Friday, 19 December 2014

A Few Things About Wife Sharing And Penis Size

The blog Readers of wife sharing fantasy found on the web have no doubt noticed the interest in threesomes with nice penis guys. Especially the husbands, centered around the penis size of the studs select bigger sized guys to please their horny wives. These lovely stories seem to take on mythical proportions. So... do you search for a well hung,nice size stud? The answer maybe yes by the majority of husband, depending on your situation, although a "minimum" size criteria is a good idea. Most guys feel a 10 inch penis is a good size. as thick as your arm. But, if you ever have an honest conversation with your wife or even with a well hung guy, you might find he's not perfectly happy about it.


Penis Size Requirement For A Hot wife

Why? Because he's too big for full penetration with many partners. Vagina size varies significantly and while some are very deep, others are not. Some wives experience pain, not unlike a cramp if a penis or dildo makes forceful contact with the back of the vagina near the cervical entrance. If the guy cannot grind his pelvic bone against her clitoris, it may be very difficult for her to really enjoy the sex and have orgasms.

Contrary to what you might read, the vagina does not readily stretch in length like a uterus does to accommodate pregnancy. It can adjust to accommodate greater thickness, not length. Thick is generally good. Erotic stories indicate that a hot wife accustomed to the small penis of her husband will over the course of a few minutes be able to accept another man's tool that's several inches bigger. In my experience, this does not appear to be true. I'm 6.5 inches and have encountered several women that would prefer that I was a half inch shorter because I would occasionally "bottom out" in certain positions. They never seemed to adjust. I've also had girlfriends that could accept a 8" dildo so vaginal depth varies.


Never forget this " A hot wife needs more than one man to get satisfied." Here's something else to think about. A few years back, I encouraged my wife to have a sexual experience with another man. We found a guy. She blew him in his car about two weeks before she actually had sexual intercourse with him and found that he had a 5" penis - one of the smallest she had ever seen. I was disappointed, hoping for at least six plus. A couple of weeks later, she had one of the most intense sexual experiences with this guy that left her breathless. She had so many orgasms, she lost count and her pussy was sore for a day afterwards. It is like the old saying, "It is not the wand, it is the magician."


Points To Remember Before Sharing Your Wife

Another common complaint I hear from wives is that well hung guy's don't try to please them in bed. They assume their size means they don't have to work too hard and it is over too soon. If you want a guy who'll please your horny wife, try looking for: 
A guy that can stay hard after orgasm or recovers quickly. Some guys can.
A guy who makes her hot before they jump in bed.
A stud that can have several orgasms over a two hour period.
A partner that can delay his orgasm while she cums multiple times.
A man who will ravish her and make her feel intensely desirable.
So in the end, does size matter?  Most women have a minimum size criteria and this should be indicated in an ad.  To most wives, a man is a package not just a penis.  His build, appearance, genitals and intensity in bed all combine together to make him desirable.   To this I say look for character first, not quantity.


Readers, I'm sure you would remember these points before going for real encounter. Share your comments and fantasies about wife sharing and hot wife threesome. We would like to publish your hot wife stories here.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Reasons Why Wife Swapping Is A Great Idea.

Why would couples choose wife swap as a lifestyle? What's appealing in wife swapping? Here are reasons why wife swapping is a great idea. I am just going to analyze that wife swapping is an appealing activity And once couples and hot wives cross this path, can they be looking to go back to a normal relationship? I think, Never ! All people getting used to wife swap would surely feel it an awesome. All husbands having a hot wife would love to share their wife with other man that would also be willing for wife sharing. Read below "The Reasons Why Wife Swapping is Amazing."


There are many reasons couples become swingers.

1. Being Watched By Other Couples!
Maybe husband, wife or both partners have voyeuristic movies work so well for these people. One of the biggest thrills for husbands can be watching a hot wife being drilled by someone else. Some people like to be the same way.

2.Change Of Taste
Mostly husbands, that choose to share or swap their wives at the same time get a thrill from the knowledge that they are doing something "naughty" and getting another pussy to drill. They have permission of their hot wives to drill other ladies, and their wives are doing the same thing, but it's still outside the realm of what is considered "good and normal" and so it becomes an adrenalin rush.

