Thursday, 3 May 2012

The masseur for wife massage stories

I love massaging women as wife massage is one of my ideal hobbies. I love massaging Pakistani wife of any shape, size, creed or color. I have been massaging women; purely as a hobby for more than 5 years now all around the cities like Islamabad,Lahore and Karachi and every time is an all new experience.I learned wife massage and sensual massage procedures when I was on vacation in Bangkok.I never take charges for wife massage because my freight Quote is totally free for married couples.Let me share with you one such true experience, sometime ago, in the Bangkok. The couple was from Pakistan and had advertised on Craig list for a housekeeping job.I was really eager to meet some Pakistani their.When I contacted them,I didn't tell them that I have some other fantasies in my mind. the Pakistani wife mentioned that they are busy in their Job in Bangkok and they need someone to see the house and their babies for a few days until they get a suitable maiden.I agreed the job in order to have some relations with Pakistani wife for wife massage.

I visited their house as per schedule and joined them for the Job.Soon, I was able to find out their lifestyle and other hobbies.They were just Muslim by name but all other activities were just like Europeans.The hot Pakistani wife was having a broad life style.She have boy friends as well.In short, she was an ideal for me to start wife massage stories their.The husband was often away from house till evenings while she usually gets back 3 hours before him.I have been allotted my own apartment for living.They only knew that I was on vacations and available for two months job.I forgot to tell you that I am a muscular guy,good looking and tall.Every-time when she talked to me,I felt a strange thirst in her eyes.It was enough for me to understand that this Pakistani wife is ideal to offer a wife massage.

One day she came from job and shown some tiredness.Both the babies were sleeping when she came to my room.I got up and wondered to see her in my room.She smiled and told me to sit down.She told me that she was going to a day spa as she was tired.I unwantedly offered her my massage service.She looked at me with wide eyes and smiled.I asked,Madam:you can check.After a bit of hesitation she agreed to get a massage therapy in my room.After which I asked her to go into the bedroom undress and lay face down on the bed for me. She called me in when she was ready and I went in, lit a couple of incense candles, dimmed the lights a bit to create the mood and started very slowly applying cocoa butter and massaging her neck. She had a sheet draped on her. I undressed down to my underwear for wife massage.

Her body was stiff and tense with anticipation; I slowly relaxed her with small sensuous strokes. I slowly slid the sheet down to the small of her back and asked her if she would prefer oil instead. She had relaxed a bit by now and said "That's Fine".I then switched to lavender Oil and started massaging her back from the crack of her butt to the base of her neck in long esalen stokes. She sighed and let her body go limp, after about 15 minutes, I then threw off the sheets. She did tense up a bit but I immediately started working on the small of her back and she relaxed once again.Will update the remaining part of wife massage stories later.

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