Saturday, 23 April 2016

Wife sharing from a woman’s perspective

How does it feels for a wife to be shared with another man? From a woman's perspective how does it feel that my husband is willingly to share me with another guy for sex? Well, the answer is quite simple to find out. There are a few reasons behind this fantasy. Being a wife, initially, I thought it totally ridiculous to have sex with another man. I was a kinda conservative wife who used to live a conserved lifestyle, being at home all the time, busy in routine type house work all the day. As soon as, my loving husband introduced me to this lifestyle I was soon in heavenly life.


Wife Sharing from a woman's Perspective.
Well, I am narrating you my own experience here. Our relationship has improved a lot since we started practicing this lifestyle. We both got immense orgasms doing this (that we never experienced before). I feel it a kind of female empowerment - my husband described the joy he felt at his wife's increased independence, confidence and assertiveness, that came from the freedom of sex with another man. He expressed that through my open sexuality.

The 2nd reason, That I must admit here was my husband's average sized dick. Honestly saying, I do have it mind but I never tried to tell my feeling to him (He might feel embarrassed) or I shown any kind of discontent to his size. Somehow, somewhere in my mind I do liked fat dicks (but not over-liked). When my husband introduced me to our first stranger (he had a really fat dick) my own fantasy was fulfilled. He was excellent in stylish sex. Though, I never confessed it in-front of my loving husband that I liked his dick, the jealousy factor may spark in his mind so I avoided doing so.

The 3rd reason was our experimental nature. To some extent, we were both bored of routine type sex which is just like pull up legs and start drilling. Finish! Uffffffff..When a new man came in our bedroom, He done it all in different style. He licked me like a virgin, he worshiped my body like a prince and I liked it. I was everything new for him so he vigorously used me like a new thing. My husband was doing it like I have been a routine for him now.

The 4th reason (I guessed it later) was my husband's gay nature. He never expressed it but I do guessed that he likes to watch and feel other man's dick. His fantasy fulfills by sharing me with another man and it makes him happy. So, why should I make him hungry by not doing it for his likes. Honestly saying, I liked him getting happier.

The final reason from a woman's perspective is that, If my husband is agreed in sharing his wife with another man why don't I enjoy it. I am not cheating him, and I'm getting the benefit of tasting different men with his consent. So, I do enjoy my life and it is proving good for us. We had a stronger than ever bond now. 

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