Look at it like this...your favorite food is chicken. You eat chicken every single night. After a while, you would like to change, some soup, or even a peanut butter and jelly sandwich...but that doesn't mean that chicken is no longer your favorite meal. You still love chicken and want it at all possible opportunities, just not every single time.

3. Variety Of Bodies To Enjoy With.
People love having choices in life. It has to do with openness of their own relationship on every level. Most wife sharing husbands I happened to meet had a very healthy relationship with their hot wife. There were never any ownership issues, whining about jealousy, playing a victim. They just wanted to enjoy big boobs (having a small booby wife) , or some wanted to enjoy a skinny pussy (having a bulky wife) without disgracing their own wives.They were fully grown people open and ready to share with each other an adventurous and safe lifestyle. There was no dishonesty of any kind at any time. If anyone ever felt uncomfortable with anything they were doing, involved couple simply walked away. No questions asked. No judgment past. It was a novel experience for many people.

4. Watching Bigger Cocks.
This is the most found craze in wife sharing husbands. 90% of the wife swapping couples have this mentality. The husbands love watching their wives being drilled by bigger dicks and this is their ultimate fantasy. 


There might be few other reasons of wife swapping but I have written about the most common. Not a single couple that I know would choose a partner that their significant other did not approve. It's not like an open relationship where couples can pick people to sleep with from whatever source they see fit. However, if by monogamous, you are asking can the former swingers ever be happy with just each other, than most of the time, yes. The exception would be the voyeuristic couples since it is almost mandatory that there be someone else involved in order for that concept to work. Swinging isn't about finding better lovers (although I wouldn't disregard this idea completely...people can never truly understand other people's motivations) so much as just something different. 

Me and my husband dabbled at it for a while, and it was fun while it lasted. It opened our eyes to some things we had no idea about. It was also our choice to accept it or not. We since moved on to monogamy, and are still enjoying our intimacy as we have always done. Some relationships are just THAT strong, people. I hope that was helpful in some way. Read Why My Husband Loves Wife Sharing?

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Why My Husband Loves Wife Sharing ?

My husband and I are a perfect fit. He likes to share his wife and I like to taste other guys. Wife sharing is an amazing aspect and the ultimate sex fetish of my husband's life. When he hears his wife moan with pleasure while she has sex with another man, he feels good. He arranges encounters, in which he watches in pleasure as his hot wife (Me) makes love to another guy. And almost as soon as it’s over, he’ll start planning the next one. He loves to go beyond imagination in looking at the guy who's about to go to bed with his wife. He loves to go beyond imagination hearing the man crying out in bed with his wife," says My horny husband, who pleasures himself "like a madman" during these fucking encounters.

I often thought about it, Why my husband loves wife sharing? Then I got an answer after a few sex sessions with other guys. Actually, he loves nice cocks and he wants to feel them. He just goes crazy watching a nice big sized cock. Though, he has a reasonable cock size (around 6.3 inches) but he loves it when a cock is around 7-8 inches and a thick one in girth. I must appreciate his way of sharing his wife because it gives me a new dick to enjoy every-time. 

Being A Hot Wife
Well, initially this style of life looked weird. But, when we started doing it, we got used to it. Now, It makes me horny when I simply put my husband licking my pussy and another guy fucks me. It feels great when my husband licks me and watches his cock going in and out with a great pace.



Being a hotwife , I can assure that "Once a woman feels the power & joy of having her husband licking her and performing the cleanup duty, she will become addicted to it. I am addicted to this now and my horny husband always there to make me happy.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

A Real Wife Sharing Story

Friends, I am a big fan of those who share their wives. Because I do had a fantasy of wife sharing for quite a long time but I  was quite afraid of being called a cuckold. I never wanted to be. But, to a large extent, I wanted to share my wife with a man that keeps a nice big dick. Actually, I wanted to watch my hot wife being fucked by a nice sized guy. It always made me horny. I am the devil. I found sharing my wife a turning on and very hot thing to do.


