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How to give an erotic breast massage to wife

An erotic breast massage is a ritual for wife massage that allows a woman to receive sensual energy and unconditional love from her partner. The breast massage is a special type of Tantric massage that focuses on the woman’s breasts. Not only does massaging the breasts make them firmer, it also makes them healthier and aids in maintaining the balance of hormones in a woman's body. Breast massage is also a great way for a man to give pleasure, healing, and intimacy to his partner. The breasts are the seat of a woman’s sexuality and need to be loved and honored before any other part of her body will open up to you.The pleasure can be provided through erotic breast massage.

Breast massage can be tricky because breast tissues are quite delicate. However, if done properly and with exerting only moderate pressure, massaging the breasts is perfectly safe. The procedure is also quite simple.Make the space where you'll be doing the breast massage warm, inviting, and special, a place your partner will feel welcome and comfortable. Before you start, express to your woman that the breast massage is for her to enjoy and to think of nothing else, but receiving. It is up to you to ensure that she does not wonder about giving you pleasure.

Begin the breast massage by resting one hand on your woman's heart and the other on her yoni and visualize warm heart energy moving from your heart into your hands and down towards her heart and yoni. This is a very connecting and healing visualization to use before beginning the breast massage.To avoid friction and discomfort, using massage oil on the skin is also necessary. The application of the massage oil onto the breast is the first stage of the massage. The oil is applied in circular movements on the breast, with the direction going from the center of the chest towards the underarm area. Caress her breasts slowly and gently. Try brushing the palms of your hands over the whole breast for a silky smooth sensation.

Get into a rhythm. Repeat your moves several times and be consistent. If you're working in a clockwise motion, do that on both breasts. Or try this move: place your palm over the entire breast (with the nipple in the center of your palm). Fan out your fingers as if they're the spokes of a wheel. Now bring them in toward the nipple and finish off with a slight pinch. Then repeat.The second step to massaging the breast is done after the breast is fully covered in oil. The breast is kneaded gently by lifting it from the chest and pressing delicately with both hands. Alternately, with both hands holding the breast, the flesh should be twisted and wrung very gently.

Next, as the third step, try to scoop the flesh of the breast with utmost gentleness using the flat of the fingertips. The strokes should be done clockwise, and then counterclockwise.After this, as a fourth step, you can move to directly massaging the nipples. Take both thumbs and place them on opposite sides of her nipple, starting at the outside edge of her areola. Slowly and gently bring your thumbs together , lightly squeezing her nipple between your thumbs and pull outward towards you. Repeat this until you make a complete circle all the way around her nipples. Be sure to adjust the pressure depending on how she reacts. Some women like it light, some a bit harder.

As a last step of erotic massage in wife massage, the skin of the breasts should be stroked and smoothed, with the direction of the fingertips going from the center away towards the side. This is the cooling down phase of the massage. When this is done, repeat all the steps on the other breast.End the breast massage the same way you began by placing one hand on her heart and the other on her yoni and visualize warm heart energy moving from your heart into your hands and down into your partner. Breathe slowly and deeply together for several minutes. Then allow her to rest.Breast massage is as enjoyable for the giver as it is the receiver. It is healing both physically and emotionally. Breast massage provides a wonderful form of relaxation and/or sexual foreplay. It may be done by itself or in combination with other Tantric massages, such as the G-spot massage, the clitoral massage, or the yoni massage.Hope you have enjoyed this article of erotic breast massage.

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