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The general approach for wife massage sex

This guide blog for wife massage and wife massage sex stories teaches how to give and receive erotic massage for your wife. It discusses how to help your partner relax, and discusses how to help your partner experience extended or multiple orgasms as part of massage. A common arrangement is for one partner to receive a massage first by young guys, and then to return the favor.But of course,how you choose to arrange this is up to you and your wife if you want to get a young and hot guy for sex massage therapy classes and wife massage stories.

It's best to perform wife massage while your wife is lying on a massage table of some kind. After preparing your space like an Austin apartment locator,to be warm and pleasing, you can start with a sensual and relaxing general massage before shifting the focus to your partner's sex centers. If you don’t know how to perform wife massage,you must arrange a guy to do that.The idea is to bring your wife to high levels of arousal, and keep her there for a while. For wives, this is best done through verbal or non-verbal communication which allows stimulation to be slowed down, changed, or stopped before orgasms becomes inevitable (stimulation then continues in a few moments, after the urgency fades).For hot women, this is best done by using G-Spot and/or clitoral massage to bring her to multiple orgasms, which naturally tend to take place over an extended period of time.

Erotic wife massage can work equally well for same-sex as for opposite-sex partners. women feel pleasure when some young guy touches them for wife massage.Husbands can enjoy watching their wives being massaged by young hands.The sex after massage really reaches at peak.Additionally, as having someone pleasure you with their hands doesn't tend to bring up the same set of cultural fears and judgments that oral sex or intercourse sometimes do, it sometimes works well even when your partner isn't of a gender you are normally attracted to.Keep reading our wife massage stories and real wife massage fun. 

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Wife got pregnant after massage sex, sex story of hot struggle

This is my real wife massage story which I am posting here.I am 29 years old and Married for past 6 years. My husband was very interested as far as the sex was concerned.We keep on trying and experimenting new positions making it much more interesting.I like sex very much and taken many times initiative to make love,especially for oral sex after my husband introduced me to that after showing a video CD.I was a shy Muslim wife in the past but now very hot and open.He told me that oral sex is not bad if we are neat and clean. It was a beautiful one describing all the lovemaking positions and it also shown how to make Oral love, 69, etc.He helped me to enjoy the real wife massage stories of our own.

It described how to take partners slowly to the extreme orgasm by involving in foreplay and moreover it was the first time I am watching such a movie and seeing lovemaking in screen.While watching it I become too hot and we involved in a violent lovemaking.After that I become really crazy about fellatio since it given immense pleasure.Later on my husband praised me several times for my ability in it.We spent almost 3-4 years of happy married life.Later on we have troubles in getting a baby.My husband has a low sperm count.He has no problems in erection or penis size.He has much volume of cum but the alive sperms were very less to make me pregnant.

Being pregnant quickly after marriage is wanted by all Pakistani wives.But I was failed to get rid of depression due to that missing part of life.Finally I went for a sex with my cousin and got pregnant fortunately.Then after my child’s birth,my cousin has to leave for abroad,so I got alone agin striving for sex.When My baby was almost of 1 year I again wanted to have another baby.During that time husbands’ cousin, Khurram came to stay with us for a short stay.He was doing his degree in hotel management.He was quite young and around 20.My husband also suggested his stay in our flat since I was alone for 7 days in a month.My husband knew very well about my frustration for the last 3 years and he was afraid that it will make me mentally upset.He told that I have got all freedom to seduce Khurram but after that he wants to see our lovemaking.Even though first I rejected the idea of my husband as done earlier, I started fantasizing of making it with Khurram.

So I started regarding how to find the way to make him mad about me but luckily I noticed that, while alone, Khurram started paying more than usual attention to my breasts.In order to make sure that it was so,I sometimes intentionally let my Dopatta fall off while I bend to give him coffee or some cold drinks,so that he could have a good view.Invariably,his eyes would drop off and get fixed on them. I noticed that even while talking to me,his eyes made regular stares on my succulent breasts.After all,he was also a sex-starved young man;I thought and did not give it much importance.But since I fail to curtail those acts,it further encouraged him.He became bold enough to give me that lustful look all the time when he was around with me.But at first I used to ignore his looks to make him crazier about my body.

Every morning he used to take bed tea.That day since he had not called for tea,I went to his bedroom.He was in deep sleep and his hairy chest heaved rhythmically.In summer, most Pakistani men used to sleep half naked or naked and Khurram also did that being in shorts.He had a strong hard on and bed sheet near that area looked like a tent.Even though it was a wrong,I slowly pulled the bed sheet to watch his monster again while sleeping.It was so much bigger and thicker in its aroused condition even while he was sleeping.The screen capture made me crazy and wild.

