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A Few Things About Wife Sharing And Penis Size

The blog Readers of wife sharing fantasy found on the web have no doubt noticed the interest in threesomes with nice penis guys. Especially the husbands, centered around the penis size of the studs select bigger sized guys to please their horny wives. These lovely stories seem to take on mythical proportions. So... do you search for a well hung,nice size stud? The answer maybe yes by the majority of husband, depending on your situation, although a "minimum" size criteria is a good idea. Most guys feel a 10 inch penis is a good size. as thick as your arm. But, if you ever have an honest conversation with your wife or even with a well hung guy, you might find he's not perfectly happy about it.


Penis Size Requirement For A Hot wife

Why? Because he's too big for full penetration with many partners. Vagina size varies significantly and while some are very deep, others are not. Some wives experience pain, not unlike a cramp if a penis or dildo makes forceful contact with the back of the vagina near the cervical entrance. If the guy cannot grind his pelvic bone against her clitoris, it may be very difficult for her to really enjoy the sex and have orgasms.

Contrary to what you might read, the vagina does not readily stretch in length like a uterus does to accommodate pregnancy. It can adjust to accommodate greater thickness, not length. Thick is generally good. Erotic stories indicate that a hot wife accustomed to the small penis of her husband will over the course of a few minutes be able to accept another man's tool that's several inches bigger. In my experience, this does not appear to be true. I'm 6.5 inches and have encountered several women that would prefer that I was a half inch shorter because I would occasionally "bottom out" in certain positions. They never seemed to adjust. I've also had girlfriends that could accept a 8" dildo so vaginal depth varies.


Never forget this " A hot wife needs more than one man to get satisfied." Here's something else to think about. A few years back, I encouraged my wife to have a sexual experience with another man. We found a guy. She blew him in his car about two weeks before she actually had sexual intercourse with him and found that he had a 5" penis - one of the smallest she had ever seen. I was disappointed, hoping for at least six plus. A couple of weeks later, she had one of the most intense sexual experiences with this guy that left her breathless. She had so many orgasms, she lost count and her pussy was sore for a day afterwards. It is like the old saying, "It is not the wand, it is the magician."


Points To Remember Before Sharing Your Wife

Another common complaint I hear from wives is that well hung guy's don't try to please them in bed. They assume their size means they don't have to work too hard and it is over too soon. If you want a guy who'll please your horny wife, try looking for: 
A guy that can stay hard after orgasm or recovers quickly. Some guys can.
A guy who makes her hot before they jump in bed.
A stud that can have several orgasms over a two hour period.
A partner that can delay his orgasm while she cums multiple times.
A man who will ravish her and make her feel intensely desirable.
So in the end, does size matter?  Most women have a minimum size criteria and this should be indicated in an ad.  To most wives, a man is a package not just a penis.  His build, appearance, genitals and intensity in bed all combine together to make him desirable.   To this I say look for character first, not quantity.


Readers, I'm sure you would remember these points before going for real encounter. Share your comments and fantasies about wife sharing and hot wife threesome. We would like to publish your hot wife stories here.

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