Friday, 7 June 2013

My Hot Wife Loves Double Entry

There are many reasons for me to appreciate my Hot Wife.She is always ready to fulfill my desires even if my boss wants to Share My wife.There is a struggle story behind that.When I was in office,she came to pick me up.There,my boss saw her.The day onward,he started getting closer to me.I was quite surprised by his mercies but It was my luck that he liked my Real Wife.When our friendship went deeper,I invited him to join me and my wife at dinner.
This was the first time when he openly appreciated my Hot Wife.He liked her body and assets and declared me lucky.Frankly speaking,I didn't like that braveness in start but later I thought a lot about those opportunities which my boss had provided me due to her.
So,I started availing those lucks and my boss confessed that he wants some action with her.I didn't agreed at the spot and asked him to give me sometime.I talked about the situation and outcome of this action with her.She laughed and then asked me about my desire.I asked her to decide by saying that I had no obligations if my boss joins us on bed.
I couldn't forget the hours of that day.It was an extreme night of Wife Sex and Wife Sharing.I liked my hot wife entertaining my boss,giving him some nice blows with her tongue.
My boss went quite deeper in her throat while I was screwing her from behind.He was bigger than me and quite hard to do the job perfectly.
She had gone through the entire session quite nicely.At one moment,I started thinking that she might be an expert of threesome action.
My boss fired twice.Once in her mouth and then in her back door.I fired twice.Once in her throat and then in her front cottage.
After that day,She is rated as My Hot Wife.She loves double action now and often asks me to arrange a monthly double entry session.I am thinking of trying some new guys for the said job.Let's c how things work for us in this Wife Sharing Lifestyle.


  1. Hey there, how are you? You sound like a fun couple. Ive been swinging since 2007, started in the uk, now back in pak. Its a fantasy to meet a pakistani cpl. Biggest fantasy is to watch a white guy with a desi wife, i have my own flat, privacy guaranteed. I also have a phatan friend in isb, he has a beautiful long fat cock with big balls, we sometimes play as a team.


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