Definitely it was a mouthwatering scene for a hot Pakistani woman like me and I became too horny.I came back without giving bed tea.I couldn’t forget that screen capture and full day I was restless and at last found solace in fingering.Finally,I decided to make an end to this debacle.I don't want to continue still further since I was also crazy to enjoy his perfect virgin cock.I made up my plan to ask Khurram for a body massage.At lunch, I told him a self made story about a surgical doctor.I told him that the Surgeon has prescribed a herbal medicine and advised me to have an oil massage in my back everyday.He said that I should better get it done by some strong hands.I have told my husband about it but he says he can’t do this.What should I do?I asked him.

He suggested that he himself would be able to do this job as he had a brief introduction to it from massage center.When I heard his suggestion,I simply blushed!First I thought.“No, it’s certainly impossible for me to agree to this.Myself getting massaged by my young cousin–no,such a thing I could not imagine.These were my first expression to his opinion.But finally I told him that I would think about it.I didn’t want to over react to him. Next day was a Saturday and my husband was also on tour.So I decided to enjoy the strength of his strong manhood that day itself since these days were safe period.My baby slept early after having her food.I called Khurram and told him about my decision about wife massage.

I removed all ornaments from my body and had worn a pink sleeveless gown.I laid on that cot by keeping my face to side and my back facing him. He looked at me and then said. “Bhabhi, don’t worry,I will do a nice massage.But you have to allow me full freedom for it.I mean you have to remove your…”He couldn’t complete the words. But I got the hint.To this, he looked pretty embarrassed and his face has turned red. I could see his face gleaming with joy. He asked if I was ready for the wife massage.

Khurram applied the massage oil on his both palms and started from my forehead. I wondered why he was massaging me there,as I never had any pain in that region.He gently massaged my forehead and then my cheeks and chin. He softly applied oil in my face.I relaxed and enjoyed what he was doing.He massaged my lips as well.After that his hands came to my ears.He caressed my ear lobes and I felt it so relaxing,so enjoyable. Many will agree that it is a very sensitive part.His fingers slowly approached my neck.He could then massage my throat and the neck region without any obstruction.When he was continuing massaging,I was trying to imagine how would he massage my back? Now I have to remove my bra in imagination.He then rubbed my hands with force,sometimes pressing and kneading.I could sense that my blood flow was increasing and I was feeling hot, even though the air conditioner was on.

When his fingers moved above my elbows, he softly whispered in my ears, "Bhabhi can you unfasten your gown please.”I guessed because of his shyness he couldn't complete the sentence,but I could clearly get the signal that he wanted my gown to be removed. Although,I was under this tension for a long time before my massage,when the moment came,I was so much engrossed in the wife massage that I didn't hesitate to remove it.I unbuttoned the gown from the front and he helped me to take it out of my hands up to my waist,Except a bra.I was naked above my waist for wife massage.

I admitted that the massage was bringing great comforts to me and he was surely doing a great job.I was deeply engrossed and I didn't even bothered to protest, as his trembling fingers unhooked my brassier strap at the back. Khurram slowly removed my bra, as I tried to protect my boobs with my hands from both side.He started gently with my spinal chord and the regions around it and massaged with force when he came to the sides of my back. At one stage, I felt that his fingers were quite close to me breasts.He started touching my breast while moving fingers.

At that moment I only wanted a hard male squeezing of my breasts.I was desperately waiting for an accident to happen. I was trying to visualize his erect manhood inside his Bermuda and felt that my hot cunt started tingling strangely and I could sense my molten cunt cream after a prolonged period.He could not wait any longer. He oiled his palm again and pressed my breasts. It was for the second time in my life that a person that too of a young boy had taken control of my breasts other than my husband. He was faithfully oiling my breasts. My hard nipples, the erotic circle surrounding that and all over. He was doing with his both hands- sometimes softly, sometimes tightly, giving a different sensation at every moment. The nipples became harder.Milk started flowing from my breasts since I was breast feeding my child.

