Thursday, 17 May 2012

She called me home for erotic massage

It was my fantasy to perform wife massages so i placed an ad on internet about my massage services of wife massage.I dint got any response so I disappointed since I lost my money for ads. After 15 days I got a call from an unknown number without any response from that side I disconnected the phone. Next day I got a call from same number I said "hello" "hello" but I dint got any response.I again replied "can I help you in any mater please confirm” than i got a reply from that side with a sweet voice of a lady "hello is this number belongs to a masseur". Then I confirmed her that I am masseur, she said she want a massage and asked when I am free .I informed her that I am not a profession masseur, massage is my hobby so generally i do massages on Sundays and evenings or early mornings only.The wife massage was ready from my side.

She confirmed me to come on Sunday at 11:00 AM and asked me the details of massage and the fees. I clarified her that I am 25 years masseur I only do a full body relaxation massage if u don't have any objections  or part wise massage from head to toe for which both massage cost nearly 1000 Rs/- which include 1000Rs/- as a tips for massage and 1000Rs/- for oils or creams which even u can supply.She said ok and informed me to bring all the oils which she wants was some erotic oils with good smell so i said erotic oils are costly, it does not include in my budget for which she said I pay u for oils whatever it costs. I thanked her and asked her details and where to met and address, I got all details from her ,Shaista was her name and she lives in F12 Islamabad. 

On Sunday exactly at 10:30Am I went to the address she mentioned, it was a big house with a security guard outside the house. I informed the guard that I came to meet Miss Shaista, from guard I get known that she is not Miss but Mistress so thought she may be of 30-45 years .He called through phone to Shaista and let me go inside. The door was open and I straight went inside and searching for if anybody was there, I heard the same sweet voice whom I talked in phone "come in please,I am waiting for u" I was stunned to see her beauty she looks like a 20 years young girls holding a child of 1 year in her arms. I wished her good morning and took my seat. She sat in front of me and charted for some time, we became somewhat close. In the mean while a maid gave me a juice to drink and in chat I get to know that she is 24years married to a rich business man 2 years back. She wanted to maintain her figure as she was afraid that she may lose her structure as she gave birth to a child.

Her servant brought a glass of cold drink for me and she sat near me on the next Luxury sofa.Her drawing room was nicely decorated with latest luxury curtains and a lot of decoration pieces were there to add Natural beauty to the drawing room.The luxury show pieces told me the truth about her economic status.She seemed to be very liberal from her dress and she talked to me quite frankly.I was a bit nervous at that time as I was thinking of the massage session which could not be possible in presence of servants.She told me to relax by feeling the gestures on my face.She told me that you have to give an erotic massage in my bedroom in the upper floor where no body will be present because the home servants are not allowed to go upstairs without permission.

I was just thinking about her elite life,wife massage and then I asked her about her husband.She told me that he's on his business travel for one week.Soon I finished my cold drink and told her that I am ready.She got up and asked me to wait until she gets ready for the massage in her room upstairs.She called the Maid and gave her one year baby to her and asked her to take him in the lawn.She obeyed and didn't tried to even look at me who I am.It was a strange situation for me that no servants is staring me who I am.She went upstairs and after five minutes,I got a miscall from her number which means that I have to go to her room.So i took my Oils bag and went upstairs.The room right in front of upstairs was opened and she called me to come-in.The rest of the incidents of this wife massage story will be updated tomorrow.

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