Monday, 28 January 2013

Share My Wife Please Hot Photos

Real wives may not like that but I want to Share My wife.The fantasy is really great when it turns reality of Wife Sharing.My Hot Wife was hesitant in start but as soon as she experienced this lifestyle,she became a fan of this style.Always looking for two tools at a time or even more now.What a great idea that was to adopt the Wife lovers and Wife Sharing Lifestyle.The life has totally been changed after that so I advise Real wives to experience at least once before deciding not to go for that.Here are a Few Hot Photos of the session "Share My Wife".
She felt it hard to get it inside from backdoor,but my stranger man was keen to go inside her with his fat tool.
We have a fun activity at best when she tried to take two inside her throat and she was quite succesful in performing that.
The best scenes arrived when the stranger man started hitting her rear bones inside her fat butts and I could see her face.
I would like to advise all Real wives to enjoy this fun at least once.If they don't like it they can leave this swinging lifestyle.Wife Swap always creates a fun for both partners so try it before the time passes.
Another thing which has been changed in our married life is the mood of My Hot Wife.She seems to be more happy,more funny and more energetic.
you can add more fun to this by adding another man so that she can try three holes filled sex with full sensation.Stranger is a better option to keep your married life safe.
If you are keen to give her a Wife Massage pleasure,hold her breasts and Massage them gently allowing your third partner to hit her in doggy.This will surely please her all senses.I hope that Wife Sharing Lifestyle can spice up your life to extreme of sex.

Friday, 25 January 2013

The Unexposed Secret Of My Hot Wife

The Real Wives would love to know the Unexposed Secret of My Hot Wife.She is really hot and the most nasty thing is that she loves to take on more than one man at a time.I was hesitant in start but when I got into Swing lifestyle,I got used to this.Now,I think I was wasting the most enjoyable style in my married life.We are more calm,more satisfied and more happy than ever.I have seen a plenty of Hot Photos here which make me crazy for Swingers.Some Wives are too hot during this wild act just like My Hot wife here.
If you are looking for a Swinger couple you must check this blog.All Real Wives are hot here with their Hot Photos.All these couples are looking for Wife Sharing fun and the greatest Swing Lifestyle.
She loves to ride on me and then jerking off and licking another tool at the same time.I love watching her bouncing breasts.She also loves to become a hand-job performer.I am sure that my friend has enjoyed this Wife Massage.

I was confused about Wife Lovers that why they are not trying this lovely lifestyle?One should try at least once.

So far,I have decided that I will accept every offer by any handsome guy to share My wife.The handsome guy includes health fitness,especially tool fitness and body.If My Hot Wife gets a good screw in her love hole,it would be so nice for me and her.I hope these Hot Photos of Wife Sharing are exposing my inner lust.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Sharing My Hot Wife With Close Friend

Finally my dream of Wife Sharing came true.I struggled a lot to convince My Hot Wife to sex with another man.It was my fantasy for years so I rested the option on My Wife.I convinced her for months and Let her to choose a man for her.I guessed that she liked my office friend.A few times when my friend visited my home,She had given him a special attention.Although,she was never a cheating wife but she can't stop her liking my friend.My Hot Wife Stories were not finished on liking only as I selected my friend to perform the subject matter to Bang My Wife.I let them get closer to each other and when I felt that now it is a perfect time for Sharing My Wife,I expressed my feelings to my Hot Wife.
I discussed it with my friend but he was very shy in expressing his feelings about my Wife.I got him frank and then he told me the truth.He always wished to screw my wife.So,I invited him home to make my fantasies a reality.I wanted to keep these memories for ever so I put my mobile phone on recording to capture the entire session video.These Photos might not be very clear.
The session started with a mouth-job and I was keen to observe my friend's tool.He was quite bigger than me in size.My Wife really loved that and he screwed her throat nicely.
It was probably the best moments of our married life.I considered her a girl friend and let my friend to do it wildly.
She seemed thirsty for two tools at a time inside and I loved her thirst.She was moaning loudly and her juices were flowing out.
After listening my words to do it wildly,My friend wanted to enter her from behind.It was not easy to accept but i let him to screw her from behind.He rides her like a horse and I could fell the pain on her face due to back screwing.
If I had done Wife Swap,I may not enjoy that so much as I did it in sharing my wife with friend.He managed to hit her deeper than me.
This Wife Sharing Session ended in almost 2-3 hours before my wife got tired.We both released for 2-3 times each and she had wild orgasms for at least three times.I have fulfilled my fantasies by her mutual agreement so nothing was weary between us.We are living happy and my friend is our permanent sex partner now.I am also planning for Wife Massage at some spa so that my Hot Wife can enjoy more pleasures.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

