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Our first wife swap stories with my friend's Hot wife

I am a 32 yrs of age and married to my beautiful Hot wife.My story is a bit different than wife massage stories.She is aged 28 but having sexy figure 32D-26-34. She had lovely saggy breasts & having hair in armpits and off course pubic area. I had one very close friend named Salman. He also has a very sexy and beautiful wife having figure almost similar in color but different in stats to my hot wife 36-29-38,named Samreen. I always looked greedily at her body whenever we met. She had a very sexy breast and bigger ass than my wife. I wanted to bang her. Many a times I wished to touch her hips whenever I got a chance. My dream became fulfilled when my friend approached me that he needed a short stay of one week in my house because their house was under renovation. I immediately said him yes.The first thing I did was to install CC TVs in all their facilitating room and bathroom as well to fulfill my fantasy of seeing his hot wife hips and the rest of the body.My friend came to live in my house with his Hot wife.

My Hot wife

I forgot to tell you that me and My Hot wife were very frank to each other as she don't care if I had sex with other girls or wives and I don't if she likes to do it with other guys.It was a mutual agreement between us to lead a happy swinging life.I and my hot wife use to watch them have sex daily and also whenever they went to bathroom immediately we rush to our room to see them pissing and taking bath. Many times I masturbated seeing Salman's wife in the bathroom. She really had a perfect sexy figure better than my wife. Once I saw her shaving her love hole and armpit.Me and my wife made up our minds to have wife swapping stories with them.One day to our surprise when me and my wife were watching them on cc TV, we saw Salman screwing his wife and Her love hole getting dripped with juices was quite visible as I have installed the camera in dressing table and locked its drawer.Salman's wife looked an exceptionally perfect tool sucker which I saw through cam.She did it for hour at least daily.

wife massage stories

Salman was a big penis husband and my Hot Pakistani wife really liked his penis.We couldn't control our self and we went to their room.My wife knocked at the door and after a quite wait Salman came to the door.I was hiding behind to listen what happens.Salman was in a bit of bother to see my wife at the door.His sexy wife would be lying naked still which I guessed.Salman's penis was still erect and can be seen in a dim light.My wife asked him If she could get in.Salman hesitated a bit but my wife went inside to see what's happening inside.I followed my wife and Salman was much surprised to see me as well.Seeing us they were afraid and they tried to cover their bodies but I told them not to do so as we are good friends.His hot wife was also much nervous when I entered the room.My wife remarked;If you people don't mind we can also join you in the bed.Initially Salman was bit hesitant but he must have thought of enjoying my wife's love hole so he smiled.

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His Hot wife,after watching her husband's reaction seemed to be agreed.All four of us got immediately into natural dress.The other thing which was noticeable that they were watching an xxx movie in which group sex was being performed. I was looking hungrily at Salman's wife and her big saggy breasts. There were no hairs on her love hole which I guessed.We moved onto the bed where Salman asked how to do it.My hot wife grabbed Salman's tool and started rubbing it and then started giving it a nice mouth job.Salman's wife was a bit hesitant to do that but my wife remarked about her shyness and then she started doing the same which my hot wife was doing with Salman's tool.Believe me ,It was the best mouth-job which I had never got before.Then we went into 69 and started licking session.Finally I asked Salman to put his tool in his wife's mouth and I entered her love hole.She was moaning with pleasure of two tools at a time while my wife was licking her breasts.Then I asked Salman to come over and put it in her ass.It was painful initially but then she started enjoying it.After giving her a nice two tool session we made the same scenes with my wife.Then finally both of us came on each others wife breast.It was the best wife swapping session for my hot wife stories.

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