But I never imagined I can talk about it with my hot wife. The idea of sharing her or watching her while she is fucked by another man was always my best sexual fantasy. At the beginning I was trying to watch her when she is with other men talking and find out if there is any sexual suggestions in their looks or their conversations. Later, I started talking to people about this on the internet. I learnt that it is not something only about me but most husbands have this fantasy.


I was talking about one of my friends when we were making sex. I was teasing my wife. Telling her supposed it is that friend fucking her. At the beginning she was getting upset. But later she started to tell me I am interested. After sometimes, she was laughing when I was telling here it is not that friend who is fucking her, its me. Later there was a friend of mine visiting us time and again. He was quite younger than me. He had to stay with us for a month. So I tricked my wife with him.


I used to leave my wife with him alone in the house and watch them from a hidden place. I never saw any kind of sexual approach initially between them. But then the days came for such a thing to happen that was so exciting. My wife started to seek a sexual favor from my younger friend as I started to ignore her sexually for a few days. I starved her sexually, not fucked her for a week and there it happened.


she confessed that she had sex with him in my absence . One day, I was out for an hour and there she fucked. it was so exciting for me ,I became very sexually excited I just had to have her right then and there, afterwards I questioned her about him like how many times did he cum? she was always multi orgasmic with me, and my excitement didn't subside I wanted to know how big his penis was, how long they did it,would you like to do it again? was he fucked gud? just how good did he feel inside? we had sex again and again, it was awesome I told her I wanted to watch her with him and she agreed seeing how it turned me on. The Next day, without telling my friend, I got myself hidden in a place and she started fucking him. I watched the entire thing and couldn't control anymore.


I got out and joined them, Initially, he was shocked to see me there but as I reacted normal, he came to normal. We fucked my horny wife and it proved to be a best fuck of our life. My friend had a fat, thicker cock that worked great inside my wife.our sex life has been so much more intense , more frequent since that time, we have had several men later, I found out I am bi sexual oral and I love it.


I think you would love our hot home made threesome with my hot wife. Post your comments and tell me if you are interested to bang my wife.

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Hot Home Made Photos Of Wife Threesomes

Have you ever seen a hot wife having a threesome? If not, these home made photos of threesome are just for you. Last summer, my husband and I tried to make a triangle work with one of my friends. We had loads of difficulties, and it has since ended, but the one thing that worked fine was the threesome sex. We had several threesomes, the first of which was away from home when we were staying in Belgium to go hiking. It was exactly what a first time should be like: fun, exciting, a little scary and very intense. My husband and I were both starting to fall in bed with him, and it felt both safe and completely new adventure being a hot wife.


The aftermath however was so great. The man in question is very, very intelligent, funny, versatile, big penis etc, but also a little crazy which came out when he went in like a horse and banged me like a mare. he lashed out pretty deeper.









Still, I wish that I do a threesome every night and share my home made photos with you readers.. It can be amazing, and I would love to do it. And the sex is fantastic (as threesomes and as pairings, for all of us). enjoy these home made threesome photos of hot wife.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Threesome Birthday Gift For A Hot Wife

My husband was never willing to say that I shared my wife with my friends. So, we wanted to find a stranger. I am a pretty (or so I am told), a hot wife, sexy, 38 - something with large, natural breasts and an ass that has been honed from years of running. Both, my husband and I really enjoy sex of all types and we hope that our dirty experiences will enable us to continue that enjoyment for years to come. Our experiences have opened our eyes and minds to the many pleasures that life has to offer and it has certainly enhanced our already healthy sex life.

One of the things my husband says proudly that I have a hot wife. He likes to fantasize about is the idea of me being the center of attention between himself and another man. Now, with me being a normal, healthy woman, I can't say that that idea hasn't crossed my mind one or two (or a hundred!) times. Up until a three months ago that's all it was, just steamy sex talk. That all changed and the following is an account of what happened.




Unbeknownst to me, my husband had been searching for a male to help make this fantasy a reality. After years of marriage, he certainly knows what I find attractive in a man - a refined, sexy gentleman, a nice cock and who knows how to treat a lady like a lady in public, but is ready, willing and able to get down to business in the bedroom. Luckily, we found two guys, blacks, with greater cocks. It was awesome. Now, he can proudly say that I shared my wife with blackmen.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

I shared My Wife With Blackman

My wife is a a real beauty to whom I've been married to for 5 years now. She is a real hot wife. She is 5′6″ tall, blondish hair, glasses, a little weight from having two kids but it gives her the best curves a husband could ask for. She often complains about her increasing size and wants to loose weight but I try to explain how she is beautiful and is perfect just the way she is.

