Friday, 23 September 2016

Public Opinion About Wife Sharing

We were running a few polls about wife sharing. Many hot couples shared their opinion about wife sharing fantasy. A lot of couples who have already done wife sharing sessions also shared their opinion on this hot wife blog. If you have certain feelings and fantasy of sharing your wife with some stranger or your friends, you must check these poll results. We hope you'd get a better guideline on how it feels and what's better in wife sharing. you would also get a good idea about what public prefer in wife sharing threesomes.

Wife Sharing Polls
The first poll about wife sharing fantasy was 'Who is the best choice to share your wife with?' We have given most possible options in this polls like, Sharing your wife with a close friend, Sharing your wife with a stranger from your own city, wife sharing with a stranger out of city and anyone whose dick is great. Almost 24% couples think that wife sharing with a close friend is a good choice because you can trust him. About 7% of the couples think that it is good to share your wife with stranger from own city. They think that same city stranger can easily join you any time. About 7% of the couples think that you can share your wife with anyone whose dick size is good. However the most favorite option of couples was ' Wife Sharing With Stranger Out of City . Almost 50% of the couples think that it is safe , and you have no disturbance after sex.

Wife Sharing Poll 2
In wife sharing poll 2 , we have asked a question ' What you feel most tasteful in Wife Sharing?' We have given good choice like, One guy having MFM with you and your wife, Two guys pounding your hot wife while you sit and watch, One guy drills her and you watch sitting aside, Or she do it alone in your absence. Only 4% of husbands wanted that their wives do sex with someone in their absence. About 19% think that it is better to have two guys having sex with wife while they sit and watch. About 33% of the husbands think that it is better to sit and watch one guy sharing your wife. In this poll the most favorite option of the husbands was 'One guy having MFM with husband and Wife' and 43% husbands voted in favor of this option.

Wife Sharing Poll 3
In third wife sharing poll we asked ' Why you want to share your wife?' So many husbands participated in this poll. About 19% of the husbands wanted to share their wives because they have got an average dick. About 20% said that wife wants more dick and she likes new dicks. 7% of the husbands wanted to share wife because getting pregnant was the problem. The most voted option in this poll was ' Looking to share wife for Experience only'. About 53% people wanted to try something different.

Wife Sharing Poll 4
The fourth wife sharing poll was a bit different. We wanted to know that who likes more about wife sharing fantasy. Either husbands or wives , who loves this fantasy most. We got good idea to know that they are 'Husbands who like wife sharing most' , about 80% of the votes in this poll favored husbands. Only 8% of the wives wanted to try wife sharing.

We hope all hot wife lovers and wife sharing husbands would love to participate in our wife sharing polls. Check out more polls here and share your opinion about wife sharing fantasy.

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Wife Sharing Home Made Real Photos

The ultimate fantasy of sharing your beautiful wife with someone sometimes takes control of your mind. It's hot, sensual and a spicy way to enjoy your married life. There are plenty of couples throughout the world who love this lifestyle. Sharing your wife with her consent is such a lovely thing to do. However, all you need to understand is 'What are your social limits?' And can you afford sharing your wife with any of your close friends? Will it be safe to expose your lifestyle in-front of  your close friends? If not, it is best you search a suitable stranger or a new stranger every-time you plan to have some spicy wife sharing session. You can try a wife sharing session at home and record your beautiful moments so that you can enjoy your home-made wife sharing pictures and videos whenever you want, Just like this home-made photo collection below.

The husband in this couple wanted to try out something spicy. He convinced his wife , though it took a year before she could really agree for wife sharing. But, when they done it, she always wanted to to do it again and again.

How nicely the stranger made her in rear entry style while she was lolly-popping her husbands nice tool.
His wife has never done a DP in her life. she was afraid of double entry as she thought it might be painful but as soon as the stranger got inside her front , the spicy husband came back from rear and plugged it in her backhole..Nevertheless, it was little painful in start but within 1-2 minutes of jerking, she went straight into heaven. Now she's a big fan of double entry.

Accidentally, once he saw his best friend nude. As soon as he saw his manhood, he immediately thought to offer him his wife but social restrictions stopped him. once they were drunk and luckily his friend admired his hot wife. this was the right time for wife sharing offer. He quickly asked his friend and brought his wife inside. That's how she sucked him.
 It was his wife who wanted to taste a black in doggy. Initially, he was surprised but later, he felt it spicy. Luckily, he got a black friend who was trust-able. this is how they enjoyed it.
She felt it too good when that stranger plugged it bareback in doggy. How delightful it was to suck her husband while an unknown guy drilling her.
He wanted to share his wife but she was reluctant. She agreed only if there is some married couple who they can swap with. so he brought this couple home and they swapped wives. Luckily, the other husband was having a nice fat sized tool. he drilled her wide open.
One day, his wife came to his office and his boos saw her there. his boss immediately got interested in drilling her. He was reluctant to share his wife with his boss, so boss offered him a promotion. It was a great deal. he discussed this deal with his wife and she said; its not a big problem. let's do it.
Sharing my wife with some stranger always pimped my mind. One day, I was wandering on the road where I found this guy. His manhood seemed popping out of his jeans so I offered him a lift in my car. He was agreed and later we done this trio. it was such a great session of wife sharing.

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