Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Wife Swapping Story : The Real Story

This story is not a fantasy story. It is our real story of getting involved in wife swapping. Me and my hot wife were married for 6 years when we started thinking about different options to enjoy our married life. In first 5 years of marriage, we got two cute kids and we were quite content with the proceedings of our marriage. We were spending a happy life but sex was a kind of routine between us after the birth of the kids. To be honest I'm not bad at dick size. I measure about 6.6 inches in length and my wife was very content with the shape, size and timing of my dick. We always spent a good hour of fucking but still there we felt of need of some change. Initially, I thought to share my wife with some other male but sharing my wife could only bring one way delight. I thought about it, discussed it with my hot wife but she seemed a bit reluctant about wife sharing.

Then I started thinking about wife swap. When I discussed wife swapping option with her she seemed a bit sparked with the idea. We discussed this swapping option for many weeks and slowly she started taking interest into this. We talked like, how she would feel if some other husband drills her and I drill his wife on the same bed. In the recent days, she started talks be herself about wife swapping and we talked about the couples in our neighbors and family. Though she was happier to discuss a few couples in neighbors but she seemed reluctant to spark talking about couples in our own family. So, I started searching for a suitable couple in our neighbors or friends circle.

Believe me, it was the hardest time to find out the best and right couple for swapping. It was a thing that I couldn't discuss openly so we have to be very careful in telling other couples of our friends circle or neighbors about wife swapping option. Anyhow, after a struggle of about 6 months, me and my hot wife were agreed to try this taste check with a couple living next to our house.

Sorry, I forgot to tell about our details. I'm 35Y old, tall, fair looking husband while my wife is 30 Y old , fair look, 36D sized lady. The couple we selected were 32Y/29Y old with no kids. Their names were Sara and Jamal (Changed). Jamal was a lecturer at a college while his wife was also teaching in a girl's school. Sara was a good friend of my wife and she often visited our house on weekends. She was quite a sexy wife who easily grabs attention of men but she looked quite sober because she often avoided to respond to such men.

I talked to my wife and asked her to check sara for swapping option. Sara also wears 36D bra as per my wife's knowledge and she often discussed her pregnancy matters with my wife. She often seeked advice from my wife because we got first child right after 11 months of our marriage. Anyhow, my wife and sara were quite open in discussing sexual matters. My wife asked me to hold on while she check sara's intentions about swapping on a suitable time.

One day, when sara visited our house, I intentionally took both kids out so that my wife can easily discuss swapping option with sara. During discussion, my wife started showing her the albums of our marriage pics on my laptop and intentionally browsed a folder which was full of group-sex movies and clips. We have downloaded those clips and most of those were foursomes and swapping xxx clips. My wife opened it and pretended her as she had done it UN-intentionally and quickly closed it again after saying sorry to sara. But, to her surprise, Sara smiled and said; Wow you people also have these movies, we watch these also. My wife shown a kind of surprise; Really? Yes, Sara replied. So my wife opened the same folder again and asked sara ; What kind of clips you people have from these.

Sara looked at each file for some time and then pointed her finger to one clip which was purely wife swapping. That clip was consisting of home-made foursome of two couples. Anyhow, my wife played that clip and suddenly got up to bring tea for sara. Sara started watching it delightfully and when my hot wife returned with a cup of tea, Sara was totally indulged into the beauty of wife swapping. My wife broken the silence by saying that, me and my husband always loved this but we couldn't find a suitable and trust-able couple. Sara looked at my wife surprisingly and asked; Really, You people too? My wife said; You Too? and they both laughed upon exposing each others fantasies.

Anyhow, my wife suggested her that If her husband is agreed we can try something. Sara told my wife that she would discuss it with her husband on a suitable time. The next week, My wife visited Sara's house to check the proceedings and her husband was there inside the house. He opened the door and his reaction to stare my wife's busty figure was quite different than past. Probably, sara told him about us and he was looking at my wife with lusty eyes. Anyhow, later sara revealed the truth and told my wife that her husband was willing to do a same room sex. Swapping could happen if we all four feel easier together on the bed. My wife made it done with her and invited them for a night stay at our house. They decided that we would start sex with own partner and see if it feels normal. If it feels good, we may swap husbands.

The next Saturday Sara and Jamal visited us at dinner. Sara and my wife prepared dinner for us and we all took dinner together. Then we both husbands sat in the drawing room and discussed a lot of business matters and job related issues. While wives were busy in our bedroom and talking to each other and trying to get the kids sleep. By that time, no one of us tried to show any greed of sex or swap. We were just behaving like good friends and family members.

At about 11PM, while me and Jamal were watching news channels, Sara and my hot wife came in. Both kids were sleeping in our bedroom and we have a bed in the drawing room for guests. Sara and my wife sat on the bed and still we were just talking like friends. There was a strange kind of ice between us. who will break the ice? how to start things was a big question by that time. Anyhow, after watching each others shyness to start, I suggested that we should play some hot movie and watch it together. We closed the door and then I played a movie with swapping scenes.

