Tuesday, 15 January 2013

My Wife and Massage at Hotel

This Is a Real story of My Hot Wife Massage sex. We have been in Thailand,spending our vacations when this incident happened.I must tell you first about me and my wife.I am Rehan,42Y old with My Sexy Wife Aneela,36Y old.We were staying at hotel in Thailand when I accidentally involved my wife into Wife Sharing Lifestyle.One day,I called the room service and asked them to send a pot of tea.Meanwhile,my wife went to the toilet and I put on my clothes.The doorbell rang and the waiter came inside with tea.I asked the waiter whether they had any relaxation facility in the hotel.The waiter said that the hotel did not have massage facility but if I so desire,he can get a male masseur from outside.By this time,I was not thinking of any Massage for wife.
I gave him some money and asked him to arrange for the masseur at around 9.00 P.M.After 10 minutes he called on the telephone and said that the masseur would come at 9.00 P.M.Meanwhile,my wife came out of the toilet and we had tea. I told her that I had called a masseur to give me massage at 9.00 P.M as I am tired by the whole day’s wandering. We went out and loitered in the town.We had dinner at 8.00 P.M.and came back to our room.I changed to my night dress and asked my wife also to change.I informed her that I have called a male masseur also whether she would also like to take a massage.

Being a traditional Pakistani wife she replied that how can I take a massage from a male masseur.I told her that we have taken this short vacation to pep up our sex life and there is no harm if she takes the massage from a male masseur on her legs,arms and back.When she did not protest to my suggestion I told her ‘Look darling,we have come all way so far to enjoy.I am your husband and my purpose is to enjoy our life to the full.Let the masseur come and if we find him clean you should take a sensual massage.I would love to see the pleasure on your face when receive the massage’.After some hesitation,she said that she would take the massage but only for her legs and back.I asked her to change in her nighty and wear her bra and panty.She changed and came to me on the bed and I started kissing her.I had a lot of fantasies about Wife Massage at that time.

She became hot and I told her ‘Darling I love you very much and I do not want to force you for anything.If you feel that you should not take this massage,I would respect your feeling’.She responded by kissing me deeply and I got her reply.At 9.00 P.M.the doorbell rang and the waiter was there with the masseur.I paid some money to the waiter and he went away.The masseur was a young man of about 23 years,well dressed,clean and fairly handsome,well-built guy.I looked at my wife and she nodded in approval.I took the masseur out of the room and asked him whether he has massaged ladies.

He replied that there have been a number of foreign ladies whom he has massaged.I told him that he has to give a sensual happy ending massage to my wife and only to the extent she is willing to be massaged.He said ‘Don’t worry sir; your wife would love the massage.We entered the room and the masseur went to the wash basin and washed his hands with soap.He took out a bed sheet and a bottle of oil from his bag and spread the bed sheet on one corner of the bed.It was decided that My Hot wife will get a massage first.

The masseur got one towel from the bathroom and gave it to my wife and asked her to take off the nightie and lie face down on the bed with the towel on her body.My wife looked at me and when I nodded in approval,she took off the nightie and was only in her bra and panty.She lied on the bed and I put the towel on her back.The towel covered her back from neck to knee joints.The masseur opened the bottle of oil and took some oil in his hands and started rubbing the same on the lower portion of her legs one by one.

After some time,he raised the towel up to her panty and again took some oil and started massaging her thighs.He then moved upwards and lowered the towel from her back so that her whole back was exposed with the bra strap in between.The towel was covering her arse.He poured some oil on her back and started rubbing.I was sitting on the bed beside my wife and I told him that let me open the bra strap so that he can massage the whole back.I opened the bra hooks and the straps fell on side exposing the side of her breasts.My wife looked at me with a smile and did not object.

After massaging her back and neck for some time,he moved to the lower back.The towel was lying on her panty and when he was massaging her lower back;his hands were touching the elastic of her panty.I told my wife that his oily hands are soiling your panty and let me remove the same.She looked a bit nervous but I could see that she was not objecting to it.I put my fingers in her panty and started rolling it down.She responded by raising her hips and I removed the panty.Her beautiful bums were exposed.The masseur moved his hands down and started rubbing her bums.

He massaged and caressed her arse and was also rubbing her arse hole with his oily finger.After some time he asked my wife to turn over facing the ceiling.With her eyes closed, she turned around and her tits and her clean shaved pubic area were there for the masseur to see.It was the most wonderful sight to see my lovely wife lying nude with her breasts and Vagina exposed to another man.I put the towel on her body covering her Breasts and Vagina.The masseur massaged her arms and then looked at me.I lowered the towel up to her naval area so that her lovely breasts were exposed.

The masseur poured some oil in between her breasts and started rubbing the whole body from her collar bone to her navel.He was kneading her juggled breasts and tweaking her nipples in between his fingers.My Hot wife was moaning with pleasure.I was sure that her Vagina was flooded with nectar.After a few minutes,the masseur moved down and started massaging her feet and legs.I moved down and removed the towel which was covering her pubic area.The masseur moved his hands up and poured some oil on her thighs and Vagina mount.

He massaged her thighs and massaged her vaginal mount.I opened her vaginal lips and pointed the masseur to attend that area.The masseur was an expert guy and he started rubbing the vaginal lips with one hand and clits with the other.My Hot wife was having one orgasm after another and the masseur inserted his two fingers inside her and started moving them in and out.I was very excited with my First Wife Sharing and I started sucking her left tit and gestured the masseur to eat her county.The masseur was deep licking her county while I was sucking her nipple.I could see that my wife was enjoying the double pleasure with her eyes closed.

After some time,I raised her right breast and gestured the masseur to suck her right breast.We both were sucking her nipples and she was immensely enjoying two warm mouths licking and sucking her.I left the masseur at her nipples and went down on her and started eating her county which was flooded with her salty juices.Then I went to her face and started kissing her.My wife said that I cannot bear any more.

I asked if she wanted to be screwed by the masseur and my wife strongly said no.I convinced her and finally she was agreed.She said that please release the massage and let’s do it.I asked the masseur to end the massage,and start the happy ending.He removed his underwear and his fat tool popped out.He was almost one inch fat than me but slightly shorter in length.He placed his tool tip on my wife’s county and massaged her breasts again while inserting it inch by inch inside.Although my wife has taken my tool for a number of times before but when he got a half inside she screamed due to his fatness.I enjoyed the scene and he pushed it fully inside.My wife’s mouth was opened once as she had some elbow inside.

I placed my tool on my wife’s lips as it was UN-bearable for me.She started sucking me and the guy continued to screw her deep.After a few minutes,I couldn’t control my load so I fired all on my wife’s lips.The guy had a good stamina so he continued for 5-6 minutes more and then unloaded his juice jug on my wife’s pubic area.He cleaned her pubic area with a tissue.Thereafter,we had a bath together when the massage guy left our home. Even today,when we make love,we talk of the massage experience and we experience a tremendous pleasure of wife sharing.

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