Sunday, 24 August 2014

When My Wife Wanted To Try Another Man

Me and my wife are very frank with each other. She is such a hot wife that she can do anything to explore kinky sex. A few days ago, while we were having a great sex, she given a strange idea. She wanted to try another man. I smiled and said; Really?You want that?She said ! Yes. For a few seconds my fucking speed increased and I hit her deep inside pussy. I exploded more cum that night. Wow. It was such a hot idea. Later, We often talked about it while having sex. Sooner, we were fully prepared to try another dick in my wife's juicy pussy. It only took us one day to choose the right man. He was her ex-boy friend. Let me clear one thing! I was not having any kind of jealousy because she left him to marry me. What happened next ? See my wife sharing photos below.







I am pleased to say that I love sharing my wife now. I would also love to try the wife swapping sex or any orgy comprising of real wives. If any couple interested please comment with your contact, skype or email. Thanks everyone.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

My Husband And His Boss

Well this is a short story but I wanted to keep you readers in the loop of what’s been going on. I am a housewife around 35 years old and happily married to my loving husband. We are spending a good life with our 3 kids. Two of them are school going while one is in Montessori. When I first got into this hot wife lifestyle, because, my husband wanted to do it and I wanted to experiment. I like this quote “Every wife is a freak, it just takes the right guy to bring it out."
How I became A Hot Wife?
It is not a big story that how I became a hot wife..It was quite simple. It was purely a business deal. My husband was a bit worried for two weeks as one of his projects was held due to non-approval by a government office. When I inquired, he told me the entire story. I smiled and asked him about the particular officer who was holding the project and if I could help him. He said, No ; how you can help. I said, being a woman I might get some sympathy..He laughed and said..Let me think about it. Next morning, he came up with a surprise and given me the contact number of that officer who has to sign the project approval.

I would not tell anymore events in between but anyhow, I called him and after 3-4 calls, I agreed him to meet. He invited me to his apartment around 5 pm. I was fully prepared to face any kind of situation to make this deal (Even If he wanted to fuck me), so I went there on the given address leaving my kids home with my hubby.

Meeting Husband's Boss As A Hotwife
I reached at apartment in-time and I was completely shocked to see a guy in his mid 20's.for a while, I never thought him to be an officer till he introduced himself. He took me in and after his servant served me cold drink, I came straightway towards the purpose.

He looked at my deep necked dress many a times and I was trying to convince him for the approval. Yet, I knew that he was not an easy task to solve. Our conversation went on for 30-40 minutes but he was denying the subject by saying that my husband's project is not fair.

Finally, when all my efforts went helpless, I decided to make a final move by bringing him towards sex. I offered him if he wants a deal, I can. He questioned surprisingly, what kinda deal you can make? I said; any kind of understand..He smiled and said..If you are already prepared for a deal , I can deal if you give me some bedtime. He smiled and said; I hope you got my point.

I looked around and said,where is the bedroom. He got up and grabbed my hand, taking me to his bedroom. He didn't even locked the door and just grabbed my head and asked me to sit in-front of his legs. He said; just show me your best skills..I looked at him for a while and smiled.Took his mild cock out ( he was around my husband's length)started jerking it and making it hard. He was quick to get erect. (Sorry to forget, I got a good pair of boobs 38 size, big hips..plenty of can call me a great fuck-able milf). I started licking his balls area and then got on to his nice cock. It was the best skill, I learned through movies and performed already 100's of time on my hubby's cock.

I sucked him with full lust..he moaned, got crazy to fuck me face. He jerked and pushed it in and he was fucking a pussy. After giving him a nice 20-25 minutes fo mouth-job..He removed all my clothes...When, he unhooked my bra..OMG..Such a warm guy he was when he touched my big boobs. he shakes them, sucked them and immediately, my nipples went fully hard.

He was enjoying this fuck..Oh got such a fine tits..I wish, you could be my fuck for ever..I enjoyed that..Soon, he went on fucking my pussy..He fucked me a crazy man who never fucked a pussy before. Surprisingly, he got a great fucking stamina. He fucked me for even a double time than my husband. When he was around to cum, he made a wonder wish..He never wanted to pull out..So, I unwanted agreed to take his full load inside my pussy. He fired his cum deep inside..As soon as I felt his hot cum, I orgasm..

After fucking me once, I thought it might be over. but , he wasn't finished yet. He waited for 5 minutes before giving me a 2nd fuck. This time, He didn't want to use my already cum filled pussy. He applied some lotion to my ass..But, I argued, I have never done this before..HE laughed, You are making a deal babe..So I remained quite. Once, my husband fucked me in ass and I felt some pain so I was avoiding to back hole fucking.

But, As he wanted I had to agree. He pushed his tip in my ass and I screamed with pain. He dam cared about it and made another big push to enter at least half of his cock. OMG..My eyes felt some tears but he never left me. He made another big push and fully went inside my ass. Now, I felt I was going to die.OMG..Thanks to him as he pulled it out and my ass felt some relaxation. It is so painful, I remarked but he remained quite.

He fucked my ass just like a bull. After 2-3 minutes of fucking, my ass got used to it and now I was greatly enjoying this. It was feeling better than pussy fuck. He fucked me like a whore. for longer time, wild jerks and it took around 30 minutes of ass fuck. I was exhausted. Thanks God, he fired his cum again. Inside my ass, he cleaned his cock and thanked me for giving him a good time.