Me and my wife were lying on one side of the bed while sara and Jamal were lying on the other side of the bed. Slowly , I started playing with my wife's boobs. Though, we were all silent but some hand movements were happening there between us and our wives. Jamal also started playing with his wife's legs and then boobs. The atmosphere has gone very hot inside the room and both of us got erections as our wives started playing with our dicks.

Slowly, my wife unzipped my pants and took my dick out and started stroking it slowly. Sara looked at my dick and then smiled a bit and she also started opening her husband's zip. She was doing the same act as my wife was doing. We had a dim and sensual room light "ON" to watch each other. Sara played with her husband's dick while my wife played with my dick. Jamal was almost similar in size but his dick was in different shape. His dick seemed a bit like upward banana while my dick was straight. Sara started sucking her husband while my wife started sucking me.

It was such a horny scene and we had never imagined that things are so hot in wife swapping or same room sex. The sucking went on for 10-15 minutes. Then, I pulled of my wife's shirt (Qameez) and her large round tits in black bra seemed hotter than ever. Jamal looked at my wife's lovely tits with a lusty eye and then I unhooked my wife's bra.Her big melons were nicely squeezed with hands and Sara and Jamal also looked our boobs squeezing. Then Jamal pulled off Sara's dress and I got a good look of her busty figure. She was wearing a skin color bra. When Jamal unhooked her bra, I looked at her boobs lustfully. Her boobs were a bit saggier than my wife, touching her belly side and heavier from the downside while my wife's tits were round and firm even after breastfeeding two kids.

Then Jamal started fucking his wife's boobs. He placed his dick as she closed and grabbed her boobs in her hands, he started fucking her tits slowly. I placed my cock in my wife's tits and we started doing the same. omg, this scene was even better than sucking, we were watching each others wife getting a titty fuck for the first time. I felt as I would release anytime and my pre-cum was lubricating my wife's nipples nicely.

After giving a titty fuck to our wives, we made them facing opposite to each other and their heads meet in the center and we both stood up. He removed his wife's pants (Shalwar) along with panty and I removed my wife's lower dresses. This was the lucky time when I saw Sara's juicy pussy for the first time. Jamal was also looking lustfully towards my wife's pussy as I slided my dick inside her. Jamal also put his dick slowly inside his wife while looking at us. We both started fucking our wives slowly.

Meanwhile, Sara's arm was lying on my wife's boob while my wife's arm was lying on Sara's tits. It was an awesome kind of feeling and we all were enjoying it like a heavenly delight. After a few minutes, I asked Jamal if he wants to come on my place? Jamal smiled and said; Yes why not If Bhabhi has no issues. I smiled and said; Oh come-on , no problem dear and Jamal pulled out of his wife's pussy and I pulled it out of my wife's pussy. I went on Sara's pussy side while Jamal came to my wife. He rubbed his dick slowly on my wife's pussy and same done by me.

Both wives were moaning and closing their eyes and enjoying the delight of swapping. Then I slowly inserted my dick in sara's pussy and Jamal pushed his dick in my wife's pussy. Omg, what a feeling that was. Sara's pussy was amazingly hot , hotter than my wife tighter as well. Her pussy lips nicely gripped my cock shaft and I started pushing deeper and deeper inside her. My balls were slapping on Sara's ass everytime I stroked into her and Jamal was also fucking my wife good.

Then I grabbed my wife's boob while fucking Sara at the same time and Jamal grabbed sara's boob while fucking my wife. It felt too hot to control and as I exploded my hot gun inside Sara, she got a wild orgasm. Jamal took about 30 seconds more and he also exploded inside my wife. omg, what else could feel better. We laid on each others wife for the next few minutes and kissed and licked their lips eagerly.

The first fucking was over. but no one us pulled it out. After a few minutes gap, we got erections again. We made each others wife in doggy position and then started fucking them like a bull. Jamal was fucking my wife like a slut while I was fucking Jamal's wife like a slut. We fucked them for a longer time in 2nd shot and then I suggested that we should try a 2 way. Jamal pulled it out of my wife's pussy and came to put his dick in his wife's mouth. She sucked all the taste of my wife's pussy while I fucked her. One in mouth and one in pussy would be such a hot thing we had never imagined.

We done the same act with my wife. I put my dick in her mouth while Jamal fucked her pussy. Sara kept on playing with my wife's boobs and then came the time when we were about to shoot again. This time, I asked Jamal to take it out and let's cum on their boobs. Jamal came on my wife's boobs and I came on Sara's boobs. We were all exhausted with vigorous wife sharing session. Wife swapping would be that delightful we couldn't imagine. This session went on for about 2 hours and 20 minutes and it was about 2am midnight. After that, me and my wife took a bath and joined our kids while sara and Jamal also took an immediate bath and slept in the drawing room. After breakfast, Sara and Jamal went back but we do have a certain kind of shyness at morning. This shyness remained there until we planned another wife swapping session 15 days later. Now, we are regular wife swappers and we share our wives every-time we make plan. 

