Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Real Wife Swap With A Close friend

My name is Nabila and I am a housewife now. I have never heard about wife swapping until a friend told me. I am writing the real story of my life. My life seemed perfect at the time I was twenty-five years old and married to my husband Tahir, who was twenty-Nine. I met my husband at a cousin's marriage and it was love at first sight, and I was attracted to his outgoing, fun-loving personality, and also his physical appearance. He’s handsome, six feet tall, very fit and muscular, and weighed 90 kg . Tahir exhibited a lot of strength, and I was drawn to his obvious self-confidence. He was a real man’s man, very thick, 6 and a half-inch cock. In initial days of our married life we didn't know how to start swinging and wife swapping


I am fortunate to be very attractive and well-built, and I have had an active sex life with a classmate since I turned 20 years old, when I was in university. He fucked me at least 7-8 times before I got married. I have shiny black, shoulder-length hair and sparkling eyes, and a lot of people tell me that I look a lot like the model. I have big breasts too, and I was blessed with 34DD tits, which look like big melons on my five feet and four-inch-tall, one hundred and twenty-pound body.

Now, talking about tahir and me, We were married after dating for only 5-6 months. After being together for a total of 3 years now, we were still having frequent sex, usually at least 4-5 times per week. I love his nice cock, and it was a good thing that he is well-hung. I got accustomed to fucking with big cock in university as my classmate had a 7 inches plus, although Tahir didn’t know about my slutty past. Our perfect life didn’t last forever, though. Just about the time we were thinking of starting a family, and I stopped taking my birth control pills, Tahir began experiencing problems getting and keeping an erection. Him having impotence at such a young age was unusual and devastating for both of us. He started going to a variety of doctors to try to get the problem resolved. 

It took him a couple of weeks to eliminate some of the most obvious possibilities; such as, heart disease, atherosclerosis, diabetes, high blood pressure, and hormonal issues. Then he was diagnosed with diabetes and as far as we knew he wasn’t depressed or experiencing any anxieties that might cause the problem. I have to admit that I was still very needy when it came to having sex with Tahir, and we soon started having oral sex. Tahir had never licked my pussy before then, and he started loving the taste of it. I was able to suck him off, even though his cock didn’t get very hard.

We were getting some orgasmic relief, but I needed his hard cock. As more time passed, I started to see changes in him. I didn’t know if it was possibly that he was feeling less of a man because of his impotence, or maybe my teasing comments about him being such a good pussy licker; but he was becoming much less self-confident, and sometimes even timid around me.

One day , a neighbor (Saima) who had a good friendship with me, came to my house. We had good frankness and in between those talks I revealed the lack of sex between me and my husband. I didn’t know what she wanted as she smiled, and asked, Nabila, do you mind if I help you? I was wondered how she could help me. She is pretty and middle-aged, thirty-five years old, but she dresses like a much college girl. She was about five feet and six inches tall, weighing maybe one hundred and thirty pounds, and she was heavily breasted like me. Overall, she looked very sexy, and usually seemed to be a little flirty for someone handsome.

I asked her how she could help us. She said, I don’t mean to be nosy, but I’d like to talk with you about something. You already know my husband Kashif, since he is in the same company as your husband, I’d like to talk to you about something that might be helpful to you two. I was also a little bit intrigued about what she had in mind. Slowly coming to the point, Saima told me that her husband fucks her 3 times a week even after 3 kids they have. She was praising her husband's fucking skills and probably making my mind lusty for him. At that time, I was not seriously thinking to fuck her husband but the way she was talking, my mind was slowly diverting towards slutty side. 

Then she said, Nabila; If you don't mind, I have an option to help you. I said, Now tell me what's in your mind, don't hesitate, I won't mind, just say it. Then she finally said; If you husband didn't mind it we can try a same room sex. I was quite shocked to hear this but it sparked my mind. I was sex starved so it looked like a tasty option. I further inquired from her, will your husband be agreed? She said, oh come-on, we had done it with someone already and it is so hot.

She further explained that having a foursome brings more fun in bed and it might help me and tahir to enjoy life. I was confused so I didn't agreed on the spot but told her that I would talk to tahir and then tell her. She left my house. At night when me and tahir were in bed, and almost ready to sleep, I started talking about sex. Tahir was less interested but he could guess my sex starvation. Finally , I told him about the foursome sex with some couple. He was almost shocked to hear this but he seemed a bit interested after 2-3 minutes. Then he inquired whom we can trust here? I then told him about saima and her husband.

Tahir was now very much interested in what I was talking to him. Then he asked, are you serious? I said, I liked the idea and she is a great friend of mine. If this could spice up our dull sex life, what's bad in this? We can trust them. and there is nothing un-safe as they are also married couple. Tahir said; let me think. I fell asleep and tahir took a turn over as well. 

The next day, as soon as we had a breakfast, tahir smilingly said; Nabila, you may proceed to the option you given last night and talk to saima. I was happily shocked to hear this and said; OK, I would. He left for office and I anxiously waited to talk further with saima. At 10 a'm I called on her cell and asked her to visit my house. Saima came right in time and we both discussed it again like good friends. Saima told me that we should plan it this weekend and let's do it. 

On Friday, Saima told me that she and her husband would visit us around 11 pm after getting kids sleep. I put on my best bra and panty and shaved my pussy. Tahir came home and I told home that they'd be coming on Saturday night around 11pm for a combined session with us. 

Saima and her husband just arrived in time and we were both ready. We were both slightly nervous as it was our first time to meet them as a couple. Saima and me talked for a while and our husbands were sitting in the drawing room. about 1 hour passed but no-one of us knew exactly how we would start. Then saima told me that she and her husband would start romance on our bed and me and my husband should come naked inside after 10 minutes or so.

