Tuesday, 30 October 2012

An Unexpected Happy Ending Massage

This is my first real story in Wife massage stories.The flight from Dubai to Spain was a tough journey for me and my wife.My Hot wife was feeling too much tired after the flight.She is in her 38Y of age.You can imagine how sitting in one position for such a long period of time,even with the short bursts of exercise (walking up and down the aisles) and stretching, can have such a toll on your body.
I did have an overnight layover in Spain and had the pleasure of soaking in a hot bath to relax a bit prior to boarding a plane the next day for the 60 minute flight to Barcelona.Sadly, it did not help long term.Finally,I suggested my wife to get a full body massage.She hesitated a bit as its not easy for the majority of Muslim women to take off their clothes in-front of strangers but finally she agreed to get massage from a lady.

I searched my contacts and tried hard to find some spa services in Spain.I struggled hard to find one as I was not much familiar to those services in Spain.Finally i browsed through internet and I got some contacts of male masseurs in the age range of 22-28.I thought for a while as some of them were offering free massage services for women.After making up my mind,I decided to surprise my wife with a male masseur.I was internally happy to see how a guy massage my hot wife.I called one guy who was just 22 in age and finally agreed to get him in our hotel room.He came right on time and meanwhile I have managed to convince my wife to get full body massage from a young guy.I can not explain how tough it was for me to convince her for that.She was a conventional Muslim wife.

He was very young and cute enough for a Hot wife.My wife was quite surprised to see such a young masseur.I sat on sofa and let my wife to guide him how she wants things to proceed.After telling him to focus on her back,shoulders and neck,he suggested a hot stone massage.well well well I have never seen one of these before, let's do it!then instructs her to take off her clothes ~ not a problem, this is normal, just keep on panties,I advised my wife in a smiling mood.She was lying on her big breasts and the guy started to massage her legs,feet and then moved upward.He massaged her buttocks and finally lifted her towel slightly up.He asked me if its easy for us to remove the towel.I smiled and asked him to do it in best manner.My Hot wife's ass got naked and the guy continued to massage her back.

My wife has started to feel the sensation of massage but being a conservative Muslim wife,she can not express her lust.I was enjoying the session two.Soon the guy started to massage her bra area,and slightly touching her breasts from both side when moving hands up and down.She was almost shivering so I got up and went near her.I told her to relax and enjoy.She got courage with my words and started to enjoy.I asked the guy to remove his entire clothes so that he can create more sensational massage for my hot wife.He was already in a mood to do that and I could feel his hanging tool ready inside.He removed his underwear's and for the first time I have seen an uncut fat tool.It was almost 6-7 inches in size but fat like elbow.

He placed his tool on my wife's ass crack and massaged her back again.My wife was moaning with pleasure.Then he asked my wife to turn around.He started to massage her large breasts and soon his hot touches brought my wife's first climax.She shivered with pleasure.He continued to please her and finally sat between her legs,just touching his tool tip on my wife's love hole.My wife must be in heaven.She suddenly grabbed his tool in her hand and started to stroke it.He was massaging her breasts and upper area of her love valley.I asked the guy to make it a full happy ending.He understood what i said as he was professional.So he lubricated his tool tip and just inserted it with a push inside my wife.My wife moaned with pleasure.He slowly started to bang my wife along the massage.This session went almost 30 minutes longs.Finally i asked him to give her a wild bang in the end and he got up.I asked him to do it in doggy style so he banged my wife in doggy for another wild orgasm of my wife.This session ended after almost 2 hours and my hot wife seemed very relaxed after the wife massage.The guy left our hotel after i thanked him for giving us a nice time.I hope you have enjoyed my wife massage stories.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Chinese sex and Hot Wife Swapping stories

After a "wife-swapping" sex scandal that allegedly involved Chinese Communist Party officials made international headlines this month, much has been speculated as to the nature of the swingers' tryst. These wife swapping stories have made a viral influence on wife lovers. In this relatively chaste photo of five of the participants, three men (apparently naked) pose behind two Wives dressed in black camisoles and finally the hot wife swap session amongst all participants. This story has taken a huge importance over Wife massage stories. These photos] may just be the cheesiest in the history of online scandals," wrote the Atlantic Wire in response to the group's perplexing portrait.


