Thursday, 26 April 2012

wife massage story of vaginal massage

This is my real wife massage story.I live in a pretty small community and have often looked for good massages in my area. For several months now, I have seen an ad on Craigslist by a local guy who specializes in full body massages of women. The first time I saw the ad, I clicked on it to see if it would be a good gift for my wife. I found out that he specialized in a special massage of the woman’s vaginal area. It stated that the goal of the massage was not to orgasm, but it typically happened that way. Just a few days ago, I saw that ad again and this time his name was listed on his website. I decided to look up his name on Facebook and saw some pictures of the masseur.I liked him for my wife massage stories.

His name was Mark, he was about 6’-1”, very muscular body, tan, and dark features. He basically looked like someone out of a fitness commercial. I am not sure why, but I started to fantasize about seeing his strong muscles massaging my wife. The notion of this muscular guy rubbing down my wife was a big turn on.It was close to our anniversary, so I decided to see what I could do. I contacted Mark by email at first and mentioned that I would like to get the “special” massage for my wife. A couple of hours later we were on the phone discussing his “special” massage. I said that I was interested, but there were a couple of catches. First of all, I wasn’t sure that my wife would go for it. She is very prudish outside the bedroom, and I was the only one she has ever been with sexually, so allowing another man to touch her there may be out of the question.

He told me that I could always pay for those services and just see what happens. That massage is very relaxing and sensual from the start, so sometimes things just progress that way. I asked him if anything beyond a massage ever happens.“It is rare. Most of my clients are married women, who like the idea of a sensual massage, but don’t want to cross any more lines. However, on a handful of occasions the massage has turned into something more sexual. In those cases, I do not charge for the sex because it is mutually enjoyment and I would only sleep with those I would sleep with anyway. Since you are the client though, how would you feel about it if it progressed into something sexual?” asked Mark.Finally we decided for a wife massage which happened in the next few days.

My wife walked into the wife massage room wrapped in another short towel. She sat on the massage table for a minute or so waiting for Mark to enter. Mark came in wearing some tight white shorts and a white tank top. He offered a third glass of wine. She accepted and took a few quick sips. He told her to lie down on her chest and he will position her towel over her buttocks. I can tell that it was difficult for her to do this without revealing herself. She tried, but I am pretty sure Mark got a good look at her tits as she laid down. I could see them on the video. Last year, my wife got breast implants which complimented her sexy tight body. He adjusted her towel as promised and grabbed some warm oil.

He began massaging her shoulders and neck. I could tell he was really working out some kinks. He worked his way down each arm and even massaged each finger. He started working his down her back and rubbed her sides. I could see that as he did this his fingers would extend to the side of her breasts. I was hoping it was turning her on for the special massage. As for me, I was rock hard now seeing her massage so far. He continued the massage to her waist and hips. He let his fingers drift under the towel and massage the top of her ass. There were no objections, so pulled the towel lower, as he kneaded her ass a little. She seemed to enjoy it, and as he pulled his hands away, he slide the towel further up her butt.

Mark stands up for a moment and begins rubbing his cock over her dripping pussy in wife massage. He runs the head up and down her slit. Slowly he puts the head inside her waiting pussy, and pulls it back out. Once again he puts in the head and takes it out. My wife moans louder with each entry until finally, “Fuck me please… oh fuck me please, I want that big cock inside me. I need to feel that big dick.” She gasps. He continues his teasing game until she starts rocking her hips towards his cock. At once, he slides all the way inside her. She screams a scream of joy. Her pussy is spread so far open to take that cock. With every push her moans are louder and more intense and within minutes she is cumming once again. Mark continues to fuck her harder and harder, and her legs are spread so wide open.

My wife allows his to lay down and climbs on top of him. She reaches behind her and slides his cock back into her gaping pussy. Slowly she rocks her hips allowing his cock to slide deeper and deeper inside her. Her moans and incredibly loud at this point. I am amazed by sounds she is making. She rocks harder and harder. Mark cups her tits as his cock stretches out her pussy. Her rocking gets harder and slower and I can tell she is going to cum once again. She continues until a massive orgasm convulses through her body. She presses herself up against Mark’s body until it surpasses. Mark tells her that he is close to. “Where do you want me to cum?” he asks her. “Cum on my tits and face!” she replies. I am shocked to hear this, she has always had me finish inside her.

Mark stands up while my wife gets on her knees in front of him. She starts stroking his cock while Mark grunts in unison to her strokes. I see his balls tightening and know he is about to explode. He shoots his hot cum on her face and into her open mouth. She strokes him more, spilling the rest of his cum over her tits. My wife takes his cock back in her mouth and sucks the remaining cum off his cock. She starts rubbing the cum over her tits and scoops it into her mouth, where she swallows all she can. I once again cum seeing this. I am truly amazed by my wife’s actions. She stands up and they kiss some more, her hand still touching his cock

The night of wife massage story turns to some heavy petting and next thing you know, we are having amazing sex. I keep thinking that she is remembering Mark inside of her. The thought gets me so worked up that I am close to cumming. My wife asks me to cum on her face and tits for the first time. This pushes me over the edge and cum all over her face and tits. As she licks the cum up, I am certain her mind is on Mark’s cum, but I don’t mind. The fantasy was much greater than I imagined. After a couple of weeks, my wife tells me that she would like to get another massage. She tells me that regular massages help her stress and libido. I know where she heard this and know she has just been craving Mark’s massive cock. Mark and I exchange some more emails and discuss fantasies that he can help me with. He agrees to continue helping me because he said my wife was the wildest fuck he ever had, and he agrees to continue taping them for me.This was my wife massage story.

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