Sunday, 28 June 2015

Home Made Wife Swapping Pics

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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

My Wife With Office Friend

We are a happily married couple with one kid of 3 years. My wife was working at a hospital and was constantly getting hit on by the guys that she worked with. We are very frank to each other in discussing the things that happen with us through other people. It was not uncommon for her to come home and say that they were staring at her beautiful tits which now had become 38D and they also enjoyed looking at her shaking ass. I loved her habit of wearing tight pajamas with long shirts as it nicely revealed her curvy figure. One day she went to job wearing a tight fitting choridaar pajama that really highlighted her legs and ass.

The guys almost creamed their pants when they saw her. It became common for my wife to tease those guys regularly and my wife loved the attention that her ass and tits received. In fact they talked slowly about her which my wife often heard and called them the twins. The flirtations and sexual comments continued and we all loved. In fact, I looked forward to what they would say to her next.

One day my wife came home and said that her co-worker nurse had told her that the guys at hospital were really hot for her and desperately wanted to fuck her. They had talked about sucking her nipples and just having their way with my sexy wife. She of course winked and asked me what I thought. The idea turned me on to say the least. It is incredible to think of other men wanting to fuck my wife.

Needless to say the situation continued, the comments and sexual innuendos until one night things really heated up. During this period, she managed to smooth-en up things between her and those guys. She made a certain way to agree for meetups through that nurse friend who given her secrecy and no disturbance later surety. It was warm summer evening and my wife had got the nerve to invite two of the guys who had been coming to our house.

I was cool with those guys so they were not intimidated by me or anything like that and the night was relaxed. The one guy brought his wife but the other did not so that made things a little interesting because his wife seemed a bit jealous of my wife. While we were sitting, my wife decided to go and take a shower. She came out in a white deep necked shirt that showed off her amazing cleavage and allowed a great view of her tits. To say that I was turned on would be an understatement. I think everyone was turned on.

The guy that brought his wife was a little uncomfortable because she was present in the room and not thrilled with being upstaged by my wife, I think that led them to leave a little earlier than he would have liked. After they left it was just me, my wife and Kamran. My mind was now wondering what was next?
We all sat on the couch to take in a song DVD. My wife came back and was sitting close to me. I got up and asked kamran if he's easier with a hot movie. He winked me and said, why not. So I played another DVD with some hot flicks. The story involved two guys and a girl. As the scene unfolded you could tell that everyone was getting a little hot.

My wife looked at kamran. As the fuck scene started, Kamran's cock started to bulge inside his pants.We both made a funny comments and Kamran seemed a bit puzzled about the situation. Meanwhile, my wife remarked that, Thanks God, I don't have anything that gets . We all laughed. I suggested, lets watch the movie in natural dress. I pulled my dress off and same did kamran. Kamran looked at me as if to say is it ok and I said , 'you’re closer than me, so go ahead.' He began removing her dress, and we could see his cock in his shorts getting harder. My wife became more and more aroused as was I. I began rubbing her shoulders and that was it.

When I rubbed her shoulders she kind of stretched out and her bare feet fell right into Kamran’s lap and she began rubbing his cock with her feet. With that I began massaging her boobs. Now my wife was truly moaning in delight. Kamran was amazed by her tits and he grabbed one and began massaging it with me. My wife was really excited and said someone better give me a cock or I am going to die. I told Kamran go ahead you’re a guest. He pulled his cock out of his shorts and it was about 7-8 inches and very thick. My wife began sucking him like there was no tomorrow. While Kamran was getting sucked we both started fingering her. She loved it, in fact she came almost immediately.

After she caught her breath she wanted a fuck. So she got in the doggy style position and I entered her. She was bucking me at every thrust and on the other end was giving Kamran one hell of a blow job. She would take his huge cock deep into her mouth so that the entire shaft was consumed by her luscious lips and tongue. By the look on his face you could tell that he was really enjoying the way she sucked his cock.

It went on for 20 minutes as Kamran and I were getting close to coming and instead of coming in her mouth and pussy. So we pulled out and changed the holes. Now, I was in her mouth while Kamran entered her in doggy style. He fucked her like a horse. Very fast and drilling her like a paid bitch. One who can hear her moans could say she was a nice whore at that moment. We were now on the edge of cumming. she had us both pull out and come all over her beautiful tits. Kamran came with a steady stream of thick white juice and it stuck all over her tits and chest while mine went down to her stomach. Then suddenly she grabbed both cocks and licked our cocks clean. She then gave us both a sensual kiss to thank us for an incredible time.That night we made Kamran’s wish come true as he got experience my wife, next time I think he will get the chance to stick his 8 inch cock into her sweet pussy.

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