The group went on to take more than 100 pictures -- most of them explicitly pornographic. Yet as the Atlantic Wire notes, there are still a few "friendly v-for-victory hand signs and cheesy grins thrown in" the mix. The batch of photos, which allegedly features several participants during a hotel "sex party" in 2007, was leaked online and quickly went viral across the Chinese Internet last week. Wang also said he "regretted his behavior" and insisted that the other two men in the photographs are not government officials, the New Yorker notes.








The New Yorker writes that government censors have been attempting to suppress discussions surrounding the scandal. The State Council Information Office has reportedly sent out an advisory to Chinese news and discussion forums, which states that “all websites must stop following and hyping the so-called ‘Lujiang Indecent Photos Incident.These are the top Hot wife stories of this week.We hope these wife sharing and wife massage stories would please your taste.

Monday, 22 October 2012

The Massage Trap For My Hot Wife

My name is Arsal.I am here to share the real Wife Massage stories of my Hot Wife.Before going to my story,I would first like to give a brief introduction of my married life.I am 35Y old and my wife is almost 28Y now.We have been married 5 years ago and it was an arranged marriage.She is not from our family.After 2 years of marriage my first daughter child came into our life.Before my first child our sex life was quite amazing and we do have sex every other night without missing a chance to add taste to our sex with all the possible position including the nasty things like swallowing and licking etc.My Hot wife managed to give me all the styles of nasty sex during our sessions.

After the birth of our baby,we started to develop a strange feeling.I suddenly started to think about my wife in other way.I imagined to see her being banged by some other guy and soon I expressed my feelings to her during our sex session.She was quite surprised by my thoughts and angry as well in the beginning but my fantasy was getting stronger with every passing day.I started to discuss about two tools inside her when i was banging her and soon she started to respond.For the first few months the things just remained to a verbal talk and I should say that whenever we discussed such words during sex,We had intense orgasms.

One day,sitting on the internet,I found an ad of a body masseur in Islamabad.The ad seemed to be quite interesting as he offered full sex massage services for Hot wives.I discussed it with my wife and soon convinced her to get a full sensational body massage in my presence.I called the number and after confirming the formal details,I decided to meet the guy in a public place and then if I liked him,I would bring him home.My Hot wife agreed the idea.The next day,I met the guy who was almost in his early twenties and believe me,I really like him as he was muscular and well built.I can feel a large tool in his pants as his bulge can show me the size of his tool.

I called my wife and asked her to get ready for Wife Massage.I brought the guy home with me and we managed to chat for at least 30 minutes before the arrival of my wife.My wife came after getting my baby sleeping.I sat on sofa and my wife was lying on the floor as per his instructions.The boy got a perfumed oil which made the atmosphere of the room very pleasant.I asked him to remove his clothes so that he can massage easily.I was getting vibrations inside my pants as the guy was massaging my wife's buttocks.He started from legs and then moved upwards.His hands nicely brushed my wife's back and she was also getting naughty along the massage.I could not control myself so i got up and went near my wife and started to caress her hairs.She grabbed my tool while the boy continued to massage her buttocks.

Then he asked my Hot wife to turn around.The towel was still on her body.I asked my wife to remove the towel so that the guy can get a better option for massage.She agreed and i pulled her towel.My wife's breasts were in-front of the massage guy and his bulge inside his underwear can say all about his feelings.I asked him if he is uneasy he can remove his underwear.He obeyed my words and soon his large tool jumped out of his underwear.He was fat and long.I felt embarrassed after watching his tool as mine was almost 2-3 inches smaller than him.He touched his tool to my wife's pubic area and started to massage her breasts.When he was massaging her breasts,My hot Wife started to suck me.It was awesome.

My wife massage session has achieved its climax.Soon the guy took an eye permission from me to enter inside her.I made an agreement and the boy inserted his tool inside my wife's hot vagina.She screamed with pleasure.I could not control my self after watching this scene and soon exploded all my hot load inside my wife's throat.She was habitual to that so she didn't allowed any drop to fall.The guy continued to bang her and massage her breasts.I again got my tool ready in 5 minutes.I asked the guy to lay down and made my wife to sit on his tool,taking it in her ass.It was much painful for my wife as she has taken mine small tool before.Finally she managed to sit fully on it after feeling a lot of pain.Then i entered her front area and we started to bang her in sandwich style sex.We banged her for at least 10-15 minutes and then the guy came inside her ass.I asked my wife to suck his tool in the second session and she really enjoyed it.Finally the guy again released after a suck of at least 20 minutes in my wife's mouth.We thanked him and I paid the massage fees to the guy which was only Rs-500.It was the best night for me and my Hot wife ever.I hope you enjoyed My Wife Massage Stories.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Massage My Wife,The Real massage sex stories

