Sunday, 26 April 2015

Photos Of Our First Wife Sharing Night

Hello readers! Me and my hot wife are very open to each other. It was her birthday for which I planned to share my wife with a stranger. We have never done it , so obviously, it was quite risky but we have decided to do it. We watched a number of threesome movies on internet and definitely made up our minds. The only thing was, would it be good to try? Would it be safe and secrecy oriented meetup as we never wanted to ruin our marriage and relation. After searching a lot on internet, I selected one guy who was in his mid 20's and posted some ads about threesome.


How I shared My Wife
We often talked about someone else fucking her while we were in the middle of our own sex. she had wild orgasms while I talked like that. It was her birthday, we decided to celebrate it in style. I booked a hotel room for us in the nearby city area. I called the guy whom I selected for threesome. He promised to join us. The night arrived, we were both ready to enjoy the night. I have not given him the exact address of our hotel but asked him to come over to an area in the surroundings. 

He arrived in time while I was sitting and waiting for him inside my car. I called him inside after recognizing the right person. We got back to our hotel room where my hot and horny wife was getting ready to take his load. How things went on, you can see the pics below.






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