Thursday, 14 March 2013

Best Positions For Hot Wife Sharing

It's no secret that all Hot Wives fantasize about having two men at the same time.It's also no secret that we all like our own unique and crazy positions for Wife Sharing.Well,you might be surprised to know that some of those positions you thought you could only pull off with one girl can easily transition into fun for three.However,if you go in knowing which positions work best coupled with a close understanding of each others comfort levels,that lucky Hot Wife is going to have the time of her life!And you and your boy won’t be complaining either after those Wife Sex Stories.
Cold Shoulder is a nice position for Wife sharing.It’s possible your friend isn't into seeing you glide in and out of the lucky Hot Wife,so set-up like this.Mount her in the missionary position while your buddy,with his back to you,cold shoulder style,receives fellatio from her.This way you both get pleasured,as well as the lady.Swap Wife positions for a taste of both worlds.
The Spit Roast is a great position for Wife Threesome.As you take the lovely wife doggies style from behind,your buddy is in front her,receiving full-on fellatio.Tag and swap positions for the maximum shared experience.You know you’re going get this lucky one day.And now you know what to do when that day comes – knowing is half the battle!
69 with the added activity of the other male kissing around her body,possibly close to her heat,while she couples with the first guy in a spooning position.
Under the covers.One male hides under the sheets;almost completely.The woman makes love to her other male in the missionary position,while turning her mouth to the side,making a hole in the sheets,and getting the hidden guy at the same time in her mouth.The first male performs cunnilingus then intercourse on her while she performs on the hidden guy.
Because of the position of woman A between your legs,you may also feel her chest -and,if you're real lucky,her erect nipples -- gently tapping your scrotum as she rocks back and forth while giving you head.
This style of sex can boost your sexual life to extremes.Your Hot Wife will love that action and the guy joining you would also feel it best when he will enter your wife like that.

These are the best positions for Hot Wife Sharing and your wife will love the way you do that.Real Wives always like to explore the world of Wife Swapping and Sharing.You must spice up your sex ideas with these positions of Threesome.

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