Saturday, 31 March 2012

The Wife massage story

Today,I am going to share you the real experience of body massage of a wife.She tells,I entered the room. I had been so stressed out with the kids that i was glad to have a massage. it was my husbands idea. he said "just go and relax".I took my clothes off down to my black lace undies which i usually saved for sexy occasions, but they were the only clean ones in my closet. I lay down on the massage table, placed the towel over my bum and waited for the masseuse. I started to relax and i dozed off. i awoke to hands massaging my back. the hands obviously belonged to a male as they felt big and strong as they kneaded the knots out of my back. I felt absolutely sublime. After he had finished the back he moved onto my feet where and up onto my legs massage.

He started kneading my calfs until they were limp. he lifted the towel to just above the start of my bum so he would have been able to see the black lace. he massaged the back of my thighs and rubbing in the oil so his hands moved easily over my skin. as he got higher i started to get slightly aroused and involuntarily opened my legs a fraction. he worked on my thighs for a long time and all the time i was just aching for him to go slightly higher. he started to stroke my thigh lightly and i felt my pussy getting wet, i was just worried that he would be able to see the wet patch.

He asked me to turn over onto my back and i did so, keeping my eyes closed so i would be able to stay in this dream state. however i forgot to place the towel over my boobs. he so kindly place it there and when removing his hands slightly skimmed my nipples which instantly became hardened with the sensation. as he did that i let out a tiny moan. i could feel myself getting wetter but i didn't care any longer. he massaged my legs and once again moved to my thighs. he stroked the softly and i could feel his fingers getting higher but every time he brought them closer to my pussy e would take his fingers away. he moved to the inside of my thigh, just softly stroking. i was nearly having an orgasm just from his fingers stroking. i was extremely aroused and started arching my back slightly. my panties where flooded with my juices and i was letting out small whimpers. i was completely out of control!

And then finally his fingers crept inside of my panties and started searched for my clit. frustrated he ripped my panties apart and moved his fingers straight to his desire. when he touched my clit, i moaned and was nearly at orgasm. i brought both my knees up so he could see better and started bucking my hips as his fingers moved up and down. he then applied his tongue and put his fingers in my pussy. I rode his fingers and with one last flick of his tongue i came. i convulsed and shuddered after experiencing the best orgasm i have ever had. Finally i opened my eyes but surprisingly the lights were turned out. I searched for his cock and felt a massive bulge in the front of a pair of cotton linen trousers.

I undid the draw string and took his member into my mouth, sucking it greedily. he started to moan deeply and reached down to knead my breasts. he raised my head and pushed me back onto the table. he grabbed both of my legs and swung them around his hips. he then penetrated into my meat.Thrusting deeply inside,I started to come but as i did, he pulled out and said in a deep gruff voice "not yet". i moaned and started to whimper. my pussy was aching for a fuck and he was saying "not yet"? but when i asked him why, he pushed his cock back into me rubbed my clit and after two thrusts i came.It was a great massage story of me.

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