It was in April 2014 when me and my hot wife had our last bit of intimacy. she had heard enough about my fantasy of sharing my wife. She just couldn't ever see herself being with a black man even though I had tried to explain time and time again my reasons for it. It is the fact they are more endowed and the color of the contrasting skin that makes me want to see it so bad. Hopes that maybe for once she will learn the joys of sex, instead of having to act like she wanted it or to have to do things she didn't want to do just to make me happy.

She had already had enough and decided it was time to see what the real world was all about. After two kids and being married at the age of 22, she needed to know what was out there. I tried to talk her into trying my fantasy just to see if she at least enjoyed sex at that experience. I told her that we could set it up together and meet on neutral territory as to not let the man know where we live. With much reluctance she agreed. I already had one guy I talked to from time to time named Mike. I met him on the internet and found he was a strapping young man who had just what we were looking for.

Mike was about 170 pounds of muscle, a nice six pack, very well groomed and a 9 1/2 inch cock that I was certain she would love. I talked to him and told him all the things we had discussed previously and that my wife finally agreed though reluctant. I asked him if he was still interested and if he could send me pics to show her as she would want to talk to him first and then meet him before anything happened. He gladly agreed and sent pics along with his phone number saying call anytime. My wife and I emailed back and forth with him for a couple of months and then finally decided to talk to him on the phone. He sounded very well educated and respectful when we talked to him the first time so we agreed to meet him for drinks. We figured what could it hurt, worst thing she could do was say no and that she wasn’t interested.

We met Mike at a bar not to far from the house and yet close enough to motels, it could happen if she agreed. We went into the bar and found a dim seat back in the corner of the bar where we could talk and be alone, now we just had to wait on him. My wife wore a black dress that was cross cut in the front showing how ample her breast were and went to mid thigh showing of her sexy long legs. I could have died right there and been in heaven. As I admired her beauty, a black man about 6′, toned and well dressed entered the bar. He scanned the room to see if he found who he was supposed to me. I held up my hand and he came to the table. He asked to join us and sat down at the booth. We made our introductions and chatted from there. We had a few drinks and I could tell my wife was feeling intoxicated. I told him we better head home before she became any more drunk but that is when she surprised me and said no. She said that we would go to the hotel and continue our conversation. Now mind you, our conversation had ranged anywhere from work to sex and hobbies so it was an interesting evening so far. I asked her if she was certain and she said that she had pondered it over in her mind all night and yes she was sure.

We made it to the Super 8 motel about 11 pm after stopping to get some drinks to take back to the hotel. In anticipation of the yes, I had brought the video camera, camera, massage oils, and a restraint system that goes under the mattress with a blindfold. We sat around and talked more until about 1 am when we realized how late and drunk we were really getting. Mike said watch this and stood up at that point and took his shirt off. He had a six pack and was defined like I had never seen. I looked over to see my wife looking and didn’t even notice I was there. He then took his pants off and you could see the outline of his bulging tool through his boxers. He hadn’t even got hard yet and looked to be 6 inches long. April was awestruck that this was even happening as she didn’t even notice me getting my camera ready or video camera out.

Mike walked over to the bed and asked if she like what she saw so far and all she could do was nod. He took her hand and placed it on his boxers where his cock was. She gasped at the size of it and began to rub on it. As it grew it began to move upward and he told her to go ahead and remove the boxers. She slipped her fingers in the waistline and with a tug of his boxers, his cock sprang out and almost hit her in the face. Normally my wife doesn’t give blowjobs but tonight she had an uncut black cock staring her dead in the face. April reached up and took a hold of Mike’s cock and her hand wouldn’t even fit around the shaft. She moved her hand up and down the shaft and started to lick the head. The purplish colored head started to come out as his cock hardened more. She pulled the foreskin back and started to put the cock in her mouth. I had turned the video camera on and was taking pictures as she tried to get as much of his cock in her mouth as she could. I had already put the restraints on the bed and asked him if he was going to massage her first. He was more than ready to accommodate her.