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Wife Swap With Relatives

This is our first sex story here. It is about our wife swap session with our relatives. My sister Shumaila is elder to me by almost 10 years. Right from childhood we are very frank to each other in every matter of life including sex and our married life. She guided me before my first periods and helps me out in so many of ladies problems. Even after my marriage we had good chatting habit about our husbands and our sex life too. She lives in other city, and we meet mostly every 3 months at our parent's house or we visit their city and vice versa. Before doing this wife swap, we both wives knew each other's husband very well and husband's size too.


In short, if I say it breifly that we both wanted to try something new. I had been reading a lot of stories online about sex and wife swaps inside family relations but I had never seriously thought about it. Though, Whenever Shumaila Baji told me about her husband's fat dick and his sex style, My feelings got aroused and I dreamed to get fucked by him. But I can't say it openly to Shumaila. I had detailed talk on this swapping game with Shumaila. She was surprised to know that I was so obese in sex with her husband. Luckily, She told me that her husband also talked to her for some change but she was refusing and ignoring him. Shumaila and her husband were regularly watching all adult movies including hard core too. They both too have fantasies about same.

After our first talk on this topic, Shumaila and I planned a surprise for our husbands. Me and my husband had also discussed this during our sex time and we were also prepared to go for a change. Anyhow, after a lot of discussions, we planned joint tour to some hill station. After confirmation from our husbands we booked a family room for 2 days at murree.

we reached there on the decided time and as per my and Shumaila’s plan I have arrange for all type of stuff, like beer, hard drink, adult VCD and books. This game was not known to my husband too. As soon as Shumaila and Kashif arrived we warmly welcomed them and offered them with chilled beer. Both of our hubbies were surprised as usually we advise not to have beer. After 2 mugs of beer v told both of our hubbies that we are in other room you can watch TV/VCD, and call us if they require more beer. One of them started TV but reception was not good so they try to search VCD disk if they can find any good English movie. But to their surprise they found xxx movies from collection. Seeing on each other faces surprisingly they loaded one of the disks in VCD player, and started viewing movie.

I have kept selected XXX movies so I know which one they have loaded. It was of story of two couples playing games, and almost same plan we were going to play. My sister Shumaila and my self changed our normal dress to some with sexy look on. for time to enter sitting room were our hubbies were viewing movies. In a movie one couple was planning for sex and at same time other couple friend of their entered and after few chat they started disrobing their own wife in front of other couple. And this point Shumaila and I entered in room and stand on each side of TV with stylish look.

Both of our hubbies were surprised to see us like this, they stood up and again watched on each other faces and came to us. Khurram (my husband) came near me and Kashif near Shumaila, but before they were near us we swapped places and caught hand of our each brother in law and pull them with us on sofa set. We let them sat on sofa set and started disrobing their shirts and started kissing them on their faces, lips & also on their nipples. Both of them were freezed and dummies for few seconds. We informed our husbands that go ahead and enjoy it, at this point only they were unfreezes and came to live in action. Now they also started playing with their sister in law.

Slowly all four of us were in our birth suit and enjoying our foreplay on sofa set only and also watching movie in middle. First I had taken inesative to have buried my brother in laws pennies in my pussy and then my sister followed the suite. As per our game we both sister were on top of both men, riding like horse rider on them. As my structure was small but with average body, my sister was having good height and body to a bit heavy. I can read from the face expression of my hubby who was enjoying with my sister that he was very much happy and satisfied as he loved big lady and body too. While my brother in law too was happy as for first time he was sleeping with other lady a part from his wife. After few minutes. We changed our position to doggy, while other couple was still in same position. here I was on my hands and legs in such a way that my hubby had a accessed to my nipple in his mouth and my brother in law was pumping in my pussy and also he was playing with nipples of his wife. This continued for few minutes. and again all four had changed our positions. as my brother in law was bit heavy and strong enough he stud up on his leg and picked me up and we started in standing position where I wrapped my legs around his back was jumping up and down, while my sister slept on border of table and my hubby was pumping her in standing position. Here my sister bend up side little and started sucking nipple of my hubby. With in few mts my hubby came inside my sister and both of them have their organism at same time, while we lasted for 2/3 mts more.

In a recovery stage my sister wrapped her hand around my hubbies head and pressed it on her upper assets, while my brother in law wrapped his hand around on my head on his chest. We were in same position for more than hour.

As our bungalow was in remote area and no servants were there we got up cleaned all meshed we have done and went to kitchen for preparing lunch for ourselves. We both sister were preparing food and our hubbies were helping us in table setup. We all four were still in our birth suite. When ever we cross other we touch and press others body and privates. Too. As soon as food was ready we had our lunch with wine and then went for little rest in same bedroom on one double bed in nude only.

After an hour or so I felt tickling on my pussy. I was waked up and found that Kashif was licking my pussy with his tongue. While Khurram was licking and sucking Shumaila nipples. We all started foreplay again and had our sex game in different positions. After that we all had a bath together and dressed with fresh clothed and went out side for site seeing and dinner. Were we all four had small drink first before dinner. It was a great evening for all four of us.

Again at night we all slept in same room on same bed and had one more game with our own hubby. Which was more enjoyable then our daily routine.We stayed there for one more day there and had 3 more different games with each other and on third day early in the morning we left for our home from hill station.

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