Tuesday, 13 November 2012

My Muslim wife and beach massage

This wife massage story is completely true.Shortly after we were married at the age of 27, my hot wife Sarah and I took three months off work to go traveling in south-east Asia for our honey moon.We both belonged to upper class families of Pakistan and were quite broad-minded in enjoying our life.One of the places we spent some time was Phuket, a small island off the coast of Thailand.We enjoyed exploring the local area, of course, the fabulous beaches.Before I carry on,I should describe Sarah to you.She is about 5ft 7in with long black hair and an amazing sexy figure which can raise anybody’s tool inside pants.She had at the time (this was before kids!) a slim build and gorgeous long legs topped with a firm round big bum! In short, a supermodel, she was (and still is) very beautiful and always turned heads.I was quite proud to have a Hot wife like her.


One evening Sarah and I were sitting on the beach, watching the sun sink lower in the sky, when we were approached by two Thai girls in their late teens or early twenties. They asked whether either of us would like a sensual massage.I declined initially but,slightly to my surprise,My hot wife Sarah said that she would.I expected that the girls would invite us to a private place for the massage but instead they put down their things and approached my wife where she was sitting.Before going for the sensual wife massage,the girls put an idea of providing a male masseur to my wife if we like.


Sarah was,at that time,wearing bright red bikini bottoms and a long red T-shirt, and the Thai girls smiled after giving us a suggestion.I was hesitant enough but I liked the idea to try for my wife.I asked my wife about the choice if I get a massage from girl and she get it from a guy.It could be a nice fun for both of us.We agreed and after a few minutes,the girls came with a handsome guy(around 25,an European by face)they asked us to shift to a slightly covered place near trees and we followed them.The place was only visible from front and covered around with trees and no-body was nearby.They started their job.The girl started my massage while the guy started at my wife,massaging her bare feet, legs and back through her top as she sat there.I was more curious about my wife's massage.The beach was relatively empty,with just a few passers by and the odd person or couple sitting or laying about.


My hot wife now had her eyes closed, listening to the sound of the surf, and was clearly getting very relaxed. She may had always loved to be massaged,and I guess having male hands working on her was better than anything!After sometime,The guy began to lift up my wife's T-shirt. Sarah opened her eyes and turned to the masseur,explaining that he could not take off her shirt because she had nothing underneath it.The guy shrugged and said that was not a problem.Clearly enjoying the massage and not willing to cause a fuss (typical of his),Sarah raised her arms and allowed the masseur to pull her T-shirt over her head and place it on the sand.

I couldn't believe this! My Muslim wife,being from a society of Pakistani women who are considered pretty shy and conservative despite of belonging to elite class,had just been stripped to her little bikini bottoms by another man on a public beach, in full view of stranger!I felt a knot in my stomach,and my throat went dry. I was simultaneously embarrassed for Sarah,and enormously turned on to see her sitting there,with her beautiful, huge breasts fully on display, topped by those sweet black nipples that only I had seen since she tied up with me.I said nothing as the sensual massage continued, now using essential oils,guy continued massaging Sarah, stretching her arms above her head and manipulating her body. Sarah had closed her eyes again and clearly simply given herself over to the experience.


I thought that was as far as things would go in this environment, but the masseur standing behind Sarah knelt down in the sand, reached around and began rubbing his oily hands over my wife's beautiful breasts.I had now almost forgotten my massage.Sarah was not objecting and I felt that I should stay out of it. As her front was gently caressed and became slick with oil, Sarah's nipples crinkled and hardened. It was one of the most erotic sights I have ever seen - we had only been married for a few months, and my wife was receiving a very sensual massage from another man,on a public beach, with her breasts bare and shiny for all to see.

I don't know how long this continued before the guy started her vaginal massage after lowering her bikini bottom.My wife was so much into massage that she didn’t object when he lowered her underwear.I could see her dripping juices and soon the Thai girl started to give me a penis massage inside my underwear.I asked the girl to avoid me bringing to discharge and just give me sensual touches.She obeyed and I started watching towards my wife again.Soon My hot wife reached to orgasm and her body shivered.The guy finished the massage; it was probably an hour altogether,and then he handed over Sarah,her T-shirt to put back on.Sarah paid them and then we looked at each other; I think neither of us could quite believe what had just happened.We returned to our hotel room with each others brains out!After returning to our room we made a wild sex and believe me,This time it was the best orgasm we both had in our married life.We enjoyed out sensual massage session very much and i hope you have enjoyed my wife massage stories

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