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Breast massage in wife massage stories

An erotic breast massage is a wonderful way of wife massage.A man can create great wife massage stories and raise the sexual energy of his lover. It also can allow her sexual healing and removal of blocks to allow her to be more fully in her sexual energy.Prepare the space for the erotic breast massage by having at least 1 hour. Have some romantic music and candles, with some warm massage oil.We live in a stressful world and it seems to be only getting more and more stressful. As a result, we are all looking for ways to help calm things down and make ourselves feel better as a result. However, there is a new way that is coming along in the West that is changing how women relax and it comes in the form of an erotic massage.The female genital intimate massage is helping more and more women discover the art of sensual massage, to learn to relax in their lives.A wife massage is always a best auction for erotic wife massage stories.

The woman should be instructed to be present in her body and pleasure in this freight. She should breathe with the mouth open with no gaps between the in and out breath. One can ask her to breathe a little deeper than normal and breathe into the belly. The belly should rise and fall on every breath.The breath helps maintain your lover in her body and builds up the sexual energy that will start to move through the total body.The man should touch to please himself and not to please his lover in auction. Touch with softness and sensitivity. Maintain total concentration in your hands and the feelings of touching the breasts. If it feels good to us it will feel really nice to our lover.

The man can also breathe in wife massage,with his lover and remind her to breathe when she goes into a fantasy and out of her body. Most men touch too hard and fast in any erotic massage.Touch slowly and lightly. Imagine love coming out of your hands into her breasts. Holding her breasts is a nice way to start. Try some so light touch as a feather. Do not worry about turning her on, that is not your job.The breasts are the positive pole of a woman's sexuality and need to opened before her genitals will desire you.

Same is the case for erotic penis massage.Wife massage stories can also include penis massage.Ancient techniques detail the process to male genital massage - through different massage strokes, pressure points - some of which help in ejaculatory control (a method which allows a man to control his orgasm untill the point where maximum arousal and relaxation has been achieved i,e, when he has experienced enough pleasure!) In the tantric vocabulary, the male organ is referred to as the lingham, or wand of light. It is seen as pure consciousness or awareness - whose essence is drawn to the sacredness of the Yoni.

In the world of wife massage stories and erotic breast massage, atmosphere is everything. The Tantrists, for example, teach that your internal state is inextricably linked to your physical surroundings. That said, if your environment is pure and clean, you'll feel pure and clean. If your environment is in shambles, well.The best way to approach readying your environment and setting the mood is to appeal to your senses. Use visual elements, along with those that appeal to your senses of smell, sound, taste, and most importantly, touch.Enjoy the pleasures of sensual massage and give your wife massage stories a new way.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Watching sensual wife massage

While on vacation in Bangkok, Mrs. Nida playfully hinted that she would like a sensual wife massage from the handsome masseur.she saw carrying a massage table through the hotel lobby. She flirted with him and he handed her his business card that now lay on the coffee table in our luxury sweet. Knowing how aroused she would get laying completely naked while this handsome stranger rubbed her with warm oil, I picked up the phone and called the number on the card. When she returned from her pedicure I told her that I had scheduled her massage and that he would be over in an hour. She thought at first that I was kidding but when she realized that I was serious her nipples became erect and pointed firmly through her silk blouse.It was nice to have a sensual wife massage story.

I poured a vodka cranberry for her while she slipped into a warm sudsy bath. After a long luxurious soak she joined me on the balcony wearing only a short satin robe and tiny panties. With mischief in her eyes she leaned toward me and said I'm really turned on thinking about my massage. I don't know if I can behave. Just then there was a knock at the door. Excitedly she jumped up and pranced across the suite composing her self into a more sophisticated posture just before opening the door to meet her masseur.

After a brief but flirtatious greeting, he entered the living area where he set up his portable table while she stood there in her bare feet, robe loosely tied, anticipating her massage. OK,then he said to her motioning toward the table, if you will slip out of your robe and lay face down on the table we will begin.She glanced at me with a naughty little grin and pulled loose the satin tie that had barely held her robe together letting it slide off her shoulders. Now she turned toward him and meeting his eyes she lightly tugged her tiny panties over her hips, allowed them to drop around her ankles, and stepped out of them.

Having warmed some oil by rubbing it between his palms he placed his hands on her golden tan skin that now contrasted against natural cotton linen. Gliding over her naked body his fingertips gently began to knead. Following her spine downward, his hands paused and moved in slow circles on her round ass. A deep breath quietly escaped her lips.

In wife massage,Having headed to the pool where I had earlier said I would hang out during her massage, I could not resist pausing just out of sight then tip toeing around the corner into the bedroom where I could quietly watch. I could see his hands glide up the length of each long leg just below her ass then back down to her feet. After massaging the bottom of each foot he said in a soft voice, now, if you will turn over please….At which point she compliantly rolled over parting her legs briefly just before settling into a comfortable position on her back. Her hard nipples pointed toward the ceiling as he tantalizingly worked his way up each leg again. Placing one palm on her thigh and one behind her knee he brought her leg upward and rolled it in wide circles then leaned her knee against him while gently rubbing her inner thigh. This motion parted her pussy just enough for me to see her valley that now protruded slightly past her lips.

From my vantage point I could see that my lovely wife was becoming more and more aroused. Keeping contact with her warm skin, he stepped around to the opposite side and moving his hands across toward her other thigh his hand lightly brushed her valley. This sent a tingle through her pussy which now ached with desire. He brought that knee upward and outward as he had her other leg and this time I could see that her pussy had become wet as a crystal clear droplet slowly trickled downward over her pink little asshole. Noticing this himself, he lingered here. Swallowing hard he nervously looked toward the door then back down between her parted legs. With his fingertips coming within a half inch of her glistening lips his gaze shifted to see that she had begun unconsciously and ever so lightly caressing her abdomen. Her hips rocked upward slightly as her hands explored further downward.

Taking his hands off her just long enough to squirt more oil into his palms she allowed her legs to remain parted and continued to gently rock her hips. Placing one hand under the leg that was extended he gently pushed it upward and now rubbed the backs of both legs that were now spread slightly. He slowly glided his hands from her ass muscles up to the backs of each knee and down again then slid over her groin up onto her lower abdomen. Gliding his hands over the backs of hers he continued upward over her wrists, up her arms, and she felt his warm breath on her pussy. Changing direction now his hands returned back along her arms as his grip tightened slightly encouraging her hands further downward. With her fingertips now lightly caressing her hairless mound her eyes opened gently and met his.

