Friday, 18 October 2013

Shared Wife Satisfying Husband's Boss

We are happily married for last eight years. Me and My Wife had never faced any problems when it comes to Hot Sex at night. She is very Hot in bed and always tries to please me with every slutty move she can make. Once, I have been in job problems and my company has given me a warning letter of dismissal within two months. Being a good Husband I can't leave that job in that quick time so I discussed the matter with my wife. She asked me to invite my Boss at dinner. I was not sure what she's going to try but I can smell those nasty things at that time. She convinced me within two three days to go for that option and after thinking a lot I was totally agreed for this dinner. The things went quite nice till dinner but what happened to My Hot Wife later, see these Shared Wife Photos.

I was only a watch dog when she was trying to become a perfect call-girl. I didn't know my boss was also eying my Hot Wife for last few months. It seemed as he forced me to go for the only option of Wife Sharing.
Don't be crazy about thinking that who captured these snaps?It was my wife and the boss. They done that just to show me later on what she did with my boss.






How My Hot Wife performed in this Wife Sharing session?I hope viewers can tell better but I felt a hard on after watching these photos. I immediately banged her when my boss left our house. I screwed her in all styles which she adopted with my boss. I got my job back right the next day after this dinner. Thanks to my sexy wife and her sex skills.

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