My Wife and Massage at Hotel

This Is a Real story of My Hot Wife Massage sex. We have been in Thailand,spending our vacations when this incident happened.I must tell you first about me and my wife.I am Rehan,42Y old with My Sexy Wife Aneela,36Y old.We were staying at hotel in Thailand when I accidentally involved my wife into Wife Sharing Lifestyle.One day,I called the room service and asked them to send a pot of tea.Meanwhile,my wife went to the toilet and I put on my clothes.The doorbell rang and the waiter came inside with tea.I asked the waiter whether they had any relaxation facility in the hotel.The waiter said that the hotel did not have massage facility but if I so desire,he can get a male masseur from outside.By this time,I was not thinking of any Massage for wife.
I gave him some money and asked him to arrange for the masseur at around 9.00 P.M.After 10 minutes he called on the telephone and said that the masseur would come at 9.00 P.M.Meanwhile,my wife came out of the toilet and we had tea. I told her that I had called a masseur to give me massage at 9.00 P.M as I am tired by the whole day’s wandering. We went out and loitered in the town.We had dinner at 8.00 P.M.and came back to our room.I changed to my night dress and asked my wife also to change.I informed her that I have called a male masseur also whether she would also like to take a massage.

Being a traditional Pakistani wife she replied that how can I take a massage from a male masseur.I told her that we have taken this short vacation to pep up our sex life and there is no harm if she takes the massage from a male masseur on her legs,arms and back.When she did not protest to my suggestion I told her ‘Look darling,we have come all way so far to enjoy.I am your husband and my purpose is to enjoy our life to the full.Let the masseur come and if we find him clean you should take a sensual massage.I would love to see the pleasure on your face when receive the massage’.After some hesitation,she said that she would take the massage but only for her legs and back.I asked her to change in her nighty and wear her bra and panty.She changed and came to me on the bed and I started kissing her.I had a lot of fantasies about Wife Massage at that time.

She became hot and I told her ‘Darling I love you very much and I do not want to force you for anything.If you feel that you should not take this massage,I would respect your feeling’.She responded by kissing me deeply and I got her reply.At 9.00 P.M.the doorbell rang and the waiter was there with the masseur.I paid some money to the waiter and he went away.The masseur was a young man of about 23 years,well dressed,clean and fairly handsome,well-built guy.I looked at my wife and she nodded in approval.I took the masseur out of the room and asked him whether he has massaged ladies.

He replied that there have been a number of foreign ladies whom he has massaged.I told him that he has to give a sensual happy ending massage to my wife and only to the extent she is willing to be massaged.He said ‘Don’t worry sir; your wife would love the massage.We entered the room and the masseur went to the wash basin and washed his hands with soap.He took out a bed sheet and a bottle of oil from his bag and spread the bed sheet on one corner of the bed.It was decided that My Hot wife will get a massage first.

The masseur got one towel from the bathroom and gave it to my wife and asked her to take off the nightie and lie face down on the bed with the towel on her body.My wife looked at me and when I nodded in approval,she took off the nightie and was only in her bra and panty.She lied on the bed and I put the towel on her back.The towel covered her back from neck to knee joints.The masseur opened the bottle of oil and took some oil in his hands and started rubbing the same on the lower portion of her legs one by one.

After some time,he raised the towel up to her panty and again took some oil and started massaging her thighs.He then moved upwards and lowered the towel from her back so that her whole back was exposed with the bra strap in between.The towel was covering her arse.He poured some oil on her back and started rubbing.I was sitting on the bed beside my wife and I told him that let me open the bra strap so that he can massage the whole back.I opened the bra hooks and the straps fell on side exposing the side of her breasts.My wife looked at me with a smile and did not object.

