Sunday, 30 August 2015

Lahori Hot Wife

Hello everyone I am Salman 29 years age with 5.11 height and I'm a good looking person live in Lahore. I am going to tell my true Sex story. I don’t want to waste time , it happened 4 months back. This story of sex with a housewife is a quick setup as I meet her online and within a few days we were able to exchange phone numbers and develop a good relationship. She had a video call with me over skype. The online chats went on towards sex topic as well. she is normal in body looks , having 3 years old kid and her husband is working in a private company. He leaves at morning 9 am and returns back home after 6-7pm. Once Her husband's parents went to tour relatives for one week so she was free. She told me and I thought it to be a nice time to have fun with her. I asked her for real sex.

But she tried to forbid in start, saying- that it is not possible, it's cheating -Blah blah blah.I knew she must be looking to have sex with me but she wants to keep her dignity and secrecy like the majority of Pakistani wives, little bit shy to meet because of unknown person, but when I asked so many times for at least a casual meeting , she agreed. She told me that you come next day morning after 10am and given me address.

I was very happy with that as I was waiting for this past 3-4 months. The next day morning I started from my house ,took condoms and ice cream for her kid. I reached her house and I called her after reaching her street. She told me to come in as she had already let the main door unlocked. I looked around in the street and found no one there. I went inside her house and I finally saw her looking at me greedily. she was very hot and sexy dressed.I followed her after locking the door. She entered the drawing room and suggested immediately that drawing room is a better option to meet with two doors. If someone comes, I can slip away to the backyard of house. I saw her kid sleeping in the lounge.

I had a 5 minute chit chat with her in drawing room, standing and looking around. We were both slightly nervous but then without wasting time, I grabbed her towards me. She resisted a bit but i had my plans to drill her. So I went on fondling her boobs and feeling her hot female aroma. We talked a bit about sex and her body. I hugged her very tight she was very very happy about my braveness. I touched your bums she smiled and taken my hand and put in her thighs. her pussy very hot and wet within short time.

I played for 5 mins and I hugged her slowly removing her dress. Now she was in her bra and panty only, she started removing my dress and then finally sat down to lick my lolypop. OMG- What a nice sucker she was. She went sliding her tounge all over my dick and then licking my balls. She was extremely expert in licking and sucking a dick in style. Sucking scene went on for 10 minutes and I nearly went exploding my load in her mouth but i controlled it. I took a condom from my pocket and given her she put in my cock and started. Then I made her lying on sofa and coming between her legs. I started fingering her pussy.

I inserted my cock into her pussy. It was a kinda hell with warmth- looked like she was hungry for a fuck for month at least.It was wet and hot inside. so I started fucking and pressing her butts , fondling her boobs and so on. Soon we changed to doggy style and I fucked in full speed. Then we changed to top angle she on top of me and started fucking. she looked like a porn star, biting her lips and holding my ass, pushing me towards her along the jerks.

It appeared in 20 minutes that I was about to cum so I told her and she stopped me. Saying let’s change the angle.I went on top of her. After 4-5 deep strokes, I cummed inside. Then we kept the same position for 3-4 minutes and I taken the condom out and we both went to bathroom. I touched and washed her pussy and she handjob my cock. My cock was still having greediness for another fuck.

Now it was a time to move out but I want to do it again. so I asked her can I do it once more or come tomorrow.she told me to come after one day on the same time.I agreed her for next day. I went again on the next day and given her another fuck. Now a days, I am regular to fuck her every week. As soon as we manage a time and place (Mostly her house) I go and fuck her. she is impressed with my cock size and fucking stamina. Often she says, her husband doesn't last that long.

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