Saturday, 5 May 2012

Wife exposed during wife massage

My wife was too much exposed during erotic wife massage.My wife and I recently took a vacation to Thailand and while we were there went to a massage/spa recommended by our host. It was a smaller private house and the couple we were staying with knew the owner and his wife. We had a joint massage and although we both started naked, covered with a large towel, as the husband worked on my wife he kept lowering the towel until she was completely uncovered. At first I felt a little uncomfortable but since our hosts had recommended them, I thought it was just the custom there. She was just having a deep tissue massage and as he worked on her legs, it was pretty clear that he could see between them from behind.It was my wife massage story of massage therapy class.

When I started to think about it, I found it fairly sexually arousing and actualy got an erection as his wife worked on my lower back and buttocks. When I finally had to turn over, my penis was fully erect and I was completely embarrassed, hoping that my wife would not turn to look over at me. But the wife that was doing me was completely professional and did not pay attention to it. Eventually it subsided, and I turned over again as she finished.

When my wife turned over, she was covered, and although he only lowered the towel to the tops of her breasts, he eventually raised the lower half until her entire pubic triangle was exposed. But neither of them ever touched our genitals the entire time. My point in writing this is that I should probably asked them to keep us covered, but my erotic curiosity at having strange man see my wife nude took over. I think there must be other men out there that feel the same way, but does that make me a bad person? I don't know and am curious what others think or if others have had an experience like this.

When my wife and I were on our honeymoon about ten years ago when we were a little more adventuresome, we ordered a male masseur to come to the room and give a massage while I watched. We were just back from the pool when he arrived and my wife removed her bikini in front of him and he gave her a bath before giving her a complete nude massage. I must admit it was a turn on for me to see her oiled up with this younger guy and completely nude. We haven't done much more like that since but I still get turned on when I think about it.I hope you liked my wife massage story of exposure.

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