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My wifes exposed massage story

This is my my first sensual wife massagestory.Sensual massage stories are always been fun for readers so I decided to share my own web conference here in wife massage stories.Me and my wife (Rehana)were in Thailand for our vocational trip abroad.We decided to enjoy new things this time and finally agreed on having a nude massage.We decided to visit one of the renowned (or infamous) massage parlor as we wanted to experience some of the attractions that Bangkok is noted for.We finally settled on a couple for our experiences. Rehana has to go with the young guy for a traditional wife massage and me with the girl.I decided for another type of sensual massage that the Thai call "Body/Body." I can't be out of Web hosting for Rehana's experience for sensual wife massage stories.

sensual wife massage

After proceeding upstairs to one of the massage rooms, the masseurs and we attempted some small talk as they prepared for the rubdown. Both didn't speak any English or any other language I could understand, and I didn't speak Thai or the Chinese dialect of their home village. After a few puzzled expressions and not a few laughs for conference calling.we finally exchanged names. Hers was Toi and he was Yang.She indicated for me to remove my clothing and began to clean the large tub. Her movements were succinct and I enjoyed peeking at her anatomy as she bent to her task. She straightened up then adjusted the tap to very warm water before motioning me towards her. She carefully removed her garments, folding each before placing them on a chair, then stood naked before me. I thoroughly perused her body, starting with her feet, up her legs, loins, belly, breasts, neck, and face before she took my hands and helped me into the warm water.

On the other hand my wife was getting ready for wife massage.The massage guy was young and strong with good looks.He also removed his clothes but not the underwear and started the same with my wife which Toi did for me.Her slightly swaying breasts, and a faint smile tugged at the corners of her mouth. She moved so that her nipple tickled my toes as she scrubbed the top of my foot and ankle. My state of arousal moved from being in my mind to one of a more physical manifestation. I couldn't resist wiggling my toes against her nipple and pressing them into the softness of her breast. I was rewarded with the crinkling of her aureola.I reached down and idly fondled my cock as she ministered to me.She progressed closer to my crotch and casually brushed against my cock, inducing a small spasm with each contact.

The guy was rubbing and fondling my wife’s hot breasts giving them healthy food.She was also getting hot along-with his touches.He was intentionally touching his cock with my wife's legs.She could feel his cock inside underwear's.Meanwhile,I thought of making this more sensational so I asked the guy to remove his underwear's as well.He obeyed my instructions and his cock jumped out as he removed his underwear.My wife looked quite eagerly at his cock.He was smaller in size than me,But not very small.He started massaging my wife’s back with his erect hanging cock.Soon my wife grabbed his cock and he continued to massage. 

On the other hand my masseur girl was also pleasing me.She firmly grasped my cock and stroked it with a small lump of soap taking special care around the head. She moved to my scrotum, handling it sensually, rolling the testes back and forth, cleaning every wrinkle. Looking me in the eye, she moved two fingers to bathe my anus.She nicely fingered my ass for five minutes.I was also moaning where the guy was fingering my wife’s Napa valley Lodge.She was also moaning with pleasure.Then She scrubbed my back, her breasts delighting me as they brushed against the cheeks of my behind.She had me relax and wait while she got out of the tub to prepare for the Body/Body massage. It was the most memorable bathing I'd ever participated in!My wife and the guy also prepared to perform body to body massage.

We both were ready now for wife massage by man and husband massage by girl.They arranged us face down, positioning our arms down and out from sides, and spread our legs to the edge of the mattress.After wetting themselves again with the slippery mixture (They soaped theirerselves down before each "maneuver" and sometimes during them), they kneeled and started.She was straddling one of my legs between hers and began to move her pubis up and down, pressing into the muscles of my leg. The scratchiness of her pubic hair enhanced the massage and contrasted with the slick softness of her inner flesh and the hardness of the nub of her clit. The folds of her labia tracked over my skin and slurped whenever she broke contact with my skin.I'd curl my fingers up and fleetingly slip them between the lips of her labia and into her vagina. Next, she used her breasts to massage my back and buttocks.

She turned me onto my back and used her breasts (sometimes pressed together in her hands) to massage my thighs, belly, and chest. She then turned around and on her knees straddled me, her crotch just a centimeter (I was in Thailand after all) from my nose. Toi used her breasts to massage my cock and balls, running each of her nipples, in turn, from the base of my cock to the tip, causing me to press up against the softness of her breasts.

On the other side my wife Rehana was also feeling the same acts.The guy was rubbing his entire body on my wife’s back with his erect cock rubbing my wife’s ass cracks.I could not bear it more so I made an illusion to the guy to insert his erect cock inside my wife’s hot vagina.He followed my instructions and when he was moving along my wife’s legs he pressed his cock near my wife’s vagina.It slipped right into her fleshy vagina and she moaned loudly.They guy started to make slow strokes and I could feel my wife’s happiness.She was enjoying more than ever.He screwed her for 10-15 minutes and then my wife felt her huge orgasm.The guy must have taken some pills to avoid ejaculation so he didn’t. 

After a few minutes of this stimulating contact of my wife massage, my girl rolled off me. My cock throbbed with unreleased tension. She rinsed me off, then herself, before drying me thoroughly. I didn’t tried to fuck her.I thanked her and left with an audible sigh, a fire burning in my loins.I found a very relaxed Rehana who was amiable to comparing our experiences while in an intimate clinch of wife massage.  

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