As his eyes met hers, he parted her legs wider then looked down to see her beginning to circle one finger over her swollen clit. Gliding her fingers between her slippery lips and into her pussy she closed her eyes again and arched back letting out a sigh. Hoping that I was watching, she peered toward the bedroom where she noticed me in the shadows. This turned her on so much she began to rub faster. As he stepped toward the head of the table and began fondling her breasts she noticed that his cock was bulging through his light drawstring pants and a tell tale wet spot had formed at the tip. She reached up with one hand and stroked his balls and shaft right through the fabric. He rolled both her nipples between his warm, oily fingers as she tugged loose the drawstring bow on his pants. She slid her hand around to feel his warm bare ass and from there tried to push his pants down but they hung up on his stiff boner. He anxiously helped them off. She took the head of his cock into her mouth and began savoring its firmness with her tongue.

Now I was so fucking turned on that my own swollen cock pushed hard against my jeans. Watching this made me want her so bad. I didn't want to interrupt this very nasty time she was enjoying. So I stayed put and watched my wife as she continued to seduce this stranger. In our pillow talk, each version of this fantasy varied slightly. I wasn't sure just how far she would take it and the uncertainty was driving me nuts.The wife massage story has begun.

Now he pulled his shirt off, shook his pants off his ankles and stepped to the foot of the massage table. My heart was pounding as he stood there because I knew he wanted to fuck her. But he took his time and went down between her long naked legs. Feeling his warm lips and tongue on her pussy made her arch up again and moan deliriously. His fingers explored between her round ass cheeks as he sucked her clit. He could feel her asshole loosen then tighten then loosen again as he gently probed. She moved her ass toward his finger allowing him inside. Thoroughly savoring her sweet pussy he applied light pressure on her g-spot with the finger that was in her ass. This brought her to such an intense orgasm that her pussy gushed and he felt her quiver and pulse inside.

Once again she looked toward the bedroom for a moment then up at him. Sitting up she laced her fingers behind his neck and began kissing him deeply. I could see her scoot her hips to the end of the table and closer to his hard cock. They continued kissing and his cock pushed against her belly. Then she looked down, put her hands on his ass, and pulled him in between her legs. I knew at this point that he was about to experience that incredible feeling of my wife's aroused pussy hugging every inch of his cock as he slowly thrust it inside. I watched as pushed inward making her moan loudly now. She lay back on the table and he leaned over her supporting his weight with his arms. Slowly and rhythmically he began to thrust in long steady strokes. His cock glistened shiny with her juices. His pace quickened and she began to cum

I could smell the sweet aroma of sex in wife massage and hear the wet slapping sound as they fucked. I watched her little toes curl and knew she was getting sex the way she likes it. My mind whirled and my swollen cock ached. I reveled here in this wildly erotic experience that would shock most who had never ventured into such forbidden territory. I was happy that she was enjoying the little gift I had arranged.Their bodies now shined from perspiration and massage oil. The linen below her was damp and tangled. She felt his cock swelling deep inside her and she knew he was beginning to cum. Her fingernails raked across his back and she screamed, Yes! Give it to me!as his thrusts grew harder. At the very peak of her orgasm he pushed in all the way and held it there while his powerful orgasm pumped hot cum deep inside. A feeling of warm satiation bathed us as little orgasmic after shocks coursed through our bodies. I held her close and we kissed sweetly savoring the after glow of our delicious sex spiced up by another hot fantasy.This was the entire sensual wife massage story.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

wife massage story of vaginal massage

This is my real wife massage story.I live in a pretty small community and have often looked for good massages in my area. For several months now, I have seen an ad on Craigslist by a local guy who specializes in full body massages of women. The first time I saw the ad, I clicked on it to see if it would be a good gift for my wife. I found out that he specialized in a special massage of the woman’s vaginal area. It stated that the goal of the massage was not to orgasm, but it typically happened that way. Just a few days ago, I saw that ad again and this time his name was listed on his website. I decided to look up his name on Facebook and saw some pictures of the masseur.I liked him for my wife massage stories.

His name was Mark, he was about 6’-1”, very muscular body, tan, and dark features. He basically looked like someone out of a fitness commercial. I am not sure why, but I started to fantasize about seeing his strong muscles massaging my wife. The notion of this muscular guy rubbing down my wife was a big turn on.It was close to our anniversary, so I decided to see what I could do. I contacted Mark by email at first and mentioned that I would like to get the “special” massage for my wife. A couple of hours later we were on the phone discussing his “special” massage. I said that I was interested, but there were a couple of catches. First of all, I wasn’t sure that my wife would go for it. She is very prudish outside the bedroom, and I was the only one she has ever been with sexually, so allowing another man to touch her there may be out of the question.

He told me that I could always pay for those services and just see what happens. That massage is very relaxing and sensual from the start, so sometimes things just progress that way. I asked him if anything beyond a massage ever happens.“It is rare. Most of my clients are married women, who like the idea of a sensual massage, but don’t want to cross any more lines. However, on a handful of occasions the massage has turned into something more sexual. In those cases, I do not charge for the sex because it is mutually enjoyment and I would only sleep with those I would sleep with anyway. Since you are the client though, how would you feel about it if it progressed into something sexual?” asked Mark.Finally we decided for a wife massage which happened in the next few days.

My wife walked into the wife massage room wrapped in another short towel. She sat on the massage table for a minute or so waiting for Mark to enter. Mark came in wearing some tight white shorts and a white tank top. He offered a third glass of wine. She accepted and took a few quick sips. He told her to lie down on her chest and he will position her towel over her buttocks. I can tell that it was difficult for her to do this without revealing herself. She tried, but I am pretty sure Mark got a good look at her tits as she laid down. I could see them on the video. Last year, my wife got breast implants which complimented her sexy tight body. He adjusted her towel as promised and grabbed some warm oil.

He began massaging her shoulders and neck. I could tell he was really working out some kinks. He worked his way down each arm and even massaged each finger. He started working his down her back and rubbed her sides. I could see that as he did this his fingers would extend to the side of her breasts. I was hoping it was turning her on for the special massage. As for me, I was rock hard now seeing her massage so far. He continued the massage to her waist and hips. He let his fingers drift under the towel and massage the top of her ass. There were no objections, so pulled the towel lower, as he kneaded her ass a little. She seemed to enjoy it, and as he pulled his hands away, he slide the towel further up her butt.

Mark stands up for a moment and begins rubbing his cock over her dripping pussy in wife massage. He runs the head up and down her slit. Slowly he puts the head inside her waiting pussy, and pulls it back out. Once again he puts in the head and takes it out. My wife moans louder with each entry until finally, “Fuck me please… oh fuck me please, I want that big cock inside me. I need to feel that big dick.” She gasps. He continues his teasing game until she starts rocking her hips towards his cock. At once, he slides all the way inside her. She screams a scream of joy. Her pussy is spread so far open to take that cock. With every push her moans are louder and more intense and within minutes she is cumming once again. Mark continues to fuck her harder and harder, and her legs are spread so wide open.