We had her take her dress off which left her in her panties. They were a nice pair of lace boy shorts. He slowly removed her panties to reveal he lovely hair that covered her sopping wet hotness. We laid her down on the bed and he blindfolded her while I put the cuffs around her wrists and ankles.

As Mike started to straddle her to massage her, she squirmed as his cock started to touch her delicate skin. He slowly poured oil on her back, but and legs letting it slowly drip down her behind to her inner thighs and waiting pussy. He slowly started to rub her back and as he did she could feel his thick shaft pressing at her thighs.She was longing to have that thick cock in her, stretching her waiting walls and making her feel pleasure that she has never felt. But Mike was having none of that just yet. He continued to tease her and massage her as she squirmed to get him in her.

Mike then had her turn over and reattached her to the bed. He poured oil over her body and started on her shoulders massaging her while he now was straddling her to the point his cock was pressing against her waiting pussy. As he slowly moved down to her breast, he rubbed over her breast and lightly pinched the nipples making her gasp as the pain yet pleasure she found from it.

After he has finished massaging her breast, he lightly licked them and then bit the nipples enough to make it pleasure them to where they stood at full attention. He keep moving down rubbing her stomach and legs making sure to avoid her pussy. He works down her legs and massages her feet. This puts her in pure ecstasy as he knows just where to push to get her juices flowing. He slowly leaned down as he massaged her calves again and lightly licked at her hotbox making her want more.

He takes the oil and pours over her pussy as he inserts the two middle fingers into her waiting pussy. He starts to move his hand up and down hitting the spot she had never thought she had. She started to have a massive full body orgasm that made her pussy shoot her juices out and she moaned like never before. This made her want to feel that cock in her even more now.

He moves up and gives her a long kiss as she grabs his cock trying to get him in her. He then starts to rub his cock up and down her waiting swollen labia lips and pussy. Without waiting, he pushes his cock all the way in, burying his 9 1/2″ as she cringed as he hit her hilt. He held it there giving her time to adjust to the size.

She started to get used to the size so he starts to move in and out causing her a mix of pain and pleasure. As he keeps going the pain slowly subsides and is replaced by the most fulfilling and largest cock she has ever had. Her pussy walls are being stretched and she fills her pussy is as full as it ever has been.

As Mike moves in and out, she can feel her second orgasm building all through her body and he knows it. He starts to pick up pace to make sure she gets the fullest pleasure she can. He feels her pussy start to contract around his thick shaft as she has her second but strongest orgasm she has ever had. She is screaming out his name by this point and had many orgasms before the night was through. As Mike got ready to cum, she swore she could feel his cock getting bigger than it had been yet. He then buried his cock to her hilt and squirted stream after stream of hot sperm deep into her causing her yet another orgasm.

We all got cleaned up after the experience and said goodnight as I am sure we would see him again. My wife and I then prepared as I started rubbing her vagina and going down on her before I finished her off myself. I shut the video camera off. And then I banged her deep for another great fuck. Then we snuggled up for a nights sleep after the long night of my wife’s first.

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Husband Wife Threesome Photos

It is difficult to put into words the sheer excitement of sharing your wife.It can bring along with the crippling excitement too. Nonetheless when it is my turn to enjoy my hot wife after being enjoyed by another man it was an experience that stimulated all of the senses. Nothing can compare to the beauty of smell, after sex. It is a powerful fact that is not easily explained. Someone on the street might find it repulsive. However when she is laying there naked with her legs spread and waits for the other man to bang her deep, the room is more intoxicating than alcohol. The atmosphere fills the room like incense. Unlike incense it lingers for a few days. It's just a crazy fun to share your wife. Check out the latest of I Shared My Wife pics below.






Monday, 22 September 2014

I Shared My Wife Maria With My Friend

My wife, maria, is 29, and where she works I've heard her referred to as, "That pretty little sexy in the Accounts Department." Sometimes when maria and I talk about sex she abruptly stops things, like there's something beneath the surface that she doesn't want to let out.
I've always wondered what would happen if she did.I've got this friend, Khurram who is pretty bold in talking about -- make that boasting about -- his sex life.