"Don't feel shy for wife massage - do it nicely, ahhhh… just like this!!" He was too excited to talk to me.I made his shyness over by talking.I looked at his cock. He was ready with fully erect. "Do we start?" he asked in short. His voice wasn't all normal. He was visibly tense and I was tempted to look at his Bermuda.My cunt was quivering and I felt that all my juices would now burst out of it.I nodded my head.He placed his fat cock right on my cunt lips and pushed it slightly in.You could not imagine my feelings at that moment.I felt myself in heaven.getting a fat dick inside after erotic wife massage was an ideal state for sex.He inserted his entire cock inch by inch and then started stroking all my vaginal tracks fast.He fucked me in every position then for at least 20 minutes.He then felt cum and I begged him to deposit it deep so that I could get pregnant.His entire drops of cum went inside my womb.I was sure that I would be able to get pregnant.It was an amazing sex massage session.Khurram remained with us for 7 days more and he fucked me every other night.I was able to have the second baby as my test came positive.This was my wife massage sex story.   

Saturday, 23 June 2012

wife massage for my friends MOM

Fucking my best friend’s mom after wife massage was the very last thing of my sex life.I could think of when I went to his home.I rang the doorbell and she answered the door. I asked her if her son, Bunty, was home. She said I had just missed him, as he had left with some college mate girl and they were going to hit the shopping mall.She said I didn’t need to leave, as she had just made a pot of coffee and invited me to a cup. She worked at one of the city’s hospitals and was still in uniform. I asked her if she had worked another double shift. She smiled and said without a second paycheck to help pay the bills, she needed to work all the hours offered to her.When i looked at her sexy figure it seemed ideal for wife massage stories.

While I sipped on my cup of coffee, I commented to her that her feet must be killing her. She said she was in a hurry and left for work in her stiletto heel boots. I told her that every male patient must have appreciated seeing her, though. She said that it would have made her day if that was the situation, but with the exception of an OD, all of her patients during the shift were women.Something suddenly popped into my head. I offered to give her a foot massage. She said I didn’t need to and thanked me for making the offer. I told her that I had seen a special on foot massage on the public cable access channel and would be willing to give it a try. She agreed to my proposal and walked to the living room where she sat down and unzipped her boots.

I told her that it would probably be better without her pantyhose. I was a bit surprised when she lifted her uniform and allowed me reach under it. I hooked my fingers around the waistband with both hands and pulled down. I didn’t realize it until the pantyhose were around her feet, that I had removed the bikini panties that she was wearing as well.She stretched out on the sofa, with me sitting on the very end and her feet resting on my groin. I gripped her left foot and began massaging it. It was my first attempt ever, and from the soft moans, I knew that she was enjoying herself. After about 10 minutes, she suddenly pulled her foot free of me and said I should stop, especially since her feet probably smelled a bit funky. I told her not to worry, as I said her new leather boots left her feet smelling wonderful and demonstrated by bringing the sole of her foot to my nose. I also kissed and licked the sole of her foot. It was a total surprise for her. She let out a loud moan as if she might have experienced an orgasm during wife massage.

After a few minutes of wife massage,She said, “Oh God, I’m getting wet!” and said I should leave. I told her that I was more than willing to help her. She switched positions on the sofa, so instead of being stretched out, she was now in a sitting position, with her butt on the edge of the cushion. I moved to where she was sitting and had her legs rest over my shoulders. And with my hands under her buttocks, I began to explore her pussy. True to her words, her pussy was well saturated with her vaginal secretions; but it wasn’t my first time eating pussy, and I soon gave her something to really moan about. I licked and tongue-fucked her for about 10 minutes when she experienced her first orgasm, but this was just the start. I began finger-fucking her with my right hand, while my tongue was licking at her clitoris. She experienced one orgasm after another.

I was between her legs for nearly a half-hour when she screamed for me to fuck her. “Oh God, fuck me!” she said. I kicked off my sneakers and pushed down my jeans and underwear in one motion. She reached forward and, for a moment, sucked my cock, which was fully erect, before letting me penetrate her. It was a savage fuck, as I was so excited as this wasn’t some girl that I knew, but this was actually a woman, and I wanted to demonstrate to her that I could do a good job. She didn’t really care. She spent the next 20 minutes moaning and gasping in between curses of how great it felt, until I pulled out and, like in a porn movie, splattered her face with my cum.