My wife allows his to lay down and climbs on top of him. She reaches behind her and slides his cock back into her gaping pussy. Slowly she rocks her hips allowing his cock to slide deeper and deeper inside her. Her moans and incredibly loud at this point. I am amazed by sounds she is making. She rocks harder and harder. Mark cups her tits as his cock stretches out her pussy. Her rocking gets harder and slower and I can tell she is going to cum once again. She continues until a massive orgasm convulses through her body. She presses herself up against Mark’s body until it surpasses. Mark tells her that he is close to. “Where do you want me to cum?” he asks her. “Cum on my tits and face!” she replies. I am shocked to hear this, she has always had me finish inside her.

Mark stands up while my wife gets on her knees in front of him. She starts stroking his cock while Mark grunts in unison to her strokes. I see his balls tightening and know he is about to explode. He shoots his hot cum on her face and into her open mouth. She strokes him more, spilling the rest of his cum over her tits. My wife takes his cock back in her mouth and sucks the remaining cum off his cock. She starts rubbing the cum over her tits and scoops it into her mouth, where she swallows all she can. I once again cum seeing this. I am truly amazed by my wife’s actions. She stands up and they kiss some more, her hand still touching his cock

The night of wife massage story turns to some heavy petting and next thing you know, we are having amazing sex. I keep thinking that she is remembering Mark inside of her. The thought gets me so worked up that I am close to cumming. My wife asks me to cum on her face and tits for the first time. This pushes me over the edge and cum all over her face and tits. As she licks the cum up, I am certain her mind is on Mark’s cum, but I don’t mind. The fantasy was much greater than I imagined. After a couple of weeks, my wife tells me that she would like to get another massage. She tells me that regular massages help her stress and libido. I know where she heard this and know she has just been craving Mark’s massive cock. Mark and I exchange some more emails and discuss fantasies that he can help me with. He agrees to continue helping me because he said my wife was the wildest fuck he ever had, and he agrees to continue taping them for me.This was my wife massage story.

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Wife massage and orgasm sex story

My Wife and I are quite comfortable getting massages and they are truly for relaxation and working out the knots or stress, we never have received anything of the erotic sort.  So for a while there we were getting them on a monthly basis and that went on for a while then we just got too busy and stopped doing them.  My wife is in her late 30s, brunette, has big breasts and booty and I in my 40s, and life got pretty busy but particularly so for my wife who was in dire need of a deep tissue specialist. So I encouraged her to find someone and we both agreed a woman just wouldn’t be strong enough and it should be a man to do the deep tissue right. My fantasies were realities about wife massage.

So she spent some time looking and found a website with personal trainers and some ended up doing massages as well. Perfect!  She went to the ABOUT US section and so all their biographies. We have a very open communicating relationship and don’t hold anything back between each other and so she saw one guy and immediately made a point to tell me how HOT he was, more than once!  I said, well, you want to relax, call him and see if he can do it, she was a little apprehensive at first as she wasn’t sure she could relax having a guy that hot massaging her but after some prodding she relented and made the appointment.

The morning of the appointment, he was to come to the house as we had all our massage therapists do in the past.  I made sure I was busy in the house but to give them privacy and quiet upstairs. We planned to try this in some luxury hotel in our city but then decided against.I made a comment just before he arrived and told her, if you feel you might get a happy ending, by all means go ahead and let it happen.  She joked and said sure thing and I reiterated, I am serious, if you want it, I wouldn’t have any issues with it and she smiled and said, we will see.  You see, we had discussed a couple of times in various settings that I would love to see or hear about her having a fling.  Nothing relationship oriented but the idea of her giving another woman or man oral or receiving it was my ultimate fantasy of wife massage sex.
I never had any interest in cheating on her or doing anything myself, it’s just the voyeuristic side of me and the fact she turned me on so much and I felt so secure that her doing something would be such an aphrodisiac that I would explode!  She never really seemed interested though although she is very flirtatious with other men and has admitted she loves being nude in front of others and having men see her naked is a turn on to her. And she admitted a fantasy she had, which was to get a happy ending in a massage unsolicited, just happens.  She never explained in detail.

So I reiterated to her before she went upstairs to get ready and shower that I was serious, let it happen, and that if she wanted to return the favor I would be all for it as long as she told me all about it. She agreed sarcastically, if it happened she would give me all the details.He arrived right on time and she was right, even for me to say,he was a very good looking guy.  I could tell immediately my wife was taken aback and absolutely swooning for him, flirting and as she talked did the little touchy thing a couple times.  I had a feeling at that moment that something might actually happen as I had never seen her so GAGA over someone.

So the rest I will tell you from her telling me everything as I wasn’t there. She went up, took a quick shower while he set up the table and the she came out in a towel while he went out on the back deck waiting for her to lay down and get situated. Everything was pretty normal for a massage, he had soothing music playing and started with her facing down and draped.  He had large strong hands and he spent a lot of time as requested doing her shoulders and neck.  She would have been quite happy to just have that the entire time but she also wanted a full body relaxation moment and besides she wanted to check him out a little lying on her back.

She isn’t a talker during a massage so really got into her own little world as she was drifting aimlessly in relaxation. After she turned over he worked down one side of her body being careful to keep her draped.  She did notice as she has many times in past massages he seemed to be working with a harden as it occasionally brushed against her body, nothing intentional or at least she didn’t read anything into it.  She actually quite enjoyed it as she was thrilled she had him turned on massaging her as it made her feel good as a woman.He started on her right side and at her feet and slid the draping to half her body leaving her pelvic region half exposed up to just covering her right was really an awesome wife massage.

She could tell from the air that she didn’t think her breast was totally covered as they are quite large and natural and her nipples are enormous, size of the width of a large coffee cup so chances are they don’t cover easily.  He slowly worked from her right foot to her ankles and then slowly up to her calf’s.  She made some sounds of enjoyment as her tight calves were worked on and she definitely needed it.  He used large strokes and worked dot encompassing her entire leg going from her calf up to her thighs and outer leg.  He used long and glided strokes along the length of her leg and every other stroke or two he would come very close to her pelvic region and then slightly grazed her pussy lips under the draping.

She became very aware as she was slightly embarrassed as she realized she was probably extremely wet by now.  She was getting very relaxed but flushed as the thought was extremely exciting and building up as nothing really happened.  He continued up her leg now working primarily on her thighs at this point and she began feeling his hardened cock pressing up against her hand that was lying on the table.  She tried to ignore it as it wasn’t direct but hard to ignore and he began stroking her thighs harder and with wider strokes.  He again grazed her pussylips and she began to think of nothing else but wanting him to do it once more and sure enough a couple more strokes and once again but this time he seemed to hesitate a bit and was with more pressure that she couldn’t ignore.