He's an okay looking guy, I guess, but he thinks pretty highly of himself.

This one time when we were talking about sex I admitted that maria and I had talked about an open type marriage but we were both feared it would screw things up between us.

Khurram seemed immediately interested (he had, of course, met maria) and he asked me if I really wouldn't mind if she made it with other men.

I said maybe I could handle it if I knew she would stick by me. "But," I said, "maria is pretty old-fashioned when it comes to sex."

Then in his all-knowing way he said that it was a matter of what he called "monogamy deconditioning." I've noticed that Khurram likes to impress people with the big words.

He said that it would only take a hour or two to get her started down a different road and he had done it before with women, If I was interested he said he could do it without offending either of us.

What Khurram said stuck in my mind so I told maria.

She was intrigued and asked me to find out what he meant.

I invited Khurram over one Saturday afternoon and the three of us watched football for a couple hours. Then I brought up this thing he called monogamy deconditioning.

He said he could demonstrate and he pulled up a chair, sat down and asked maria to sit in his lap.

She was hesitant and looked me I didn't know how to react, so I just shrugged.

Khurram quickly said that if any time either of us got  uncomfortable to tell him and he would stop, no hard feelings, and that will be the end of it. Absolutely guaranteed.

With that assurance maria sat in his lap.

The Following Took Place
Over More Than 90 Minutes

He said that the first step was for her to just sit in his lap for about 20 minutes and continue with the conversation we were having.

Gradually, the fact that she was in his lap was forgotten and I saw maria relax and lean against him.

Then he said that he was going to put his arm around her middle under her shirt, and he reminded us again that this could stop at any time.

" After she got used to that he said he was going to move his hand it to  her bra. She grabbed his arm to stop him, but after a while she then slowly relaxed and let him. He kept his hand there while we talked for some time. "
They already been sitting close together for 20 minutes or more (which is actually a very long time for something like this), and I guess I wanted to see what would happen if this played out.

Before long, I could see him massaging her breasts. I could tell by the way his fingers were moving that he was sort of rubbing her nipples.

She kept looking at me to see if I knew what was happening. I decided not to stop things at this point.

 Then maria was looking right at me when she said, "He knows how to do that."

At that point I could tell he was whispering things in her ear, but I couldn't hear what. She was not breathing more rapidly and her demeanor seemed to be changing.

Before long she was kind of nuzzling up to him. His nose and mouth were in her blond hair.

It gave me a strange feeling to see my wife cuddling up to another man. At this point I was torn between being jealous and being somewhat turned on.

There was also something intriguing about seeing my wife's defenses melt right in front of me.

After a while, without asking, Khurram started unbuttoning her blouse.  She didn't stop him.

Once he had her blouse off he unfastened her bra and continued rubbing her breasts. Again, she sort of cuddled into him like it turned her on.
An Hour Had Passed

By now she had all but forgotten I was I the room.

Brfore long she was rocking a bit on his lap in a subtle attempt to stimulate herself.

The change in her, which had now spanned about an hour, fascinated me.

I had no idea what to expect, but I figured I would never have another chance like this to find out. Right before my eyes another man was turning on my wife.

Khurram put his hand under her dress and between her legs. maria put her hand over his and encouraged him to rub in the right spot and started making little noises of pleasure.

Before long it was clear that she a now moving toward a climax.

...Once she was well on her way, Khurram eased off and started talking about sex.

He asked her if she was ready for sex and in a kind of hoarse voice she said, "Yes."

He kept working on her, but when she would seem to be about to come he would pull back and simply kiss her ear and neck.

" I had now been watching this for well over an hour and I had gotten turned on seeing my wife get turned on. A big part of my judgment had dropped below my belt. "
She reached back and put her hand on his crotch. She said, "You're big."

Partially standing up, Khurram turned his back to me and said, don't worry, I don't have any diseases.

He slipped down his jeans and pulled down his underpants. When she saw what he was doing she pulled down her panties without even looking at me.

She had made her decision.  This was going to happen.

