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Watching sensual wife massage

While on vacation in Bangkok, Mrs. Nida playfully hinted that she would like a sensual wife massage from the handsome masseur.she saw carrying a massage table through the hotel lobby. She flirted with him and he handed her his business card that now lay on the coffee table in our luxury sweet. Knowing how aroused she would get laying completely naked while this handsome stranger rubbed her with warm oil, I picked up the phone and called the number on the card. When she returned from her pedicure I told her that I had scheduled her massage and that he would be over in an hour. She thought at first that I was kidding but when she realized that I was serious her nipples became erect and pointed firmly through her silk blouse.It was nice to have a sensual wife massage story.

I poured a vodka cranberry for her while she slipped into a warm sudsy bath. After a long luxurious soak she joined me on the balcony wearing only a short satin robe and tiny panties. With mischief in her eyes she leaned toward me and said I'm really turned on thinking about my massage. I don't know if I can behave. Just then there was a knock at the door. Excitedly she jumped up and pranced across the suite composing her self into a more sophisticated posture just before opening the door to meet her masseur.

After a brief but flirtatious greeting, he entered the living area where he set up his portable table while she stood there in her bare feet, robe loosely tied, anticipating her massage. OK,then he said to her motioning toward the table, if you will slip out of your robe and lay face down on the table we will begin.She glanced at me with a naughty little grin and pulled loose the satin tie that had barely held her robe together letting it slide off her shoulders. Now she turned toward him and meeting his eyes she lightly tugged her tiny panties over her hips, allowed them to drop around her ankles, and stepped out of them.

Having warmed some oil by rubbing it between his palms he placed his hands on her golden tan skin that now contrasted against natural cotton linen. Gliding over her naked body his fingertips gently began to knead. Following her spine downward, his hands paused and moved in slow circles on her round ass. A deep breath quietly escaped her lips.

In wife massage,Having headed to the pool where I had earlier said I would hang out during her massage, I could not resist pausing just out of sight then tip toeing around the corner into the bedroom where I could quietly watch. I could see his hands glide up the length of each long leg just below her ass then back down to her feet. After massaging the bottom of each foot he said in a soft voice, now, if you will turn over please….At which point she compliantly rolled over parting her legs briefly just before settling into a comfortable position on her back. Her hard nipples pointed toward the ceiling as he tantalizingly worked his way up each leg again. Placing one palm on her thigh and one behind her knee he brought her leg upward and rolled it in wide circles then leaned her knee against him while gently rubbing her inner thigh. This motion parted her pussy just enough for me to see her valley that now protruded slightly past her lips.

From my vantage point I could see that my lovely wife was becoming more and more aroused. Keeping contact with her warm skin, he stepped around to the opposite side and moving his hands across toward her other thigh his hand lightly brushed her valley. This sent a tingle through her pussy which now ached with desire. He brought that knee upward and outward as he had her other leg and this time I could see that her pussy had become wet as a crystal clear droplet slowly trickled downward over her pink little asshole. Noticing this himself, he lingered here. Swallowing hard he nervously looked toward the door then back down between her parted legs. With his fingertips coming within a half inch of her glistening lips his gaze shifted to see that she had begun unconsciously and ever so lightly caressing her abdomen. Her hips rocked upward slightly as her hands explored further downward.

Taking his hands off her just long enough to squirt more oil into his palms she allowed her legs to remain parted and continued to gently rock her hips. Placing one hand under the leg that was extended he gently pushed it upward and now rubbed the backs of both legs that were now spread slightly. He slowly glided his hands from her ass muscles up to the backs of each knee and down again then slid over her groin up onto her lower abdomen. Gliding his hands over the backs of hers he continued upward over her wrists, up her arms, and she felt his warm breath on her pussy. Changing direction now his hands returned back along her arms as his grip tightened slightly encouraging her hands further downward. With her fingertips now lightly caressing her hairless mound her eyes opened gently and met his.

As his eyes met hers, he parted her legs wider then looked down to see her beginning to circle one finger over her swollen clit. Gliding her fingers between her slippery lips and into her pussy she closed her eyes again and arched back letting out a sigh. Hoping that I was watching, she peered toward the bedroom where she noticed me in the shadows. This turned her on so much she began to rub faster. As he stepped toward the head of the table and began fondling her breasts she noticed that his cock was bulging through his light drawstring pants and a tell tale wet spot had formed at the tip. She reached up with one hand and stroked his balls and shaft right through the fabric. He rolled both her nipples between his warm, oily fingers as she tugged loose the drawstring bow on his pants. She slid her hand around to feel his warm bare ass and from there tried to push his pants down but they hung up on his stiff boner. He anxiously helped them off. She took the head of his cock into her mouth and began savoring its firmness with her tongue.

Now I was so fucking turned on that my own swollen cock pushed hard against my jeans. Watching this made me want her so bad. I didn't want to interrupt this very nasty time she was enjoying. So I stayed put and watched my wife as she continued to seduce this stranger. In our pillow talk, each version of this fantasy varied slightly. I wasn't sure just how far she would take it and the uncertainty was driving me nuts.The wife massage story has begun.

Now he pulled his shirt off, shook his pants off his ankles and stepped to the foot of the massage table. My heart was pounding as he stood there because I knew he wanted to fuck her. But he took his time and went down between her long naked legs. Feeling his warm lips and tongue on her pussy made her arch up again and moan deliriously. His fingers explored between her round ass cheeks as he sucked her clit. He could feel her asshole loosen then tighten then loosen again as he gently probed. She moved her ass toward his finger allowing him inside. Thoroughly savoring her sweet pussy he applied light pressure on her g-spot with the finger that was in her ass. This brought her to such an intense orgasm that her pussy gushed and he felt her quiver and pulse inside.

Once again she looked toward the bedroom for a moment then up at him. Sitting up she laced her fingers behind his neck and began kissing him deeply. I could see her scoot her hips to the end of the table and closer to his hard cock. They continued kissing and his cock pushed against her belly. Then she looked down, put her hands on his ass, and pulled him in between her legs. I knew at this point that he was about to experience that incredible feeling of my wife's aroused pussy hugging every inch of his cock as he slowly thrust it inside. I watched as pushed inward making her moan loudly now. She lay back on the table and he leaned over her supporting his weight with his arms. Slowly and rhythmically he began to thrust in long steady strokes. His cock glistened shiny with her juices. His pace quickened and she began to cum

I could smell the sweet aroma of sex in wife massage and hear the wet slapping sound as they fucked. I watched her little toes curl and knew she was getting sex the way she likes it. My mind whirled and my swollen cock ached. I reveled here in this wildly erotic experience that would shock most who had never ventured into such forbidden territory. I was happy that she was enjoying the little gift I had arranged.Their bodies now shined from perspiration and massage oil. The linen below her was damp and tangled. She felt his cock swelling deep inside her and she knew he was beginning to cum. Her fingernails raked across his back and she screamed, Yes! Give it to me!as his thrusts grew harder. At the very peak of her orgasm he pushed in all the way and held it there while his powerful orgasm pumped hot cum deep inside. A feeling of warm satiation bathed us as little orgasmic after shocks coursed through our bodies. I held her close and we kissed sweetly savoring the after glow of our delicious sex spiced up by another hot fantasy.This was the entire sensual wife massage story.

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