Without intending but in pure reflex she slightly opened up her legs more and with his next stroke he made it very intentional and his finger began rubbing her swollen and wet clit briefly as she laid there and then he went back to stroking. On his next pass he spent more time massaging her clit and she began arching her back and moaning in ecstasy and without thinking about it she grabbed his harden through his pants and unconsciously began slowly kneading it.  He slowly began massaging her soaking wet clit more feverishly now and she was arching her back very obviously now, mouth open and almost immediately began orgasming hard.  She convulsed over and over and then rested down all along just squeezing his cock unconsciously and not realizing it. Once it was over she let go and regained her composure in wife massage.

 Then without incident he covered up her right side and moved to the left side and started the same routine without a word being said.  He rubbed her feet for a while, then slowly like clockwork moved up her left side.  Meanwhile she had really fallen to a relaxed state after her climax and was on verge of drifting to a light sleep until he began his long strokes up to her thighs.  This time he was heading a bit faster and with a little more force.  He positioned himself beside her and rested his crotch right on top of her hand and she could tell immediately he was pushing a little more than her to just grab it.

He asked her if everything was alright and she responded with a resounding yes and he said, just let me know if you want me to do anything different and she said no, you are doing great with what you are doing.He then began the slight caressing of her inner thighs and then to her pussy, massaging it ever so gently and at the same time was rocking his pelvis back and forth so his cock would be rubbing her hand.  She took the hint and began rubbing his crotch slowly with her whole hand.  She told me at this point she was again so horny she couldn’t stand it and he started right into massaging her clit again nice and slowly as she was still sensitive from just Cumming.

She was really started to lose herself when he stopped suddenly and rubbed her thighs around and just teased her soaked pussy at this point by brushing by it every other stroke.  She asked quickly if anything was wrong and he said no and slid her hand under his shorts.She realized he wasn’t going to let her cum again unless she reciprocated.She was a little apprehensive at first as she hadn’t felt another man's cock in almost 7 yrs before her husband. He slowly went back to rubbing her clit slowly; really lubing her up and she began to stroke him in kind. She remarked he was real long but he was very thick, so thick she couldn’t get her whole hand around his shaft and he has a huge ball sack, bigger than she ever felt.

She stroked him some more and then he stopped again, this time he bent down and removed his shorts and moved closer to her face.  She said she was mesmerized at first, not believing she was doing this.  He went back to rubbing her and even bent over and licked her pussy for a minute and then moved his cock right over her face. She was so horny at this point she was almost shaking from excitement and couldn’t resist anymore.She pulled his cock closer and said to him please don’t stop and proceeded to put his entire engorged cock into her mouth and began stroking and sucking feverishly.

He slid his fingers into her pussy, 1, then 2, then 3 and she was letting him thrust in her as hard as he wanted as she spread her legs as wide as she could.  She used her other hand and cupped his enormous balls, the size of 2 small lemons while she tried to stretch her mouth around his wide shaft.  She could tell he wasn’t going to last. She is a swallower, always swallowed my load every time, even when I wanted to see it on her, I had to usually beg for her not to swallow. He clenched up and she could feel the pulsing of his veiny cock and she realized she shouldn’t swallow a stranger and she quickly pulled him out of her mouth after he had already began spurting into her mouth. She rubbed his cock all over her face as he kept shooting ropes of cum all over her face and hair while he kept half his hand thrusting into her pussy.

She kept rubbing his cock all over her face during this wife massage sex session for a while after as he was still working hard to get her off with his hand.  She noticed he hadn’t gone soft and she slowly worked his cock back into her mouth and once again stroked feverishly.  This time she couldn’t handle it anymore and she started to convulse with excitement as she came a 2nd time and he immediately shot a 2nd enormous load. She couldn’t help herself as she came she automatically started to try and swallow all of his cum as he kept shooting.  She was swallowing at a feverish pace in her cum covered face haze she couldn’t even swallow all of his second load as it came squirting out the sides of her mouth.  She slowly licked all over his cock and then fell back and he cleaned her up.It was an awesome wife massage sex session for me.

My wife massage story at Murree

We are here to share our true experience of wife massage in Pakistan.We are a Pakistani couple from Islamabad aged 34 and 38 yrs and married for seven years.I had to go on a business trip which involved six hours of driving and my wife was with me in the car - After the meeting we thought of visiting a nearby Luxury hotel in Murree which is famous for Pakistani ayurvedic messages - I suggested that she go for a massage and she gave me a flat 'NO" for her.Therefore,I requested a massage for myself and the guy who mas massaging me was just around twenty years old. I suggested that my wife watch the massage as she had never seen it before.My wife is from elite class having a broad mind regarding the life.As per our livings,it was my perception that she can get a wife massage.

As my massage was almost getting over I insisted that she have her at least her feet massaged as it would be cramped.The boy suggested that a female person is available if my wife wants a massage. "Its just the feet - I am sure you can do it well" was my reply and I made my wife lie on the carpet - "Remove that skirt and wrap a towel" I matter of fact told my wife as we didn't want oils on the dress as we didn't have another pair to change - very reluctantly just to avoid a fight she very modestly wrapped the towel and pulled down the skirt. suggested that I help pour the oil on her feet as he massages - and the feet massage started. My penis was sticking out of the towel I had wrapped and I was just excited as I had my own plans.

The oil that I was pouring to help wife massage started getting poured from the feet slowly up to the ankles and then to the calf with the towel getting in the way. I slowly got the towel hiked up and the boys hand started creeping up her legs. At one point I told her "Its a professional massage and no harm in getting your full legs massaged" and I just pulled off the towel.Little did I know that she was wearing a pink lacy panty that day. The boy who was massaging kept his eye away from the panty and was definitely having a good bulge as the sight of my wife lying in a pink hugging top and a pink panty. I was so hard watching my wife giving the boy an erection that I was in pain with all the veins sticking out of my cock. I guess she was enjoying the massaging by this time as I didn't get any resistance as I poured the hot oil up and up her thighs and onto her buttocks.