After massaging her back and neck for some time,he moved to the lower back.The towel was lying on her panty and when he was massaging her lower back;his hands were touching the elastic of her panty.I told my wife that his oily hands are soiling your panty and let me remove the same.She looked a bit nervous but I could see that she was not objecting to it.I put my fingers in her panty and started rolling it down.She responded by raising her hips and I removed the panty.Her beautiful bums were exposed.The masseur moved his hands down and started rubbing her bums.

He massaged and caressed her arse and was also rubbing her arse hole with his oily finger.After some time he asked my wife to turn over facing the ceiling.With her eyes closed, she turned around and her tits and her clean shaved pubic area were there for the masseur to see.It was the most wonderful sight to see my lovely wife lying nude with her breasts and Vagina exposed to another man.I put the towel on her body covering her Breasts and Vagina.The masseur massaged her arms and then looked at me.I lowered the towel up to her naval area so that her lovely breasts were exposed.

The masseur poured some oil in between her breasts and started rubbing the whole body from her collar bone to her navel.He was kneading her juggled breasts and tweaking her nipples in between his fingers.My Hot wife was moaning with pleasure.I was sure that her Vagina was flooded with nectar.After a few minutes,the masseur moved down and started massaging her feet and legs.I moved down and removed the towel which was covering her pubic area.The masseur moved his hands up and poured some oil on her thighs and Vagina mount.

He massaged her thighs and massaged her vaginal mount.I opened her vaginal lips and pointed the masseur to attend that area.The masseur was an expert guy and he started rubbing the vaginal lips with one hand and clits with the other.My Hot wife was having one orgasm after another and the masseur inserted his two fingers inside her and started moving them in and out.I was very excited with my First Wife Sharing and I started sucking her left tit and gestured the masseur to eat her county.The masseur was deep licking her county while I was sucking her nipple.I could see that my wife was enjoying the double pleasure with her eyes closed.

After some time,I raised her right breast and gestured the masseur to suck her right breast.We both were sucking her nipples and she was immensely enjoying two warm mouths licking and sucking her.I left the masseur at her nipples and went down on her and started eating her county which was flooded with her salty juices.Then I went to her face and started kissing her.My wife said that I cannot bear any more.

I asked if she wanted to be screwed by the masseur and my wife strongly said no.I convinced her and finally she was agreed.She said that please release the massage and let’s do it.I asked the masseur to end the massage,and start the happy ending.He removed his underwear and his fat tool popped out.He was almost one inch fat than me but slightly shorter in length.He placed his tool tip on my wife’s county and massaged her breasts again while inserting it inch by inch inside.Although my wife has taken my tool for a number of times before but when he got a half inside she screamed due to his fatness.I enjoyed the scene and he pushed it fully inside.My wife’s mouth was opened once as she had some elbow inside.

I placed my tool on my wife’s lips as it was UN-bearable for me.She started sucking me and the guy continued to screw her deep.After a few minutes,I couldn’t control my load so I fired all on my wife’s lips.The guy had a good stamina so he continued for 5-6 minutes more and then unloaded his juice jug on my wife’s pubic area.He cleaned her pubic area with a tissue.Thereafter,we had a bath together when the massage guy left our home. Even today,when we make love,we talk of the massage experience and we experience a tremendous pleasure of wife sharing.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Swing Lifestyle With Real Wives

