Friday, 11 March 2016

Serving A Dominant Wife

After a few months of our marriage, I found my wife to be kinky and dominant. She was very hot in bed, A truly dominant wife, who loves riding her husband and taking control of sex. Her name is Maria and she is 29 Y old with busty figure. Her big melons are surely her best property. She has introduced me to anal play, humiliation, and even loved watching strapons and such movies. Never imagined I would enjoy this so much. We have told each other about our past affairs and to be honest, she was not a virgin at the time of marriage. She had done it with two different guys in past. I like her truth and never hidden my affairs anymore. After a few months we started discussing about expanding our horizons and trying 3somes. I told her I had done FFM 3somes before and loved them. She told me she's always wanted a MMF 3some. I told her I might be interested if it was to pleasure her. She wanted to share him with me. Never had I considered the thought. I said no right away.


A few times we done some kinda role play. For about 2 weeks I continued to sub for her, pushing my limits. Nipple clamps, spankings, wearing a leash, using longer strapons, even wearing heels and panties for her. Never thought I would wear women's clothing. She asked if I would break my limit on cocks. I told her I would happily do an MMF 3some with her, but not let the guy have me. Maria asked if she could arrange a 3some with her female friend in which she (Maria) would sub for me if I would change my mind. I told her it was a tempting offer... and I would think about it. Anyhow, we decided to do a 3some with a male. And she wanted to try it with her ex-lover and me. Initially, I was a bit surprised but taking it as an adventure, I like it.

The following weekend we're at home having fun and she has me undress and has me put on a pair of 6in heels and a pair of purple lace panties. She blindfolds me, cuffs my wrists behind me, inserts a butt plug in me, puts a leash on me and attaches it to the foot of the bed. She instructs me to stay there until she comes back or I won't be able to sit for a week. She comes back after what feels like an eternity. Me feet and calves are aching from standing. She is pleased with my patience. She says I've earned a reward for standing properly for 20min. I feel her reach into my panties and pulls my cock and starts stroking it. I then feel my cock being sucked. It feels very good. I'm rock hard. My sensitive nipples are getting sucked and nibbled. My cock gets sucked again but this time I get kissed after so I have to taste my precum. The kiss is different than before. Something is off, but I'm still hard and pleased.

Maria whispers in my ear, "did you like that?" I respond, "very much." She takes off my blindfold and I see her friend, Kamal, standing in front of me smiling. I feel a sudden rush of shock, embarrassment, and even anger run through me, but I'm also turned on. I've known Kamal for nearly as long as I've known Maria since they work at the same place. He's standing in front of me shirtless and in jeans and she has only her panties on. Kamal asks if we can take off my heels and panties, which she does and says he likes it better that way. I start to protest telling her I hadn't said yes to this. She tells me that obviously I liked it and needed a little push. Still cuffed, she kneels down and starts sucking my cock and has Kamal join in. It feels amazing! Then Kamal starts playing with my butt plug. He proceeds to kiss my chest and eventually kisses me in the mouth again.... this time I don't protest.

Maria then unbinds my wrists, takes the plug out and takes me to bed. My wrists are bound above me as I lay down on the bed. Maria sits on my face and Kamal starts to kiss all over me and starts sucking my cock again. Kamal is doing an amazing job. He also fingers my ass and starts tonguing it as well. It's hard to concentrate on pleasing Maria. Maria pinches my sensitive nipples and tells me I better not cum until she does. I start alternating between her ass and pussy. She cums very soon. Meanwhile Kamal has gotten more aggressive in sucking and fingering me. I'm moaning rather loudly as Maria stays on top of me. I cum hard and he swallows it. I'm still in some type of shock as too what has just happened. 

Not allowing me to think much, Maria tells me it's type for to enjoy me and show Kamal what I can do. She puts on her strapon and recuffs my wrists in front of me. She bends me over her bed and starts to fuck me in front of Kamal. Of course he is turned on. He takes his jeans off and starts to stroke himself. Maria is starting to go faster and I'm moaning more and more. She slows down the rhythm and motions Kamal over. She bends over with the strapon still in me and says it's only fair that I try to please him since he did such a good job making me cum. He lays in bed in front of me and with my bound hands I start to stroke him and lick the head of his cock. He smiles at me telling me, "that's it."

I start trying to suck his cock, but I don't get far. I start to gag. Kamal chuckles a little. Maria, meanwhile is going slow but deep in my ass. I continue to try to please Kamal, but I continue to gag. I only manage to get the head of his cock in my mouth. So I stroke, suck and lick what I can. Between this and Maria inside me, I've gotten hard again. Maria states, that since I have a hard time sucking, I should let him have my ass.... now that she has loosened it up a bit. Kamal has a good size cock and I get rather nervous. But she has already gotten out some lube. Kamal and Maria trade positions and he slowly inserts himself into me. It's overwhelming at first. I clench a bit. Maria starts to kiss up on me. They lay me on my side and Kamal starts again. It gets a little easier this time. Maria starts to suck my once more hard cock. Kamal continues to go slow but he is almost all inside me. The feeling is soooo overwhelming! I cum harder than I ever have before. Kamal is appreciating the sudden tightness of my ass as I cum. It doesn't take long for him to cum as well. Maria kisses and caresses me, telling me how happy she is with me and hopes I'm not too angry with her. I'm so overwhelmed, I tell I'm not sure what to think. She then tells me that she knows she owes me. I fall asleep with my wrists still cuffed.

My hot wife had a great time with Kamal. She wanted wife sharing fun and we had done it. I wake up a couple of hours later and Kamal is coming out of the shower and apparently Maria is in there. He looks at me and asks me how I feel. I tell him I was angry at first and am still nervous at what this means but that I liked it. I admit that I never imagined this happening. I move and realize that I'm still bound. Kamal comes over in only his towel and undoes the restraints. He smells good. And I'm surprise to find that I'm getting hard again. Kamal nervously places his hands on my chest and admits that he's found me attractive for a long time. He admits not believing Maria that I could possibly be bi or that I would dare wear heels or panties. I tell him I don't know what to think I am. I admit to still liking woman and enjoyed being taken... but unsure how I feel about men. He reaches over to kiss me and I lean back. He says, "you're free now. Do what you want." He leans over again and I let him kiss me. We start making out and Maria walks in. She is rather pleased. Kamal, Maria and I wind up showering together, freely.

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