime as you watch her perform in all her grandness from a wholly diverse perspective. I hope My Wife Photos and video would please everyone.


My friend has never told me that he can provide a sensational Wife Massage Session. When he arrived and did the job for us it was just like heaven. He and his partner banged My Hot Wife nicely and I captured every moment on camera.






I hope everyone would share his thought about these Secret Picture Of Married Wife. From a husband perspective, it permits you to show off and give an alternate man a taste of what he can't have each night (regardless of the fact that she doesn't exactly act as a skunk each night). From a Wife perspective, we may give you a chance to suppose we're doing this for you and your inner self, yet you're disregarding about our own. In the same way that men might burn out to be pleasured from each plot by two hot ladies, we essentially venerate being the inside of sexual consideration - and the more consideration this includes, the better.

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