My Hot wife Rehana and I have been together in Swing Lifestyle.We started wife swapping after being married for 9 years and we have been doing it for 3 years now.After 11 years of marriage,I still love Rehana a lot and she is the only woman who can get me rock hard in a matter of seconds.We started wife swapping because we wanted to further explore our sexuality and to enhance sexual needs and wants.It all started from meeting a couple,Eric and Eve at the local pubs.After a few meetings invited them over to our place for a casual drink and one thing lead to the other.Soon we were all over each other.Rehana took Eric into the bedroom and Eve and I just did it in on the lounge.The Wife Sharing sex was great when Real Wives are here.
I had a really great time.The best thing was that I've never seen my Hot wife so turned on before.I was extremely turned on by seeing her with another man.Hearing her moaning and groaning made me more excited.For several months she was like a sexual animal-even when we were alone.After the each encounter we would talk for hours and Rehana and I would give each other the very details of what we've done.Through Eric and Eve,we have met other couples.We often go out and have fun together.
Rehana and I have certain rules to our encounter and one of those is Back door entry.We have no problems obeying it.Recently we have turned our search of other wife swapping couples on the internet.It is great because we can chat online and if things are right we just me up.We have made many new friends this way.Every month we would have a wife swapping party at our place for some fun.Rehana and I can't imagine life without the extra spice we have put into our marriage.We are hooked for Wife Massage also.
Second Story of Hot Wife Sharing
John and I have been best friends out whole life,ever since we were kinds.We had the same tastes in everything - hobbies,sports,beer,and women.So on his wedding day it was no surprise that we were standing on the altar watching his wife-to-be walk down the aisle that I leaned over and whispered that some day I wanted to have sex with her.To him and I it actually made sense,and was some kind of weird validation that he wanted to do the right things had the right woman.
Well,we never thought it was really possible,but about a year later,after I got married and he told me pretty much the same thing about my wife.One night after a couple of drinks over at John's place,we got pretty drunk and began to talk about it as a reality.I think it was the alcohol and made a bold statement about swapping wives.Of course the women were listening and laughing but all of a sudden John told his wife Cassie to kiss me and I told my wife to do the same.
Then the next thing we know we were all hot and bothered and pulling each other into the bedrooms in the house and have sex like wild animals.The feeling was sensation.It was even better to hear my wife coming from John,and feeling the same with his wife squirming and squealing under me.It was the hottest thing I have ever done.We still all hang out together and once couple of week,we would switch wife and have sex liker badgers.And like the first night it is still as hot.We hope That these two Hot wife Stories are good for a better understanding of Wife Sharing and Swing Lifestyle.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Sharing My Wife Massage Hot Photos

Finally Wife Sharing has been a part of our married life.My Wife agreed to get a sensual Massage from a stranger guy.I knew that this agreement could turn my fantasies into realities.Sex massage was no far after her massage agreement.I spent a few days in finding a young stud for the subject.Internally I was also looking for a young hunk massaging breasts of my wife.The First day of Wife Sharing lifestyle was quite hard for both of us but things went nicely till a happy ending.The more I saw my Hot wife performing sex acts with other young man the greater the feeling I got in my lower parts.I'd discovered I was a natural voyeur and these Wife Massage Stories really turned me horny.I am Sharing My wife Pics here.
I could imagine your feelings about my spouse in this pose.Surely,your eyes would be fixed on her assets between legs.This is the best view which i can produce.
The best Hot Photos of my Wife which really drived me crazy.You can imagine my feelings when I was taking these snaps for you people.
The Guy was so cute that she couldn't resist taking his nice tool in her lips.He was giving a Breast massage while she grabbed his tool and licked his shaft for most of the time.
comments about her breasts will be welcomed if you can post here.I love her assets as they are very hot for me.
I can massage you nicely and she immediately raised her body and stood in doggy style and her bra came out.
Curious about happy endings?Read and see one woman's passionate experience getting her very own happy ending massage.
I think she would be thinking of another tool in her mouth at this time.If i am wrong,tell me what would be going in her mind.
I came over and gave her a kiss and she said that she wanted to take a quick shower and then we could cuddle but I held her tight and said I could not wait that long.She was very tense that I would notice the come inside of her, but I just quickly moved and inserted into her.Once she saw I did not notice,she really started to respond.I came with only a few strokes.She just commented that I had not come that fast in a long time.She quickly darted to the shower.I'm sure that My Wife Massage Stories can wake up your lust for my Hot Wife.I would be Sharing my Wife Hot Photos next week on this blog.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