The boy being a good masseur knew how to run his hands slowly up her thighs so by this time the panty as soaked in oil and was just a piece of cloth between her ass cheeks. I kept pouring oils on to her ass cheeks and he was massaging her tight buns deeply; by this time I has lifted the blouse a little and her back too was exposed and the oil has reached the small of her back. "remove your top - don't get a good blouse stained" and whether she enjoyed it or not, she pulled off her top and was lying on her stomach.He proceeded to massage her back and the boy looked at me when the back of her bra was getting in the way. Without asking unhooked her bra and she kept her arms close by her side so that the breast would not be exposed. The boy who was tensed anxious and at the same time enjoying this customer started massaging her shoulder and the sides of her rib case and he brushed her breasts because my wife looked back to make sure that I was there and that she is safe in wife massage.

The sight of the boy rubbing her whole back from neck to toe with just a panties strip on her was too much for me to watch.After an hour or so he asked that she turn over and she did slowly. That was a sight I will remember all my life - Unhooked bra cups just covering her breasts loosely and the pubic hairs all sticking though the lace and side of the pink lace panties. She pulled her panty up and tightened so that it doesn't get accidentally pulled down. But she didn't realize that her oil covered panty and her oil dripped (maybe wet and juicy too!!!!) pussy was exposed tight through the think material.Not a word was spoken by anyone of us all through this as it was just not planned and the atmosphere was very sexually charged.

The shape of her cunt lips was very visible as he started the massage again from her toes to her legs and to the junction of her panty. Each time the boy's massaging hands reached the junction of the panties it would rub on her lips and go off - the effect it had was visible as her eyes were tightly shut, and the thigh muscles got tightened. I am not sure whether it was a massage at all or foreplay now. At one time the panty got pulled down to the pubic hair line while her lower tummy was massaged and then the boy was clearly enjoying her navel - he was pouring oil there as some artist was enjoying the painting - he filled the navel with oil and poked a finger into it slowly and caressed the tummy along the line of oil flow. 

When the boy reached her chest he asked me "remove bra please" he clearly wanted to squeese her breast. But my wife said "Don't, don't remove the bra, the rest of the massage will do" - I tried twice to remove the bra but I failed. So the boy started with her shoulder by standing behind her back and as the bra was unhooked and as I was pouring oil onto the swell of her breast, each time he massaged the upper front swell of the breast, the boobs would get a little more exposed without she knowing (We guess!!!!). I managed to watch the boy massage up to the dark circle around her nipple with her nipple exposed but he dared not venture to touch her nipple as we didn't want her to suddenly cover up the almost exposed boobs.

I was leaking through my painful hard cock during this wife massage and I can only dream what the boy was suffering through his tight pants. As it was getting to a close the boy as if giving a farewell kiss ran a feathery finger through the whole length of her body - from left shoulder to the left toe and from the right toe to the right shoulder and then from the through the half exposed breast and over the unclasped bra through her tummy to her pussy and the finger came back and rested on her tummy.It so barely touching and feathery and so tender that she has all her hairs ends standing all over her. She got up after the massage and wrapped her towel (while hooking the bra we got to see her full breast by the side) and was very casual about the massage and went for a bath. This happened three years back and till now she has not admitted that she was sexually excited by the touch, nor have I asked as it was her first male touch.This was all about my wife massage story.


Friday, 20 April 2012

My Wife's Massage That Had Gotten Out Of Control

My 48 year old wife gets a free massage from a young hunk but it ends up with him fucking her.My wife recently started getting regular massage at a local studio from a young male therapist. After some prodding, my wife described me the massage. She starts off nude under a towel on her stomach. When he massages her lower back the towel is then partially and then completely removed. When she is on her back, her breasts are exposed and the towel is always covering her genitals. This has happen the last couple of sessions. He asked her permission and she agreed. My wife is 48 and looks pretty good. The masseur is much younger. I've met him a couple of times and I don't really feel comfortable with this guy spending so much time with my wife nude.

I have many, many massages from therapists of both sexes and NEVER had my naked butt or breasts exposed. Professional therapists would, IMO, never even ask. I tend to lie nude under the sheets, but panties and/or bras are normal for many women even with a female therapist. Professionals are trained to work around this type of clothing.This was the saying of my wife before wife massage.

I see a female massage therapist weekly and am completely naked under the covers. She always has either a towel or covers over my breasts, netherregions and butt. She does, however, uncover one butt cheek at a time to really massage my glutes (a problem area for me during hard marathon training). She always gives you the option to keep as much clothing on as you feel comfortable with. There's really no reason to have breasts, genitals or the entire butt exposed even without undergarments on. The MT should be skilled at placing and tucking the covers/towel to prevent overexposure during the wife massage.

I also shared something after my wife massage with her.I have been visiting a female professional masseuse in a spa for a few years. I am always naked under a sheet (but had the option to leave on as much as I wanted), but covered so that only the part of the body being massaged is exposed. When she massages the my glutes, only one side is is exposed at a time. The sheet is very carefully placed so I am covered on the other side. When I'm on my back and she's doing my legs, the sheet is arranged so I am completely covered in the genitals at all times. She is very careful to make me feel comfortable while preserving my modesty, but at the same time allowing her to give me a great massage. I've described the entire process to my wife and she's fine with this.

OK.. well this is one of those tough situations. She obviously has no problems with it. You her no problem because she gets a sexual excitement from it? Most likely (she probably at least likes the attention and has a bit of fantasy that she is turning him on). Would she admit that to you if she wishes to continue. Most likely not. Will they ever go further? ... don't know.After all,I love my wife massage stories.

Monday, 16 April 2012

How to give an erotic breast massage to wife

An erotic breast massage is a ritual for wife massage that allows a woman to receive sensual energy and unconditional love from her partner. The breast massage is a special type of Tantric massage that focuses on the woman’s breasts. Not only does massaging the breasts make them firmer, it also makes them healthier and aids in maintaining the balance of hormones in a woman's body. Breast massage is also a great way for a man to give pleasure, healing, and intimacy to his partner. The breasts are the seat of a woman’s sexuality and need to be loved and honored before any other part of her body will open up to you.The pleasure can be provided through erotic breast massage.

Breast massage can be tricky because breast tissues are quite delicate. However, if done properly and with exerting only moderate pressure, massaging the breasts is perfectly safe. The procedure is also quite simple.Make the space where you'll be doing the breast massage warm, inviting, and special, a place your partner will feel welcome and comfortable. Before you start, express to your woman that the breast massage is for her to enjoy and to think of nothing else, but receiving. It is up to you to ensure that she does not wonder about giving you pleasure.

Begin the breast massage by resting one hand on your woman's heart and the other on her yoni and visualize warm heart energy moving from your heart into your hands and down towards her heart and yoni. This is a very connecting and healing visualization to use before beginning the breast massage.To avoid friction and discomfort, using massage oil on the skin is also necessary. The application of the massage oil onto the breast is the first stage of the massage. The oil is applied in circular movements on the breast, with the direction going from the center of the chest towards the underarm area. Caress her breasts slowly and gently. Try brushing the palms of your hands over the whole breast for a silky smooth sensation.