As per plan, me and my husband Tahir got undressed while Saima and her husband were busy having romance in the bedroom. Me and tahir kissed for a few minutes and I noticed that Tahir had a better erection that day. He was never that hard in past few months but as we were going to try a foursome, probably the thoughts made him hard. We couldn't wait more so we entered the room where saima was lying naked on the bed and her husband was fully busy in licking her pussy with his head pressed in between her legs. Watching us entered, she smiled like a slut and welcomed us.

I laid in the same style near saima and Tahir (my husband) started licking my pussy. Meanwhile, saima started touching my boobs and in a lesbian style she was pressing my tits. I liked it and I also played with her big boobs. Our husbands licked us for 20-25 minutes and then Saima's husband got up. I was a bit nervous watching his hanging nude cock but it looked quite better than Tahir. He seemed quite bigger than tahir. Truly speaking, Saima's husband reminded me my classmate's dick. He was about the same cock. 

Slowly Saima's husband pulled her forward and started rubbing his dick on her pussy. My husband's limp dick was looking weaker than his. Slowly my husband tried to enter my pussy but it appeared only a rubbing fuck. My pussy was dripping wet to watch Saima getting fucked with such a nice dick. Her husband fucked her for 4-5 minutes while he kept on looking at my boobs and face. I was moaning as my husband was fucking me slowly. 

Then Saima slowly spoken in my ear, baby, would you like to try my husband. I didn't know how quickly I said, yes. She smiled and just given her husband to an illusion to fuck me. She also pulled my husband towards her. Her husband pulled it out from her pussy and then both husbands changed positions. Believe me, as soon as her husband came in between my legs and placed his lips to lick my wet pussy, I went straight in heaven. I loved it. I can't explain how good it felt.

Her husband licked my wet pussy and then throbbed his dick on my clit. Slowly he pushed in and oh my god, I orgasmed big. I shivered heavily as I got a big orgasm after so many months. He pushed his dick in a loving style and caressed my boobs, kissed my face and lips. And my dear husband, Tahir was watching all this and playing with saima's boobs. Tahir's dick got better as soon as he watched my climax. He managed to enter saima's pussy. He started fucking her while Saima's husband given me the fuck of my life.

He drilled me like a whore. He banged me hard. my legs were touching my face as he was making full thrusted pushed inside. His big and hard rock cock hit my all spots inside. It went on for 10-15 minutes and My husband couldn't control more. He cant even pull it out. He released his cum inside Saima. Remember, we were not using condoms. Saima's husband kept on fucking my pussy for next 5-6 minutes or so and then blasted his big cum-load inside me. He didn't pulled it out because my husband did the same so he probably taken a good revenge. But , believe me, his hot and big cum load inside brought me another big shivering orgasm. 

After releasing his full cum-load inside, he pulled his dick and placed it on my lips. I sucked and cleaned him and he tasted much better than my husband. his cum was better in smell and taste. I cleaned his dick and we all four smiled and laid there for the next 5-10 minutes quietly. I loved that session. It was the best solution probably my impotent husband agreed to. We got up and took a bath one by by one. it was around 2 am midnight. Saima's house was not far away and we lived in safe colony. So they thanked us and we had a coffee after sex. They both seemed very happy. After they left, We were a bit hesitant to ask each other about the sex session. However, we slept without discussing it further. The next night, My husband , tahir said; It was awesome for him. Thanks god, he liked it. Now we could try it every week.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Wife Sharing With Black Stud

This is our real story of wife sharing. No change of events made in this hot story and it is 100 % true story. It happened to us on Thursday September 29th. Me and my hot wife went on vacations. we stayed in a resort hotel and we were both very much convinced to try something new and spicy this time. On that day, I Had lunch with my wife at the resort, and the handsome young black waiter seemed to be looking again and again towards my horny wife as she was wearing a lovely dress. He seemed flirting with her, it was something fierce.

I noticed this and meanwhile my wife also noticed that. I winked her and went to the washroom, leaving her alone on the table. When I was in the bathroom, she called him and asked about a few casual questions (just to set him frank with her). During that, she also had a good look at his big bulge between his legs. I could say that my wife is very intelligent in judging someone's manhood. When I returned, apparently the topic of his very large cock was brought up somehow. she told me she didn't believe and wanted to see it.

After she finished eating, We left upstairs, but she handwritten a chit for him (asking him to visit her room after 30 minutes) .We went to the changing room and she undressed herself in a brassier and panty. forgot to tell, my wife had good boobs. We started waiting for him, when 15 minutes were passed she asked me to leave the room so that waiter should not feel hesitated. I placed a cam in a place so that I could watch the delightful fuck later. In about 25 minutes someone knocked at the our door. She went to open the door, naturally with my heart racing and hard as a rock.I texted her after 20 minutes of him not coming out to find out if she was under the right man.
No response. I wandered to all of the but couldn't get reply. I was in panic mode by the time she finally responded after 35 minutes of his entry in our room, letting me know that her new fucker was really big and trained! He actually FUCKED in all positions and she got 3 orgasm in just 35 minutes of fucking! When I returned back , I couldn't control fucking her with his black semen inside. Remember, my wife never likes a man with a condom, she loves hot cum falling inside her womb. So , He has filled her 2 times in those 35 minutes. Believe me, Fucking her with his cum inside was probably the best experience I have ever felt. She was warm and lubricated inside. I drilled her and mixed my cum inside her. I hope, all reader would love to know public opinion about wife sharing.

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