At this point of wife massage stories, she invited me to take a shower with her to clean up. But we weren’t through just yet. It was while in the shower that I got a look of her totally nude, and she was a real sight, with 38C breasts. As I was rubbing my hands over her body, my cock got hard again and it caused me to desire her again. I did so by pinning her against the tile wall and penetrating her from behind. I fucked her while holding on to the handrails and, while she appreciated what I was doing, she turned off the water and invited me to continue on her bed.We dried off a bit before she and I climbed onto her bed. Then we got in the 69 position before she straddled me and took a wicked ride. She fucked herself silly before slipping off me after she had climaxed twice more. I kissed and licked her pussy from behind before fucking her yet again. She and I rested a bit before fucking for another hour. Then I finally got cleaned up. She made it clear that this wouldn’t be a one-time deal, as she invited me back the next day for erotic wife massage stories.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

My wife's wet massage story

This is my wife's wet massage story of London.I'm 36 years old, and I was out with my wife one time, and she wanted to go to this spa. well, she persuaded me to go, so we entered. she automatically went to the spa section, but I found that it also had a few massage tables. I figured I'd get a massage for the heck of it, so I went over. someone came over to me and told me to strip to everything but my underwear, so I undressed till I was in my white briefs. She told me to lay down on the table, and just relax. Then she began massaging my muscles on my upper back. Then, she began moving down to my lower back, and she began massaging this one muscle that felt really good. That was when I started feeling pretty warm, and it was spreading all up my chest and down to my legs. I didn't really feel it, so I didn't bother about it and my wife's wet massage story on the other table.

Finally, she was done, and she asks me if there's a spot that I want done again. So I said the specific muscle, and she began massaging it.I knew that my wife should be having the same treatment of wife massage by a young guy on the other table.She asked me for how long, and I just said, 'till whenever,' so she just continued massaging, and I began feeling warm. After about fifteen minutes, she stopped. I asked her why she stopped, and she told me that my briefs were soaking wet and that they were yellow. I got up quickly and looked down, and saw that my whitey-tighties were stained yellow and that I was wet, entirely. I was so embarrassed, I wasn't sure what to do. I didn't ask her because she was about twenty-five, and really hot, so I didn't want to embarrass myself more then I already was. I walked right out of the massage and almost ran to the bathroom. I took off my yellow stained briefs, and washed them, then tried to dry them the best I could. I walked back out, and got my clothes on.

My wife's erotic massage finished and she came out and asked me how it was. I said it went fine. Then, she went and payed for her spa treatment, and she met the woman who gave me the massage. She told her all about my 'accident' and told her right where the muscle was. She laughed. She came over and we walked out. Finally, when we were out on the street, she hit me, right on the spot, and I wet a little, but enough to be noticeable. I'm still going out with her, but she does that to me in school all the time.This was all about me and my wife's wet massage story.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

My wife's erotic massage story

This is my wife's erotic massage story.My wife is originally from Caracas, Venezuela. She came to the US from Venezuela several years ago. We go on vacation there every few years, partly to visit her family, and partly because it is a nice change of pace from our busy lives. We stay at a secluded seaside villa with a great view and close to nothing. This was in the middle of summer and it was too hot to go out during the day, so we spend a fair amount of time on the villa balcony watching the ocean and listening to the surf and the laughter of children on the beach. In the evening, when the sun cooled down a bit, we would venture out to the sea, as my wife loves to play in the water. She wore a white, sexy bikini swimsuit that showed off her curves nicely. She was getting appreciative looks from the men at the sea, both locals and tourists. It has always made me proud to have other guys check her out.I really loved my wife's erotic massage.

During the week I searched the internet and I found a massage therapist for my wife from a web site and booked an appointment for an “in-room massage by experienced therapist”. Like most people, my wife loves massages. She’s had dozens of professional massages in the US and had enjoyed them immensely. Professional massages are not particularly sexual, but it was still very exciting to imagine someone touching her intimately.The next afternoon came and promptly at the appointed time, our therapist showed up. She turned out to be an exotic looking 20-something woman, with a walk that made her look like she just floated into the room.  She was a Venezuelan College grad. She was quite dark-skinned, with an intoxicating smile. As we found out later, her name was Luciana, and she spoke absolutely no English. Luckily my wife grew up here and was, of course, fluent. I wasn’t sure where she was going to do the massage, because she didn’t bring a massage table. She just brought a box that contained some oils. Luciana then came into the bedroom and proceeded to change the sheets on the bed.