Get into a rhythm. Repeat your moves several times and be consistent. If you're working in a clockwise motion, do that on both breasts. Or try this move: place your palm over the entire breast (with the nipple in the center of your palm). Fan out your fingers as if they're the spokes of a wheel. Now bring them in toward the nipple and finish off with a slight pinch. Then repeat.The second step to massaging the breast is done after the breast is fully covered in oil. The breast is kneaded gently by lifting it from the chest and pressing delicately with both hands. Alternately, with both hands holding the breast, the flesh should be twisted and wrung very gently.

Next, as the third step, try to scoop the flesh of the breast with utmost gentleness using the flat of the fingertips. The strokes should be done clockwise, and then counterclockwise.After this, as a fourth step, you can move to directly massaging the nipples. Take both thumbs and place them on opposite sides of her nipple, starting at the outside edge of her areola. Slowly and gently bring your thumbs together , lightly squeezing her nipple between your thumbs and pull outward towards you. Repeat this until you make a complete circle all the way around her nipples. Be sure to adjust the pressure depending on how she reacts. Some women like it light, some a bit harder.

As a last step of erotic massage in wife massage, the skin of the breasts should be stroked and smoothed, with the direction of the fingertips going from the center away towards the side. This is the cooling down phase of the massage. When this is done, repeat all the steps on the other breast.End the breast massage the same way you began by placing one hand on her heart and the other on her yoni and visualize warm heart energy moving from your heart into your hands and down into your partner. Breathe slowly and deeply together for several minutes. Then allow her to rest.Breast massage is as enjoyable for the giver as it is the receiver. It is healing both physically and emotionally. Breast massage provides a wonderful form of relaxation and/or sexual foreplay. It may be done by itself or in combination with other Tantric massages, such as the G-spot massage, the clitoral massage, or the yoni massage.Hope you have enjoyed this article of erotic breast massage.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Luxuries of erotic massage

I am narrating erotic massage experience here.I’d sealed the deal, a multi-million dollar contract and was about to head off to London Heathrow for a flight back to New York when the snow storm struck.I dived into the nearest hotel for a cocktail to assess the situation. Robert, the barman was one of those guys whom you know you can trust and rely upon. “You aren’t going anywhere tonight Sir” he said, “The UK closes down at the first sight of snow, and I’ve already had word that the airport is closed for the next 24 hours”Worst things happen I thought, here I am in a 5 star Mayfair Hotel, the deal done and a weekend in London to enjoy. I checked into the most expensive suite available, an amazing series of rooms in a modern Italianate style for erotic massage.
massage wife

It seemed such a waste to be in this palatial suite on my own, but first I need a massage to relieve the tension of the day.  I went back to the bar to see if Robert could recommend a 5 star massage company to visit me in the suite. Without hesitation he pulled a black business card from his pocket with the words PEARL London embossed in white. “This is the best visiting sensual massage company in London” he said. “The girls are all amazing and I’ve only ever had fantastic feedback from the customers who’ve tried them. Check out their website, you’ll be blown away”.

I tipped Robert handsomely and rushed back to my room to check PEARL’s site. Wow, this looks amazing, I can have at least two girls join me to share my huge Jacuzzi bath, followed by a four hand body-to-body massage and dinner with them in my suite afterwards. This ticks all the fantasy boxes I ever had.The hardest part was choosing which two girls I wanted, they all looked stunning. I made the call and within 30 minutes the bell to my suite rang. Nervous and excited, I opened the door.

Before the sensual massage,Cara and Natasha introduced themselves, they were drop dead gorgeous, one brunette and quintessentially English, the other blonde and stunningly Scandinavian. They came in and immediately put me at ease, conversation flowing freely and naturally as if they’d known me all my life.The girls went to prepare the bathroom and told me to change into my bathrobe. A few minutes later they summoned me in. The room was transformed, they had placed candles all around, soft music was playing erotically in the background and the two of them were kneeling naked in the Jacuzzi, looking like visions from above, inviting me to disrobe and join them.

I won’t spoil the enjoyment of future PEARL London customers by describing the wondrous aquatic time we spent, suffice to say that I’ve never experienced anything like it in my life.They toweled me dry and lead me, hand-in-hand to the huge bed. Cara and Natasha erotically applied massage oil to each others perfect bodies. I thought I was dreaming. Then it was my turn. Their four hands worked skillfully to work the oil into every centimeter of my skin. Cara started to body slide up from my toes, slowly, sensually, never breaking eye contact until we were face to face . Natasha began massaging both our bodies, I have never been so turned on.
An exhilarating two hours later the massage was over. They had give me the best ling.m massage I could ever imagine possible. Their 4 hands bringing me to the point of no return and back again so many times. In the end I think my explosion must have gone into orbit.

We showered gently together and later enjoyed a wonderful dinner I’d ordered to the suite.The three of us raised our glasses of the best Crystal champagne and gave a toast to PEARL London.What a day - it doesn’t get better than this.

The Happy Ending

When Morrison was brought in to be VP Sales, there seemed to be no logic to his firings and hirings, making us all very uneasy. He never mentioned my Sales reports. He was pleasant enough when we had an occasional lunch in the staff canteen, but in meetings he frequently made belittling jokes at my expense. I didn’t know where I stood.
It all came to a head on one of my regular trips to see existing clients and develop new ones in London. I stayed in my usual room at my preferred hotel next to the British Library.I had a shower before bed, put on the toweling robe and slippers the hotel provides, and settled down in an arm chair for a read of my favourite magazine Then there was a tap on the door.There were two tall girls, one blonde and one redhead, smiling broadly. They looked like models.”We’re bringing a message from Mr Morrison”, they said in unison and disappeared with their bags into the bathroom.

There was a sound of showering. When they came out they were wearing matching bustiers, lace-topped stockings, thongs and heels. All in black for the blonde; red for the redhead.They lit a dozen tea lights around the room and turned on some soft, exotic music. They beckoned me to lay on my stomach on the bed and tied restraints to my ankles and wrists so that  I was spread in a big X.I had always considered my derriรจre as simply the part of the body provided to sit on. Until that evening I hadn’t thought of my two buttocks as separate body parts. But the redhead, on the right-hand side of the bed chose to massage her chosen buttock with oil, very suggestively. The blonde on the other side of the bed started slapping her selected buttock with increasing vigour. Then they swapped activities with much spanking by the redhead and teasing rubs by the blonde.