I got a glimpse of a large penis. She was already wet, so even with his size it was relatively easy for him to enter her

This had now gone past any resistance on her part. She put her arms around him and pulled him close to her and rocked back and forth.

" Not only did another man -- a black man -- have his penis fully up into my pretty, white, blond wife but she had ended up  encouraging it. "

Khurram then told her to just to sit there and get used to feeling him in her.

He again started kissing her ear and neck again and saying things which I couldn't hear.

I heard her say "yes" a few times.

Finally Khurram picked her up and asked if I would open the bedroom door. I knew this is where things really would change in our marriage.

He put her gently down on the bed. maria looked up at him and said, "I need to come now."

He crawled on top of her and she immediately opened her legs and reached up to him.

There was no mistaking the invitation.

Khurram pushed himself fully into her and after a few strokes stopped and said, "Let's talk about a couple things."

She said, "What now?", in an impatient, somewhat exasperated tone.

He started kissing her neck, breasts and ear again.

Before long she was squirming and making her little noises. The fact that I was watching didn't seem to matter.

At this point my wife wanted sex from a man she hardly knew.

He asked her, "Do you like this?"

"Yes, if I can come."

She started to rub herself and he pulled her hand away and pinned both of her arms above her head.

Seeing my wife pinned down and helpless with another man on top of her and fully into her stirred something deep inside of me.

I should have been jealous, but I was just very turned on.

After a while he asked her, "After this, would you like to do it again with me?"

She looked up at him. "If you let me come."

"When can we do this again?"

She was becoming more frustrated by the moment. "Whenever."

She was wiggling under him trying to encourage him and get herself to come.

When I made love to maria bringing her to a climax  had never been like this.

He was keeping her right on the edge of coming.

"Are you a black cock slut now?" He was looking into her eyes and not letting her move.

"Yes, whatever, just let me go and let me come."

"Will you let other men fuck you."

She wasn't expecting that. "Maybe."

He totally stopped. "Say you will."

She seemed exasperated. "Okay, I will."

"You will what?"

"I will let other men fuck me."

"You sure?"

"Okay, yes, whatever, now, let me come."

By then she was angry and reaching the end of her patience and Khurram saw it.

He then started full, rapid strokes, grinding himself against her. She immediately came, making more noise that I've ever heard from her.

He then released her and maria fell back on the bed and just looked at him.

She then glanced over at me and said in a kind of apology, "I'm sorry, but it's never felt like that before."

Now looking embarrassed by it all, she jumped up and headed for the shower.

As I walked Khurram to the front door, I said, "I guess it worked."

He simply said, "Always does, especially with her type. It will take her a while to get used to it, you know. I hope you aren't going to try to stop her from meeting me again, or this could go underground an you don't want that."

I knew that was coming. I said, "She said she would, so just call her and set it up."

That night in bed she said, "I'm really sorry about how I was today; I don't know what came over me."

I said, "I liked seeing you like that."

"Really? So you aren't mad? Since we've been married I've never made it with another man."

"I didn't know I had such a hot little wife."

She hesitated. "I didn't think it would happen like it did, but, I made it with another rman while you watched."

"You told him you would do it again with him."

She said, "I guess I did, so what if he wants to keep doing it?"

"Then you will get used to getting it from at least one other man."

"So that would be all right?"

"I guess it will have to be now."

"It really felt good, you know."

"I could tell."

Monday, 8 September 2014

My Wife With Stranger

I have been reading some wife stories on this blog for quite a few months. So, I decided to share my wife story here. This is a true story in which my wife had sex with a stranger. Let me tell you one thing, we are happily married and leading a happy life. There was a time frame When our sex life began to get boring I asked my wife if we could spice things up a bit by telling each other fantasies before and during sex. She agreed and asked me what I wanted to hear. I told her it was her fantasy tell what ever she wanted. Remember this, My wife is very hot in bed.
That night she laid next to me and started playing with my tool. She said she had something to tell me. I said ok say it. She said she was in the store wearing a short skin tight dress and she was with no underwear. A young man who worked there was watching her as she bent over to pick up items on lower and higher shelves.As soon as she told me about the scene, I started getting hard. She said she would like to do it again only bring that guy to the house and fuck him. Now she really got my attention. I told her it would be great fun with me but why a stranger? She said she just didn't want any emotional attachments, so just sex. she told me how she'd seduce him and get him undressed and do all the wonderful sexy things she wanted to do. It made me rocking hard and believe me, I fucked her harder than ever.

