Sunday, 14 December 2014

Reasons Why Wife Swapping Is A Great Idea.

Why would couples choose wife swap as a lifestyle? What's appealing in wife swapping? Here are reasons why wife swapping is a great idea. I am just going to analyze that wife swapping is an appealing activity And once couples and hot wives cross this path, can they be looking to go back to a normal relationship? I think, Never ! All people getting used to wife swap would surely feel it an awesome. All husbands having a hot wife would love to share their wife with other man that would also be willing for wife sharing. Read below "The Reasons Why Wife Swapping is Amazing."


There are many reasons couples become swingers.

1. Being Watched By Other Couples!
Maybe husband, wife or both partners have voyeuristic movies work so well for these people. One of the biggest thrills for husbands can be watching a hot wife being drilled by someone else. Some people like to be the same way.

2.Change Of Taste
Mostly husbands, that choose to share or swap their wives at the same time get a thrill from the knowledge that they are doing something "naughty" and getting another pussy to drill. They have permission of their hot wives to drill other ladies, and their wives are doing the same thing, but it's still outside the realm of what is considered "good and normal" and so it becomes an adrenalin rush.

Look at it like this...your favorite food is chicken. You eat chicken every single night. After a while, you would like to change, some soup, or even a peanut butter and jelly sandwich...but that doesn't mean that chicken is no longer your favorite meal. You still love chicken and want it at all possible opportunities, just not every single time.

3. Variety Of Bodies To Enjoy With.
People love having choices in life. It has to do with openness of their own relationship on every level. Most wife sharing husbands I happened to meet had a very healthy relationship with their hot wife. There were never any ownership issues, whining about jealousy, playing a victim. They just wanted to enjoy big boobs (having a small booby wife) , or some wanted to enjoy a skinny pussy (having a bulky wife) without disgracing their own wives.They were fully grown people open and ready to share with each other an adventurous and safe lifestyle. There was no dishonesty of any kind at any time. If anyone ever felt uncomfortable with anything they were doing, involved couple simply walked away. No questions asked. No judgment past. It was a novel experience for many people.

4. Watching Bigger Cocks.
This is the most found craze in wife sharing husbands. 90% of the wife swapping couples have this mentality. The husbands love watching their wives being drilled by bigger dicks and this is their ultimate fantasy. 


There might be few other reasons of wife swapping but I have written about the most common. Not a single couple that I know would choose a partner that their significant other did not approve. It's not like an open relationship where couples can pick people to sleep with from whatever source they see fit. However, if by monogamous, you are asking can the former swingers ever be happy with just each other, than most of the time, yes. The exception would be the voyeuristic couples since it is almost mandatory that there be someone else involved in order for that concept to work. Swinging isn't about finding better lovers (although I wouldn't disregard this idea completely...people can never truly understand other people's motivations) so much as just something different. 

Me and my husband dabbled at it for a while, and it was fun while it lasted. It opened our eyes to some things we had no idea about. It was also our choice to accept it or not. We since moved on to monogamy, and are still enjoying our intimacy as we have always done. Some relationships are just THAT strong, people. I hope that was helpful in some way. Read Why My Husband Loves Wife Sharing?

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