Eventually they untied the restraints and turned me over onto my back. One tweaked my left nipple, one my right, and they both slipped a hand between my legs and satisfied my instincts.After breakfast in the morning, I took the train back to Birmingham and a taxi to the Head Office and factory. My secretary said the CEO wanted to see me.“Anything unusual happen on this trip?” he asked. I started to tell him about the previous evening’s event when he said he’d heard the story half a dozen times that month already.

“What you had,” he said, “was a PEARL London Tie and Tease sensual massage. Taking a client to lunch or dinner is a valid business expense. Using a PEARL London massage as a sales incentive for the staff is not. So early this morning I asked Mr Morrison to seek opportunities elsewhere”. “This leaves an opening as Vice President of Sales. I asked you to meet with me as I wondered if you would consider the job?”This was all about hot erotic massage story and sensual massage.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Erotic massage to penis massage

There are many erotic massage therapy techniques that can increase the penis size both the ways; length and girth. Though the size of the penis is least concerned when it comes to satisfy the woman as the penis having length of just 2.5 inches (erected) is enough to penetrate woman and make her pleased, everybody wants bigger. This is because it is the concept and belief that the woman finds man sexiest who has bigger and longer penis. Here are two of the famous massage techniques from massage therapy schools that can help making the penis fuller and bigger.

One of the methods to get a larger erected and size is ‘ballooning’. The ballooning technique includes prolonging the ejaculation. Hence, this means in order to start the procedure, the very first thing to know is how to last longer. One must be able to retain his ejaculation back three to five times during sexual performances. If it is becomes difficult to hold the ejaculation back or withhold from it prematurely then he must first take some libido enhancing herbs to gain some endurance. This will put him on the track being more sexually stimulating lover as well as will make him in a position to perform the Penile Ballooning method.

When the organ is erect, one should begin to massage the penile shaft, footing, base, pubis, groins, and scrotum. Massaging them gently will increase the blood flow within the reproductive organs. By holding back the ejaculation one can accelerate the metabolic process of the testosterone. All the while, one should hold back on ejaculation about 3-5 times and then he is allowed to release it.  

This is the basic penis massage and is quite easy to execute. The technique relies upon applying a milking motion along the length of the penis shaft in semi erect position. To do this, one should use a thumb and forefinger to encircle the base of the organ. One has to remember that a moderate firm grip is used so that the partial erection is maintained. This will also ensure that the blood is firmly trapped. Once you maintain this moderate pressure, the grip hand should then slide forwards along the length of the penile shaft and should force as much blood as possible towards the areas of penis’ erectile tissue.

As the grip hand comes closer to the end of the penile shaft; an alternate hand will then repeat the process. This will result in a constant motion with each stroke that takes about 3-5 seconds if performed gently though firmly. To achieve maximum benefits from the Jelquing technique, it is always advisable to use some lubricants (preferably herbal or essential aromatic oil). Lubricating oil will help the gripping hand sliding without any friction or resistance along the length of the male organ.

The exercises are usually performed when flaccid. The basic penis massage technique involves gripping it firmly around the head and then gently pulling forward. The idea of the stretch is not to pull it to the point of pain but to just pull sufficiently so that it is stretched to its maximum comfortable limit. An example of a stretching exercise would then be to hold the stretch for approximately 15 seconds before relaxing. To complete the session the process would then be repeated 10-15 times.we hope that penis massage therapy article would help you a lot.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Wife's Massage therapy

Having enjoyed reading the massage stories here for some time now, I thought it was about time I contributed something. Although I guess this story is pretty tame, it is completely true.Shortly after we were married at the age of 24, my wife Sarah and I took three months off work to go traveling in south-east Asia. One of the places we spent some time was Phuket, a small island off the coast of Thailand. We enjoyed exploring the local area, eating great Thai food and, of course, the fabulous beaches.This massage story of erotic massage is really awesome for massage therapy lovers.

Before I carry on, I should describe Sarah to you. She is about 5ft 7in with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She had at the time (this was before kids!) a slim build and gorgeous long legs topped with a firm round bum! In short, although not a supermodel, she was (and still is) very beautiful and always turned heads.One evening Sarah and I were sitting on the beach, watching the sun sink lower in the sky, when we were approached by two Thai girls in their late teens or early twenties. They asked whether either of us would like a massage. I declined but, slightly to my surprise, Sarah said that she would. I expected that the girls would invite us to a private place for the massage but instead they put down their things and approached my wife where she sat.

Sarah was, at this time, wearing bright red bikini bottoms and a long red T-shirt, and the Thai girls began massaging her bare feet, legs and back through her top as she sat there. The beach was relatively empty, with just a few passers by and the odd person or couple sitting or laying about.The Thai masseuses continued to work on Sarah, who now had her eyes closed, listening to the sound of the surf, and was clearly getting very relaxed. She has always loved to be massaged, and I guess having four hands working on her was better than two!

I sat off to the side while all this was going on, alternately looking at Sarah, the sea and other people on the beach, some of whom were beginning to take notice of this public massage. Then I saw one of the Thai girls, who was standing behind Sarah, begin to lift up my wife's T-shirt. Sarah opened her eyes and turned to the masseuse, explaining that she could not take off her shirt because she had nothing on beneath it. The girl shrugged and said that was not a problem. Clearly enjoying the massage and not wanting to cause a fuss (typical of her), Sarah raised her arms and allowed the masseuse to pull her T-shirt over her head and place it on the sand.

I couldn't believe this! My new wife, who is pretty shy and conservative, had just been stripped to her little bikini bottoms by another woman on a public beach, in full view of, perhaps 20 people! I felt a knot in my stomach, and my throat went dry. I was simultaneously embarrassed for Sarah, and enormously turned on to see her sitting there, with her beautiful, small breasts fully on display, topped by those sweet pink nipples that only I had seen since she split up with her former boyfriend 5 years before.

I said nothing as the massage continued, now using essential oils, but noticed much more regular glances from other people on the beach, especially of course the men. Both Thai girls continued massaging Sarah, stretching her arms above her head and manipulating her body. Sarah had closed her eyes again and clearly simply given herself over to the experience. I thought that was as far as things would go in this environment, but the masseuse standing behind Sarah knelt down in the sand, reached around and began rubbing her oily hands over my wife's beautiful breasts.

I was now almost beside myself, but still said and did nothing to interfere. Sarah was not objecting and I felt that I should stay out of it. As her front was gently caressed and became slick with oil, Sarah's nipples crinkled and hardened. It was one of the most erotic sights I have ever seen - we had only been married for a few months, and my wife was receiving a very sensual massage from two girls, on a public beach, with her breasts bare and shiny for all to see.

I don't know how long this continued before the Thai girls finished the massage; it was probably an hour altogether, and then one of them handed Sarah her T-shirt to put back on. Sarah paid them and then we looked at each other; I think neither of us could quite believe what had just happened. We returned to our hotel room and ...ed each other's brains out!

