Saturday, 6 December 2014

A Real Wife Sharing Story

Friends, I am a big fan of those who share their wives. Because I do had a fantasy of wife sharing for quite a long time but I  was quite afraid of being called a cuckold. I never wanted to be. But, to a large extent, I wanted to share my wife with a man that keeps a nice big dick. Actually, I wanted to watch my hot wife being fucked by a nice sized guy. It always made me horny. I am the devil. I found sharing my wife a turning on and very hot thing to do.


But I never imagined I can talk about it with my hot wife. The idea of sharing her or watching her while she is fucked by another man was always my best sexual fantasy. At the beginning I was trying to watch her when she is with other men talking and find out if there is any sexual suggestions in their looks or their conversations. Later, I started talking to people about this on the internet. I learnt that it is not something only about me but most husbands have this fantasy.


I was talking about one of my friends when we were making sex. I was teasing my wife. Telling her supposed it is that friend fucking her. At the beginning she was getting upset. But later she started to tell me I am interested. After sometimes, she was laughing when I was telling here it is not that friend who is fucking her, its me. Later there was a friend of mine visiting us time and again. He was quite younger than me. He had to stay with us for a month. So I tricked my wife with him.


I used to leave my wife with him alone in the house and watch them from a hidden place. I never saw any kind of sexual approach initially between them. But then the days came for such a thing to happen that was so exciting. My wife started to seek a sexual favor from my younger friend as I started to ignore her sexually for a few days. I starved her sexually, not fucked her for a week and there it happened.


she confessed that she had sex with him in my absence . One day, I was out for an hour and there she fucked. it was so exciting for me ,I became very sexually excited I just had to have her right then and there, afterwards I questioned her about him like how many times did he cum? she was always multi orgasmic with me, and my excitement didn't subside I wanted to know how big his penis was, how long they did it,would you like to do it again? was he fucked gud? just how good did he feel inside? we had sex again and again, it was awesome I told her I wanted to watch her with him and she agreed seeing how it turned me on. The Next day, without telling my friend, I got myself hidden in a place and she started fucking him. I watched the entire thing and couldn't control anymore.


I got out and joined them, Initially, he was shocked to see me there but as I reacted normal, he came to normal. We fucked my horny wife and it proved to be a best fuck of our life. My friend had a fat, thicker cock that worked great inside my wife.our sex life has been so much more intense , more frequent since that time, we have had several men later, I found out I am bi sexual oral and I love it.


I think you would love our hot home made threesome with my hot wife. Post your comments and tell me if you are interested to bang my wife.

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