Sunday, 9 September 2012

My Hot wife Exposed sex massage story

My Hot wife wanted a great sex massage and we went searching via internet and found this young guy, when He arrived she was a little nervous but went through with it anyway's. The guy started with the normal massage and My wife was really turned on by his muscles and the feel of his hands so she asked if he would give her a happy ending! The guy stripped her down and pulled his tool out, she took it deep into her mouth! He then banged her in her Vagina and then flipped her over and shoved it deep into her mouth.It was an awesome sex massage and we enjoyed our wife massage stories.

wife massage

Wife massage stories

Hot wife

This busty wife comes in to her massage place for a nice wife massage.But her girl wasn't there and instead she see's this handsome stud! She soon found out what this tall handsome stud is all about! He starts off with the normal wife massage, then moves in for the kill. He has her strip down and she then pulls at his tool, she almost fainted at the size of his monster tool! She wanted no she NEEDED IT!! She begins to play with it in her hands then he pulls it away and starts to go down on her! You can not have better  wife massage stories than this.See all the fucking she goes through! You will be blown away at the hot action this little slut gives for sex massage.

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