We have never experienced anything like that massage since, but have spoken of it once or twice over the years. Sarah said that, at that age, she felt too shy to cause too much of a fuss and stop the masseuse removing her T-shirt - which is kind of ironic! Writing this has given me the idea to arrange a sensual massage for Sarah, where I can be present, but I think this time it will be somewhere private!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

My girl's body massage

This body massage story is from a real massage boy who gave an erotic massage to his class fellow girl.Let's go in his words.When I was a senior in high school, I had a friend named Maria. Maria was two years younger than me. She had long black hair parted down the middle, plump tits which seemed always ready to burst from her tight t-shirts, and a voluptuous, curvy body. I lusted for her like no other girl I have ever known, but we were just friends. Sometimes we would go to market together, driving to the lake in my car.She was from Elite class who takes massage therapy a fun.

One day, I visited her Luxury Flat after our university time.She offered me a cup of Coffee and sat near me. While I was taking Coffee,she was rubbing her neck continuously. I asked her about the matter.She replied,I have little pain in my neck.I quickly offered my Massage therapy skills which I learned through online massage therapy classes. She smiled and agreed my offer after little hesitation.I started to think about giving her an erotic massage along-with pain relief.So after finishing my cup of coffee, I took a bottle from her dressing table.She lay on her stomach, and I went to work on her shoulders, working my way down as far as the waistband of her sweatpants. There was nothing sexual or even remarkable about this body massage so far.Unfortunately she was careful not to reveal anything during free massage.

I tried to explore her more and more and she was getting hot along with erotic massage.By now I had caressed, kneaded, and squeezed every part of her body except her breasts and pubic region. She was removing more clothing, and soon she was stripping to just a pair of gym shorts. I would sit on the bed with my back to the wall, and she would lean back in my arms while I rubbed her neck and shoulders. Her eyes would be closed, but mine would be staring down at her tits and swollen nipples.Finally I could take it no more, and gently cupped her tits in my hands. She squirmed a little, but made no attempt to stop me, as I kneaded them gently. I stroked the sides with my fingers, I weighed them in my palms, I swooshed them flat against her chest. I did it very "professionally" the was a real masseur might. There was still no suggestion of sex, our massage routine was still just that--a massage and no more.

I was in heaven. The messages were now lasting a full hour. Lotion was added to the mix, then later a blindfold. I began to wonder, "Did she want me? Was I one step away from a wild fuck session? Was she waiting for me to make a move?" I remembered her warning after I had kissed her some months ago. I decided to go one step further. During one massage, I let my hand brush against her pussy. No reaction. Again I brushed it, harder this time. Nothing.Finally, I decided I would see how far I could go. I began to look upon her as less of a friend and more of a sex object. I couldn't help it! I felt like she was using me. I was giving her everything she wanted and nothing she didn't want; she was giving me the worst case of blue balls mankind had ever known.

My dick was so hot I was sure it was glowing like a white-hot poker. I carefully took off my shorts but left my briefs on, then straddled her once more. Slowly, I pulled down the waistband of my underwear, exposing my full erection. I put more lotion on my hand, then began to stroke myself with one hand, while kneading one of her tits with my other hand. I moved slowly, so she wouldn't guess what I was doing. I pinched one nipple, then the other, and I jacked off with the lotion. Awkwardly, I moved down and took a deep breath of her pussy odor, which was potent and which served only to arouse me more. I let my lips brush against the fabric covering her mound, then licked her thigh, before positioning myself once again atop her as if if I were riding a horse. I was getting ready to cum, so I pumped my dick faster and faster as I squeezed a tit, a little too hard, I think, for I was also using it for support, for she uttered a faint, "Ouch!" during erotic massage.

Finally I exploded with a muffled grunt as a thick, gooey rope of cum made a stripe on her body from her navel to her cheek. A second squirt coated a breast, a third landed on her arm. I stopped for a moment and licked the cum off her cheek, thankful she was still blindfolded. She seemed oblivious to the whole thing.I grabbed the lotion bottle and squirted some lotion on her in various places. Did she not notice the difference in temperature between my hot jism and the cold lotion? She certainly said nothing as I began to rub a cum/lotion mixture into her young flesh.Later, after I removed the blindfold, she said to me, "That was sooo relaxing. Thank you so much, Paul." She said this without any indication that she knew what I had done.Thanks to my free massage session of erotic massage.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Adult Body Massage and facts

Adult body massage is a kind of erotic Massage therapy one person gives to another will include or lead to sexual contact. Don't expect to get a sensual massage at a daylight spa. If you walk in to a conventional spa or massage therapy center and ask for a massage with "a little something extra," you're bound to at least be disappointed -- if not thrown out on the street.Most of such erotic body massage services are home based.The massage therapists who work at spas are trained at Massage therapy schools through massage therapy classes, which has nothing to do with providing sexual gratification. Rather, these professional masseuses use their knowledge of the body to provide relaxation and accelerate the healing process of Wife massage.

Adult body massage as it is conventionally known is an illegal in almost all around the globe including Pakistan.underground service where men are massaged in a way that provides sexual gratification by hot women. In common parlance, these are known as 'full release' massages. In most parts of the world, any massage parlor or center that offers a 'full release' adult massage is breaking the law.Even so, adult massage parlors are far from uncommon. They can be found in nearly every metropolitan area in the Western world, often in second story walk-ups on the shady side of town.

It is a breach of spa etiquette to ask for sex, or any form of sexual contact as part of a conventional therapeutic body massage(excluding the home services). If you disregard this fact and ask a massage provider for sexual contact, the massage therapist will pause and tell you that is not the purpose of this massage. The masseuse might continue working, but don't be surprised if they don't. If you persist with these requests, the masseuse will discontinue working and you may wind up in legal trouble.Massage therapists commonly say that me usually ask for sex in an indirect fashion, requesting that they "work higher" when they get to their thighs or "work lower" when they massage their chest and abdomen. Once again, this is inappropriate behavior.Hence you must seek a home service where you can get released during body massage therapy.

If you are considering incorporating sensual body massage into your love life, first have a discussion about it with your partner(women). You don't need to be crafty or suggestive about it. Just plainly mention it to your partner and she will likely be amenable to it. Even if you feel shy or embarrassed about your desires, shelve your trepidation and ask. Make your partner a gift basket with a book on sensual massage and several bottles of massage oil. Perhaps a CD of sexy music and a bottle of wine might help you. Agree her for getting a couple Massage at home and get a good looking guy for massage therapy at home. Get a cloth-less body massage or get released during that which would be ideal for erotic body massage.

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