She left a plain white sheet on top and asked my wife to change and get under the sheet. Luciana and I  stood on the balcony to allow my wife to change.  I told Luciana, mostly using hand gestures, that I want to join in while she massages my wife. She understood me and proceeded to show me the massage oil that she had brought. It was coconut oil laced with some local herbs, with a strong but pleasant smell.My wife was lying on her stomach with the sheet over her, and I noticed right away that under the thin sheet she was wearing her bra and panties. Being with a new massage therapist, she may have been reluctant to remove all her clothes. I then told her that I will be working on her with Luciana, and she was pleasantly surprised. Luciana then proceeded to lower the sheet to the middle of her back, exposing her neck and shoulders.

During my wife's erotic massage story,After doing her neck, Luciana lowered the sheet to just above my wife’s waist, exposing the smooth skin of her back. I casually reached over, unhooked her bra and let it fall to her sides. The sides of her large breasts were now partly visible to us. My wife is a small girl — very petite, with relatively large breasts, and quite a curvy figure, with a small waist and tight hips. She wasn’t always this hot. Like many women, she got frumpy for a while after 3 kids. Her transformation BACK to the hot MILF that she truly is took some work and was a great journey. You can read about it online at this blog and in my ebook.

I stopped doing anything at this point and simply watched her working on my wife’s lower back. As she lowered the sheets below her waist, the top of her pink panties came into view. It was clear that the panties were going to get in the way, so I asked Luciana to stop and gently raised my wife’s hips and lowered the panties to her knees, while still keeping her covered with the sheet. I then lowered the sheets till nearly her entire bottom was exposed. She was more hesitant this time, but by now she was so much into the massage that she didn’t resist. I then motioned to Luciana to continue, and she complied with a smile. I am blessed that my wife has a gorgeous, shapely ass, perfectly proportioned for her small frame, very soft, round and inviting. She held her legs closely together so we couldn’t see anything between her legs, but I was starting to get hard just thinking about my wife’s ass on display to a virtual stranger. Luciana continued to work on her lower back and seemed too shy to go lower, so I got some more oil and started working on one of her ass cheeks and motioned to Luciana to work on the other, and she complied. My wife started slowly squirming in pleasure. It was incredibly sexy to watch her firmly knead her buttocks that were dripping with oil. She kept at it for several minutes while she started to really respond to her hands, arching her back and raising her hips a little, and started rubbing her thighs together. The sheet got lowered even further to mid-thigh and we started getting glimpses of her beautifully waxed pussy.

I slipped off her panties that were still around her knees, and raised the sheet, till just below her buttocks. The strong smell of the massage oil filled the room and there was a delicious sexual tension in the air. Luciana bent her legs at the knees, spending ample time on the soles of her feet and kneading her toes one at a time, which I know she loves. She then went up higher and higher, all the way up her legs, till she was inches away from her pussy.

She rolled over onto her back, I removed the bra that was undone earlier and lifted her hands to take it away from her. My wife seemed like she was half-asleep and she kept her eyes shut, though I caught her stealing glances at us occasionally. I started massaging one of her breasts, and motioned to Luciana to do the same. She readily followed my example with a shy grin, and soon was kneading her breasts with both her hands. I gently tweaked one of her nipples between my thumb and index finger, as if to show Luciana what to do. She avoided playing directly with her nipples, but she was cupping each of her breasts firmly in her hands as she was massaging them. My wife again started squirming and rubbing her thighs together, and I was sure that she was starting to get all wet by now. Luciana seemed to become aroused as well…oh boy! (Was this the threesome I dreamed about?)

Feeling adventurous for my wife's erotic massage, I reached over and raised the sheet all the way to her waist, completely exposing her thighs. She kept her legs pressed closed together so we couldn’t really see much of her pussy. I was going to have none of that, so I gently spread her legs apart till her pussy lips, which were visibly moist, clearly came into view. I got some oil and started working on her inner thighs, which I know is very stimulating for her. I could feel her tremble at my touch and I motioned to Luciana to join me. Soon we had her legs spread enough so that both of us could work on her inner thighs. I then let Luciana take over, and she worked on the sides and insides of her thighs, but careful to avoid touching her pussy. My wife seemed to lose much of her modesty at this point, and started arching her back and raising her hips to meet her hands, though she still kept her eyes closed. It was clear to me that she wanted to get off. I let Luciana continue to tease her for several minutes, and then I started rubbing her clit and pussy lips with my fingers. I slowly inserted a finger into her pussy and found her to be very wet as I had expected. I rubbed her clit with my wet finger as Luciana continued to work on her thighs.

