Sunday, 4 March 2012

Licking tips for Body Massage

This article will show you three licking tips for Body Massage that when applied properly will give your woman an orgasm 99.9% of the time. Why lick her vagina instead of penetrating her? Simple, women get orgasms from cunnilingus more than they do from intercourse and they cannot fake an oral orgasm the way that 1 in 3 women fake orgasms when having sex after licking Massage.It could be the Ideal way to do licking body Massage.
Here are 3 licking tips.
1. Enjoy yourself while you are down there and make sure that she knows you are enjoying it. Make some nice loud "slurping" sounds followed by a few pleasure groans during licking Massage, knowing that you enjoy giving cunnilingus is a huge turn on to a woman.

2. The slower the better is the key to successful vagina licking, it's tempting to go at it like a greyhound out of the traps but this will get you nowhere fast. You have to be slow and deliberate with your licks and only add more velocity when she starts getting noisy.

3. Be totally unselfish whilst giving cunnilingus and you will get rewarded for your kindness. So instead of trying to get something out of it for yourself like maybe pushing your manhood towards her mouth as you lick her, you should only be conceded about your woman's pleasure. Women who are satisfied in bed want to pleasure the man that gives them these orgasms, so expect a very good time in bed as a thank you from her.We hope these tips about Licking body Massage can make your body massage sessions a fantasy.

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