Sunday, 16 September 2012

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My Hot wife likes to get sex massage every week.Real amateur hot wife banged by other men in front of her husband. Pics, stories and videos for your pleasure here.My hot wife spends a lot of time in hotel rooms getting banged by other men with my permission of course. I watch as she sucks their tools into her pretty mouth then spreads her legs offering them her sweet holes. Sometimes I bang her with the other guys but usually I bang her mouth after they've finished with her.My Hot Wife loves wife massage stories.

Sometimes I drop her off at another mans hotel room so he can have my hot wife all to himself and she can be his private little whore. I like to send my wife out on "dates" with other men. When she gets home she'll give me a kiss and if her mouth tastes like tool and juices I'll know she's been a slut and her date banged her.

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I am A husband of My hot wife and completely in love and lust with his wife beginning to Explore the hotwife lifestyle. That's why its My Hotwife Dreams right now. And yes, she does know my secret. I am sharing pictures of her too. There are some scattered in the main pages and also some posted on the My Hotwife link for your viewing pleasure. 18 and older only please.I hope you like my hot wife and wife massage stories.

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