Thursday, 12 December 2013

Massage For My Hot Wife: She Loved It

I was in doubts about my Ex-Wife. My hot wife often seemed not interested in sex with me. It was a shocking news as it started happening in last few months. Two months passed away in hopeless expectation on my part. One day, I went to office, leaving her home, but suddenly I decided to wait outside the flat. After 30-40 minutes, she called me and said that she had to go for massage. I allowed her but went chasing her. It was around a mile away from our flat. I never knew the fact until I chased her in a hidden manner. It seemed to be a ladies spa from the outside, but, the real secret was disclosed When I inquired at the hotel for that massage spa.
I had a Cheating Wife, I had to confirm. They said; the one I was talking is an all kind spa (Including Happy ending). I decided to give it a whirl. I loved the thought that "My Wife is a Gangster." How pleased I was!!! When I met the spa manager without telling her about my Sexy Wife.It was cool to hire two staff people for a little money. They got ready to put some hidden cams during my wife's massage session. The staff was really nice. so welcoming, the massage for wife was great. I was lucky enough to get an my wife's video later,Unfortunately I was not there to see the live session, but took total advantage.

I am going to Share my Wife's video here. I hope all would love this special video of my Ex-Wife as she can not exculpate from this blunder.
later on, I decided to treat my hot-wife as slut taking a Wife Massage. (it was a full spa, massages of all kinds for her. One of the best fuck she got with that young guy. I have never seen her like that. The locker room was clean and has all the necessary amenities (shampoo, conditioner, towels, robes, etc). And a steam room! Due to a timing issue I took a core fusion class. The boy with my hot wife was adorable. He annihilated her pussy nicely. Hard class, but it was really fun.

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