Thursday, 31 July 2014

Finally I Shared My Wife

I wanted to share my wife with someone at any cost.I discussed it with my wife and she told me that it turned her on just thinking about having sex with someone else.I told my wife she was free to fun as she needed at a party as long as she didn't feel uneasy, if the man got too horny I told her to bring him into the room, I knew that she was going to a party with a few of her friends, so she got dressed up in a short revealing dress and very sexy black under it.she left for the party at 8pm and never arrived home until 1am. When, I called her she asked me to join her in a hotel room. So I went there to watch my hot wife having fun.








I know you'd love our pics of wife sharing.she had a great time and did play around sexually with all of us.she let the men rub their penises against the crotch of her panties, and she & her panties were so wet that our knobs slipped a couple of times and that's when she asked us to fuck her deep, everyone tried to hit her vaginal spots. she explained she was so horny that she wanted us cum inside, but I don't mind because she was so horny and I had the best sex I have ever had!! can't wait for her to do it again!

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