I smiled and got my senses back. I asked him about the project approval, he smiled and said; now it's done as I have made a deal. I dressed up, I took his signature on the project file (Which was handed over to me by my loving husband).I arrived back home. My husband was anxiously waiting for me..And when I told him that I have got the approval, he went on celebrating. He never knew what kind of nasty fuck his wife got getting that project approval..He asked me later, how you done that, but I never told him about the fucking session. I just told him that his officer was just a man of tease. I just shown him a little and he approved it. He thanked me again. Before this event, I never thought about fucking another man but now I am ready to enjoy the hot wife life. I have fucked 3 guys after that day. I will share those stories later. Thanks for reading my story, have a comment feel free to post it

Monday, 4 August 2014

Guide To HotWifing Threesomes

Reading this blog made me realize that I am not alone with these feelings. Hotwifing and threesome is never a bad idea.I am not into humiliation but I love it when my wife gets fucked by some stranger.Threesome, Wife sharing and Hotwifing usually starts when the couple is married for a few years, when the couple knows each other and don’t mind opening their relationship. A few years after marriage, some women start missing the sexual freedom they enjoyed before marriage. Also, husbands are secure about their relationship and are willing to allow their wife have sex with other men.
Wife Sharing can be a great prospect if you follow some rules. I am sharing a few key points for all Swingers who are ready to fly. Every couple must read these points before adopting to the Hotwife lifestyle.

Starting Things For HotWife Threesome
Begin understanding the difference between the fantasy of having a threesome
Discussion regarding expectations, potential issues, and risks
Discussion what it will be like watching / having sex in front of your partner
Discussion regarding boundaries
Discussion regarding issues such as dealing with jealousy
Defining cheating
What activities are explicitly off-limits
Safety – personal & sexual
What needs to be communicated and to what extent
Privacy – how much information to reveal and how will information be protected
Where to have the threesome
Who to invite / type of person
When to have the threesome
Division of Labor – Who is responsible for example: posting ads, reviewing replies, arranging meeting etc.
How the search will occur
Determining the criteria for scaling back the interested males / females
Role play / simulating the threesome


Friday, 1 August 2014

How To Convince Your Wife For Threesome?

Do you know "How to convince your wife for Threesome"? It might be a time taking job but "Yes" you can make her mind up for "Wife Sharing Threesome",during foreplay, talks about another cock inside and how great it would be if she could feel something different. Throughout subsequent “love-making” the fantasy becomes more realistic causing her to climax in ways previously unseen. The images from earlier “love-making” sessions replay leaving the question, “if she gets that horny and climaxes that hard when just talking about the idea then making it happen will be even better.”
Finally I Shared My Wife
It would or could take months to say that finally, I shared my wife.Over a period of weeks internet sites are visited looking for the right connection for her and make the threesome a reality. Replies start arriving with some that are totally unacceptable raising the question, “how could someone not appreciate a glorious opportunity that is being presented.” Other replies strike fear that she might prefer him and slowly the ideal situation begins sliding away.
As the ideal situation begins collapsing like a ‘house of cards,’ because there is a realization of her reaction may not be positive. Since nothing has been discussed with her. Instead of discussing the idea, the discussion is replaced with a magical belief that she will accept idea, if the threesome is planned right and by using magical powers of persuasion, similar to the persuasion used on television juries in old crime dramas, she will agree to have a threesome.

So how do you convince her to have a threesome? Simple answer you cannot. Why? We are all human beings with the ability of free will and the ability to make choices for ourselves. Deciding to participate in a threesome involves going against teachings regarding monogamy, relationships, and personal beliefs. It means redefining our view of relationships and the person we love.
In my situation before we had our threesomes we agreed it was a mutual decision and neither of us could use the decision against the other. Also we stated that we would view each other in the best possible light instead of considering the negative about each other. Having these agreements with my wife made it easier for the big transformation that was about to occur. It is difficult to put into words the transformation that occurs, when having a threesome,

Another barrier in convincing her involves understanding the difference between the fantasy of having a threesome and the reality of having a threesome. When we role play the idea we have complete control but in a real threesome, lies with two other individuals who may have different agendas and different objectives. When you peel back all of the layers of a threesome, the core is trust. Having a threesome means accepting the outcome is not in your control and trusting the other participants enough that it will be a positive experience for everyone. For me, this was the scariest because I trusted my wife but I did not know what the outcome.

Final barrier in convincing her revolves around the idea of communication. Communication means talking about your wishes, desires, and fears with your spouse. It means feeling comfortable enough with each other that any subject can be discussed. This means by communicating the need to plan a surprise threesome decrease and the need to convince her decreases too. It means there is no secret formula and no secret technique to convince her to have a threesome.

In conclusion and in answer to the question, as I look back to our relationship over the years, the one thing I have learned communication and the ability to work together solves the issues. For those who are looking for an accelerated route to a threesome unfortunately there are no easy fixes or shortcuts. Communicating, understanding what a threesome involves, and a commitment to each other is the only true way to a threesome. My advice love her for who she is and not what she can give. If you can do that then whatever route is taken will be the right one.

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