At the urging of her husband, a conservative wife agrees for sensual wife massage from a stranger while he watches. To the husbands delight, she enjoys herself thoroughly and asks for more than a massage for Hot Wife. My attractive and straight-laced wife of eight years just reaches 36 and her sexual desires are increasing. One of our new pleasures is keeping her pussy clean-shaven. About once a month, I gladly do the honors while she is spread across my desk. She likes the feel of her lips rubbing together as she walks. Recently, while rubbing her back after a shave, I jokingly suggested I find a masseur that makes house calls. I was surprised and excited when she was receptive to the idea and I hope you will enjoy my wife massage stories.
When she saw how interested I was in making it happen, she said she would be getting a massage out of the deal but wanted to know what was in it for me. I took a chance and divulged that the thought of watching another man put his hands all over her made me hot. She handled that well so I then suggested finding someone to give her a nude, full body massage. She was both apprehensive and intrigued by the thought and agreed to it as long as I was in the same room. Was she kidding? Same room? Hell, I wouldn't miss it for the world!

There are no sensual massage parlors in this town so I settled for a professional from the phone book. He came to the house and gave her a good massage but followed the "proper" rules of only exposing from under her sheet the portion of her nude body he was working on at a given time. Afterward, when she said it was a pleasant experience, I was honest with her and told her I had fun watching but was disappointed that he never saw or touched her large white breasts or cute ass.

I was one happy and horny guy when she said, "Well, we can always keep trying new guys until we find one that suits us both." I took her to bed and the sex was hotter than ever. I knew then she was turned on by our new game and had practically said "OK, another man can see and touch all of me." So the search was on. I had a green light to find a man to explore, I mean, "massage" my wife. But where should I look? It finally occurred to me to check out the nearby nudist resort I had visited years ago where I had always met nice folks, singles and couples.

A few days later I told my hot wife that I had invited a nice Fellow named Ray to dinner and that he specialized in erotic massages. With wide eyes and a mischievous smile she asked what an erotic massage was. "Well, let's just say it means hands and possibly fingers everywhere." Before she could react I suggested having Ray to dinner so they could meet and then she could decide about the massage. I was delighted when she just said, "Okay, call and ask him if he likes steak and potatoes."

The day finally came and dinner was great with the three of us feeling relaxed and comfortable. My wife was radiant and I was proud and turned on by what she had chosen to wear, a white, slightly see-through silk blouse that subtly exposed her lacy bra underneath and a short, black skirt. She has never worn panties and this night was no exception. Though I sensed she felt okay about Ray, I was still surprised when, while clearing the dishes, she asked him if he was up to giving a massage. "Love to!" Ray said, so he and I set up the massage table I had rented while she dimmed the lights, lit candles and put on some soft music.

I love what happened next. She didn't excuse herself and return to the den in a robe as we had previously discussed. Instead, she stood before Ray and I sitting on the sofa, smiled at me and asked, "Is it okay if I disrobe here?" I couldn't get "Yes!" out of my mouth quick enough. She first pulled down her skirt and slowly folded it, which allowed us time to admire her long shapely legs that disappeared under her shirttail. The buttons of her blouse came next and since she was panty less below, I knew that in seconds her shirt would be off exposing her hairless pussy to our guest.

Upon removing the blouse, there was my wife, standing two feet from us wearing only her white lace bra. Ray was enjoying the show and wasn't shy about staring at her smooth mound and bare lips. She gently placed the blouse over the back of a chair then reached back, unhooked the bra and removed it allowing her 36 double D breasts to take their share of our attention.

We complimented her beauty as Ray helped her onto the table. She pleasantly surprised me again by asking Ray if he would like to disrobe as well. Ray looked at me, got my approval, and shed his clothes.

I saw my wife steal a glance at his member, which was erect from her striptease. She lay on her stomach and I quietly and appreciatively watched them fulfill my fantasy of seeing my wife totally nude and massaged by another man. Ray used plenty of oil and took his time, beginning at her feet and slowly working his way up to her shapely bottom rising invitingly on the table.

When there, he spent plenty of time caressing and kneading her buns, separating them more and more with each stroke of his strong hands. She later told me that the gentle pulling and separation of her buns began turning her on. Ray massaged my wife's back and asked her to turn over.

I could hardly contain my pleasure seeing her there on her back allowing this man she had just met to check out her charms. He again started at her feet but it wasn't long before his lubricated hands were skimming across her mound and outer lips of her bald cunt. My wife laid there with a smile on her face letting out an occasional moan of approval.