My Hot Wife And Swapping Fun:The Real Sex Story

This is my first Wife swapping story from Pakistan.These days it is not a big deal to enjoy sexual life freely in Pakistan and more easier even in our state Islamabad.So more couples here are trying to enjoy and spice up their sexual life after their marriage.More over I think to enjoy sex is more important than to experience.I am 35 years old and my wife Rida is 32 years.I am working as engineer in a company and My Hot Wife is a housewife.
My wife has got good features and a sexy appeal.She is 5’- 3”height,36”-boobs,30”-waist,and 40” -buttocks sizes.A long flowing hair,which touches her buttocks,boobs which attract men at the first sight and lovely buttocks.After 10 years into our marriage,sex started to get routine,by then we had been fucking around for 10years,and had done it a well.Somehow we started to get annoyed with our sex life .I had been talking to my wife about swapping of partners for change of taste and adding spices to our married life.Actually,I was looking to enjoy some fresh holes of ladies by just sharing my used hole.She was a bit hesitant at first but she really loved sex,and had experienced her first sex with me.But for the last few months we were feeling dullness in our sexual life.We were both worried & thinking what to do.

I have a friend who is in the Lahore,working also as an engineer.He is also married and has got a kid.His name is Kamal and his wife is Saima.Saima has a nice built and she is very fair complexioned,a very attractive Sexy Wife. He is 5’-7” and his wife is 5’- 4”and 38”-30”-40” sizes.My friend and myself were very close right from engineering college days.We had fucked girls in our college days and enjoyed a lot together.Once I told my problem to Kamal by phone.Kamal instantly told me about the same problem he and his wife were facing when he heard about my complications.So he proposed a way to spice up things by having a soft swap.If we enjoyed that,it can be a full swap.It was a possible swinging relationship with us.I told this to my wife and after giving a thought we decided to experiment.
After one month,my friend visited Islamabad with his wife to attend a relative marriage party.They stayed there for three days.He called me and asked me if it would be possible to have some fun of soft wife sharing?My devil mind started to think about wife swapping now what we have decided earlier by phone.I gave him green signal and invited Kamal and Saima to visit our house for a Dinner in that evening.So we prepared ourselves for the evening well.As the vacations were on,our son was at in his grandparent’s home.It was golden chance for us.I was wearing white shirt with black trousers that gave me a gentleman look.

Rida was wearing tight pink colored deep neck,which made her look like a modern sexy woman.In the evening Kamal and Saima came and we welcomed them warm heartily. Saima was looking stunning in her blue saree and matching blouse.Her thick lips listened with moisture and looked expectantly at me.My Hot wife could not resist herself to admire the macho looks of my friend Kamal.Soon we became comfortable,as we had met many times earlier.Rida along with Saima went to kitchen room and brought some snacks and coffee for us.

Soon we started chatting and the subject moved on to adult things.Both Kamal and Saima were very broad minded and therefore,they had no qualms in having an intimate chat with us.We discussed a lot of things especially about our sex life.I was giving a hug to my wife said “I love her so much and I got ready for this as I want her to see happy”.Saima was more talkative of all four.She said that she too felt excited over the idea of swapping.Ladies soon became tipsy and they started behaving loose.
To end the deadlock Kamal moved near my wife.Now she was in between Kamal and me.Kamal slowly started caressing her legs.She felt happy and smiled seductively at him.Giving a kiss to Rida I went near Saima.We were hugging each other tight,started kissing passionately like a long lost lover.The pressing of two bodies made the atmosphere horny.Now Rida sat in Kamal's lap and gave him a kiss of his life.Her pink deep necked slightly gave him the hint of her two 36inches sizes wonderful globes.He started kissing and pressing her breasts.

Leaving Rida and Kamal there in drawing room I took Saima to the master bedroom and we horridly started undressing each other.Saima smilingly asked me,"You like me?" “Oh simply sexy,my god you are really a sex goddess Saima",I replied.she was in her red bra and red underwear.Her boobs spilled out of her bra.I licked her face –forehead,nose and cheek drew a line with his tongue on her left boob,after unzipping her bra.I kissed her neck even as she strove valiantly to grasp my tool in her left hand Saima said nothing while rubbing her pussy over red panty.“Will you please eat my my meat Zeeshan",Saima asked.“My pleasure dear",was my reply and I was stripping her panty planted a hot kiss on her snatch.I slowly moved my tongue on her belly and then parting her legs moved it in her pussy.It was oozing with love juices of her.Like a hungry dog I was busy in tasting the cunt juices,as it was my favorite thing to do in sex always.“Wow,do it man,wonderful,please suck it fast,you are darling,please suck it dry Zeeshan",was Saima's reaction.

