Saturday, 28 April 2012

Breast massage in wife massage stories

An erotic breast massage is a wonderful way of wife massage.A man can create great wife massage stories and raise the sexual energy of his lover. It also can allow her sexual healing and removal of blocks to allow her to be more fully in her sexual energy.Prepare the space for the erotic breast massage by having at least 1 hour. Have some romantic music and candles, with some warm massage oil.We live in a stressful world and it seems to be only getting more and more stressful. As a result, we are all looking for ways to help calm things down and make ourselves feel better as a result. However, there is a new way that is coming along in the West that is changing how women relax and it comes in the form of an erotic massage.The female genital intimate massage is helping more and more women discover the art of sensual massage, to learn to relax in their lives.A wife massage is always a best auction for erotic wife massage stories.

The woman should be instructed to be present in her body and pleasure in this freight. She should breathe with the mouth open with no gaps between the in and out breath. One can ask her to breathe a little deeper than normal and breathe into the belly. The belly should rise and fall on every breath.The breath helps maintain your lover in her body and builds up the sexual energy that will start to move through the total body.The man should touch to please himself and not to please his lover in auction. Touch with softness and sensitivity. Maintain total concentration in your hands and the feelings of touching the breasts. If it feels good to us it will feel really nice to our lover.

The man can also breathe in wife massage,with his lover and remind her to breathe when she goes into a fantasy and out of her body. Most men touch too hard and fast in any erotic massage.Touch slowly and lightly. Imagine love coming out of your hands into her breasts. Holding her breasts is a nice way to start. Try some so light touch as a feather. Do not worry about turning her on, that is not your job.The breasts are the positive pole of a woman's sexuality and need to opened before her genitals will desire you.

Same is the case for erotic penis massage.Wife massage stories can also include penis massage.Ancient techniques detail the process to male genital massage - through different massage strokes, pressure points - some of which help in ejaculatory control (a method which allows a man to control his orgasm untill the point where maximum arousal and relaxation has been achieved i,e, when he has experienced enough pleasure!) In the tantric vocabulary, the male organ is referred to as the lingham, or wand of light. It is seen as pure consciousness or awareness - whose essence is drawn to the sacredness of the Yoni.

In the world of wife massage stories and erotic breast massage, atmosphere is everything. The Tantrists, for example, teach that your internal state is inextricably linked to your physical surroundings. That said, if your environment is pure and clean, you'll feel pure and clean. If your environment is in shambles, well.The best way to approach readying your environment and setting the mood is to appeal to your senses. Use visual elements, along with those that appeal to your senses of smell, sound, taste, and most importantly, touch.Enjoy the pleasures of sensual massage and give your wife massage stories a new way.

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