Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Pakistani Wife Massage Story

Hi friends,it's Mehwish from Pakistan.I am going to narrate a Wife Massage Story here.After 10 years of marriage,I felt that My husband was not enough for a Hot Wife.I just cant get enough of my sex life,I lust over day & night and simply cannot keep my hands away from my husband's tool.Whenever I tried to play with his tool at bed times,he was failed to get a good preparation.I have to feel embarrassed often.We belonged to a community where Wife Sharing is not a very common habit.Although,a few times I felt that my husband intentionally tried to make me frank with his closest friend.He was handsome and quite healthy but I could not simply get on due to society fears.I have to save my family as my husband was my cousin.Getting divorce was not good at all so I decided to find some other way.This Wife Massage story simply belonged to my husband's poor performance in bed.
I have been using internet quite often.One day,I saw an ad on some website about Wife Massage.A good looking guy was offering his massage service with happy ending for housewives and girls.It was best that he had offered massage at home.I decided to treat myself with a happy ending body massage.He has only given his email so i quickly mailed him.I was reluctant to give him my address so i asked him for face-pic and if possible,a Tool pic.The next day,he sent me his snaps.He seemed to be very handsome and very fit with a nice fat tool.He was too much for a Hot Wife like me.I was not sure that his snaps are real so i asked a few more snaps of his tool and face.He sent me some Hot photos of his body and face again.Now i was sure that he is real.
I decided to get a massage when my husband had been in office.I didn't give him(massage guy)my address but i asked him to visit commercial market.I was alone during the whole day except a guard at gate and a maid for house work.I asked my maid to leave that day and she was quite happy.I knew that the guard will remain on gate as he was not allowed to go inside home.Nobody was there to interrupt my massage.I took my car and went outside to see the masseur.After waiting for 5 minutes in-front of commercial market i saw the same guy coming there.I started my car and stopped right near him.He was quite intelligent to understand that his customer was there.He got inside and after some introduction we reached home in five minutes.I was eager to enjoy the wife massage session.

I decided to get the massage session on upper floor so that if my husband comes,I could have a time to hide him and wear clothes quickly.There was a backdoor to our house which remains locked during normal days.I can use that door for measure's departure quickly so i opened the lock before the massage and bolted it.I told the guy about the entire procedure and how to proceed if my husband arrives suddenly(But it was only a precaution,my husband never comes before 4pm and it was 11am still).After locking the room,the guy asked me to take the position.I asked him about clothes and he told me that if i had nighties,they would be the best.

I changed into nighties quickly and adopted the position for Wife Massage as per his guidance.I was lying with my face down and he took out his fragrance oil out.He was wearing a jeans.He asked me if i had no problem,can I remove my jeans.I agreed with smiling face and told him to proceed without any hesitation.He was handsome and good looking.I was eager to feel his hands rolling over my body.He removed his jeans and i was watching his underwear. His huge bulge told me the size he had in his pocket.my mouth was full of waters.He sat near my feet and started massaging them.gently caressed them and as he touched,a wave went throughout my body.The post length is ending so I will share the remaining events of my Wife Massage Stories in next post.

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