Luciana hesitated a little when I motioned her to take over my place, but then started massaging her clit with the well-oiled middle finger. It was clear that she seemed to be pretty good at it. Soon my wife bent her knees and lifted her ass almost entirely off the bed, responding to the finger on her clit. Luciana kept at this for several minutes while I went over to her head, and gently started massaging her shoulders and breasts. I could feel my wife’s body stiffen as she was responding to Luciana’s caresses. This was almost too much for me, to watch my wife being fondled in the most intimate way by a sexy young woman and me. My wife’s breath quickened and she bit her lower lips and then gradually appeared to relax. Though she did not make a sound, it was clear to me that she had gotten off. Luciana knew it also, and she stopped and pulled the covers over her, letting her rest for a while. I then bent down and kissed her gently on the mouth, taking her lips into my mouth, while Luciana looked on.

In the end of my wife's erotic massage story,I would like to wind up.It was already more than half-an-hour past the end of our appointed time and Luciana was in a hurry to leave. She got out a sheet to get my signature for his payment, and my wife signed the sheet. Luciana thanked us, left and we never saw her again, but we have the memories of an erotic massage to last us a lifetime.This was all about my wife's erotic massage story.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

An erotic massage into massage sex

We are a married couple from Czech Republic with our wife massage sex story. We both are at age of 39 now. Last summer we have been in Istanbul, Turkey for our holiday. After fantasizing for a long time, we have decided to do something new for our sex life. I've found few erotic massage services and started to call them until I found one Affiliate who supplies male massage therapist too. Name is “Massage for Wife”. I sent email from one and in half an hour there was a knock on our hotel room's door. We were both very excited in Green Building of erotic wife massage.

I opened the door and saw a young normal looking Turkish guy. He was very polite and after saluting each other he asked me what we wanted. I told him that my wife needed an erotic massage. He asked my wife to lie on the French bed as he walked in the bathroom to wash his hands. My wife took off her dress and lied on her front with her thick and normal size bra and black string on.

He came out of the bath and asked my permission to take off his cloths except for his boxers to perform comfortably and not to get lubricant stains on his cloths. We said yes and he undressed until he was left only with his black boxers. Then he poured massage lubricant on his hands and started to rub her back. After he massaged her shoulders he again asked my permission to take off her bra to rub her back. I said it is all OK as far as this was a massage. He was surprised to see a Czech married couple doing this, and this was why he kept asking my permission every time.

He opened my wife's large bra straps, and slid the bra down over her shoulders, she helped and took the bra completely out. He massaged all her back and then switched to her feet. After he massaged her pedicure feet he moved up through her long beautiful legs. Then he started to rub her large soft ass cheeks while her small string was still on. He was apparently hesitant to take her string off. My wife's large, soft, cellulite ass cheeks were jiggling like jelly as he rubbed them with the lubricant.

During my wife massage story,I was also staring at his boxers from time to time and saw that he was developing a hard on. Then he asked my wife to turn around. This was a moment of the greatest excitement in my life as she was going to show her large tits to a stranger (other than her doc)for the first time. As she did, her large, soft, natural tits fell down to both sides but her nipples poking up in the air in the middle of her large brown areole(it was 6 months after her second birth and her tits were soft, saggy, and her areole were dark brown compared to her normal dark pink).

He immediately started with her tits, oiling them and holding them from sides to bring both tits toward her chest and letting them fall back again during the breast massage. After playing with the big naturals he slowly shifted to her belly which still had a very small bump left from the birth on her shapely body (she was 53 kg at that time and 166 cm tall)then he rubbed her front legs, and my wife was resting her beautiful feet on the guy's legs. This was too much for me and I put off my cloths until I was left with my slip.

As he approached to her crotch, he wanted to try his chance and made a polite attempt to slide the thin straps of her string. My wife responded to this attempt as if she was expecting this and moved her hips a little up to let him make her nice pussy exposed. He saw a Czech pussy for the first time, which was recently waxed, and completely bald. He massaged my wife's pussy for a very long time and started fingering her pussy.

Then he asked my permission to continue the wife massage with his tongue. I approved him and as he started to lick and suck her large soft tits, I eat her vagina.She had the wildest orgasm in her life in the shortest time. He asked me whether there was another service he could give. I knew what he meant, but that was too much for us.I offered him to jerk of together with me on my wife and handed him a condom. He took off his boxers, wore the condom on his cock which was larger than mine, and jerked off together with me, looking at my wife and fingering her pussy with his left hand. I did the same of course.He greeted us witrh nice smile and went to washroom to wear his clothes.Then he left us.Hope you have liked my erotic wife massage story.   

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