Friday, 20 April 2012

My Wife's Massage That Had Gotten Out Of Control

My 48 year old wife gets a free massage from a young hunk but it ends up with him fucking her.My wife recently started getting regular massage at a local studio from a young male therapist. After some prodding, my wife described me the massage. She starts off nude under a towel on her stomach. When he massages her lower back the towel is then partially and then completely removed. When she is on her back, her breasts are exposed and the towel is always covering her genitals. This has happen the last couple of sessions. He asked her permission and she agreed. My wife is 48 and looks pretty good. The masseur is much younger. I've met him a couple of times and I don't really feel comfortable with this guy spending so much time with my wife nude.

I have many, many massages from therapists of both sexes and NEVER had my naked butt or breasts exposed. Professional therapists would, IMO, never even ask. I tend to lie nude under the sheets, but panties and/or bras are normal for many women even with a female therapist. Professionals are trained to work around this type of clothing.This was the saying of my wife before wife massage.

I see a female massage therapist weekly and am completely naked under the covers. She always has either a towel or covers over my breasts, netherregions and butt. She does, however, uncover one butt cheek at a time to really massage my glutes (a problem area for me during hard marathon training). She always gives you the option to keep as much clothing on as you feel comfortable with. There's really no reason to have breasts, genitals or the entire butt exposed even without undergarments on. The MT should be skilled at placing and tucking the covers/towel to prevent overexposure during the wife massage.

I also shared something after my wife massage with her.I have been visiting a female professional masseuse in a spa for a few years. I am always naked under a sheet (but had the option to leave on as much as I wanted), but covered so that only the part of the body being massaged is exposed. When she massages the my glutes, only one side is is exposed at a time. The sheet is very carefully placed so I am covered on the other side. When I'm on my back and she's doing my legs, the sheet is arranged so I am completely covered in the genitals at all times. She is very careful to make me feel comfortable while preserving my modesty, but at the same time allowing her to give me a great massage. I've described the entire process to my wife and she's fine with this.

OK.. well this is one of those tough situations. She obviously has no problems with it. You her no problem because she gets a sexual excitement from it? Most likely (she probably at least likes the attention and has a bit of fantasy that she is turning him on). Would she admit that to you if she wishes to continue. Most likely not. Will they ever go further? ... don't know.After all,I love my wife massage stories.

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