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Wife got pregnant after massage sex, sex story of hot struggle

This is my real wife massage story which I am posting here.I am 29 years old and Married for past 6 years. My husband was very interested as far as the sex was concerned.We keep on trying and experimenting new positions making it much more interesting.I like sex very much and taken many times initiative to make love,especially for oral sex after my husband introduced me to that after showing a video CD.I was a shy Muslim wife in the past but now very hot and open.He told me that oral sex is not bad if we are neat and clean. It was a beautiful one describing all the lovemaking positions and it also shown how to make Oral love, 69, etc.He helped me to enjoy the real wife massage stories of our own.

It described how to take partners slowly to the extreme orgasm by involving in foreplay and moreover it was the first time I am watching such a movie and seeing lovemaking in screen.While watching it I become too hot and we involved in a violent lovemaking.After that I become really crazy about fellatio since it given immense pleasure.Later on my husband praised me several times for my ability in it.We spent almost 3-4 years of happy married life.Later on we have troubles in getting a baby.My husband has a low sperm count.He has no problems in erection or penis size.He has much volume of cum but the alive sperms were very less to make me pregnant.

Being pregnant quickly after marriage is wanted by all Pakistani wives.But I was failed to get rid of depression due to that missing part of life.Finally I went for a sex with my cousin and got pregnant fortunately.Then after my child’s birth,my cousin has to leave for abroad,so I got alone agin striving for sex.When My baby was almost of 1 year I again wanted to have another baby.During that time husbands’ cousin, Khurram came to stay with us for a short stay.He was doing his degree in hotel management.He was quite young and around 20.My husband also suggested his stay in our flat since I was alone for 7 days in a month.My husband knew very well about my frustration for the last 3 years and he was afraid that it will make me mentally upset.He told that I have got all freedom to seduce Khurram but after that he wants to see our lovemaking.Even though first I rejected the idea of my husband as done earlier, I started fantasizing of making it with Khurram.

So I started regarding how to find the way to make him mad about me but luckily I noticed that, while alone, Khurram started paying more than usual attention to my breasts.In order to make sure that it was so,I sometimes intentionally let my Dopatta fall off while I bend to give him coffee or some cold drinks,so that he could have a good view.Invariably,his eyes would drop off and get fixed on them. I noticed that even while talking to me,his eyes made regular stares on my succulent breasts.After all,he was also a sex-starved young man;I thought and did not give it much importance.But since I fail to curtail those acts,it further encouraged him.He became bold enough to give me that lustful look all the time when he was around with me.But at first I used to ignore his looks to make him crazier about my body.

Every morning he used to take bed tea.That day since he had not called for tea,I went to his bedroom.He was in deep sleep and his hairy chest heaved rhythmically.In summer, most Pakistani men used to sleep half naked or naked and Khurram also did that being in shorts.He had a strong hard on and bed sheet near that area looked like a tent.Even though it was a wrong,I slowly pulled the bed sheet to watch his monster again while sleeping.It was so much bigger and thicker in its aroused condition even while he was sleeping.The screen capture made me crazy and wild.

Definitely it was a mouthwatering scene for a hot Pakistani woman like me and I became too horny.I came back without giving bed tea.I couldn’t forget that screen capture and full day I was restless and at last found solace in fingering.Finally,I decided to make an end to this debacle.I don't want to continue still further since I was also crazy to enjoy his perfect virgin cock.I made up my plan to ask Khurram for a body massage.At lunch, I told him a self made story about a surgical doctor.I told him that the Surgeon has prescribed a herbal medicine and advised me to have an oil massage in my back everyday.He said that I should better get it done by some strong hands.I have told my husband about it but he says he can’t do this.What should I do?I asked him.

He suggested that he himself would be able to do this job as he had a brief introduction to it from massage center.When I heard his suggestion,I simply blushed!First I thought.“No, it’s certainly impossible for me to agree to this.Myself getting massaged by my young cousin–no,such a thing I could not imagine.These were my first expression to his opinion.But finally I told him that I would think about it.I didn’t want to over react to him. Next day was a Saturday and my husband was also on tour.So I decided to enjoy the strength of his strong manhood that day itself since these days were safe period.My baby slept early after having her food.I called Khurram and told him about my decision about wife massage.