We were busy in licking action when Kamal and Rida entered our room.It was the best scene of my Hot Wife ever.Kamal was bringing her into our bedroom like a doggy pulling a cart.He was deep inside her and bringing her into our room by just hitting her deep.They enetered and Kamal said,We wanted to do it with you.I smiled and looked at my wife's face.She was in heaven.Kamal has about 7” long tool.He pulled it out and my wife started to suck it like a whore.He was moaning with pleasure.She was like a tigress in sex.She kissed and sucked his balls even as she massaged his full shaft.

This action of Wife Massage made me more wild.It was in full temper.Rida was master of this act.She artistically sucking the dick and was enjoying it immensely.I can't hold long,You are driving me crazy, suck it baby,succccck hard,I’m about to come",Kamal said."hey don't spell the juice out on my body,I want every drop in my mouth",was Rida’s reaction to this.Again she made her busy in driving him more crazy and sucking the cock.“Yes here I am,I’m cuming,I’m cummmminggggg",Kamal nearly screamed.“Uuuummmmm.All the hot load of come was inside my wife's felt good,your hot load is really very tasty dear",my wife said,"now come on and lick my pussy”,she demanded.Like an honest servant Kamal came near Rida’s fuck hole.

Hearing their sexy conversation,I did the same with Saima.Now the scene in the room was looking more like a porno set.Four naked bodies were busy enjoying sex to the full.The room was filled with the smell of cunt juices and sperm.My wife Rida took Kamal's cock in her hand and guiding it into her pussy said,“now Kamal fuck your friend’s wife like a whore,don't care for your bitch wife"."You too are a bitch Rida,you are fucking by my husband in presence of your husband who is fucking me ",was reaction of Saima."Oh god it feel soooo goood ,come on fuck me hard,oh goood ,fuuuuck me ,fuccccccck hard" "do it baby,do it haaardd,ooooooooooooooo fuckkkkk,fuck me hard..."Reeta was moaning with pleasure.

“Look at this fucking whore;she is crying like a real call girl "Kamal said to me while puming hard his rod in cunt of my wife.“Yes I’m a bitch,I’m your whore,now don't talk just fuck me hard.”Rida said.The room was filled with dirty comments and reactions with sound full of pumping and groaning and screaming,oh dear Kamal,cum in my cunt, make it satisfied,I have not enjoyed sex like this since long",my wife told.After 10-15 minutes of hard fucking Kamal came in the cunt of my wife.Both they seemed satisfied to the core.Kamal’s wife Saima was getting up came near Rida and lowering her head on her pussy tasted the mixture of her husband's cum and my wife’s cunt juices."Ummm its wonderful to taste after fuck drinks" Saima said taking her hubby's cock in her mouth and again tasted the same sweet taste.In fact we must thank you for giving us the pleasure of having a taste of new wonderful cocks" and saying this Saima again started licking my cock. “Saima drink it,I am about to cuuuuuuuuummmm",I roared. “Drink it baby,drink that all from my hubby's cock",my wife said and lowered my friend Kamal’s head on her pussy. She was lying on sofa near me.We winked at each other and smiled.The cum was flowing down from Saima's mouth.She was getting up gave a kiss to her husband and a taste of my juices.

After our first fucking we took some rest and one by one entered bathroom and become fresh.We put on our dress and discussed about our this first swapping experiences It was about 9p.m.So we all agreed to take dinner.After Dinner we planned to have a two tools inside one wife session.First we tried it with Rida and then the same with Saima.Then Kamal did a strange thing,He took out his tool from Saima's pussy and asked me to insert.I did the same and Kamal placed his tool over my lips.Strange;Well I started sucking his tool while screwing his wife.It was awesome.I was sucking his tool fo the first time in my life.My Hot Wife Rida liked this very much.Then we did the same with Rida.Kamal was screwing her while he was sucking my tool.Believe me,I felt myself in heaven,getting sucked while watching my wife screwed by the same man.soon we fried our hot juices on our wives.It was the best night of our married life.My wife seemed to be more relaxed than ever.It was the best Wife Sharing session for us.Wife swapping seemed a real fun.

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