But soon after Ray began concentrating on her mound and breasts, alternating between them, her hips started rising and falling ever so slightly. My idea she was starting to really enjoy his hands was confirmed when she bent the knee of her left leg and moved it away from her other leg to allow him easier access to her now wet and swollen lips.

This guy was good! He recognized the invitation and began massaging her clit with his right hand while pinching and rolling her nipples with his left. My wife was obviously enjoying herself and bent her right leg, opening up to Ray even more. Then came her soft words toward him I will never forget. "Would you put one or two fingers inside?" she asked. That was it, I was in heaven! This was all too good to be true!

Ray said, "Certainly," and applied more oil to his hands and continued loving her breasts with his left hand while slowly inserting a finger between my wife's inner lips. A few strokes later he added a second finger and was soon extending both inside her as far as possible. My wife was in ecstasy and had reached a frenzied level of excitement. Her hips were rising to meet his thrusts as she raised both knees and spread her legs wide for him.

She slipped her right hand from her side to Ray's stomach and down to his now rock hard cock that was sticking straight out just above the tabletop. I watched from a chair I had placed at the head of the table as she gripped this other man's shaft and began jerking him off in perfect time to his powerful hand that was pleasuring her cunt.

I grabbed a handful of her hair and tugged gently as I place my lips on hers and thrust my tongue in her mouth. She sucked on it hungrily before breaking away, then moved her mouth to my ear and asked me the hottest question I'd ever heard."Will you let him screw me?" she asked. I smiled and told her that I wanted him to screw her. My reply to her question seemed to send her to a new level of passion. I looked up to Ray who was obviously enjoying the hand job and motioned him onto the table.

My wife never lost her grip on his cock as he quickly climbed between her spread legs for her to guide him into her. She grimaced in pleasure and wrapped her arms and legs around him as he buried his meat in her. Ray began with slow, long strokes and Bev writhed in her first orgasm when he gradually got more forceful.

She and I continued to kiss as I kept a firm grip on her hair and Ray pounded away at her Pussy. He kept fucking her hard until filling her cunt with hot juices and she came again. She has a back that was arched, her eyes were closed and she was moaning, "Fuck me, fuck me!" in a guttural tone. We both thoroughly enjoyed the experience and still get off on reliving the scene as we fuck. She is now excited and opened to exploring my other fantasy of dressing her scantily to play hostess for my buddies on poker night. She knows this fantasy leads to fucking some or all of them. Please share your comments about My Wife Massage stories.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

How To Please Your Hot Wife with Massage

This is how to please your Hot Wife with sensual wife massage.It is easy to give a massage sex pleasure to your Hot Wife if you wish to please her.Position yourself on the right of your Wife, in line with her hips. Place your hands on her pecs then make 3 circular movements: clockwise for the right breast and anti-clockwise for the left. Still making circular movements, bring the breasts in towards each other, then separate them. Next, slide your fingers from the nipple towards the outside of the breast, then make a gentle kneading movement with the skin, varying the pressure. To finish on a more sensual note, delicately kiss her back.This will spice up your wife massage stories.


The breast and stomach are among the most sensitive parts of the body: the skin around the collar bone is very thin so very receptive to touch. And in women, the breasts are a secondary erogenous zone that, when touched, leads to arousal of the primary zones (genitals). When your libido is sluggish. 30 minutes of sensual breast massage should be enough to relight the fire. Nipple stimulation alone can lead to orgasmin 24% of women, according to a survey.

To give your wife a Californian massage, make her lie down on her stomach and position yourself towards her head with your hands flat at the top of his back. Slide your palms gently down to her bum, as if you're stretching her skin towards her feet. Squeeze her bum, slide your hands along her flanks then go back up to her armpits before lightly tugging her shoulders upwards to return to your starting position. Repeat this movement, increasing the pressure as you go along. Don't forget to synchronize your actions with your wife’s breathing: go down when she exhales and up when she inhales. Because it's relaxing and releases muscular tension. It also revives the skin's sensitivity, making her even more receptive to your caresses.

This wife massage is actually called Sensitive Gestalt Massage, but it's known as Californian massage because it was invented there in 1960s (and it sounds a lot sexier as well, we reckon. Because of their symbolic meaning (they protect and coax), wife sex massage of the hands and arms reinforces your feelings for your Hot Wifeand forges stronger links between you and your wife.

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