Sunday, 27 December 2015

7 Steps To Enjoy A Wife Threesome With Two Guys

I am a proud husband and I love sharing my wife. A Threesome with Wife Sharing is such a delightful way to spice up married life. I've been enjoying a lot having threesomes with my wife. one guy , me and my lucky wife having horny moments in our bedroom, that's what we love. However, I’m not turned on by two women who fuck the shit out of one guy, like he’s some piece of meat. What makes me horny is to watch my wife being nicely fucked by a healthy stud. Whenever we do threesome, we enjoy it all. Everybody in a big sex mash up and two cocks of different size and shape to fuck my horny wife. Until done, you may feel that threesome is not right, but as we have done it so many times in so many styles, we can exactly say that its better than wife swapping. You should remember 7 steps to enjoy a horny wife threesome.


1. Don't Get Complexes, Enjoy Everything.
As you all know that Threesome means three bodies, with all the horny bodies to lick and suck and fuck. Threesome is never a performance game, You never need to fuck for hours. It’s more about sharing your wife and enjoying her lust than anything else, Even if you are smaller in size to the other guy, It's a horny experience!  I say this because I know a lot of husbands may feel un-secure if their wives are enjoying more with a better sized dick, so just relax and remember it’s all about having fun.
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2. Don't Be Jealous
This is a very major rule of success in wife sharing threesomes. If you watch your wife getting emotional with her other fucker, don't get jealous. Just enjoy her pleasures. If you still feel a bit jealous in threesome experiences, Always go for bringing in a stranger in your bedroom, so that the love game remains to NSA. Jealousy would never allow you to enjoy threesomes as a whole lovely thing.

3. Try Different Positions
We always say that it’s about enjoyment with different positions, and it’s just a threesome that offers you the opportunity to try a lot of horny positions.


4. Slowly Adopt The Pace
Start in a slow pace and allow your wife to open up. Sometimes, You may need to let your hot wife alone with him so that she can open up easily with him. once they both go wild, you can come in and join. Allow them to kiss each other, for a while allow your wife to feel that she's his wife. This could make your threesome even better.

5. Make The Threesome Train.
I often fantasized about this train fucking threesome style. My hot wife in-front, me in the middle while he’s fucking me. Initially, we felt a little awkward but when we came upon doing this like the pic, it made us feel too good and the bar of fun gone even higher! Ok, it's delightful.

6. Go Crazy In Threesomes
It’s all delightful to take it horny and take breaks, but it’s also a great opportunity to let yourself enjoy all nasty things of it! Letting your horny wife show up her hidden lust. try sucking him after he fucks your wife, lick his balls while he's drilling your wife. Taste your wife's pussy juices from his cock. You must forget that she's your wife. Try treating her like a callgirl.

7. Always Talk About Threesomes
Talking about threesomes while you and your wife is doing sex makes future things easier and horny. Always talk about different ideas while fucking your wife alone. It also helps in making up her mind if she's still not prepared for threesomes. Talk a lot about any other cocks and guys fucking her while you are inside her. Show her threesome movies, pics of nice cocks and such horny things. I'm sure , she would start expressing her lust in a few days if you are consistent.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Home Made Wife Threesome Pics

If you are looking for hot home made photos of hot wife, you are on the right page. Check this collection of hot photos of wife threesome. All pictures are horny and hot and we are sure every wife sharing husband gonna love these pics. amazing collection of hot home made wife sharing pics below. Share your wife and enjoy hot and horny threesomes including your hot wife. 








Thursday, 3 December 2015

Best Home Made Wife Sharing Hot Photos 3

This is our third collection of home made photos. Wife sharing is such a hot activity we all know that. Every one loves watching wife sharing photos. It's so hot and every couple having fantasies of wife sharing loves this habit. share your comments about this collection of hot photos.







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