One evening I was browsing the web and found an advertising. There was a guy in his mid twenties who posted the ad that he wants to fuck a married lady at any cost. I asked my wife if she'd like to try it and with some reservations she agreed. She made me promise that if I have no problems with it. I was eager to see her fucking so I agreed. Initially my wife and I agreed that if we were going to fuck him, we will do it with no strings attached. We contacted each other and then we decided to meet at a local coffee point. We met each other but we were really shocked when the guy told us that he had a wife too. It was more than fantastic idea to swap our wives with each other.I asked if she was doing alright and wanted to continue. She said she was having the time of her life and wanted to go to a room and fuck. I asked if she would be willing to go to a room with the other guy while his wife and I went to a separate room, because I wanted her to tell me all about it later. She agreed and off we went to separate rooms.
We fucked each others wife in separate rooms. The wife I fucked was bigger when it comes to boobs. She had a large pair of bosoms as compared to mine. She sucked me and took the cock entirely till my balls went touching her lips. Then, after getting a great suck of 30 minutes, I banged her in all positions. It was great. Later we met in the main room - thanked our stranger fucks and started the drive home. My wife still had on the long dress and it was still unbuttoned. While I was driving she started sucking me.

When we go home I peeled off my clothes and jumped into bed. She crawled in next to me and started rubbing my cock and asked if I wanted to hear the story. Hard-on time! She told me to finger her pussy and ass while she talked. To my surprise she was still dripping cum from both holes!

She said the man was a perfect gentleman at all times. While he complemented her on her pretty face, nice breasts, etc., really making her relax, then he asked if he could touch her through her clothes which she agreed to. Then asked if he could unbutton here dress. This was the first time she would be exposed where others could see her. It really turned her on to dance in front of all those strangers. She got so turned on she told the guy she wanted to become his slut for the evening and that she wanted to go to a room.

Arriving at the room she told him she wanted to undress him and as she did so he continued to complement her on everything she did. She sucked his cock for a short while but wanted it in her cunt and she wanted it hard and deep. She couldn't wait for him to cum inside her. She told him she was going to tell her husband all about their fucking and as she talked to him she felt a climax coming on and asked him to cum with her. She said the feeling of cum in her cunt was wonderful. Shortly after he pulled out she started sucking his cock and asked him to rum his cum from her cunt into her ass with his fingers. He did and when he had her well lubricated and she had him hard again she got on her knees and asked him to fuck her ass. She told him he was the first man other than her husband to do her ass and she wanted his cum in her ass also. Again as she talked to him he got harder and pumped into her little ass even faster til finally she started cumming and he shot his load up her ass.

Needless to say her telling me this story while I was fucking that still cum soaked pussy really had me turned on and I told her I wanted her ass also. She said she was ready and in my cock went. She clamped down so hard on my cock I thought it would break off but I just shot a load of cum up her ass.For many weeks we told each other about fucking those strangers. I am sure readers would also enjoy our wife swap story.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

When My Wife Wanted To Try Another Man

Me and my wife are very frank with each other. She is such a hot wife that she can do anything to explore kinky sex. A few days ago, while we were having a great sex, she given a strange idea. She wanted to try another man. I smiled and said; Really?You want that?She said ! Yes. For a few seconds my fucking speed increased and I hit her deep inside pussy. I exploded more cum that night. Wow. It was such a hot idea. Later, We often talked about it while having sex. Sooner, we were fully prepared to try another dick in my wife's juicy pussy. It only took us one day to choose the right man. He was her ex-boy friend. Let me clear one thing! I was not having any kind of jealousy because she left him to marry me. What happened next ? See my wife sharing photos below.







I am pleased to say that I love sharing my wife now. I would also love to try the wife swapping sex or any orgy comprising of real wives. If any couple interested please comment with your contact, skype or email. Thanks everyone.

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