Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Sharing My Wife

Every Husband likes to think that he is the center of his wife’s universe but I love Sharing My Wife with others.Unfortunately nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to my Hot wife.So I share my wife’s hot moments and that’s just fine with me.I watch quietly when she goes for a wild action with some Wife Lover.I smile when she opens her Vaginal doors to receive those Long Shafts of meat and each horse is waiting in front of her legs to be fed.I fall in love all over again as I watch her gently stroke each one and whisper in their ears.My Wife loves double entries as it fulfills her all desires and I never stop her.I enjoy Sharing My Wife with other.Here is a set of photos of My Hot Wife.








I don't know that some people will like My Hot Wife fantasies and Wife Sharing habits but I enjoy that lifestyle.It is the best way of providing your wife a fun life without disturbing your marriage.If someone wishes to Bang My Wife,I would not mind that.I would welcome him to Screw My Wife.She loves it and enjoys.I hope My Wife is still an attractive piece to fun.


  1. young boy loves to suck n lick pussy , deep licking and sucking with madness of kissing

  2. hahaha every man or every boy ?

  3. nothing u dont understand\

  4. i am the world greatest pussy eater slow and cool

  5. Hey sex slave com n join me at i m wating ur rply thn i wl giv u my cell no

  6. Ceks, every time practical is not necessary, some times, we love to enjoy the hotness and feeling inside us,, and that's a great pleasure to hold your self without ejaculation, it melts ur desire slowly slowly and u really enjoy the slight taste of sex..

    the real taste is not only intercourse, in my opinion the real sex is feeling to hold to control ur self and burn inside ...

  7. Pictures alone don't convey the excitement of the lady- there's no voice, breathlessness, or tensing body- at least not in these set of pics

  8. why you are looking for a video

  9. The pics look delicious... do you have a short video clip that you can share, it's a crime to see her excited & not hear her!

  10. well huma.. don't u want nythng 4 urself???

  11. I think the Idea is great for Hot Wives.


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