I removed all ornaments from my body and had worn a pink sleeveless gown.I laid on that cot by keeping my face to side and my back facing him. He looked at me and then said. “Bhabhi, don’t worry,I will do a nice massage.But you have to allow me full freedom for it.I mean you have to remove your…”He couldn’t complete the words. But I got the hint.To this, he looked pretty embarrassed and his face has turned red. I could see his face gleaming with joy. He asked if I was ready for the wife massage.

Khurram applied the massage oil on his both palms and started from my forehead. I wondered why he was massaging me there,as I never had any pain in that region.He gently massaged my forehead and then my cheeks and chin. He softly applied oil in my face.I relaxed and enjoyed what he was doing.He massaged my lips as well.After that his hands came to my ears.He caressed my ear lobes and I felt it so relaxing,so enjoyable. Many will agree that it is a very sensitive part.His fingers slowly approached my neck.He could then massage my throat and the neck region without any obstruction.When he was continuing massaging,I was trying to imagine how would he massage my back? Now I have to remove my bra in imagination.He then rubbed my hands with force,sometimes pressing and kneading.I could sense that my blood flow was increasing and I was feeling hot, even though the air conditioner was on.

When his fingers moved above my elbows, he softly whispered in my ears, "Bhabhi can you unfasten your gown please.”I guessed because of his shyness he couldn't complete the sentence,but I could clearly get the signal that he wanted my gown to be removed. Although,I was under this tension for a long time before my massage,when the moment came,I was so much engrossed in the wife massage that I didn't hesitate to remove it.I unbuttoned the gown from the front and he helped me to take it out of my hands up to my waist,Except a bra.I was naked above my waist for wife massage.

I admitted that the massage was bringing great comforts to me and he was surely doing a great job.I was deeply engrossed and I didn't even bothered to protest, as his trembling fingers unhooked my brassier strap at the back. Khurram slowly removed my bra, as I tried to protect my boobs with my hands from both side.He started gently with my spinal chord and the regions around it and massaged with force when he came to the sides of my back. At one stage, I felt that his fingers were quite close to me breasts.He started touching my breast while moving fingers.

At that moment I only wanted a hard male squeezing of my breasts.I was desperately waiting for an accident to happen. I was trying to visualize his erect manhood inside his Bermuda and felt that my hot cunt started tingling strangely and I could sense my molten cunt cream after a prolonged period.He could not wait any longer. He oiled his palm again and pressed my breasts. It was for the second time in my life that a person that too of a young boy had taken control of my breasts other than my husband. He was faithfully oiling my breasts. My hard nipples, the erotic circle surrounding that and all over. He was doing with his both hands- sometimes softly, sometimes tightly, giving a different sensation at every moment. The nipples became harder.Milk started flowing from my breasts since I was breast feeding my child.

"Don't feel shy for wife massage - do it nicely, ahhhh… just like this!!" He was too excited to talk to me.I made his shyness over by talking.I looked at his cock. He was ready with fully erect. "Do we start?" he asked in short. His voice wasn't all normal. He was visibly tense and I was tempted to look at his Bermuda.My cunt was quivering and I felt that all my juices would now burst out of it.I nodded my head.He placed his fat cock right on my cunt lips and pushed it slightly in.You could not imagine my feelings at that moment.I felt myself in heaven.getting a fat dick inside after erotic wife massage was an ideal state for sex.He inserted his entire cock inch by inch and then started stroking all my vaginal tracks fast.He fucked me in every position then for at least 20 minutes.He then felt cum and I begged him to deposit it deep so that I could get pregnant.His entire drops of cum went inside my womb.I was sure that I would be able to get pregnant.It was an amazing sex massage session.Khurram remained with us for 7 days more and he fucked me every other night.I was able to have the second baby as my test came positive.This was my wife massage sex story.   

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